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I’m AK; You’re AK

October 24th, 2012

Plus Some Important Revelation

I guess I should tell my sad tale of AK-47 woe in order to help others.

I’ve been modifying my AMD-65 to hold a laser. I want the laser to be in the same plane as the magazine and grips, so the gun lies flatter. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to rig it up this way. Most foregrips that hold a laser are way too long. When installed, they interfere with the magazine.

A Mako potato grip will work, but it has a big lip hanging off the front, and the lip would interfere with the laser adjustment screws, so it would have to be ground off.

I picked a foregrip from Amazon. It has a 1″-diameter flashlight holder. It comes with a flashlight, which I don’t want, but I can take the light out.

I also discovered that my new laser has no on/off switch. It came with a pressure switch, but it doesn’t have an optional pushbutton rear cap. It has a rear cap, but when you install it, the laser goes on and stays that way until the battery dies. I can’t figure out why anyone would design something that stupid.

I don’t trust the pressure switch. It seems cheap. I was going to send the laser back, but then I realized I could cut the switch off the wire leads and run them to a better switch mounted somewhere on the gun. I think this is an ideal solution. Pushbutton switches tend to fail. I can get an industrial toggle or something. It might not be as water resistant as the rubber-covered pressure switch, but I don’t plan to shoot people underwater.

I think it’s safe to assume that most criminals, being lazy and stupid, will not attack in bad weather.

I put a Hogue handguard and pistol grip on the gun. The pistol grip isn’t made to go around the stock-release button at the rear of the gun, but a rotary tool with a sanding drum corrects that easily and cleanly. The upper handguard can’t be installed on this gun, because it’s not rigged up for an upper handguard. I suppose there are parts you could buy to fix that. Maybe the standard thing is to steal parts from the wooden handguard you replace, but this gun did not come with an upper handguard.

The lower handguard is disappointing for two reasons. First, the lower rail that comes with it is short. It could be an inch longer, which would make life easier. Second, there are no instructions for installing the rail, and I guessed at it, and I guessed wrong.

The handguard has a sheetmetal support inside it. I thought this was a permanent part of the handguard. It’s not. You’re supposed to remove it to drill holes to insall the rail. I ended up drilling a totally unnecessary hole in the support.

I mounted the new laser on the rail. It’s not satisfactory. It sits so far back, it makes it impossible to get a good grip on the gun. Looks nice, though. I’ll post a photo.

I was going to go to the range today, but with no laser, it’s a waste of time. Shooting for next week.

I guess I should put up some news of interest, for Christians.

A friend of mine has been having all sorts of problems. I wrote about him the other day. He got up during the night and saw a white spirit sitting on his living room couch, tapping its foot. The spirit remained after he turned on the light and stared at it. He got a good clear look at it. This was not his imagination.

On Monday, we both fasted, and I prayed for an end to the strife in his family. I prayed for God to give him a good living, a house, and a wife who would help him work in God’s kingdom. I felt explosive faith, all through the day.

Yesterday, he called me and asked me to pray. His younger brother had been in an accident. I’ll link to story from the local news. Six people were sitting on a bus bench, and a bad driver ran off the road and hit them. One woman lost a leg. Another lost an arm and a leg. Another was killed. My friend’s brother was pinned under the car, and people at the scene had to lift it off of him.

I didn’t understand how serious it was until later, when I Googled the accident during church. When I saw what had happened, a couple of us started trying to contact my friend so we could go to the hospital, where his brother was in surgery. We were hearing all kinds of rumors. The news people said four people were in critical condition, one was in serious condition, and one had minor injuries. I had no idea which category applied to my friend’s brother.

I know my friend from my old church, and he’s still in that social circle. It’s extremely hard to communicate with these people. Their cell numbers change constantly because they can’t pay their bills. Their providers turn the phones off. Even when the phones work, these people do not return texts and calls the way they should. It was impossible to get a clear idea where this kid had been taken. I got in the car with one of my friends, and we drove around, and we eventually gave up. Later I learned that we had gone to the right hospital, but we were told he wasn’t there.

This morning my friend called and said his brother had pelvic injuries and a broken leg, but that he would recover completely.

I didn’t know what to make of this mess. It happened one day after I prayed for my friend and his family. I admit, I focused mainly on my friend, not his brother, but still, I was surprised.

