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Doofus-Proof Drawbar Whacker

July 15th, 2014

You Need It

Here is an update on my machining.

I have the parts for my CNC lathe conversion mostly done, and I’m going nuts trying to pick motors, controllers, and so on. I have nothing coherent to say about that. But I do have something helpful for people who–and I know nobody who reads this blog would do this–are absent-minded enough to leave a box wrench on the nut of a milling machine drawbar. The big problem with this is that if you turn the mill on, the wrench spins with the nut, and depending on which way it goes, it will either loosen the drawbar or snap the shear pins inside it. Or, if you have a crappy drawbar with no shear pins, it will spin the drawbar in your taper and mess it up.

I know someone who has a Grizzly mill with a solid drawbar, and he now has grooves inside the taper. Some imbecile left a wrench on my mill’s drawbar (no need to reveal his identity), and when he snapped the pins, all he had to do was order an $18 replacement off Ebay. And he was able to cram a new pin in the old one to make it work until the new one arrived.

For God’s sake, go check your drawbar right now. If it doesn’t have shear pins, get a new one. They’re cheap. If it has pins, you will see their ends through the finish close to the point where the thin part goes into the fat part.

Anyway, a drawbar wrench should be able to perform two purposes: it should tighten and loosen the drawbar nut, and it should also be heavy enough to whack it to make collets and stuff drop out of the taper. I came up with a tool that will do those things AND which can’t be left connected to the drawbar.

I made a cylinder of aluminum with a hex protrusion on one side, to fit snugly in a 3/4″ box wrench. I tapped the hex part for a 1/4″ screw. Then I stuffed the hex into a wrench, added a screw and washers, and I was done. Here are two photos of it being made.

07 15 14 drawbar hammer on rotary table

07 15 14 drawbar hammer assembled on bench

If you’re a machinist, you will appreciate this. Last week I wised up and got a 4-jaw chuck for that rotary table, because a 3-jaw is a really stupid choice. I found I had to make special nuts to hold the 4-jaw on the table, and I have not finished that job. I haven’t really needed the 3-jaw and table for a while, so I had no issues with removing the table to use it to make the nuts. That was like 3 days ago. And today, naturally, I needed the 3-jaw for this job. So I had to put it on the table and indicate it. Isn’t this always how it goes? The minute you break something down, you need it.

Most people use brass for drawbar whackers, but it doesn’t matter. Aluminum works fine.

I haven’t Loctited this thing, because I want to add better washers. I considered machining one, but I really don’t feel like struggling to machine thin work today.

Tubalcain, the machining star of Youtube, has a similar project, but mine is way cooler. He didn’t pretty his up. Mine is chamfered, and the exposed sides were turned on the lathe. His left baby toe knows more about machining than I do, so I feel smug about doing one thing better than he did.

I hate to doink this thing up by using it.

The wrench is a Husky from Home Depot. You may think it’s not important to mention that, but it is. It’s surprisingly hard to find a long 3/4″ open wrench that isn’t offset.


Walk if You Want; I’ll Ride

July 11th, 2014

Either the Bible is True or it Isn’t

Something I wrote today:

Last week, I got a word from God, and it was simply this: “I’m going to be all right.”

A few years back I took Jesus at his word and pretty much gave up planning for my future. I decided to wait for him. I knew God was faithful, but worry still came to me, and other people, thinking they were being helpful, fanned the flames.

Remembering the many times God had shown me he would not drop me, I refused to be moved, but my sense of security was not perfect. The word God sent me helped me become stable.

Because I trusted, my future is planned, and it’s not a foolish plan from the mind of man. Family, money, health, activities…it’s all laid out before me like a highway, waiting for me to walk forward and possess it.

The Jews have a saying: “Man plans; God laughs.” I will not let unbelief cause me build a rickety, crooked track for my life.


Not Every Person who Faints in Church is a Prophet

July 10th, 2014

Sometimes it’s all YOU

Something I scribbled earlier today.

Stuff the Holy Spirit didn’t actually tell you:

1. A person who finds you completely unattractive is destined to be your one true love.

2. You are supposed to vote for liberals who support abortion and homosexuality, because forced redistribution of wealth is exactly the same as freewill giving.

3. God made you gay, and he thinks it’s fabulous.

4. You need to scream a lot in church, because God loves noise.

5. If a church is really big, it proves the pastor is right about everything.

6. The person who lies on the church floor the most is the holiest.

7. The church volunteers who asked you to stop parking in the pastor’s space were sent by the devil and lack discernment.

8. Other people will pay your tithes and offerings. God is so impressed with you, he is giving you a pass.

9. God wants you to keep working as a stripper because he made the human body, and you meet so many people who need to hear the gospel.

10. It’s okay to move in with your boyfriend, because in the eyes of God, you’re already married.

11. Borrowing money you can’t repay is “stepping out in faith,” especially if you use it to buy a ridiculous, tacky church building the size of a shopping mall.

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Share my Joy Whether You Like it or Not

July 8th, 2014

Clearly Superior to Other Children

New photos of the godson, plus one of the goddaughter.

First, Noah:

07 07 14 noah blue blanket 01

07 07 14 noah blue blanket 02

Second, Gabriella:

07 06 14 gabriella at new dawn

I have been helping Gabriella practice saying “NO!”


I am Management

July 7th, 2014

Let Labor do the Sweating

So often, God shows us things that are obvious, and we are amazed. He can even amaze us by telling us things we already know. I guess that means we’re stupid, but there it is.

This country has spiritual termites. We have lots of erosive, chronic problems because we don’t honor and serve God. Our wealth is decreasing, our liberty is decreasing, and the power of our enemies is increasing. We try to fix these things by making political donations and casting votes. Some of us blog and write books. It doesn’t work very well. But we have weapons that do work, and we choose not to use them.

I have learned that I can speak defeat to individuals that plague me. You may not believe it. If you develop your faith and try it, you will see that I’m right. If you deal with bullies, abusers, trashy neighbors, bad bosses, snotty kids, or other people whom you can’t seem to beat or change, you can cut the legs out from under them by speaking defeat to them in the name of Jesus AND believing in your heart that it works. And of course, you have to speak defeat to the spirits that back them against you.

What’s the obvious thing I didn’t point out here? It’s simple. There is no real difference between your cheating husband or backstabbing coworker and the president of the United States or the Supreme Court. You can speak defeat to powerful people you don’t know. They don’t have special protection.

The Supreme Court is nine individuals. If you lived next to nine idiots who always threw their dogs’ poo into your yard, and you believed in the principle of speaking defeat to enemies, you would have no problem believing you could put them to flight by using the power of the tongue. Why, then, would you think nine people in Washington would be any different?

They’re not.

The president and the Supreme Court have been throwing poo into our yards for a very long time. We don’t have to accept it.

I know the traditional answer is to ask God to give you victory. That’s fine, but it’s not the entire arsenal. If you aren’t active in your own right, you’re not doing what we were put here to do. You are likely to fail.

People love to say, “God is in control.” Sure he is. But six million Jews were slaughtered anyway. Over fifty million unborn babies have been murdered in the US since Roe v. Wade. A tsunami hit Southest Asia and killed all sorts of innocent people. If God is in control, why did these things happen?

God didn’t let them happen. We did. He put us here to rule the earth for him, using power he provides. Very few of us are doing it, so the earth is a mess.

The Bible is confusing to people who don’t have supernatural revelation via the baptism with the Holy Spirit. It tells us wonderful things, but we don’t understand them. One of the things it tells us is that what we say and believe matters more than what we do. This is reflected in passages such as, “the righteous shall live by faith,” “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit,” and “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Here’s another one: “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.”

The “Word of Faith” movement got ahold of this concept and twisted and abused it until it sounded like heresy and foolishness. But it’s true.

Look at the situation in the Middle East. That all started with a few sentences spoken by a blind old man. Isaac gave Jacob and Esau their blessings, and he foretold the struggle between their descendants, and over a billion people are bound by those words today.

Word of Faith people got in trouble for pushing a doctrine characterized as “name it and claim it.” They believed in the power of the tongue, but they weren’t getting a lot of guidance from the Spirit, so they focused on things like money, power, and fame. That made blessing and cursing look stupid. But the concept is Biblical. Jesus cursed a tree, and it dried up. He commanded the wind. Elijah cut off the rain. If you’re connected to the Holy Spirit, and you do his will and not just your own, it does work. And we are expected to do it.

