More Tunes From my Head

November 8th, 2012

Not What I Expected

When I started writing music, I thought I’d be doing something bluesy, but I keep writing things that are sort of like classical. I just finished one tonight. “Finished” is not quite right. I got it up to an acceptable length, came up with a beginning and end, and stopped. I can fix it up later.

I was thinking it might be useful for my church’s dance team. With that in mind, I repeated the catchier parts instead of writing new ones. I figured that if people were dancing to it, they would want some repetition.

I remembered to pray for help before I worked on it. That makes me happy. I don’t like engaging in a task without praying first, but I always forget.

When I started, I tried to write it using the viola da gamba sound from Finale. I have loved the sound of this weird instrument ever since I saw Tous Les Matins du Monde, which is a really depressing French movie (I repeat myself) about musicians. It’s like a cello, but it has seven strings. It turns out the Finale version refuses to do anything other than pizzicato, so I used a cello sound instead.

Here it is. I’m thrilled with it. Looks like a good first draft to me. I can’t believe I wrote it. It doesn’t seem like my personality at all.

Viola da Gamba Am Noodling 10 28 12

4 Responses to “More Tunes From my Head”

  1. GradualDazzle Says:

    My art classes are accustomed to hearing music, since I generally play some sort of instrumental tunes while they’re working. They approved of your composition!

  2. Steve H. Says:

    Wow! My first public performance!

  3. aelfheld Says:

    Puts me in mind of Phillip Glass.

  4. Steve H. Says:

    Funny; I was afraid people would notice the obvious Bananarama influence.