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PBS Enters the Groping Wars

November 20th, 2017

Plus Retro Joy

It looks like Charlie Rose is all done. A Drudge-linked story says he is accused of serial groping.

I was reading about it and Googling around, and somehow I landed on Charles Kuralt. Remember him? He was a CBS reporter who got tired of covering hard news. He got the network to give him an RV, and he drove around America’s back roads for decades, doing human interest stories.

Charles Kuralt, who died before he could be accused of fondling anyone, is a lot more interesting than Charlie Rose. I’m glad I got sidetracked.

As soon as I started reading about Kuralt, I asked the obvious question: are there DVD’s? Yes, there are. There are at least three DVD compendiums of “On the Road” segments.

I am considering buying a set, but I’m afraid to. I’m afraid it will make me too sad to live. Also, I feel like if I watch Kuralt zip through the decades, as soon as I finish, the world will come to an end. Somehow I feel that the earth will plunge instantly into violence and chaos, demons will be set free on every continent, the clouds will part, and Charles Kuralt and Charles Schulz will appear in the heavens, beckoning me upward out of this tiresome mess.

Kuralt was a class act. Makes me wish I had an RV.

5 Responses to “PBS Enters the Groping Wars”

  1. shreck Says:

    Charles Kuralt was cheating on his wife with another woman, he even left property in Montana to her. I’m beginning to suspect everyone in show biz is creepy.

  2. Steve H. Says:

    Are you kidding me? Who’s next? Kermit the frog?

  3. Steve H. Says:

    Never trust a married man who has a camper.

  4. Ruth H Says:

    I remember how disappointed I was when I first learned that.

  5. shreck Says:

    Kermit has accused Jim Henson of putting his hands up his shirt for years.