The earth is like a company (or, as the Bible says, a vineyard) which belongs to an absentee owner. God sends his servants to run the place. He created us to be management, not labor. Managers use their hearts and minds more than they use their hands. When Adam lost his authority, one of the curses was hard work. He was no longer a manager; he was a slave. The baptism with the Holy Spirit reverses that curse and restores authority.

Here are some things I speak defeat to just about every day:

Some stuff I spoke defeat to today:

1. Obama and his administration. Their constant work against Israel and the body of Christ has to be stopped. Prayer isn’t enough.

2. Homosexuality. We should not be running from people who are slaves to a sexual compulsion.

3. Feminism. Many women have to work, and they should be paid fairly, but the feminist establishment is also bound up in removing men as the leaders and priests of their homes, and it supports promiscuity. It also discourages marriage and teaches men they don’t have to buy rings in order to get sex. If you’re a 40-year-old spinster, thank the feminists.

4. The Supreme Court and all our federal courts. Bad decisions make slaves of the righteous. Why do we sit back and let it happen?

5. Illegal immigration. We don’t have to have a complete loss of border control in order to have compassion and bring good people to America. Deuteronomy 28:43-44.

6. Convenience abortion. Our president says girls can’t live their dreams unless they are free to kill the babies they conceive. And the industry is geared toward destroying the black race. What dream is he talking about? The abortion mills have succeeded where the Klan has failed, and they got the victims to pay for it.

7. The IRS. Obama and his party are using it to take control of our lives and to punish believers.

8. Professional sports. Idolatry at its best. People actually stay home from church to watch strangers play children’s games.

9. The entertainment industry, including movies, TV, music, books, and even Internet porn. They have way too much power to corrupt.

10. The press. They ridicule and marginalize us constantly, and they slander Israel every day.

11. Religious leaders who teach against the Holy Spirit, tongues, and miracles. They serve the spirit of Antichrist, no matter how often they use the name of Jesus.

On some days I speak defeat to both political parties before the body of Christ. The GOP is better than the Democrats, but it’s still messed up. Gay activists and Muslims want to assume control. I speak defeat to Grover Norquist and his crowd from time to time.

Does it work? Well, I started recently. I can only speak for myself; I have no idea who else is doing it, or I would name them. Since then, Obama has racked up some surprising losses. His popularity plummeted. He also lost several pivotal cases in the Supreme Court. Can I take credit for these things? No, that goes to God. But I do believe I was part of it. I felt faith flowing through me as I spoke.

Let me suggest you try it, if you have the faith. And if you don’t have the faith, speaking in tongues is the way to get it, according to the Bible.

Perry Stone once cautioned people not to take on big spirits. He said he knew of preachers who, on their own initiative, would stand up and curse huge evils, like the spirits that ruled entire cities. He said they got in trouble. God didn’t back them, the spirits rose against them, and soon their ministries had problems. They would get caught in sex scandals or whatever. I used to think that this meant I could only use the power of the tongue on small issues. But now I realize I was wrong. The question isn’t how big the problem is. There are only two important considerations: did the Holy Spirit tell you to do it, and do you have enough faith to pull it off? If you can say “yes,” then there is nothing that can defeat you.

The problems this nation faces will not go away just because of American exceptionalism, hard work, or time-wasting squabbling. God will not let us win until we do things his way. So I’m trying hard to avoid using hopeless carnal tools.

This is how I plan to live the rest of my life. I do not want to sweat and lose any more. I do not want to rely on my own power. If it ever stops working, I’ll quit. But that hasn’t happened yet.

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Illegal Aliens of the Soul

July 1st, 2014

Rebuild the Walls

I had an interesting exchange on the web today, and I think I’ll take a few minutes to write about it.

First of all, my church is going nuts. God is really, really moving. Preachers like to stand in front of churches and talk big about the things God will do for the people, but usually, nothing happens. At my church we are seeing FOLLOW-THROUGH, which is a big paradigm change.

My pastor taught us things about speaking things into existence and so on, and I’m not even sure he totally understood it himself, but I started applying it, and as I have written before, problems started collapsing before me.

I taught a few other people about it, and suddenly, folks are putting it to use (just from seeing my testimony; I had nothing to do with it), and they are coming back with stories of favor and power. It’s working. This is what it means to be “seated in high places with Christ.” It means we don’t just ask God for things. We give orders to the things over which we have authority, and our word, because we are identified with God, does not return to us void.

One of the things I’m learning about is the concept of borders and sovereignty. You can’t have perfect balance with other beings. Either they will invade your sovereignty and disregard your personal borders, or you will exert authority over them and keep them in defeat. This is what being “the head and not the tail” means. When Israel was the head, Solomon ruled with great wealth and military superiority, and his borders were secure. When Israel was the tail, every tinhorn king in the Middle East came in, raided the place, and made the Jewish king, though anointed, a servant.

This concept is true on a national level and a personal level. If you’ve been abused sexually or by violence (maybe that’s redundant), it’s because you’ve been the tail and not the head. Your borders got no respect. No one should ever be able to touch you–not with the tip of a finger–if you have God’s favor and authority. If they’re getting through, it’s because of a problem with your relationship with God.

The discussion I started today had to do with illegal immigration, which is a total collapse of authority and border control. It is supernatural. I said that it was a classic Biblical curse, which is true. The Bible says it’s a curse when “the alien” grows strong among you. It does not mean foreigners are devils, or that the lady who irons your shirt for less than minimum wage should be put in jail. It just means that a curse allows illegal aliens to come here by improper means. If you can understand this, you can apply it to your own life and get victory over people who take advantage of you. I can tell you that it works.

Unfortunately, someone took it the wrong way today and concluded that I was saying he and his family were a curse, because they came here illegally. I think if you read what I wrote above, you will see that I was talking about something else. We ended up in a useless discussion about politics and immigrants, and the valuable point I was trying to make disappeared.

Here are the most relevant verses, Deuteronomy 28:43-44:

The alien who is among you shall rise higher and higher above you, and you shall come down lower and lower. He shall lend to you, but you shall not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you shall be the tail.

I just saw that a few minutes ago, for the first time in months or years. But the Holy Spirit brought it to my mind this morning. It’s a curse which comes from disobedience. This nation has turned from God, so now illegal aliens can march in our streets waving Mexican flags, threatening to take away part of our land. That cannot happen in a country which honors God. And if you turn away from God personally, beings that have interests that conflict with yours will be able to enter your life and do as they please.

This happened to the Jews when the temple was destroyed, in 586 BC and 70 AD. It is happening now in Israel, with the disgusting, suicidal efforts to give land to the false “Palestinians.” It’s the reason for rape, molestation, and bullying of all types. It is surely the reason for disease, which comes from hostile organisms that OCCUPY us, to use a word that has become very familiar.

These days I speak defeat to our country’s chronic defeats, and illegal immigration is one of them. I speak defeat to the people who support it. We will always want immigrants, but we have the right and the obligation to choose them ourselves, as stewards of the land. Otherwise, terrorists and criminals will keep walking in through Arizona, and one day, we will see something as bad as, or worse than, 911.

I speak defeat to the people who take advantage of me, and as I have written before, it works. It may sound crazy, but they actually seem to get depressed and angry. Tough. If someone has to eat their garbage, it should be them, not me. I’ve had plenty already.

Pray in tongues. Develop supernatural faith. Speak defeat to your enemies and to God’s enemies. Speak defeat to those who want to pull down this Christian nation, as well as Israel. Don’t tell me it doesn’t work. You will come back with a testimony.

Quit sweating and struggling in the political system. Work in the supernatural system and take it easy.


I should add one more thing. I don’t know if it’s in the Bible, but I have seen another curse manifest itself in families, and it also manifests itself in nations. In my family, a dribbling imbecile chosen at random will get more respect than a relative with college degrees and a record of common sense. My grandfather would listen to strangers before he would give credit to his own children, and my dad is the same way. My IQ is somewhere over 150, and I have a physics degree and a law degree, but when I tell him things that are obvious, he refuses to believe them. Then some fool with no high school diploma will agree with me, and suddenly, I’m right!

