Jimmy Cefalo is a Conservative

December 18th, 2012

And I am a Kangaroo

I’m going to have to quit listening to the radio.

Once a week, while I’m on the way to have breakfast with my dad, I hear talk radio. Usually, it’s a guy named Jimmy Cefalo. He’s a former football player. He claims to be conservative, but the more you listen to him, the more you realize he’s the lowest grade of RINO. Couldn’t care less about moral (“social”) issues. Likes using our money to buy football stadiums for rich people. Supports increased gun control.

Today he was joining in the mindless hysteria over the Newtown shooting. Never mind that these atrocities are on the decrease in the US, or that they also take place in nations with gun control, or that the worst mass murders in US history (I may be wrong if we include those committed by the government) used kerosene and fertilizer instead of guns. Liberals like Cefalo are flipping out, based on the following evidence that mass murder is on the rise: two mass murders occurred within a year of each other.

Today he declared that it was a settled fact that gun laws had to change, and he said it was reasonable to force people to take exams and get licenses in order to get guns. This is pretty much what people said about literacy tests and poll taxes, and if anything, the racists were more credible than the gun-haters. Facially, it seems smart to prevent stupid people from voting. Problem is, we have a Constitutional right to vote, and apart from that, literacy tests were applied just a tiny bit UNFAIRLY. It may seem bright to license gun owners, but the right to bear arms is a RIGHT, like the right to breathe, and according to the highest law of the land, it can’t be “infringed.” And like the literacy tests of the past, licensing requirements will be (ARE) corrupted and used primarily as barriers. Ask anyone who has tried to get a permit in DC.

He interviewed Ed Schultz today, as he often does. ED SCHULTZ. The guy who called Laura Ingraham a slut. Do I even have to explain what Ed Schultz is, or that it’s insane to treat him like a credible commentator? Of course not. Some people on the left are merely wrong. Schultz belongs in the wacko pen with people like Saul Alinsky, Abbie Hoffmann, and Emma Goldman. He would gladly take away all of our rights and install a hardcore Stalinist regime.

Cefalo, the “conservative,” didn’t disagree with a single thing Schultz said. He did no research. He presented no facts. He let one of the nuttiest leftists in the mainstream media say anything he wanted, and he agreed. He thinks like a woman in a shoe store. All emotion. No brain involvement.

Honestly, I am starting to think RINOs are more dangerous than socialists. They’re like kapos. They supposedly come from within our ranks, so they have our ears. They drip socialist, anti-Christian soft soap into our minds, killing our brain cells with friendly fire.

Look, if you’re for substantial gun control, and you think morals can’t be discussed in a political context, you are not a conservative. End of discussion. You’re just a stingy guy who wants lower taxes and tough judges. You should do what the other liberals do. Vote for higher taxes and then avoid paying them.

Here’s the truth. 1) Mass shootings are on the decline. 2) Semiautomatic weapons are essential for effective self-defense. 3) Licensing and registration are used dishonestly to prevent deserving people from owning weapons. 4) We aren’t providing armed protection for children the way we do for politicians and judges, and we need to fix that before we start taking away civil rights. 5) There are some problems the government can’t solve, and we should accept it.

The fact that the hysterical mainstream press is currently engaged in tendentious, histrionic bedwetting over a non-issue doesn’t mean all the smart people in the universe agree with them. The current surge in gun sales proves Cefalo is part of a small minority.

I really did not want to buy any more guns this year, but I may have to join the intelligent people and stock up. I don’t know what I’ll need in the future, but I do know I don’t want to be stuck with a duck gun or a 5-shot pistol when I need an AK-47 or a full-size Glock. I feel like our Chauncey Gardiner President and his talking-head flying monkeys are forcing my hand. I might have to suck it up, set several thousand dollars aside, and buy a bunch of guns and shells I don’t even want. The wise thing would be to get the products we are in danger of losing. High-capacity rifles like AKs and AR15s, and high-capacity semiautomatic pistols. Maybe I should get a couple of Springfield XDs and three or four AMD65s.

Thanks, Jimmy Cefalo. You and your pals are putting more guns in the hands of the American public than we know what to do with. We should be grateful for the kick in the rear end.

10 Responses to “Jimmy Cefalo is a Conservative”

  1. og Says:

    get several lowers and build your own AR’s. You will appreciate the cleverness of the design, and they are easy for a mechanically inclined person to build. You can put a basic AR together for under $500, they are a blast to shoot, and you can buy uppers in a wide range of calibers.
    AIM surplus has Spike’s Tactical lowers for under 70 bucks, which is a good deal


  2. Jim Yates Says:

    It’s great that police and first responders are there after the carnage.
    If the general population had the good sense to realize that a few competent people in a school,.church, theater or any public gathering had a weapon and fired on these individuals it might lessen the carnage. But the lemmings follow the leanings of the leftists in charge.
    It appears that the “Intellectuals” are the worst.

  3. Steve H. Says:

    Honestly, these people should agree to wear yellow hats to identify themselves as unarmed and unwilling to be protected by people who carry weapons they don’t like.

  4. Ruth H Says:

    I just read this on Gateway Pundit. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/12/texas-democratic-party-leader-calls-for-murder-of-nra-members/

    I don’t like to call people names but these guys deserve it. They are idiots.

  5. Jim Says:

    Although I would enjoy buying a few more guns, right now, the more important thing is to lay in as much in the way of ammo, reloading components, and magazines, as I can possibly afford to buy.

    They’re going to go for every weak point in the system, and ammo will likely be made to be very scarce and very expensive. Same with magazines.

    Next thing is to arrange for some dispersed storage options. They can’t take what they can’t find.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  6. lauraw Says:

    Hilarious. If George Bush was the imminent danger to civil rights we were told he was, how come he couldn’t get such a rise out of gun sales, eh?

    My prediction is that metal fabricator-guys with their own equipment who are willing to do side jobs, are going to have steady work for quite a long time.

    The fact that the hysterical mainstream press is currently engaged in tendentious, histrionic bedwetting over a non-issue doesn’t mean all the smart people in the universe agree with them.

    I have never been more convinced that the media is trying to create a narrative out of whole cloth, in order to prevent a preference cascade that would produce popular riots.

  7. musical mountaineer Says:

    One thing I hate about stupid preventable gun massacres is the way they always half-staff the flags.

    A mass shooting is horrible, but it is not a national tragedy, or a major military defeat, or the death of a major leader, or whatever. It’s not an event we ought to dignify with ritual. 2.5 times as many kids were shot to death in Chicago this year. I know: let’s make a wreath out of their ears and hang it around the mayor’s neck on the National Day of Bumming.

    Wow. That was the most obscene thing I could think of to write. Yet, it would probably be more salutary and beneficial than this half-staffing media-frenzy madness. I swear, the times we live in are a lie.

  8. Jonathan Says:

    Cefalo has his job due to his smooth voice and pleasant manner, not any analytical brilliance or persuasive power. He doesn’t challenge guests because, like most media people, he needs interviews and doesn’t want to scare off prospects. He generally favors political compromise and other poorly reasoned conventional ideas. He may call himself conservative but who cares. I doubt he is changing many people’s minds. The public is voting with its dollars.

  9. Steve H. Says:

    I can’t stand double agents. People listen to them. I get so tired of hearing the standard liberal-plant line: “I’m a lifelong Republican, but…”

  10. Gayle Gallagher Says:

    Rich Lowry has written a thought-provoking article on the entire gun control issue. Find it here: