Trump’s Russian Hookers

January 11th, 2017

Media Floundering Reaches new and Exciting Lows

I don’t watch the news any more, but I’m making an exception today. Donald Trump is having a press conference which will basically be a victory dance over the prone body of the mainstream media.

In 2016, someone put out a ridiculous “dossier” claiming Trump paid prostitutes to urinate on a mattress on which Barack and Michelle Obama had slept. Major media outlets have published the story. Some have merely referred to it. CNN’s take on the story is so benign it almost amounts to an endorsement. Now the entire world knows the story is a hoax, and I want to see what Trump says.

Hmm…he was blunt, but he didn’t obsess on the story. He said it might have come from our intelligence agencies, and that this would be a major “blot” on their records.

That was pretty restrained, considering the speaker.

Journalists are not smart people. We can’t seem to absorb that fact. In college, they major in makeup, plastic surgery, diction, and wardrobe. That’s about all they know. Among journalists, people like Megyn Kelly seem like geniuses simply because they went to law school. Why do we trust journalists?

Let me refer to my new buddy Michel Seigneur de Montaigne. He astutely pointed out that people credit things they see in print more than things they hear, and he questioned that mindset. He was right. Put someone’s words in a newspaper, and suddenly they seem like the voice of God. Put a dimwit on TV, and suddenly he seems like the oracle of Delphi.

I think we all remember how Wolf Blitzer did on Jeopardy.

Trump looks pretty good. He is relatively sedate, he is serious, and he seems to be taking his responsibilities seriously. I hope that continues, but even if he spends his whole presidency making childish tweets and calling people names, it will be worth it to have the sane federal judges he appoints.

You have to wonder what the press will try next. Prank phone calls? Toilet-papering the Rose Garden? Sending pizzas to the White House? The childishness and gullibility boggle the mind.

It’s going to be an entertaining four years.

8 Responses to “Trump’s Russian Hookers”

  1. Heather P Says:

    We’ve all been laughing about that press conference. It was so totally wonderful to see him go after the press. He played them like a fine violin! You are correct, this is going to be a fun four years!

  2. Barbara Says:

    That was my first thought when he was elected: ‘OH, this is going to be fun to watch.’ 😀

  3. Lee Says:

    Hm. I’m not so sure. I was afraid Hillary Clinton would get us into additional foreign wars on purpose. Now I’m afraid Donald Trump will get us into additional foreign wars by accident.

    And while I don’t blame anyone for being contemptuous of the current state of American Journalism, I don’t see that the President Elect is offering us anything substantially better with his childish and emotionally incontinent Torrent of Tweets.

  4. Steve H. Says:

    Here’s why I don’t think Trump will get us into wars by accident: Kim Jong-Il. If it were possible to simply offend other nations into going to war, North Korea would be under occupation today. That little idiot did everything he could to provoke wars, and it didn’t work.

    I want to see what Trump’s behavior is like in the middle of February. I’m hoping he’ll make some effort to graduate from Twitter and think more about the job he has to do. If he hasn’t changed after two weeks in office, he will probably keep the same tone throughout his tenure.

    There are certain advantages to having a loose cannon as a head of state. They intimidate the crap out of other nations. I’m not saying that makes it a good policy, but it’s something I’ve observed, and it’s relevant right now.

  5. Lee Says:

    Good point about North Korea. I will endeavor to persevere.

    I still have a copy of The Good, the Spam and the Ugly. It still makes me laugh.

    Best wishes.

  6. Steve H. Says:

    I hope you have plenty of craptomycetin on hand.

  7. Lee Says:

    Sadly no, I have had to resort to emu chow.

  8. Steve H. Says:

    In November, Trump should pardon an emu.