The same thing applies to nations. Right now, an illegal alien can vote without presenting ID. They can enter and leave the country without problems, and the Border Patrol will actually help them. No one tracks them. No one makes them pay taxes. No one surveils them. But what about us? What about the children of the nation itself? For years, our own public “servants” took naked photos of us before letting us get on planes. They still put citizens on “no fly” lists without explanation or notice. There are sensors along every highway that record our movements. All of our emails are stored. Our phones are tapped.

It’s the same principle. Those who should be privileged are humiliated, and those who should be monitored and controlled are free to do as they please. They have the favor we’re supposed to have.

To people without discernment or revelation, this will make no sense, but to others it will be very obviously true.

I want my favor and my birthright back. How about you?


Into the Forest of Stumps

July 1st, 2014

When did Miami get so Beautiful?

I went to Tennessee over the weekend to bury my dad’s older sister. I’m not sure she was actually buried, though. The funeral home screwed up and failed to have her cremated on time, and I don’t know whether they got the situation fixed. It’s amazing that they would do that, but there you are.

She was 84; two years older than my dad. I didn’t know her terribly well. I saw her a few times during my life, but there were no Christmas gifts or birthday cards, and until this weekend, I couldn’t name all of her kids.

When I was a child, my mother told me that during the early years of her marriage, she had been shocked at how distant my dad’s people were. She claimed my dad’s mother–I don’t think of her as my grandmother–told her that relations with my dad were so unpleasant, they didn’t want to stay very close.

This weekend I reunited with a cousin I last saw–I am fairly sure–in about 1968. I know I saw one other one not long after 1970, because I remember him mentioning the movie M*A*S*H as a recent thing, and it came out in that year.

I also saw my dad’s other sister this weekend. I believe I last saw her in around 1990.


Sadder still, my dad and I were the odd ones out. His sisters stayed in touch, and their kids knew each other well. They have a lot of shared memories. Trips. Gatherings. We don’t know much about it. They talked about holidays and vacations past, when they did this and said that. My dad was able to keep up with them about the distant past, as in 1931-1956, but that was about it.

She died from a stroke, if I understand things correctly. She started having them some time back. She became forgetful. She said things over and over. She became demented. In February, she had to go to a home, and then she started speaking gibberish.

Like my dad, she was very overweight. I think that probably caused the strokes and dementia, but I’m no doctor.

My aunt was married to a Mormon, and when they married he had several kids of his own. I only connected with one member of the flock, back during the Vietnam War. She was a little older than I was, and we were not related by blood. My aunt could be a challenging person to get along with, and she and her husband were very hard on the kids, making them work constantly and maintaining harsh discipline. My cousin was quiet and gentle. I think we got along well because we were easygoing people with parents who were could be unpleasant.

I did not want to go to Tennessee this weekend. I was not needed. When my mother died, only two of these people showed up, and that was more than I had expected. I would not have made this trip but for my dad, who is not really up to the task of planning and executing a long trip alone. I truly dreaded going. I was worried about my house being robbed, and I had to move mountains to get the burglar alarm fixed. Then a garage side door turned out to be rusted out, and I had to take a grinder to the hinges. I had to have locks changed. Lots of aggravation and no reward.

My dad wanted to go from Tennessee to Kentucky, to see the town where he grew up. I have no connection to this place at all, except that it reminds me of the appalling and unnecessary deficiencies of my childhood. To make him happy, I agreed to go with him. We would be at the service in Tennessee on Saturday and then drive to Kentucky on Sunday. On Monday, back to Atlanta to catch our flight. If you add up the road hours, you will see why I was not pleased.

My aunt’s funeral was in Oak Ridge, and we got into town after 9 p.m. I had driven us up from Atlanta. I was beyond exhausted. The trip was tiring, and God had awakened me to pray in the morning, which cost me two hours of sleep. After some argument, I agreed to go to my uncle’s house and see the family. I would not get to bed until 12:30, and I knew everyone would be agitating to get started early the next day.

My dad was startled to see how his other sister and her husband looked. She was using a walker, and her hands shook. Her husband just looked old, and at his age, he had a right to.

I was as cheerful as humanly possible, and I waited for them to start giving us hints to leave. My cousin came over and talked to me, and she gave me information about my aunt.

When her issues started, they were just like the problems my dad has now. Asking the same question several times. Forgetting recent events. Confusion. And she would not go to a doctor. She and my uncle were in denial. Maybe a doctor would have put her on a diet or done bariatric surgery. We will never know. But when I talked to my cousin, I realized I was getting close to the beginning of a rocky road.

To keep from going crazy, I went outside and called the Holiday Inn and got a separate room, and I went to sleep in peace. God awoke me again, and I did what I was supposed to do and did not complain. I prayed. I blessed. I cursed. I decreed. Then peace returned, and I slept. I moved the alarm clock back an hour and a half. If they had to wait a little longer for me, they would get over it.

Breakfast was revolting. They had those weird scrambled eggs that have no variation in color, plus turkey sausage. I got a piece, thinking it couldn’t be that bad. I was wrong. It was that bad and then some. I can’t believe people eat that garbage.

While I was choking it down, my dad announced that he didn’t want to go to Kentucky any more. I got on the cell phone and moved our flight. God be praised. I felt like a runaway slave. I can’t remember ever being that happy.

At the funeral, my dad spoke, and then people related funny stories about my aunt. I had one or two, but they would not have flattered certain people.

Looking at the plastic beer-coolerish container which may or may not have contained her ashes, I thought about my aunt’s final destination. I have no illusions about it. She went to a Mormon church, but she didn’t buy into it, and even if she did, Mormons don’t receive salvation because they believe it comes by works. She and my uncle told the preacher or priest or whatever that they didn’t believe, and he suggested the keep going, just for the social life.

While we were at my uncle’s house, somehow the subject of American Indians came up, and my cousins started making sly references to their “real” origins. The Mormons believe they sailed to America from Israel. Of course, that’s a load of hogwash, and the Indians have no genetic relationship with the Jews, beyond what every human being has. When I heard them talking, I realized they were very serious about their heretical religion, their parents’ unbelief notwithstanding. Disturbing. I was looking at a poisoned field.

I don’t know why I had to go on the trip. Maybe it was God’s way of showing my dad his future. Maybe he wanted someone to pray for my cousins. All I know is, for the first time in my life, I was overjoyed to be headed for Miami.

At my uncle’s house, while I was talking to the clerk at the Holiday Inn, I heard myself say, “I’m never going to see these people again.”

My mother’s people are my family. When my dad talks about my mother’s father, he slips and calls him “your father.” My dad’s relatives seem nice, but I couldn’t pick most of them out of a lineup. His mother never called when I was a kid. We didn’t hear from his older sister much unless she wanted something. When his mother died, the other relatives cleaned out her house and gave us two items they selected, and my dad got the funeral bill. I didn’t attend. Nobody expected me to.

A while back, my dad tried to get me to go to a family reunion, and I refused. I reminded him of my age. I said, “It’s too late,” and, “I don’t know those people.” My remaining aunt and uncles will be dead in five years. I barely know their kids. My other relatives on that side are even more distant. There aren’t enough crumbs in the bottom of the bag to make shaking it worth the effort. I felt that I was being asked to go and put on a show of false love for strangers. To pretend that we hadn’t screwed up, back in the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties.

We screwed up. Some people would lie to themselves about it, but I won’t. We flushed whatever chance we had to be part of that family, and that was fine by them.

I’m glad the trip is behind me. I don’t expect to see anyone in my dad’s family again, except possibly when he dies. He isn’t leaving them anything, so they won’t be involved in his estate. I’m glad I know them, but there isn’t much there to build on.

My life is so different from the ones it intersected with this weekend. God is showing me joy and power. He is teaching me things, and other people are learning them from me, and they are starting to put these things to use and come back with startling testimonies. I don’t consider the earthly obstacles in my path the way I used to. These days, they fall. But my relatives keep grinding away, pushing the same rock up the same hill every day and expecting very little for the effort.

I understand what Jesus meant when he said that believers were his family. People who can’t see the light are tuned to a different channel.

I am going to look for a strategy to deal with my dad’s upcoming challenges, and I am going to work to get myself out of this city. I can’t save everyone, but I can help a few people, and I can look after myself. I hope I never fly into Miami again. I have seen as much of it as I need. This has been a pivotal month. For me, it’s a sharp upward turn. For others, it’s the crystallization of a course that leads nowhere.


