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More Requests

February 20th, 2009

Jump In

Reader Paula sent this in an email. It appears on a site called Caringbridge.com:

I have been diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma. The cancer started in my right hip and leg area and the tumor is quite large. Scans have shown that the cancer has already spread to my lungs. My first cycle of chemotherapy January 15 and the second cycle is to begin on January 29.

Paula says this is from a lady named Chrissy. She is 27 and married. She has kids aged 5, 6, and 7.

In other news, Mish Weiss wants to give up her fight against leukemia. Her doctor is very upset, and he put a message on her blog. He has gotten her to agree to 21 more days of treatment, using new drugs.

I hope you’ll join me in praying that she will be healed, and that she will do what it takes to please and serve God. I’m not suggesting there is something wrong with her behavior. Whenever I pray for someone to receive something, I also pray that they will turn to God and make a change. I do that because blessings are connected to obedience and faith, not because I am judgmental. Spare me the angry comments.

2 Responses to “More Requests”

  1. Heather Says:

    I am so worried about Mish. I pray for her daily.
    Could you please include my family in this prayer request?
    Satan has a firm hold on my father in law, and he is causing much stress to me and my husband, over the care of our son while I am trying to take care of my mom whose so sick from the cancer treatments. It’s such a mess.

  2. Aaron's cc: Says:

    Not all ailments are directly linked to behavior. Many cases of saints and infants who suffered. Many cases of despicable people living large. Turning to God is always good. One doesn’t know the impact on others, maybe even generations later, from inspiration. I’ve often heard sermons that our rewards here are infinitely less than heavenly rewards. What happens to us here are tests. A poor person may be tested on how he uses his time and disposition toward others. A rich person may be tested on his being charitable.

    A Jewish sage commented on the innovation of movies about 80 years ago, saying that we’ll be shown a movie of our life. Those moments we used well will be to our credit and those we didn’t will be our shameful legacy (who would really need eternal fire and brimstone, which is Divine overkill). My extrapolation… some of us will have full-length feature films and others will have shorts. The quality isn’t determined by the length but by our own editing. Clearly, our Creator put us in corporeal form for a purpose.