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Sell Your Cloak

August 10th, 2011

Antisocial Media

The seeds of violent anti-Semitism have been sown. The economy is heading down the toilet. Jewish names like Madoff, Stearns, Salomon, and Geithner have been associated with financial misconduct and incompetence. Entitlements are going to dry up, simply because the money won’t be there. Flash mob riots have given the leeches and worthless people a new tool they can use to overcome the police and impose their will. And most Jews live in urban areas and refuse to own guns. How long have people like Louis Farrakhan been telling the poor that Jews run the world? I promise you, there are millions of people in the US who see Jewish houses as big pinatas full of stolen loot.

The mobs are hitting Europe right now, but I’m sure they’ll be here before long. Why wouldn’t they be? We have a sea of spoiled individuals who live off the government and who believe their low economic status was caused by conspiracies and cliques. Even our President tells them this; he wants them to think corporate jets caused their poverty. They think they’re entitled to commit crimes, including personal violence, because they’ve been systematically cheated. They have computers. They have cell phones. They have Twitter and Facebook. Add it up, and it spells “time bomb.”

I realized this last night. I don’t see any journalists or government officials taking the phenomenon seriously; as usual, they’re behind the curve. I felt I should put up a blog post so at least a few people would be aware of the threat.

Obviously, Jews are not the only ones at risk. Anyone who lives near a big city and owns a home will be a target. If you don’t own weapons, this would be a good day to start buying them.

As I’ve noted before, one reason Sodom and Gomorrah were burned in a rain of flaming sulphur was that they had a practice of committing mob crimes. A mob would fall on a business, and each criminal would take something small, and the business would be ruined. This is what happened in Lot’s time. Jesus said it would be “as the days of Lot” when he returned, and suddenly, we’re seeing the same type of crime. He said it would be “as the days of Noah,” when God was infuriated by sexual immorality and marriage between humans and animals, and suddenly we have a President who supports gay marriage.

Look out.

I think the Holy Spirit is warning me, so I’m trying to warn others. I have a long pattern of being right about things like this, and God’s record is considerably better than mine, so think before you dismiss me.

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7 Responses to “Sell Your Cloak”

  1. Virgil Says:

    Certainly Jews will be targets, but Religious people including Christians in general and more specifically White Men will be fair game because we are the face they–the “disenfranchised” masses–put on the Constitution writers 240 years ago and the unfair owners of wealth today.
    Today the Buckhead Entertainment district in Atlanta has been taken over by minority and white hip hop thugs on the weekends and most week nights with personal assaults (some even conducted by active NFL Players) and property crimes escallating every day.
    I’m sure every even minor city has similar problem areas and so I’m not just talking about Detroit or LA.
    The US is primed to burst into flames just like London and Greece and that’s exactly why the Congress–R’s and D’s–are afraid to touch entitlement reform. That, and buying votes.
    We might even see rioting senior citizens on their free electric mobility chairs running around pouring Geritol on everything I guess if they finally manage to reform Social Security and Medicare.

  2. Ted Says:

    The US already has mob crimes.



    We’ve got problems.

  3. greg zywicki Says:

    Detroit’s actually pretty quiet right now. 40+ years of self rule leaves the disenfranchised no one to blame. Actually, things are starting to look better, drop by drop, around here.

    Humans and animals? That’s not general biblical knowledge.

    Do not let your heart be troubled, and do not be afraid.

  4. Steve H. Says:

    Why would I be afraid? This mess is for other people, not me.

  5. baldilocks Says:

    Seen in coming for a while now. I been chased a number of times by gangs of *girls* who usually leave off when they notice the huge NRA sticker on the back window.

    I never leave the house unarmed.

    I tried to warn my great-aunt that we should get out of LA, but she wouldn’t listen. She’s in a nursing home now here in CA and I take care of her house, so I’ve been busy cleaning up, repairing and fortifying. I have five weapons; three are inherited so I had to have them smithed.

    What lawless black mobs don’t count on is that black people are greatly outnumbered by all other groups–mostly due to abortion. Leaving aside the godlessness, basically black mobs are asking to be killed by armed whites. And the horror of it is, when white people get fed up en masse, they will view *all* blacks as the enemy.

    Jesus can’t come quickly enough.

  6. Steve H. Says:

    This is exactly the problem I’ve been talking about. Here is the scenario that I see as likely: the press ignores the fact that a big portion of these mob criminals are black. Then they are forced to admit it. Then white people overreact, in a new wave of racism. I think it has the potential to stir up a very severe conflict between the races, and the only people who will be immune will be the Spirit-filled.
    We know there are only two races: God’s people, and everyone else.

  7. baldilocks Says:

    Thanks for that reminder