Knowledge of Purpose Brings Power

June 24th, 2014

Put God’s Weight Behind Your Punches

Time to tell you about something new that has been working in my life.

The “dead” (non-charismatic) churches teach that God doesn’t do much of anything for us, except on special occasions and when we die. That’s a lie. The charismatic churches teach us that God’s job is to be a butler who does our bidding and also brings us money; his purpose is to make us rich and solve all our problems. That’s also a lie.

God does solve our problems. He heals diseases. He brings us prosperity and peace. He helps us succeed. But that’s not why he exists. He rules the universe. Our purpose is to do things for him. When we understand that we are here to establish his kingdom on the earth (to the extent that it is possible in this age), he will direct more of his resources to help us.

That just makes sense. If you had two kids, and one was running around with loose women and taking drugs, you wouldn’t want to encourage him in his foolishness. You would wait for him to burn out and come home. If your other child was working in the family business, you would reward that child. When he needed help, you would spend money, give advice, and so on. His interests would be your interests. It wouldn’t make sense to deprive him.

If you want a new injection of faith and help–which will serve your own interest–paradoxically, you have to put God’s interests first. Jesus pointed this out in Matthew 6:33: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

I always felt like I was doing God’s will when I prayed, blessed, and cursed on behalf of myself and other people. I suppose I was right, to a limited extent. God wants us to fix problems. But I could have done better. I should have gotten up every morning and started out by working on God’s problems.

The Bible says we are to “bless” God continuously. We interpret this in strange ways. We say it just means to thank him. When it comes to food, we somehow got the idea that it means to bless the food itself, which, being a blessing, doesn’t really need any help. What if “bless God” really means “bless God”?

A long time ago, I learned that it didn’t make any sense to bless food, but I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to do. I would thank God and so on, and I would ask him to use meals for his purpose. But a few weeks back, I got a revelation. What if I actually spoke a blessing to God?

I gave it a shot. I would think of something that seemed to be a problem for God; something his children were not able to defeat. Then I would curse it and speak defeat to it. For example, I would curse the homosexuality movement in America and Israel. Or I would speak something positive, such as faith and discernment to the body of Christ.

When you have a certain amount of supernatural awareness, you can tell when things work. This worked. I felt it. It was right. I felt more faith flowing into me. This was something God had been waiting for.

I applied it to my daily prayer time. Now I get up and I curse things that displease God, and I speak victory to his children (not to the world at large). I speak defeat to Obamacare and statism. I speak defeat to the abortion industry. I speak defeat to the federal government, before the body of Christ, which it is beginning to persecute openly.

I do this before I think about myself and the people I know.

The power is just crazy. It flows and puts me in a state where I can barely move, I’m so caught up in it.

I know it works. Time and time again, I’ve seen obstructive people pushed aside by this method. One day a person will be obnoxious and overbearing. The next day, after I speak defeat to him, he’ll be meek as a lamb. You can even speak defeat to problems, like a car problem you can’t seem to fix. It works, and it works quickly. Not necessarily instantaneously, but quickly. And it’s scriptural. Look at Mark 11:23:

For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

It’s much better than wasting your time and giving yourself gray hair fighting things in the natural. And if it works for my personal problems, how much more will it work when I apply it to things that are more important to God?

We have to be proactive in this life, but that doesn’t mean we work hard with our hands and minds. It means we work hard in prayer, blessing, and cursing, not to mention worship.

Life is like “The Karate Kid.” God will coach us and back us up, but he expects us to go into the arena for him and win the fight. We have been missing this for centuries. People ask why God lets bad things happen. He doesn’t. We do.

He created a system that works a certain way, and he wil not bend. He will not come down and wipe our noses just because we’re suffering. He will not do things our way. If one generation throws away its knowledge of his ways, he will allow succeeding generations to live in defeat and humiliation instead of returning the knowledge to them. God does not owe us anything; he will permit us to ruin our lives.

Every so often, when we’re out of his will, God will do something restorative for his own purposes. The Jews didn’t deserve Jesus, but God sent him anyway. This generation didn’t deserve a restoration of knowledge, but we’re getting it anyway, even though God let us live in failure for almost two millennia. Yes, sometimes God will give you a break when you’re off the reservation, but you can’t expect it as a way of life. Generally, you have to follow his plan.

We forgot about the power of the tongue. We forgot about blessing and cursing. So our ancestors–even the Christians–were Satan’s abused slaves. If you go back to the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues, God will restore knowledge and power to you, not to mention virtue.

Part of God’s plan is devotion to his goals. If you don’t have that, you will always be a cripple.

Take a crack at it. Speak in tongues daily to build faith and revelation. When you’re strong, start blessing God and cursing the things he hates. Put his needs first. Then see what happens.

I’m not telling you life will be perfect, but you can have peace. You can have confidence in the future. You can watch your most persistent problems dissolve.

You have nothing to lose. If I’m wrong, nothing bad will happen to you. But if I’m right, you are in for a great experience.

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Machining Progress for June

June 21st, 2014

This Junk Actually Works

I guess people who come here solely to read about God will be sore, but I am here today to talk about machining. I am making progress on the parts for my CNC mini-lathe. You can find and buy the plans at Ron Steele’s site.

In an earlier post, I discussed a mount I was making from aluminum on the mill. If you look at the photo, you can pretty well tell I was milling it from flat aluminum plate. I had a few problems. First I misread the plans and tried to make it from 1/2″ plate. Then I saw that it was supposed to be 3/4″ thick. I started over.

The plans called for a 0.510″ bore down the center of the part, to accommodate the screw that moves the lathe cross-slide. The bore had a shallow 0.625″ counterbore, because the screw has a shoulder on it, and the shoulder fits the counterbore. On either side of the bore, centered 0.411″ away, there was a #18 hole drilled through, and there was also a 0.297″ counterbore in the #18 hole locations, to a depth of 1.1″.

This means there was a big bore through the material, and to either side, there was a 1.1″-deep bore centered 0.411″ away.

If you add up the numbers, you find that when it’s all done, there is roughly 0.010″ of material remaining between the main bore and each counterbore. For all intents and purposes, that’s no metal at all. And when I shoved a homemade counterboring tool in there to make the counterbores, the thin aluminum sagged and distorted. I could have bored it out and not worried about it, but it wasn’t workmanlike, even by my standards. I decided to make a third part.

I measured the lathe for myself. The plans are generic, for lathes sold by Harbor Freight, Grizzly, and so on. My lathe is a Big Dog, made by a Chinese company called Real Bull. It’s slightly different. I don’t know how closely the plans fit the other lathes, but they were way off for mine.

I needed a bore about 0.400″ wide down the middle, and the counterbore on it only had to be 0.510″, so that meant I could have about 0.060″ of metal on either side of the bore, not 0.010″. Great news.

I also realized that the 1.1″ counterbores were not needed. The whole point of the wide counterbores was to admit fat M4 screw heads. The idea was to slide the short screws down into the bores and then through the #18 holes and into the lathe. This would have allowed me to keep the OEM 10 mm screws. Obviously (now), longer screws would permit shorter counterbores. So that knocked about 0.090″ off the depth I would have to bore. Great.

Looking at the part, I realized it was symmetrical about the main bore’s axis. That meant a mill was not the ideal tool. It was made for a lathe. So I bought a 2.75″ round rod and used it instead of plate.

I cut it to 2.25″ in diameter. I trimmed one side down to about 1.350″ in diameter. That gave me a part shaped like a hat. Then I had to put a 1.500″-wide bore in the big end, to a depth of 1.400″. My ability to bore a blind, flat-bottomed hole on the lathe let me down, so I did it on the mill’s rotary table and got gorgeous results. Now I had to put flats on it in order to turn it into a flat part.

06 17 14 cnc lathe stepper mount on rotary table

The original part was 0.750″ thick. Measuring my lathe, I realized I could make it thicker on one side. That would allow me to rest more metal against the lathe apron, providing more resistance to flexing.

06 17 14 cnc lathe stepper mount in Alibre for aluminum round rod

I guess this is dull enough already, so I’ll just put up a photo of the part being cut to size.

06 18 14 cnc lathe stepper mount partly milled

There is nothing under the part in that picture. People suggested parallels, but I just clamped it in the vise and indicated it horizontal to within a thousandth. DONE! Then I flipped it and rested the new flat on parallels. The result was perfect.

