Why I Hate Miami

March 17th, 2017

Frisbee-Throwing Room

I am praying about getting an appraiser for the property I like in Marion County. I don’t want to make the wrong decision, and the best way to do that is to go with my own instincts instead of getting God’s guidance.

Today I looked at a phone photo I took last week. I decided to put it on the blog.

That’s a shot of the house, barn, and workshop, from the far end of the lot. Across the fence to the right is some kind of farm, and by “farm,” I mean a real farm, not a hobby farm like the one I’m standing on. The grey thing on the left is on someone else’s land. It’s too close! I feel oppressed.

I also made the photo my PC background. That may have been a mistake. It hurts to look at it.

The farm is a long rectangle. I would rather have a squarish lot, because it would feel more secluded, but a long lot is not bad when one side is bare farmland.

The area where I’m standing is wooded. Looks like the brush needs to be taken out. A shaded area will be nice because it will cut the sameness.

I’m afraid the place doesn’t have closets in the two smaller bedrooms. I can’t recall seeing any. But who builds a bedroom without a closet? Surely they exist. I emailed the realtor to find out.

Hope it works out. In any case, I’m going SOMEWHERE.

5 Responses to “Why I Hate Miami”

  1. Stephen McAteer Says:

    Wishing you all the best with it.

  2. Sharkman Says:

    I count a total of three “red flags” in your short post.

    That’s three too many for a place you are thinking of buying.

    I have a saying, and use that in my current profession as a real estate broker:

    “Two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered in land, most of which will be for sale at some point during your lifetime. If you’re about to buy a place but red flags pop up, then it’s time to look at some other places.”

    I’ll be praying along with you about this.

  3. Barbara Says:

    Oh gosh, it’s BEAUTIFUL!!
    Who cares about closets, you have tools, and could build something! 😀
    Not trying to influence you, but, oohh. There’s a wonderful feel to it. I could stand there just looking, for hours!

  4. Steve H. Says:

    I’m using it for my computer desktop.

  5. Steve H. Says:

    Sharkman, thank you for the advice. The good news is that the bedrooms do, indeed, have closets.