Seated in a High Place

November 28th, 2017

Approach the Throne With Awe and Bacon

This is easily the greatest day of my life. I am still not in Miami, and I have a new recliner.

My new house has a big upstairs room which I have turned into my command post. I started out with two plastic Adirondack chairs from Home Depot; perhaps this is appropriate, since I graduated from the Adirondack-Florida School for boys. Anyway, for almost three months, I sat on those chairs, and then I got a couch, which was fantastic yet lacking in foot support. Now I have a proper recliner, with a motor in it to make sure I don’t get PTSD from turning a lever.

This is magnificent. I don’t know why I haven’t had recliners all my life. I have always loved them.

Two days from now I will have a real TV stand, so I’ll be able to get the TV off the floor. I’m not worthy. I’m not worthy.

I even have a lamp now. I stole one of my dad’s end tables from the living room, and I commandeered the elbow LED lamp I used to use for my garage electronics station. I was going blind from relying on the overhead lights. This is bliss. This is paradise.

I am never getting out of this chair. I’m going to be like one of those obese people you read about, who end up welded to their chairs. I’ll find an enabler to bring me root beer and donuts.

Well. I guess I won’t.

I’m not sure what else to do with this room. I have been considering putting my electronics stuff here, with a dedicated desk, but it would be 50 yards from the rest of my tools. Inconvenient if I needed regular tools while working on electronics, or electronics tools while working on regular stuff. I could duplicate a few things to reduce the walking. Maybe I could put my electronics tools in a new box I could move to the workshop when needed.

I have considered putting my CNC lathe up here. It’s small, so it’s suited to an indoor location, and it would be good to have it near the big TV for CAD purposes. I don’t know if I can carry 110 pounds of awkward metal up the stairs, though. Actually, carrying it back down would be worse.

I picked a Barcalounger Vintage recliner. The Vintage line is supposedly better than the basement-grade recliners they sell for $300. I hope so. I read a lot of recliner reviews while shopping, and they were generally discouraging. China this. China that. I decided I would have to quit nitpicking and worrying and buy something.

The recliner I picked is a little funny-looking, but it was discounted heavily, and it has cloth cushions. For some reason, that spoke to me. I love leather furniture, but recliners are about comfort, and when it comes to comfort, cloth is king. When you look at this recliner, it says, “I don’t care what I look like. I just want to embrace you and make you fall asleep watching Forged in Fire.”

But enough about my plans for the week.

Oh, this is great. This is magnificent. You don’t know how great real furniture is until you sit on a plastic chair for three months.

Sorry if you’re annoyed that I wrote about a chair. I had to share my joy. I will try to show restraint when the ottoman that matches the couch arrives.

No promises.

5 Responses to “Seated in a High Place”

  1. Heather P Says:

    You haven’t posted or maybe I missed it, how are the boys(Marv & Maynard) faring with the move?
    That is a very nice chair.

  2. Steve H. Says:

    They’re doing better here. More room, and they get to stay in an area where they get more attention.

  3. Walt Says:

    Loved hearing about the chair, we should get a recliner here, so
    I can stop contorting my neck while watching TV. I too miss hearing about Marvin & Maynard.

  4. lauraw Says:

    I love my recliners. We bought two, years ago, and they are magnificent.
    I’ve watched videos on youtube of people who put engines in these things and drive them around.
    I am filled with impotent jealousy because this is the logical next step, but I am too cowed by social inhibition and motor vehicle laws to pursue this higher form of existence.

    Very expensive Berkline recliners with a push-button instead of a lever, in case you were gonna ask. All leather with lots of those dented brass tacks on the curves.

    Leather like butter that cups and supports you like a spooning lover who doesn’t care how many scoops of ice cream you had today.

  5. lauraw Says:

    And you really do need a nice big desk in that room.