06 18 14 cnc lathe stepper mount milled not drilled

For reasons I no longer recall, I saved the top counterbore for the mill. Not a great idea, but it worked. I used a CDCO co-ax indicator on the main bore, and I got it to within on 0.0005″ tick. That’s crazy, because it was a drilled hole, and drilled holes are not supposed to be that round, but it did work. I opened up the counterbore using a heavy boring head and a cheap brazed carbide boring bar. Then I put the #18 holes in, using a center drill and my new set of cheap Harbor Freight HSS drill bits.

A word about these bits. You need them. It’s a 115-piece set for about $35. People have complained about the points being off-center, and maybe that’s true. The two bits I’ve used cut true, though, and you should be able to fix the bad ones in your set. But there’s more to it than that.

There will be many times when you’ll want to alter a drill bit. I needed a 0.297″ counterboring tool, and I didn’t have one. An expert told me I didn’t want one, because counterboring tools have little pilot doodads that hang off of them, and they snap easily. He said I needed to grind a 19/64″ drill flat on the end. My main drill set is US-made carbide, and I am not going to grind those bits up, because the discount price is over $200. If you have Harbor Freight bits, who cares? Grind away.

Also, cobalt is not ideal for aluminum. I found this out this week. I was drilling slower than I should have, and the bit grabbed and shattered. I think there were five pieces. HSS is less likely to do that in aluminum.

The part is really beautiful now. Much nicer than the one in the plans. In retrospect, I see that I could have done the whole thing from one piece of metal, but I would have had to put it on the rotary table, and with a 3-jaw chuck or a clamping set, that would have been awkward. Which is why I am planning to get rid of that chuck and get a 4-jaw.

06 19 14 cnc lathe stepper mount with main counterbore and attachment screw holes

My measuring capabilities are getting better, so I am now making parts with very tight tolerances. I realized I had no accurate way of measuring depths, so I decided to get a depth micrometer. The Chinese set from Shars runs over a hundred bucks, but some Ebay guy is selling NOS Scherr-Tumicos for about $62, delivered, and now I have one. It’s beautiful. Unfortunately, to measure different depths, you will have to use internal rods of differing lenghts, and every time you switch, you have to put the mike on a reference surface and calibrate it. If you don’t have a granite surface or something else that has been ground flat, you will have a problem.

Now I have to worry about a coolant system. An Israeli company called Noga makes inexpensive flood systems, but I don’t want one. I think it’s unnecessary. I think I can come up with something that just drips. I have never needed to flood work on the lathe, and in order to do it, I would have to cut up the lathe pan, add a drain, add a pump, add a reservoir, and deal with a gallon or so of dirty coolant. I think I can run a tube under the chip guard and mount something on the cross slide, to follow the part. It can drip WD40 or oil directly on the point of contact. People with mills use a ton of coolant, but I don’t think it’s needed here.

Here is the Alibre drawing I did for the part. For some reason, the screw holes in the bottom of the feet are not visible. Not sure what’s up with that. Some people say you have to create an imaginary plane and drill through it.

Anyway, it’s going well. And I think I’m going to have to have a CNC mill and router in order to feel whole. Not sure about a printer. I think they’re only good for 3D prototypes. I don’t know if that’s worth the money, when you can simply make a part or draw it well. I don’t think the flimsy plastic parts these printers make are very useful yet. Maybe I’m wrong. Sooner or later they’ll print things in metal or something durable, though.

If you have a CNC router, mill, and lathe, you can do a ton of stuff that’s actually useful. In fact, you would probably have to hide it from your neighbors in order to avoid running a free fix-it shop.

I guess I’ll spare everyone the story of how I left a wrench on my drawbar and snapped the shear pins when I turned the mill on, but I will tell you this much: if you have a Bridgeport-type mill, and you obstruct the nut somehow while the motor is running, and it quits working, don’t despair. They’re made to take this. Here are the symptoms that will have you wetting your pants:

1. Cutter continues turning under power.
2. Spindle brake doesn’t work.
3. Drawbar nut turns easily, but drawbar doesn’t tighten or loosen when turned.

Here is what happens. The bar has an upper part, which is hollow, and a lower part, which is just a rod with threads at the bottom. The parts are connected by two perpendicular shear pins which are very soft. When you obstruct the rotation of the nut, these pins may snap. Your mill is not damaged. Just pull the nut part up out of the mill, put a rod down into the top and use it to bonk the top of the bottom half of the drawbar to loosen the collet, and draw the bar out through the spindle opening. Then insert a magnet into the top opening and retrieve the round bushing that came with the drawbar. It will be sitting loose on top of the spindle. You’re done. Now if you want you can hammer new pins into the bar, or you can order one online for about $20, delivered.

Right now my drawbar is held together with a single pin I made from mystery metal. I drilled and punched the remains of the old pins, and I lined the drawbar holes up to hammer new pins in, but after the first one went in, the holes, incredibly, were misaligned, so I gave up on the second pin. I ground off the excess, and I was ready to go. I think things worked out fine, because I don’t know how strong that mystery metal is, and I do NOT want pins that are too strong. Next week the new bar arrives, and I’ll keep this one as a spare.

The accident left a couple of tiny dings in the part, but I’ll get over it.

Sorry I don’t have more photos, but I am not really working hard to document this mess.

I can’t wait to get this thing running, but with all my errors, it could be a while.


Grace is no Bull

June 16th, 2014

Sit Down, Relax, and Win

Sometimes Biblical stories don’t mean what we think they mean, and sometimes we think more of Biblical figures than we should. They made mistakes, although the Bible doesn’t always clearly condemn their wrong actions.

Case in point: Elijah and Jezebel.

Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal. Two bulls were prepared to be burnt as offerings. The idolaters tried to get Baal to burn their bull, and Elijah called on God to burn the other one. Baal did not succeed.

When the idolaters were worn out, Elijah took his turn. He had his bull soaked in water, and he had a ditch dug around it, and he had that filled with water, too. He called on God, and God burned the bull and took the water, too.

After the idolaters lost, Elijah had them beheaded. When Jezebel heard, she said she would kill Elijah. She came after him in a chariot, and he had to run through the wilderness and hide. God’s servant had to hide from a silly woman who served the devil. Why?

When the Baal worshipers were pleading with Baal, Elijah mocked them. He said they needed to yell louder. Maybe Baal couldn’t hear them. He said, in the idiom of his day, that perhaps Baal was busy defecating.

That’s where Elijah dropped the ball.

Elijah had not been instructed to taunt the priests of Baal. Doing so was a little childish. It did not glorify God. If anything, it glorified Elijah. And it made other idolaters less likely to repent. It made them angry and inflated their pride against God. So God let Elijah feel a little heat.

When we wander off into carnal behavior, we lose the anointing–our authority–and we become more vulnerable to the enemy.

Moses listened to Satan at the spring of Meribah. God told him to speak to the rock in order to make water come out, but Moses whacked it with a stick, which took glory away from God. A person witnessing it could say, “That was no miracle. Moses broke the rock.” As a result, Moses was not permitted to enter the Promised Land.

What Elijah did was no different. He “helped” God by ridiculing his enemies. Jezebel could never have put him to flight had he restrained himself. Elijah knew what he had done. Like believers before him, he had gotten ahead of God and relied on his own power. In the wilderness, he said so: β€œIt is enough! Now, Lord, take my life, for I am no better than my fathers!”

I’m thinking about this today because I saw a story about Nancy Pelosi. She has warned a Catholic archbishop to stay away from a pro-marriage rally in San Francisco.

The Catholic church, like almost every denomination, is a powerless mess. They teach man’s foolishness. The church abandoned the Holy Spirit something like 1800 years ago, and prophecy and revelation dried up, and the Catholics and the Orthodox started making things up. They gave us ridiculous ideas such as sainthood, Mary worship, the glorification of the cursed state of poverty, conversion by torture, genocide of unbelievers, burning at the stake, celibacy, indulgences, and the worship of physical objects. Then the baptism with the Spirit returned, and charismatic churches popped up, and they proceeded to trade the Holy Spirit for lies about money, self-help, and positive thinking.

Satan took over the world in Adam’s time. He took over the temple during the time of the kings. He took over Christianity in the early centuries AD. He now has a strong grip on the TBN crowd and the tongue-speaking churches.

