Marv is Betting Against Me

March 11th, 2010

Loafer’s Loaf

I decided I had to do something stupid. What a novel experience for me.

I’ve been making pizza without kneading the dough. Today I decided to see what happens when I turn the dough into bread. I took a portion of Golden Tiger flour mixed with salt and pepper, blended yeast and water into it, rolled it into a wad, and plopped it on a sheet of nonstick foil.

If it rises, I plan to bake it. If not, bird toy.

3 Responses to “Marv is Betting Against Me”

  1. Milo Says:

    Bobby Flay did a show on food network where he used basic pizza dough to make flatbreads which he topped with various goodies.
    He used three seperate rises before he punched the dough one last time, rollled it out and grilled it.

    My local baker uses a basic pizza dough to produce what he calls “pizza buns”.
    Basically rolls stuffed with sauce, meat, and cheese, quite good, but he doesn’t give out his technique for making them.

    Pizza dough is pretty versatile stuff!

  2. walt Says:

    That’s a great idea for your birds nutrition. I would add olive oil or sunflower oil (Greys need that extra oil in their diets-I have started feeding Kiko Red Palm oil mixed into his food-they eat it in the wild (the Palm nuts, not the refined oil). BTW, is Marv the Answer Bird still taking questions?

  3. Tziporah Says:

    Yeah, Steve, more bird stories are needed.

    What a great idea to make different types of birdie bread!