The Mixed-Up Multitude

September 15th, 2012

Obama’s Response to Terrorism: Threaten Innocent American Citizens With Jail Time

Nobody cares what I blog about, now that I’ve gone from 3,000 daily uniques down to something like 140. Nonetheless, I thought I’d repeat what I wrote on Facebook this morning:

In order to investigate filmmaker “Sam Bacile” for a possible probation violation, before the Obama administration knew who he was, they had to mount a deliberate investigation, determine his identity, and then do a comprehensive background check to find out if there was anything they could do to him. Doesn’t that scare you? Our government found out someone had exercised their freedom of speech, and they INVESTIGATED him and looked for charges to press!

He may not be the person who made the film. That hasn’t been proven yet. If he’s not, will the Obama team force him to out the real filmmaker, ensuring a Muslim death sentence for that person and his or her family?

Right now, he’s being investigated for a technical violation of his probation. If they didn’t have that, the Obama team would be using unpaid parking tickets, overdue library books, or anything else that turned up. You and your children could be next! Why isn’t Obama protecting this American citizen instead of exposing him to grave danger?

It shocks me that so few people have any understanding of the gravity of the situation Christians and Jews are facing. Notice I didn’t say “Americans.” No one in the US is being persecuted for patriotism. People are being persecuted–by our government–for their religious beliefs.

In these days of razor-thin election margins, it’s very fashionable to discard God and say stupid things like, “I’m socially liberal but fiscally conservative.” What that really means is, “I don’t care about God, but I do care about the economy, and I believe abandoning God will help us win elections.” People believe that if we somehow disentwine our religious beliefs from our political policies, the GOP will be more popular, and we’ll get control of the government.

That may sound smart, but it’s where the Democrats went fifty years ago. Look what happened to them. Big tent, little brain. The moral compass of the Democratic Party does nothing but spin.

Now we have Ann Coulter–a party icon–working as a proud spokeswoman for gay Republicans. I dropped my support for Coulter years ago, when I learned that some of the things liberals said about her were true. She really did say bigoted things; no one made that up. I was excoriated by followers of “Saint Ann.” They felt that anyone who was really good at insulting liberals had to be an asset to the movement. Look where that led. Who will she be representing next? Conservatives for incest? How about conservatives for socialism? When the salt loses its saltness, what difference does it make which new flavors it takes on?

The issue is not conservatism v. liberalism. It’s God v. the unteachable. At the moment, the unteachable have much more control over liberals than conservatives, but that is changing. If it keeps changing, conservatism will cease to exist. We love co-opting liberal policies in order to get votes. Before long, we’ll be competing to see who leans farthest to the left, and conservatism will be dead.

So. The battle is between God and everyone who rejects God, and one manifestation of that battle is the left’s fight against American Christians and Jews.

Let’s go back to the Chick-fil-A mess. Almost no one understood it or analyzed it correctly. The problem wasn’t that liberals boycotted a business, although to read the brainless “pundits,” you would think this was the nexus of the conflict. The real problem was that government officials in several far-flung locations threatened businesses based on the religious beliefs of their management.

That’s a huge thing that blew right by virtually all commentators. They were so excited about the long lines at Chick-fil-A and the embarrassment of the mainstream media, they didn’t even notice the chilling similarities between the chicken battle and the early persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany. The persecution of Dan Cathy was perpetrated by government employees.

Let me repeat that. The persecution of Dan Cathy was perpetrated by GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES. Mayors and such. That brings the Constitution (and its purported protections) into the discussion. The individuals who threatened Chick-fil-A violated the First Amendment, if not in letter, then in spirit. They did it openly. They did it proudly. They did it without regret. That means we crossed a fateful threshold: the same threshold the Nazis crossed with the early persecution of Jewish businesses. There is no difference.

It’s unfortunate if Bill Maher or some other private individual boycotts a Christian business, but it’s one hundred percent legal. The Constitution has no relevance, except perhaps to protect Bill Maher’s right to boycott. But if Bill Maher gets the Mayor of New York to help him, it is a clear, blatant, game-changing violation of the First Amendment, and it can lead to bigger and more dangerous things. It can quite literally lead to American Nuremberg laws, and that can lead to things like the repeal of the Bill of Rights. After that, anything is possible. Camps. Ovens. No limits.

The Bill of Rights can be repealed. There is no law preventing that. Look it up.

Now we have an American filmmaker who made a movie criticizing Islam. Is the movie fair? Irrelevant. Is it offensive? Irrelevant. Will it provoke attacks that will result in the deaths of many, many Americans? Get ready for it: irrelevant. That is not a valid consideration, except perhaps in martial law or during a particularly severe emergency in which police powers have to be expanded temporarily. The government is barred from using these grounds to stifle free speech. There is no point in discussing the nature of the movie, because regardless of what it was, Sam Bacile did nothing illegal.