Christians love to gloat over Adam and the Jews, while congregating in churches that belong to the devil. We did the same things our predecessors did, but we can’t see it. No wonder. Prayer in tongues is THE specific tool that opens eyes, and we keep discarding it in order to please men.

The Catholics run from the abortion lobby and the gay lobby. They won’t excommunicate anyone. They won’t take a real stand. They clothe their failure in a skin of love and patience, but that’s a pretext. They just can’t cope with the secular world. I don’t know what the archbishop will say to Nancy Pelosi, but I have a feeling it will be pretty weak. And she is still receiving communion, which, according to the Bible, is only for those who have repented.

The spirit of Jezebel lives in Nancy Pelosi. Jehu killed Jezebel, but the spirit survived. It made it all the way to the chair of the Speaker of the House, and it stayed there quite a while. And now religious figures have to take this benighted, grasping woman seriously, because they use man’s weapons instead of God’s.

The Catholics–and all other churches that expect nothing from God in this life–have no power. As long as they refuse to live by faith, they will rely on carnal tools, and since Satan is the false god of carnal tools, they will not win. They are playing on his home field. This is why we see real estate agents listing churches.

I try to keep a lid on the childishness these days. I used to think Elijah’s story proved that ridicule was okay. That was a mistake. It may be that the Holy Spirit will lead you to needle someone, but unless you get a clear order, it’s carnal. It works to drive people away from God. It may make other Christians hoot and applaud, but what’s the good in that? They’re already on God’s side.

I am trying not to sink into verbal mud-wrestling. Paul said our weapons were not carnal, and that they were able to pull down strongholds. I believe him. I speak defeat to people like Pelosi, and I go my way. I don’t paint signs and carry them in front of TV cameras. I don’t do pilgrimages on my knees. I don’t volunteer to work for political campaigns. I speak destruction to evil and go my way. It works in every area of my personal life, and I am confident that it will work on a national scale, much better than sending money to the RNC and the friends of Grover Norquist.

Let the dead use the weapons of the dead.

If you build yourself up through prayer in tongues and take this approach, you will get better results than you get now, and you won’t have to dedicate your life to serving carnal people who oppose your enemies. God didn’t send you hear to spend 18 hours a day canvassing for a Mormon. Trust me on that.

Give it a try. Give it a month. If it doesn’t work, you can quit.

But it will work.

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One Day his Mom Will Show This to his Prom Date

June 15th, 2014

“Help! Save me From This Crazy Woman!”

This is too much. I can’t put this on social media for bizarre reasons, but I can post it here. This is a recent photo of my godchild Noah. This has to be the best baby picture ever.

06 14 14 Noah in bear hat



June 14th, 2014

Wasn’t This Supposed to be OUR World?

Just a short one today.

Over the last couple of days, I watched a really bad Thor movie. It was about an elf who wanted to destroy the universe.

Last night I had a revelation about similar films. I’ve seen dozens of movies and shows about various villains who threatened to take away man’s liberty and blessings and plunge him into slavery. Movies like “Oblivion,” “The Matrix,” and “The Terminator.” We enjoy the entertainment, but we fail to realize…one villain already succeeded. Satan ruined the world and made us all slaves. Every one of us. We lost! We are defeated slaves on our own world!

We’re used to our situation, so we don’t appreciate it. We think early death is normal. We accept divorce, poverty, mental illness, and war as inevitable. We take disease in stride. We have come to see this cursed world as a pretty good place.

That’s insane! We were never supposed to live like this. Our world was supposed to be an extension of heaven. Instead, it’s hell’s waiting room. Virtually all people live in defeat and servitude. Most people go to hell. It’s amazing that we don’t see the world for what it is: a colossal disaster.

Don’t accept Satan’s “normal.” There is nothing normal or acceptable about it. Pray in tongues. Learn who you are in Christ. Bless and curse. Affect the course of history instead of letting it roll over you and your family.

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You May be Digging in the Wrong Place

June 13th, 2014

A Lot More Power is Available

I used to be a noted political blogger. I was somewhere between 100 and 200 in the Truthlaidbear Ecosystem, if you know what that is. And I started Huffington’s Toast, which was a big deal back in ’05, and I wrote something like a third of the content.

I was one of the Internet’s “gotcha” players. When the left screwed up, people like me were there to ridicule, and we did it with great pleasure. We saw a discredited, dangerous political philosophy gaining ground in America, and we felt it was right to do whatever we could to open the public’s eyes and turn the tide in favor of common sense.

As I drew closer to God, I tried to get away from political blogging. I felt that it was less important than talking about God, and I thought the venomous nature of the game was not really compatible with God’s plan for me. But I didn’t make a clean break. I kept going back to the mud-wrestling pit, if only to dip a toe in the mud. I still venture in on occasion, but I keep getting better at resisting.

I don’t even read blogs now. I kept up with Sondra K’s site for a long time, but I finally quit, not out of determination, but because I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had in the past. Once in a while I still wander over, but everyone seems so angry, I don’t feel inclined to hang out.

I have learned that the way to get victory is not to scream and ridicule. We won’t win through fundraising, organizing, or boycotting. The way to win is to turn back to God, and having done so, to speak defeat to the supernatural forces which are at war with God.

The Republican/Democrat divide, at its most fundamental level, was never about right versus left. It was about God versus Satan. We had one party which was overwhelmingly Christian, and which made an effort to fight Satanic policies, and we had another party which fought God, supporting homosexuality, fornication, covetousness, drug abuse, the persecution of the church, the division of Israel, and the murder of the unborn. The GOP wasn’t pure, because it was a secular organization. But it was driven by religion.

Why is America in decline? Why are we suffering from suicidal economic policies, de facto legal illegal immigration, gay persecution of the church, a catastrophic loss of liberty through surveillance, and defeat at the hands of our global enemies? It’s not because we tax and spend. It’s because we don’t care about God, who is the only reason we used to be blessed.

We glorify pride and lust as though they were good things. We worship self, which is also worship of Satan. We think we can do anything, without God’s help. As a result, God’s help is being withdrawn, and we are learning that our natural efforts can’t solve our problems.

Things will not get better while we war with God. That’s the simple truth. Unless a certain number of us turn to him and start exercising authority over ourselves and others, things are going to get worse.

There is a way to beat the enemy, and it doesn’t involve filling blogs with vicious memes about Obama. We have to develop faith through prayer in tongues, and we have to speak defeat to the forces of evil. Without faith, it won’t amount to much, so prayer is an essential part of it.

This year I learned that I can get victory over spirits and people simply by speaking in faith. If someone is wronging me, I don’t go to them and scream at them. I speak defeat to them. I speak victory to myself. And things improve.

This is what we should be doing with our god-hating leaders.

We should speak defeat to them. We should speak revelation, contrition, and faith to them. We should speak victory and protection to the people who run against them. And we shouldn’t do it for our own sake. We should do it out of a sincere desire to see God’s kingdom advance on earth.

The world is going to fail. Prophecy proves that. Most people are going to hell. This age will end, and billions will die in misery. But that doesn’t mean every part of the world will be destroyed. There is no reason why one or two nations can’t turn to God and be preserved and blessed. We should do what we can to see to it that America becomes such a nation. At the very least, we will minimize our enemies’ power, and that is a goal well worth working for.

When you get up in the morning and pray, think about God’s desires first. What does he want? What angers him? What pleases him? Ask for his guidance.

He may lead you to speak defeat to Planned Parenthood or GLAAD. He may lead you to speak defeat to Israel’s enemies. Do what he tells you, and tell others to do it. Speak revelation to them.

We keep picking leaves off the tree when we could be pouring poison on the roots. That’s our problem. If you’re sick of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, John Boehner, the threat of Sharia law, and Grover Norquist, speak defeat to the root that supports them.

The Bible tells us that God will give us good things AFTER we seek his kingdom and righteousness, but we don’t listen. Even Spirit-filled Christians are obsessed with their own advancement. Watch TBN some time and see. They talk all day about healing, money, and success. They should be talking about destroying our iniquities and being filled with the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit, and they should be talking about decreeing–not just praying for–an end to Satan’s works in our nation. They should be talking about love for God and our neighbors. They should be talking about charity. Instead they’re wandering off on useless tangents.

