Chick-fil-A Supporters Hold Line Against New Nuremberg Laws

August 1st, 2012

Government Officials Now Persecute Christians Openly

The Chick-fil-A phenomenon is not quite as simple as people think it is.

Clearly, to a Christian, the fundamental issue is that a small but loud minority is pushing secular authorities to allow homosexual marriage. There is no point in claiming this doesn’t alarm us. It seems pretty obvious that, while secular government and the church are separate entities, God tends to punish societies that permit their governments to promote sin. We are against gay marriage, and we want our secular government to forbid it, even though the prohibition is based in religion.

Nonetheless, even if we felt that it were possible and desirable to keep religious policy out of legislation, it would still be important to respond to the bullying of the left. The reason is that the three leftists who started this fight are secular officials. They are in government. They went outside the scope of secular rule, in order to persecute and discriminate against a Christian family. In doing so, they took the fight out of the church and into the realm of Constitutional law. They made it a secular fight.

Our religious freedoms are not found in the Bible. They arise from the First Amendment, which is a law enacted by Congress and the States. The parties enjoined from infringing our religious freedom are not private citizens. The injunction applies to the government. I can criticize your religion all I want. I can refuse to do business with you because I don’t like your beliefs. I don’t work for the government. But if you make me a political official in a major city, and I threaten to harm your business because of your beliefs, it’s another story. When I do that, I’m violating the First Amendment, at least in spirit, and possibly in letter.

Rahm Emanuel and the other two anti-Christian officials involved in this debacle made it clear that they disapproved of Christian beliefs, and they suggested they might take action to damage a Christian business because of those beliefs. That’s unacceptable. Government officials can’t do that. It’s also hypocritical, because leftist politicians don’t seem to have any problems with businesses run by Muslims, whose positions on homosexuality are more extreme than those of Christians, and they haven’t complained about businesses owned by Orthodox Jews, either. But that’s a rabbit trail, so I’ll stay off of it.

In Nazi Germany (I wonder why we never call it “Nazi Germany and Nazi Austria”), government persecution of the Jews did not start with concentration camps, einsatzgruppen, and gas chambers. It started with smaller steps. One such step was the targeting of Jewish businesses. The Nazis passed laws excluding Jews from many types of businesses, and eventually, they called for a boycott of Jewish businesses, culminating in Kristallnacht, “The Night of Breaking Glass,” in which Gentiles roamed the streets breaking windows in Jewish shops and looting the contents. The Nuremberg Laws followed, and eventually, Jews were completely marginalized. Their businesses were confiscated and given to Germans and Austrians loyal to their moron dictator.

When someone like Michael Moore or Keith Olbermann calls for a boycott of conservative or Christian businesses, it’s unfortunate, but it’s not alarming. When elected officials do the same thing, they are following in the footsteps of the Nazis. When the government persecutes you, there is no one to whom you can turn. No one but God himself. You have no recourse. You have no refuge.

People should be more upset than they are. What the left is doing right now isn’t debate or dissent. It’s not merely a boycott. It’s government-sponsored persecution of a religious group, based purely on a religious belief which does not conflict with the state’s legitimate interests.

This is not supposed to happen in America. This is why the First Amendment was written. What has happened over the last week is no less outrageous than a sign in a park reading, “Gentiles Only,” or a state attorney general threatening to refuse to recognize Jewish marriages.

Because Christians are the victims, and Christians are in the majority, and we are used to seeing Christians maligned, we’re not reacting as strongly as we should. We should be aware of this. We should make our persecutors pay a heavy price. The best way to do that is to turn out to vote, but we should also make our anger known, on every public forum. We should not be offended; we should be OUTRAGED. We are not quite at the Beer Hall Putsch stage of liberal totalitarianism. Our enemies aren’t as bold or powerful as they could become, should we sit back and yawn. We need to get used to taking strong stands, while we still have the power.

Today I did my small part. I dropped by the Chick-fil-A in Davie, Florida, for lunch. Thank God, there were cars lining up to get in, and people waiting for service were stacked up past the front doors. I took a photo, which I put on Facebook, and it got picked up by Investors Business Daily. Here it is.

I was parked illegally at Costco, so I couldn’t wait. I went to Carol City, and here are the photos I shot. I got a very nice deluxe sandwich with pepper jack cheese, plus waffle fries and a peach shake. It was way too much food, but it was my second Chick-fil-A meal so far this lifetime, so I wanted to see what they had.