What did Barack Obama do, in response to Muslim attacks purportedly grounded on the offense caused by the movie? Did he go on television and remind us that our rights are more valuable than our lives? Did he tell us we would never give up our Constitutional freedoms, regardless of the cost? Did he revile those who would use violence and terror to stifle us within the borders of our own nation?

Of course not. A statesman would do that. Barack Obama is no statesman. He doesn’t care about the Constitution. He thinks it’s a “living document,” which is a dishonest way of saying it is disposable. It’s not a set of rules which are immutable save by extraordinary moves of Congress. It’s more like a set of working guidelines that have to be adapted in order to train the American people to accept their status as integral, obedient members of the state. We are wild and woolly and ignorant, so the government needs to turn us into sophisticated, selfless servants of the Uncle Sam’s replacement, Nanny Samantha. For our own good. We can give the Constitution lip service, as a set of aspirational goals, but we can’t take it too seriously, because it was written by the wild and woolly and ignorant.

Barack Obama’s response to the anti-Bill-of-Rights terror was to apologize to Muslims, criticize the film (now the President and Secretary of State are movie critics and arbiters of theology) and threaten the alleged filmmaker with prison.

I don’t want to help the feds end this man’s life and those of his loved ones, so I’ll refer to the victim by his purported alias, “Sam Bacile.” Mr. Bacile was convicted of a crime that has no relevance to the film. He used the Internet to defraud people. He was forbidden to use the Internet for five years. This was a condition of his early release. The “offensive” film was distributed on the Internet, so the federal argument is that Mr. Bacile is now liable to be sent back to prison.

The prison threat is small potatoes. The bigger danger is his deliberate exposure. Now he will never be safe again. It’s almost as if Obama’s team deliberately caused him to be subjected to a fatwa, as punishment for his “crime.” You can’t sink much lower than that. A month from now, this man may be dead because of the government’s lack of discretion. It’s as if the government has gone into the extortion business, with the Islamists of the world as partners. Barack Obama is Don Corleone, and Al Qaeda (or your Muslim neighbor) is Luca Brasi.

I’m trying to think of a more egregious (possibly criminal) violation of the Bill of Rights. Jailing someone for disfavored expression would be bad. Helping angry Muslims kill him is infinitely worse.

Here’s an important fact no one seems to be talking about: the federal government made a deliberate effort to determine Mr. Bacile’s name and look for leverage to persecute him. How do I know this? Common sense. In the beginning, no one knew who he was. In order for his identity to be determined, an investigation had to occur. That proves he was investigated deliberately. How do I know they looked for leverage? Again, common sense. When you learn a person’s name, you don’t automatically know the details of that person’s criminal record. Barack Obama has not memorized the names of all criminals in the United States. Someone in the government had to run a check on him. How do I know it was to gain leverage? Because there is no other explanation. If I do something to upset Barack Obama, but I do not commit a crime in the process, he will have no reason to check for a criminal record. If he does so, there has to be a reason. In the Bacile case, no reason other than leverage has come to light.

What does it add up to? If you bother Barack Obama enough, he is going to have a government smear squad look you up, dig up dirt on you, expose you publicly, and make you sorry you were ever born. He will choose not to take steps to conceal you from people who want to murder you and your family. That is not just bad policy. That is EXTREME CORRUPTION. If it’s allowed to happen in the future, on an ongoing basis, it will be the end of free speech and freedom of religion.

This is the kind of thing Hitler, Castro, and Stalin are known for. To see an American President do it is beyond appalling. If he can get away with this, we could be ten years away from killing fields.

Why is this happening? I can’t give you a political or social answer, so leave the blog now if that’s what you’re looking for. The answer is supernatural. We have abandoned God, so, by degrees, God is abandoning us. It started small, with the failed bombing of the World Trade Center. We didn’t listen, so we were opened up so 9/11 could occur. Now we’re looking at the Arab Spring, with all its horrifying ramifications. Our ambassador was raped and murdered AT A SAFE HOUSE. We have embraced and included our enemies to the point where they are privy to our secrets. What’s going to happen next?

God gave us great natural resources, extraordinarily defensible borders, a gigantic internal market, and a bevy of great brains. He defeated our enemies over and over. He made us the most powerful nation that has ever existed. We rewarded him with gay marriage, paganism, atheism, all types of sexual sin, a national celebration of arrogance, selfishness, and a host of other putrid fruit. We are even working to dismantle Israel. Our decline is nearly complete. We are now the enemies of God.