If you own a business, you will pay employees, and you may give them health care. What if an employee from the business next door comes over and asks for money or medical treatment? You’d send him home. Why do we expect God to work for us when we don’t work for him? Our work is prayer, blessing, and cursing, with his desires at the center. If we’re not doing those things, we shouldn’t expect much.

I turned back to God because of my own problems, but eventually I realized the way to win with God is to make his problems my problems, and that only happens through the Holy Spirit.

You shouldn’t worry. You can trust God. If you put your life in his hands and give up your own plans, he will not let you down. The God that let fools drive nails into him for you will not do that. But you have to do things his way. You can’t say, “I gave $20,000 to an orphanage, so I’m all set,” or, “I recorded this CD of Christian rap for you, so now you have to make it sell.” You have to pray in tongues, receive revelation, and act on it. You don’t get to decide what your mission is. But whatever it is, it will be very good.

I am working to act on this advice, myself. I veer off the path. It’s new to me. But I know God will steer me if I maintain my prayer life. According to Isaiah 35, he has prepared a highway in the desert for me, and even if I’m stupid, I will not wander off of it. Not for long.

Don’t be afraid to speak defeat to ungodly people and organizations. They’re not that strong. They have no guide and no real help. They just look big because our failings have fed them. If enough of us go to work, we can make a difference in this nation, and even if we fail, we will make a difference in ourselves and in many other individuals. That’s okay, because that’s God’s real mission. It is success, even if the nation as a whole is ruined.

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Shake Off the Jerks

June 9th, 2014

Recognize Your Abusers

I got a great revelation during prayer this morning.

I have a few people in my life who are…jerks. I have never been able to come up with a nicer word for “jerk,” so that’s the word I use. They don’t listen. They are pushy. They constantly insult people, whether expressly or by implication. They are selfish to the extreme. They don’t care how bad they have to make you feel in order to get their way, and they go through life dominating other people by injecting their own problems into them instead of confronting those problems.

God gave me a way to fix them good. I speak defeat to them, in the name of Jesus. I speak victory to myself. I speak defeat to the spirits that drive them. Of course, I also speak revelation, faith, and contrition to these people. That should go without saying. The point isn’t to destroy them.

This works. It works so well that the jerks I know personally are actually feeling bad. They seem downcast and depressed. They seem angry. If you don’t believe it, try it yourself. A jerk can be all over you in the morning, but if you speak defeat to him before lunch, later in the day, he will be cowed. If you do it day after day, he will sort of shrivel up.

I felt bad about this. Mostly, I felt relieved. I won’t lie. But I felt some guilt. But today God showed me something: the things these people feel now would be in ME had I not acted! This is what they go through life shoving into people. They’re just getting what they created. They wanted me to feel that way. And that would be wrong. I would be punished for nothing, and they would be enabled. They would have no reason to repent.

Satan loves to put his seed in people. I honestly believe this is why rape is so common in prison, which is a foretaste of hell. When one man rapes another, he gets pleasure from the other man’s suffering. The more the victim struggles, the better it is for the aggressor. And when it’s done, the victim is full of things that should be in the aggressor: defeat, shame, despair, and powerlessness.

Outside of prison, people do the same thing to us in more acceptable ways. They touch us when we don’t want to be touched. They don’t respect our property. They interrupt us when we speak, as though we’re not there. They give us orders they have no authority to give. They laugh at us in a malicious way. They criticize. They micromanage.

Micromanagement is a form of abuse. Like all abuse, it negates the victim’s status as a person. Backseat driving is a perfect example. It’s fine to give someone a couple of tips about which turns to take, but if you’re on a half-mile drive to the drugstore, and the driver has to follow your orders the whole way, you’re a jerk. You’re an abuser. Obviously, if the driver has a license, and he’s in the driver’s seat, he has the authority to make decisions and drive. If you can’t leave him alone, it’s as if you’re denying his right to exist. He ceases to be a person. He becomes an extension of you. And that’s what you wanted all along.

A jerk thinks he is the most important person on earth. He may be completely unable to understand the misery he causes other people, or he may be aware of it and take pleasure from it. He serves his flesh, like a baby. And to serve the flesh is to serve Satan. Spirits tell the flesh what to do. The flesh tells the jerk what to do. The jerk tells you what to do. When you comply, you’re serving Satan, too.

All my life, I have been too nice to jerks and bullies. I have gone along with their antics in order to have peace, and of course, that makes them worse. That’s called “appeasement.” It didn’t work in Nazy Germany. It doesn’t work when Israel deals with Muslim nuts. It never works. Enabling is not a good strategy, unless you want to become a manipulator and lose your integrity.

The jerks in my life created suffering. It was intended to go into me, like a seed, and bear fruit of despair, defeat, shame, guilt, self-blame, and failure. Now it stays in the people who created it. Good! They’re SUPPOSED to suffer. There are only two options: it goes into them, or it goes into me. For most of my life, I’ve taken it inside me to shut them up. That was stupid. From now on, it goes back into them, and if they die from it, so be it. I am not a vessel for Satan’s seed.

The most effective jerks are the ones who can inflict guilt on you. A bedridden grandparent can be a jerk. Your mother may be a jerk; that’s extremely common. People who do a lot for you (and always remember it and recite it back to you) can be jerks. Many people who seem to be on your side and even THINK they’re on your side are jerks. Don’t be deceived.

Do you feel weak after dealing with someone? Do you walk on eggs around them? Have you ever had a guilty moment in which you imagined how free you would be if they died? Are there dreams they keep shut up inside you?

That’s a jerk. Even if it seems like they’re being nice to you…that’s a jerk. It’s Satan’s suicide bomber, knocking on your front door.

The law told us to honor our fathers and mothers. If you don’t hear from the Holy Spirit, that’s the best course. But Jesus, who expected us to obey the Holy Spirit (who wrote the law) said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” A young man wanted to stay with his father until he died, and then he planned to serve Jesus. Honoring his father would have meant staying. Jesus told him to let the dead bury the dead, which meant, “LEAVE HIM.”

Jesus said he came to bring division. He said he came to pit relatives against each other. That was a major departure from the law. He was referring to separation from people who serve the flesh, and he didn’t care if they were related to us by blood. When we are led by the Spirit, our real relatives are not the people who carry similar genes. They’re other Spirit-led believers. They are the people Jesus was talking about when he said that if we gave people up for him, we would receive new ones, not just in paradise, but here on earth.

If you’re Spirit-led, you definitely have bullies and jerks assigned to you by Satan. You need to throw them off and serve God instead. You’re going to need faith in order to do it. Otherwise, when you speak defeat to them, nothing will happen. Faith comes from daily prayer in tongues. So you better get started.

You don’t have to know the bully you speak defeat to. You can speak defeat to Barack Obama if you feel led. You can speak defeat to a group or a movement. Don’t put a limit on it.

I hope this is helpful. I am applying it, and I have seen results.

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I am the Duke of Knurl

June 6th, 2014

Real Men Have Aluminum Dandruff

I’m having a lot of fun making parts for my CNC mini-lathe.

Earlier in the week, I made part of a motor mount. It will hold a stepper motor which turns the cross-slide feed. Well, it WOULD have held it. But I made a little booboo. The plans called for a part 3/4″ thick, 2.75″ long, and 2.5″ wide, and somehow, I got the idea that I was supposed to make it from 1/2″ aluminum plate. The part is now a paperweight. The way I’m holding it in the vise is wrong, but it worked.

06 05 14 aluminum part for cross slide motor mount before boring

I was very careful when I made this thing. I got it within a thousandth of nominal size, or whatever it’s called. I stepped up my measuring game in order to get there. It’s a PRECISION paperweight.

When I started machining, I watched a lot of videos. I didn’t have machinist buddies who could teach me, and the videos are very informative. In particular, I like the ones from Lex Liberato of Swarf Rat. But they have their flaws. For one thing, most of the guys I watched tended to rely on dial calipers, which are not very accurate.

A dial caliper is an improved (arguably) version of the old vernier calipers we used to use in lab classes. Instead of making your eyes hurt from trying to read tiny vernier scales, they have dials attached to them, and they read in thousandths of an inch (imperial calipers only).

It’s easy to get the idea that this means you can measure something to within a thousandth of an inch of its actual size. That’s wrong.