I plan to go back whenever I get the chance. There aren’t any Chick-fil-As close to me, but I will find myself near one from time to time. I have a new guitar teacher, and he lives close to one, so that will give me a weekly opportunity.

I only wish they had been selling hats.

12 Responses to “Chick-fil-A Supporters Hold Line Against New Nuremberg Laws”

  1. Mike James Says:

    Donald Sensing at Sense Of Events points out that these people will vote in November.

    It makes me happy to see the Left fail. Heh, and heh again.

  2. Mike James Says:

    I almost forgot this:

    A Bunch Of Wendy’s Restaurants Put Up Signs That Say ‘We Stand With Chick-Fil-A’

    Plenty of comments containing the fundamental deliberation, respect, and maturity which we have come to expect from the Left. We can share a country with these people, but only barely.

  3. Mike James Says:

    Apologies for not closing the tag. Me stupid.

  4. Leah Says:

    Very thought provoking! It is an interesting yet frightening correlation and you are right. We need to stand up while we are a majority.
    We have eaten at Chick-fil-A more in the last week than in months! Thank for taking the time to write this! BTW our friend Ward recommended your blog – he says “Hi”. 🙂

  5. JED Says:

    Great job, Steve. I haven’t been on your blog in a while, but enjoyed this read. I’ll be sharing a link.

  6. Aaron's cc: Says:

    Even here in LA there were lines for Chick-fil-a.

    The problem is that government is in the marriage certification process altogether. The LGBT advocates have NO logical argument against 3, 8 or 43 people demanding that the government declare that some ceremony constitutes a protected “union”. There is no logical argument against adult siblings getting “married”. And what’s so sacred about 18 being the age of majority? Kinda arbitrary. Many far more wise and mature humans a few years younger and many more less wise and less mature humans many years older.

    Employers should also get out of bedrooms. Instead of saying they’ll cover spouses and children, which may breed resentment among other employees whose total compensation wouldn’t be as large, employers should say that they’ll contribute a certain amount to a health savings plan per employee. If the employee is single, let the amount accumulate and get better coverage or get married and apply the funds towards the spouse’s existing coverage. Let a bachelor whose brother with Downs Syndrome cover the sibling with his funds. Let Felix use his funds for Oscar.

    If the employee knows he’s getting $10k/yr in medical savings plan compensation, he’ll modify his behavior.

    Hetero couples who get married young will shop for a plan that covers OB/Gyn and pediatric services but doesn’t have to cover a guy who spends his weekends at Man’s Country. And when they reach the age where they no longer think of having kids, they’ll steer their coverage toward other stuff. Young single females who watch Sex and the City will shop for a plan that keeps them in birth control pills and condoms and has abortion and ample STD coverage. Future trannies will seek a plan that covers that… or they’ll save up their $10k/yr for a decade to get that done from a private surgeon who offers that service.

    Get the government and my prospective employer out of the decision.

    People who submit to regular screening to prove they aren’t regular smokers, drinkers, drug users will earn better coverage.

    Anyway, there was a kosher SUBWAY for a few years near me. If there was a kosher Chick-fil-a franchise I’d have been all over it today.

  7. aelfheld Says:

    Last night I got turned away – along with others, it wasn’t just me, I swear – because they’d run out of everything.

  8. blindshooter Says:

    I’ve tried for two days now to spend my money with Chick-fil-a. Failed to even get in the parking lot because of the crowd. I’ll still go after things calm down a bit.

    Your description of the current situation is perfect, .GOV at any level needs to be heeled when they cross the line like some have recently.

    Thanks for taking the time to make it so clear.

  9. baldilocks Says:

    Also, the day after Rahm Emanuel showed Chik-Fil-A the door, he gave Louis Farrakhan the keys to his city. Submission.

  10. Mox Says:

    Here in Los Angeles, it was a good 30 minutes before I got my food. Traffic was snarled but everyone was calm, polite and happy to wait.

    The sandwich was very good, but my waffle fries were outstanding!

    A friend of mine who couldn’t make it that day went over to pick up some dinner last weekend. He texted me and said, “What is going on? This place is still packed!”

  11. Steve H. Says:

    A voice from the past!

  12. Mox Says:

    Indeed! I do stop by here every so often…