Did you see the Democratic Convention? They took God and Jerusalem out of the platform. The press exposed it. Ignorant people–the kind of people who think Jesus was a socialist–were surprised. The Democrats decided to put the language back in, as lip service, and they sent Villaraigosa out to have a sham voice vote. Three times, he asked if the delegates (valid, fully authorized representatives of Democrats everywhere) approved, and three times, they voted “no.” He lied and claimed they had voted “yes” (because the result was determined in advance), and the crowd outdid Peter, who only denied Christ three times. They booed loudly, which constitutes a fourth vote against God.

We have seen this in the Bible. Samuel spoke before the Hebrews, who wanted a secular king. God preferred priests, but the Hebrews weren’t having it. There was a vote, just like the one at the convention. Samuel warned them that a king would bring curses such as corruption and excessive taxation. They voted against God anyway. And look what happened to Israel and Judah. God drew the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt, rich and well-armed. As soon as Moses turned his back, they voted against God and swore allegiance to a statue of a cow, and God threatened to exterminate them. As it was, he killed 3,000. When Jesus was crucified, Pilate told the Jews it was all on them, and they publicly accepted the responsibility, even laying it on their children. Forty years later, their temple was razed, and they went into a diaspora that has lasted until the present day.

Now God has used the networks and Youtube to show us how the Democrats voted against God. Judgment is always harsher when sin is performed knowingly. We know exactly what we’re choosing if we vote for Obama. We are choosing sexual sin, pride, the murder of the unborn, the destruction of Israel, and the persecution of Christians and Jews. In his dealings with our enemies, Obama is already disfavored. God makes him the head, not the tail. The mess in the Muslim countries shows that, as does the illegal immigrant situation. How much worse will things be if we accept him again, after the voice votes and his open betrayals of Israel?

We are about to make a fateful choice. We are already in a deep mess, because God will judge us along with our President, but things can still get worse. We have to choose between a friendly heathen and a false Christian who thinks he knows better than God.

By the way, I believe we ended up with this choice because we tore apart the Christians who ran for office. Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum are all sincere Christians. We gutted them. I suspect that God has refused to put a Christian in the Oval Office, simply because he wants to spare his servants the abuse we heap on them.

I believe that if we vote for Obama and continue to walk away from God, we will be facing a complete loss of liberty in the near future. We used to serve God, so we were part of his kingdom, and he took care of us. Once we turn against him completely, we will serve no useful purpose. What incentive will he have to continue defending us? People seem to think God’s purpose is to bless us, no matter what we do. That’s not right. Our purpose is to serve God, and he blesses us because we submit. If his blessings were unconditional, life would be a lot different in places like India and Myanmar.

Israel will survive. Israel is the center of human existence. It is the only nation on earth which is guaranteed God’s unconditonal protection. God’s promises to Abraham will never expire, regardless of what his children do. God may have allowed Israel to be defeated for centuries, but the Bible tells us he will restore it eventually, because of Abraham. That restoration appears to be upon us. But the Bible promises nothing about the continued blessings of the United States of America. We’re a peripheral nation, just like Chile and Indonesia. We are expendable. It’s too bad we don’t understand that.

Very few people will read this and other writings expressing the same thoughts. Maybe that, in and of itself, is a judgment.

Anyway, I thought I’d throw it out there. The sad thing is that the people who will agree believe it already, and the ones who will scoff wouldn’t believe if Jesus himself showed up and grabbed them by the shoulders.

8 Responses to “The Mixed-Up Multitude”

  1. Vlad Says:

    Hey Steve, I care what you blog about. Check this site almost daily. Send me a link to your Facebook if you please.

  2. Ruth H Says:

    All very good and true, Steve. I am afraid our Bill of Rights was just banished by executive order.
    We may have already reached the tipping point. They fight for “women’s rights” unless that woman is unborn and in the womb.
    There is an urgent prayer request for the child of a missionary to Africa.
    I have put it on many of my facebook groups. Please pray and please share.

  3. blindshooter Says:

    I believe.

    Thank you for taking the time to lay it out.

  4. Jim Says:

    And people fawn over Sarah Barnhardt, when they really ought to be reading this.

    Go figure.

    You nailed it here, and I can but say a heartfelt AMEN !

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  5. Chad D. Says:

    Didn’t our Lord say some people wouldn’t believe even if someone were to rise from the dead? Little wonder, then, that they reject the One who has!

    Excellent post, Steve. I’ll be posting a quote and a link on my Facebook page.

  6. Jim Says:

    As 1 of 140 , I feel blessed.
    I will borrow your argument in an attempt to spread the truth about Pres Obama.
    Thank you

  7. Jason Says:

    As usual you hit the nail on the head Steve. Please continue to do what you are doing. God Bless.

  8. Kentucky Guy Says:

    I’m with you Steve…