When my friend called this morning and gave me the news, I asked him if the spirit on the couch reminded him of a person waiting for a bus. He said it did. He hadn’t thought of it until I said it. It had been sitting on the couch tapping its foot, just like a person at a bus stop.

Here is the important lesson I took away from this. When God gives you a supernatural experience, YOU HAVE TO ASK HIM WHAT IT MEANS. It looks like God warned us about the accident, but we didn’t ask him to explain. At least not very persistently. I think I mentioned it briefly in prayer.

What if we had asked for explanation? Maybe God would have clarified, or he would have moved us to pray in a way that would have prevented the accident or prevented my friend’s brother from being there when it happened.

My friend is in surprisingly good spirits. His family problems have cleared up, out of necessity. Solutions are appearing. His mother and her landlord were threatening to evict him. Now he has a place to stay. He also has jobs lined up, and they’re going to pay up front.

He says he’s having problems praying in tongues. I hope people who read this will pray for him to be restored. He’s not going to make it without the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I’m really sorry this kid got hurt, but it looks like it’s going to leave us more powerful and blessed.

One other thing. I’ve read a lot of things about the windows of heaven and Jacob’s ladder. There are Judaizers out there who claim “windows of heaven” refers to special times during the year, like NASA launch windows, during which God is able to bless us more than usual. They claim we have to give big cash offerings on certain Jewish holidays in order to get God to shovel the money out. A teacher who is less of an idiot–I’m sorry–has said that Jacob’s Ladder was a special thing that existed only on the Temple Mount. It was a portal through which spirits between God and earth, doing his will and carrying prayers. I think the Judaizers and this teacher are wrong.

Often when I’ve prayed, I’ve noticed disturbances around me, like ripples in the fabric of the physical universe. I once saw a spirit on the wall of a room, and it flew out through the ceiling. It had a peculiar look. It was clear and colorless, and although it was three-dimensional, it somehow seemed to be under the physical world, like a mouse in a Tom and Jerry cartoon, moving under a carpet. The little disturbances I’ve seen during prayer are like that. They form little darting streaks in the air around me, as if small spirits are leaving with my prayers, taking them to God.

I think this is the same thing Jacob saw, although it may have appeared differently to him. I think the windows of heaven are really tunnels held open by faith, and supernatural beings travel through them like cylinders through a pneumatic tube. These tunnels are like streaks of lightning, carrying power between heaven and earth, and faith is charge.

Our relationship with God has many parallels to sex between a man and wife. Since my faith has been increased, I’ve noticed that when faith rushes through me and carries a prayer to God, it’s very much like what happens at the end of sex. And why shouldn’t it be? In both cases, a seed is being transferred and planted. The body has spasms that send seed into a woman, and it appears that the mind and spirit undergo similar events when seeds of prayer are sown in heaven.

I hope this doesn’t offend people, but remember, we’re talking about the God who uses circumcision to record his promises. God is not afraid of sex.

I don’t want to go too far in the direction of sexual discussion, but if you know anything about sex, you may know that it’s possible to prolong and enhance the final event through concentration. It appears that increased faith allows people to do the same thing in prayer. If you concentrate on the faith that leaves you and holds the tunnel open, you can maintain a burst of faith for a very long time. The same thing may happen when you thank or praise God continuously. I believe that during those times, you are keeping God’s highway open and increasing the travel on it. During those times, God will be able to do more to answer your prayers. It’s also a very peaceful time, full of reassurance and comfort.

I think Jacob’s ladder and the windows of heaven are wherever you are, and if you have supernatural faith given by the Holy Spirit, you can benefit from them. But I don’t think it’s likely to happen if you’re not praying in tongues. You probably won’t have the revelation and understanding of how to do it, and you won’t have the faith to keep the doors open. You probably won’t have enough authority over your flesh to prevent it from interfering.

The windows of heaven are open in my life. I believe they will open for you, too. I believe it has absolutely nothing to do with me or any special characteristics I might have. I think God gave me revelation, showing what anyone can do. There are probably other people out there teaching the same thing.

God says the more we sow, the more we reap. For a long time, I’ve believed this was mainly about prayer. I believe prayer in tongues is sowing, and holding the windows of heaven open is reaping. We’ll see if I’m right.

