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No More Hush-Hush?

October 29th, 2017

Toxic Femininity on the Rise

What an interesting night.

Drudge is linking to a story in which Kevin Spacey is accused of molesting a 14-year-old boy.

Why do I find that interesting? Because I have a friend who says he knows of two boys who supposedly received inappropriate attention from Spacey. My friend thinks Spacey is a pedophile. He mentioned these things to me, and I wondered whether there were rumors about Spacey and children on the web. I forgot all about it and forgot to look. I knew there was a story about Spacey getting caught in a British park, doing something that seemed like a Larry Craig impression.

I don’t know anyone in entertainment. I’m just an obscure person. Strange that I heard these things recently and then saw this story.

I’m not accusing Spacey of anything. Maybe it’s all innuendo and lies.

I suppose every male performer will be accused of something perverted before the year is out. It’s all the rage now.

I was thinking about this over the weekend. Here’s my guess: Satan used to protect sexual abusers. Now he has decided to remove that protection in order to advance his war on men.

Sexual harassment is very real, and it’s not a trivial thing. Being sexually abused makes you feel powerless and dirty. It’s as if someone has kicked your front door down and used your living room floor for a toilet while you sit and watch, unable to stop it. When I practiced employment law, I heard story after story about abusers. One male employee thought it was funny to tell a woman he had a check in his front pocket, and that she would have to fish for it. Things like that. Extremely common. It surprised me, because feminists have a victim mentality, and they love attention. They are extremely self-righteous, and they make things up. I was shocked to find out that there were so many true stories of abuse out there.

I was actively looking for racial discrimination cases during this time, and I never saw a single one, but sexual harassment was everywhere.

Anyway, how did abusers (I won’t say “men,” because women do it, too) get away with it for so long? Even powerful women kept quiet. Remember this: when something happens, and it doesn’t make any sense, there is a supernatural cause.

I believe Satan stifled victims so they could be abused. That served his purpose at the time. Now it’s more important for him to fight masculinity, because men are supposed to be Christian leaders who help others fight him. He wants to tear men down and give power to shrill, emasculating, attention-loving, man-hating harpies like Gloria Allred. If would be good if abuse were exposed and the toleration stopped, but we won’t stop there. The pendulum will swing too far, in the direction of persecution of men.

When women get power, they are often more cruel and ruthless than men. Strange thing, but it’s true. Women are very bad at forgiving, and they are very vindictive. I wonder what’s in our future.

In other news, Adam Sandler is being crucified for putting his hand on a woman’s knee on a talk show. All over the web, women are basically calling him a rapist and saying the “victim,” an actress named Claire Foy, was “obviously” upset. Foy, on the other hand, says she wasn’t offended at all. No matter. When toxic femininity is provoked, it shows no mercy until blood is shed, and then, if possible, it would reanimate its dead enemy and kill him again and again. Angry feminists are worse than MS-13.

My bet: Spacey is in real trouble, and it will not go away. And feminists will be after him, even though the alleged victim is male, because Spacey is a man. We’re all bad. We are the enemy. We are Goldstein.

Suddenly I feel glad I have been so unsuccessful with women. Success might have been fatal.

2 Responses to “No More Hush-Hush?”

  1. Heather P Says:

    Just yesterday I told Todd that I could not help but feel that the Weinstein, etc., was all coming to light, not to expose their evil, but empower the Jezebel spirit. It’s good to get confirmation. Thank you!

  2. Steve H. Says:

    I probably should not use the phrase “toxic femininity.” The phrase “toxic masculinity” is an instrument of hate and dishonesty. Masculinity is not toxic; the behavior of certain male idiots is. Femininity is not toxic, either.

    Next time I talk to my friend, I’m going to ask him about the Spacey stories. It was two kids from different families. As far as I know, they’re totally unrelated. It’s just a strange coincidence that my friend knows two families with the same complaint.