Heavy Theology

November 22nd, 2010

Put Those Twinkies Behind You

I always worry that I don’t do enough to give God his glory. It’s very dangerous to fail to credit God (before others) when you get an obvious blessing.

Here’s something I want people to know. Mike went on an Armorbearer Freedom Fast with me a few months back. He weighed 335 pounds, and it was all due to overeating. Mike loves food even more than I do.

As of the weekend, he was down to 288. Like me, he is not dieting, nor is he losing weight through exercise. It’s grace. A miracle. He hasn’t been this thin in years.

So far, maybe six or seven people have done the AB fast with me, and only one got the miracle. One of my armorbearer buddies wants to do it in a week or two. I hope he gets it too.

I suspect that attitude has a lot to do with it. If you don’t admit gluttony is a sin, like looking at pornography or shooting heroin, and you don’t admit you eat too much, you probably won’t get anywhere. That’s my best guess, based on my understanding of God and the scriptures. And of course, faith is a necessity.

This is a very big deal; obesity and gluttony are terrible curses, and it’s wonderful to see a person get true, lasting freedom. Mike and I are “free, indeed,” as the Bible puts it. I hope others get free, too. God is both powerful and generous.

One of the big frustrations of Christianity is seeing God’s power in your own life yet being unable to help other people get the same good things. I think the biggest obstacle is refusal to listen. When I hear about someone who got a blessing I need, I try to do what they did, so I can get the same thing. I am trying to soften the block of cement which is my skull, so I can learn good things from successful Christians. I’ve gotten a few really good things. I want to pass them on. I also want good things others have gotten.

Too bad Christian development isn’t a force-feeding process. We’d all be free.

Give fasting a shot if you have an addiction.

6 Responses to “Heavy Theology”

  1. James Says:


    I have been following your blog for the past several years. I was baptized this Sunday. You had a part in my conversion to faith. C.S. Lewis had a bigger part, but you still had a part. I thought you’d like to know.

    God Bless, James

  2. anne Says:

    Steve – have you posted anywhere what comprises the Armorbearer Freedom Fast? I did a quick scan of your archives but didn’t find it. I would be interested in knowing how exactly you go about it, if you don’t mind sharing. Thank you.

  3. Steve H. Says:

    Wow, James. Incredible. Thanks for letting me know. I am the world’s least effective evangelist, so it’s always good to find out I was a factor.
    Anne: I fasted for two days, and at the end, the compulsion to overeat had left me. I had fasted many other times, but this was the only time I got this result. I didn’t pray about overeating while I was fasting. Truthfully, I think fasting torments the spirits that drive us, and one of them got fed up and left.
    Nonetheless, here is what I try to get people to do:
    1. Fast two days (zero calories, no sweeteners).
    2. Spend an hour each day praying for relief from your addiction.
    3. Confess (to God) that your addictive behavior is a sin, and that you can’t beat it without him.
    4. Repent.
    I suppose it’s also a good idea to give an offering when it’s over.
    Maybe the things I added are stupid. I’m not sure. They seem like good ideas, and I don’t think they can hurt.

  4. anne Says:

    Thank you, Steve. I definitely feel called to fast; I very much appreciate your input. I’ll let you know what my experience is if you’re interested!

    Have a good Thanksgiving – you, your family, and of course the fancy turkeys you live with! (apologies to Marv and Maynard)

  5. Steve H. Says:

    Let me know if it works. I hope you’re not starting this week! Although you do have time before Thanksgiving.

  6. n5 Says:

    I fasted and prayed after a pretty serious injury, and the booze cravings stopped for weeks. Until I hung out w a bad influence. Doing it again next week, and shaking the dust off w that bad person to avoid tempation. It will work, G-d willing.