I hope people will put this stuff to the test and compare it to scripture.

5 Responses to “I’m AK; You’re AK”

  1. musical mountaineer Says:

    Regarding mounting the laser, you have a choice of generic solutions, all of which require custom work to adapt them to the purpose, and none of which give a really satsifactory ending anyway. In that situation I always consider, and usually adopt, a full-custom solution from raw materials. “Rails for AK pistols” sounds like the kind of market that would have a lot of crap products.

    You could get rid of the rail, and machine a clamp to hold the laser just under the exposed section of barrel between the foregrip and the gas tube.

    Take a billet, make a precise hole the size of the barrel, make another parallel hole the size of the laser, cut in half, drill and tap, assemble and torque. The tricky part is “cut in half”. I’d do it with a hacksaw myself (very carefully). You might have some kind of cutoff wheel for your vertical mill.

    It’s not as positive an attachment as the rail, because it can rotate around the barrel if it gets hit. But it would still hold the laser parallel. And you get to position the laser in the correct plane and forward position with a minimum of hardware. It’s what I’d probably do.

    I dunno; does the rail attachment give adjustment in the vertical plane, so you can establish point-of-aim?

  2. blindshooter Says:

    Hi Steve, glad to see you writing more often and really glad you are closer to getting a new place. I hope you can get your father to go with you, I had the great pleasure of living next to my father and I was able to really help him in his later years. #2 wife wanted me to sell and move from the start even with me making it very plain I would not leave my parents before we married. I’ll never regret the choice to stay near them.
    I’ve seen lasers mounted on AR types using the bit of barrel between the front sight “legs”, looks like your rifle has a exposed portion of the barrel between the front of the hand guard and rear of the gas block. They appeared to be figure 8 type mounts, maybe you could fabricate something similar?
    God has seen fit to make life better for me and I have been able to help others in my family, my friends and neighbors. Reading about your growing faith and how it has brought good things to you and others has encouraged me to spend more time in prayer and to let God direct my life more and more.
    Thank you for sharing so much.

  3. Steve H. Says:

    The AK advice is appreciated. Here’s a link to the foregrip I decided to try: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005FSVNYE/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&smid=A1WK1IND8BEFL4

    I’m not anxious to mount anything directly on the barrel. I have tried that before. It’s hard to get things to stay in place on a bare metal surface, and marring is an issue. As I’m sure you know, you can’t solve the problem by putting a softer material like rubber over the barrel, because the heat will ruin it. Now that I think about it, a piece of thin black silicone might work, if one could be found.

    Mike, I’m glad if God has touched you through me. I wrote thousands of stupid blog entries back when I was getting four-digit crowds every day, and I probably did more harm than good. It would be nice to know that I’m making up for it to some degree, and that I am helping some people find the same kind of amazing peace and satisfaction I’m experiencing. I know you’ve had some tough times, so it’s particularly rewarding to hear from you.

  4. musical mountaineer Says:

    a piece of thin black silicone might work, if one could be found.

    Maybe glue it on with some high-temp RTV at assembly. Or, a thin aluminum shim would increase the friction between the barrel and the clamp, and with heat it should get tighter if anything.

    You’re right, though: mounting on the barrel is inherently non-positive, and you’d always have to mind the clamp so it wouldn’t get knocked around too much. I know…knurl the barrel! Come on Steve, you’re a tough guy!

    Okay, maybe just make a nice hand-friendly understrap to screw on your foregrip, with some kind of stick-out to support the rail out front. But it sounds like you have a plan already.

    I think you’re making good choices overall for this project. One cool thing about a laser is it can reveal problems with your trigger technique. Turn on your dot and take a few dry shots at the wall in various stances. If your technique is any way jerky, the movement of the dot will reveal it. I’m sure you’re a good shooter, but everyone has a speed limit. If you try to get faster and faster with that first shot, you may start seeing the jerks.

  5. blindshooter Says:

    I have a lifetime of actions and words that I will have to answer for when the time comes. Every day I pray for forgiveness for the past and guidance for the future. I watched (read?) you turning more toward (back to?) God and about the same time life itself pushed me in the same direction. I’m still a very imperfect christian and likely will die one but I work on getting closer to God every day and reading the thoughts you put down here always make me think about my own path and ways to improve.