Back when I taught physics labs at the University of Texas, we were told to tell students to try to estimate down to one-half of the length of the smallest unit an instrument measured. For example, if you had a ruler marked in millimeters, you would try to make a good guess and come up with a measurement accurate to half a millimeter. That won’t work with dial calipers, because their accuracy is actually lower than the smallest unit measured.

Calipers flex a lot, and you can screw up the measurement by applying the wrong amount of pressure. They have little knobs that tighten the jaws against the work, but no one with any skill actually uses the knobs, because they kill accuracy. In reality, you’re supposed to put your finger and thumb on the jaws and push them together. There are a lot of problems with calipers, and a very skilled machinist told me never to use them unless I was satisfied with up to 0.005″ of error.

What you really want are micrometers. Calipers are faster and easier to use, so they’re great for interim measurements when you’re working fast, but when you get close to final dimensions, you want something better. Micrometers will get you within half a thousandth when used badly. If you use them well, you can get down into the low tenths.

Cheap mikes are much better than they used to be. I just got some from Shars, and I paid around $20 each. I checked them using shop-grade Enco gage blocks, and the figures I got (with bad technique) were 0.0003″ off nominal size. Micrometers come with ground carbide doodads that you are supposed to use to measure accuracy, but they can’t be trusted, so don’t use them. Even lame gage blocks will be within a tenth of nominal size. It sounds crazy to say cheap gage blocks are better than carbide standards, but it’s true. Don’t ask me why.

I took out my new Chinese mikes and put them to work on the part I was making, and I came within half a thousandth. I think. Actually, I guess it could be a little more, since I was getting 0.0003″ of error on the gage blocks. Anyway, the parts were very close to specified size. Much closer than they needed to be. Had I been off by fifteen thousandths, it would not have mattered.

I made this Y-shaped mount thing, and I felt pretty smug. Then I saw that I was supposed to drill a 1/2″-wide hole down the center of it. This is the subtle clue that alerted me to the fact that the part was too thin. So today I had to make a new piece of aluminum so I could redo the part.

I used my table saw to cut a 1″ slice out of a square aluminum rod 3.5″ on a side. Does that sound crazy? It works. I would not cut steel with it, but aluminum cuts beautifully on a table saw, if you go very slowly and use lots of WD40. In five minutes, you can cut something that would take 15 on a little band saw, and you can get accuracy within 5 thousandths.

I never trust the sides of new stock to be square, so after shortening the block to 2.75″, I put it on the mill with a 1/4″ carbide 2-flute cutter and cut a flat side on the top. I put that against the fixed jaw and put a round piece of aluminum between the other jaw and the other side. This allows the flat side to rest firmly on the fixed jaw, to serve as a reference. I made another flat side and ended up doing all four sides.

Now I had a problem. I had four square, flat sides. But I also had two really large sides, perpendicular to the rest, that were neither flat nor parallel. They had saw marks on them. How do you fix a thing like that? You can’t rest it on parallels and mill the upper side, because it won’t rest flat on the parallels. If you put two flat sides against the vise jaws, it will be level in one direction, but it can slope from one side of the vise to the other.

This really bugged me. Finally, I put two flat sides against the vise, snugged it up a little, and bopped it into line with a wooden brush handle. I put a test indicator on the mill spindle with an Indicol holder, and I moved the knee up and down, measuring how far a flat side veered off vertical. I figured that if a side were perfectly vertical, the block had to be positioned correctly. I got it to where it barely moved.

I put a 1/2″ cutter in the mill and took about 0.020″ off the top of the block. I flipped it over, put it on parallels, and did the other side. Then I checked the thickness, which was uniform. I was too lazy to get out the Indicol holder again or use some other method to check squareness, so I put a machinist’s square up against every corner I could find, and I could not see daylight. Good enough.

06 06 14 cnc lathe new block for second try at motor mount

The big lessons I learned over the last month were:

1. Calipers are useless for accuracy below 0.005″, in spite of what people claim about their results.

2. Cheap micrometers are good to under a thousandth. Good ones will get you down close to a tenth, if you have good technique.

3. When buying micrometers, you have to check them using gage blocks, because carbide standards are junk.

4. If you test a micrometer, you have to test it at several settings, because a micrometer which is accurate down near 1″ may be less accurate near 2″.

5. Expensive calipers are a complete waste of money, because they’re still not accurate.

6. Don’t use micrometer ratchets, because they’re not reliable. Learn to tighten them directly, going by feel. This takes practice. Which I haven’t done yet.

I also learned some stuff about lathes. Mainly this: don’t use lube when cutting aluminum with carbide. At least not until you do a finish cut. In my experience, it seems to help the finish a little, but that could be my imagination. I’ve used a lot of WD40. It made a big mess. It was completely unnecessary. Thank God it evaporates, or the garage would be full of it.

Milling lessons I learned: don’t use lube when milling steel with carbide. It stinks and doesn’t really do anything.

None of this stuff applies to steel cutters, and you absolutely must use lube when milling aluminum with carbide, because it will weld itself to the cutter. If you screw up and fill your flutes with aluminum, you can knock it out with a center punch. The punch will catch in the aluminum, and this will keep it from going sideways into the sharpened edge of the mill when you hit it with a hammer. You can also soak it in lye to dissolve the aluminum, but some people think this leaves tiny cracks in the carbide which will make it more likely to break.

While I’m sharing lifesaving information, let me tell you about knurling.

I had to make these knobs for the CNC lathe. They’re 2″ wide, and the narrow part is 1/2″ long and 1″ wide. They’re harder to make than you think.

05 21 14 cnc lathe motor knobs finished

When you knurl, it’s hard to turn the part. The knurls put a lot of pressure on it, so you need to be able to grip it well. How do you do that with a part like the ones I made? If you make the short part and wide part first, and then you knurl the wide part, you have to hold it by a half-inch-long stub. That’s no good. It may spin in the chuck. If you make the whole thing 2″ wide and knurl one end, planning to cut the stub later, how do you hold the part while you cut the stub into it? You can’t, because you’ll have to put the knurled portion into the chuck. That will damage it, although in practice, you can do it with a level of marring which is nearly imperceptible.

Here’s the answer: soft jaws. These are sacrificial non-hardened steel jaws that replace the hardened jaws of your chuck. To hold a part, you run a boring bar into the jaws and make a bore exactly the size of the part. Then when you tighten the jaws on the part, a lot of metal is in contact with it, so you don’t get pressure points that mar the work. You can make soft jaws yourself, but you have to be stupid to do that, because Shars sells them for about twenty bucks.

I don’t have soft jaws. I made the knobs with a knurled portion about an inch long. Then I put the stubs in the vise and turned the knobs carefully, cutting them down to 1/2″ in width. It’s slow and not all that professional, but it works.

You will notice a shimmery sort of line that runs around the knurls. I’ll tell you the reason for that.

I have a scissor knurling tool. The advantage of this is that it squeezes the part from the top and bottom, applying no net sideways force to it. A scissors tool won’t push the part out of the chuck. It’s great. Buy one.

There is a problem with a scissors tool. You can’t gradually increase the pressure, the way you can with a tool that pushes from the side. You have to adjust it in steps, using a nut on top of the tool. The problem with this is that it’s easy to end up with too much pressure. That’s what happened to me.

When you use too much pressure, as you move the tool down the work, it may turn slightly in the toolpost. When that happens, you get that little shimmery band. It’s a very minimal defect. But you don’t want it, so don’t be afraid to make several light passes.

Here’s another great thing to know: you do NOT have to measure the diameter of the work before applying diamond knurls. I had been taught that this was necessary, but that’s wrong. You have to do it with straight knurls, or they won’t mesh on successive turns. But diamond knurls will work on any diameter. Try it and see.

Also, it’s nearly impossible to get a knurled part with a precise specified diameter, because knurling makes the diameter bigger.

I plan to redo these knobs, but with all the false starts and scrapped parts, I considered these adequate for a 1.0 version.

In the past, I tended to do a lot of machining that required little precision. I called it “woodworking with machine tools.” But eventually, you have to get it together. The last couple of weeks have improved my skills a great deal. I hope the things I’ve told you in this blog entry will help you. Believe it or not, it took a lot of practice, reading, and forum begging to get this information.

Og from Neanderpundit may come over and obliterate all of it, but it has worked for me, and I got it from people who are much better at machining than I am. It may not be the best advice available, but it’s pretty good.

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