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Fall Cleaning

November 6th, 2014

You Want the Wrong Things

Time to catch up. Stuff happens all the time, but I don’t always feel I should write about it. Sometimes I feel like I would be taking a half-baked cake out of the oven.

More and more, I am realizing that the only truly valuable work God does is inside us. Charismatics see a fair number of miracles, including healing, and we tend to focus on things God does in the natural world. We are caught up in a web of lies from people like Kenneth Copeland and Steve Munsey; preachers with no vision try to convince us that we should pursue God in order to get rich and receive other relatively trivial blessings. We put the cart before the horse, so we don’t make much progress at anything God actually cares about.

When Satan wants to get at us, the primary thing he does is to lie. Sure, he causes illnesses and other problems, but those things happen because we believe his lies.

If we had not believed lies, the planet would not be cursed, and we would not be dealing with poverty and sickness and so on. A few lies destroyed the world. And since then, the lies have increased, inside every one of us. All of us are corrupted by faith in lies.

The Bible tells us Satan is the accuser. He stands in front of God accusing us of things–most of them true–and he gets power to harm us. But the Bible doesn’t talk much about the other side of the coin. Satan accuses God before us, constantly, and we believe it. Then we go on to accuse him, ourselves.

There is always symmetry in the supernatural. The spiritual realm is full of two-edged swords. Satan apes God. Sorcerers imitate apostles and prophets. Charismatics get filled with the Spirit of God; occult practitioners offer themselves as vessels for evil spirits. God cursed man when Adam fell, and man also cursed God.

Think about this: God has been cursed with the same problems he gave us when we left Eden.

God said Adam would work hard for what he got, and that the earth would bring forth weeds and thorns. Doesn’t God work hard to save us? Think of the crucifixion and the constant flow of martyrs. And look at what Isaiah calls the rebellious: “And the light of Israel shall be for a fire, and his Holy One for a flame: and it shall burn and devour his thorns and his briers in one day.”

God said Eve would suffer in childbirth. As a result, human beings have gigantic heads when they’re born, and this makes labor very painful. Doesn’t God suffer in raising up children? Again, look at the crucifixion. And what prevents us from submitting and becoming God’s children? Our big heads. We value our silly thoughts above his.

God said wives would strive to rule their husbands. Don’t we strive to rule God? Isn’t that exactly what the prosperity preachers do? They want God to be their little genie, providing money on demand, so they can spend it on mansions and–let’s face it–whores.

God drove Adam and Eve out of a place of peace and success. Don’t we drive God out of our hearts and keep his peace and success out? Isn’t Eden a type of the healthy, blessed human mind?

God even put an armed cherub at the gate of Eden, to keep Adam and Eve out. Well, Satan is a cherub. He stands before our own gates, keeping the Spirit of God out.

So anyway, lies are our biggest problem.

Satan tells us God doesn’t love us. He says God can’t use us because we’ve sinned too much. He says God is dead. He says God is weak. He says God has decided not to help us. He says God gives us diseases to teach us things, and that we are not supposed to be healed. He says we’re supposed to be poor. He says we will always lose when we come up against his children.

We believe this stuff. That’s the problem. It’s slander, and we accept it, and then we repeat it in our hearts, and we become slanderers of God.

This is important. People think that what they do is what matters, but that’s completely wrong. What you do is important, but what you believe and feel is the root of your blessings and curses. The Bible clearly states that God looks on the heart, not the appearance, and that faith is accounted unto us as righteousness. It says the righteous shall live by faith, and that without faith it is impossible to please God.

The ancient Jews were satisfied with men who obeyed the rules, but Jesus came along and said that wasn’t good enough. The evil we kept to ourselves, without acting on it, was also unacceptable. Our desires are a problem. This is even true of desires we hate and ignore.

If you believe a lie about God, your heart and mind are not right, and your situation on earth will reflect that.

Charismatic deceivers lie by omission, failing to teach that prayer in tongues is essential. They don’t listen to God, so they don’t teach what he wants taught. They tell us prayer in tongues is “evidence,” as though that were its only significance. They don’t encourage people to pray in tongues daily. They have no understanding of the benefits, and they don’t care. They just want money, fame, and easy living.

Because we don’t pray in tongues, we have no faith, and faith is the money of heaven. We are literally poor in spirit. When we pray, nothing happens, and then we go to church and shout in fake joy when the preachers mention God’s promises, hoping they will eventually start to work.

Because we don’t pray in tongues, we have no revelation and no discernment. We don’t see our own faults. We don’t see God’s priorities. When a fool like “Rabbi” Ralph Messer shows up and wraps Eddie Long in a sacred scroll and tells everyone Long is a king, a big percentage of us buy it, because we haven’t had our eyes opened. Christians are THE biggest suckers on earth, but we are supposed to be the hardest people to fool.

No one who doesn’t pray in tongues should be preaching. It’s an invitation to disaster. It happens, because very few people who pray in tongues are available. God uses what he has on hand. But it’s not right. The blind are leading the blind, and Satan rules the vast majority of churches, charismatic, Catholic, Baptist, or what have you.

We don’t pray in tongues, so our hearts and minds remain unchanged, and we become what Jesus called “whitewashed tombs,” full of dead men’s bones. Bones represent the spirit. Demons are the spirits of men; they were the offspring of angels and women. The dead men’s bones that fill us are the demons of iniquity, and because we don’t pray in tongues, we welcome and feed them. Often we think they’re the Holy Spirit. And they don’t depart instantly when you receive the baptism with the Spirit. They stay until you turn on them and use God’s power and authority to drive them out.

Jesus said these things using metaphors, possibly because he knew men would destroy every copy of the gospels if he spoke plainly.

You have demons. You may not want to hear it, but it’s true. They work constantly to delay the end of the world and put off judgment. They are not looking forward to the lake of fire. They surround you and babble at you all day, and if you’re not praying in tongues, you don’t have God’s voice to balance them.

Think of the foolish concept of “quality time.” It was invented to excuse parents who didn’t want to spend ACTUAL time with their kids. The claim is that if you spend one really good half-hour with your son every day, he’ll be fine. Of course, that’s a lie. Every second that your kids are away from good influences, they’re surrounded by bad ones, and those influences produce a harvest. Similarly, you can’t get God’s wisdom and correction praying with your understanding for fifteen minutes a day. You need to put in long periods praying in the spirit, and your spirit will learn from your mind.

If you sow little, you reap little.

Hell is at the center of the earth, and it’s there for a reason. The kingdom of hell is at the center of a man. The more you turn inward and try to satisfy yourself, the more you increase the power of the kingdom of hell. What you need to do is to go in with a wire brush and clean everything out. God is above the earth, far from the center, and you will find his kingdom by valuing things that are outside of, and above, yourself.

One of the worst forms of slander is flattery, and self-flattery is probably the lowest type. Slander doesn’t have to be uncomplimentary. It just has to be false. Flattery is sweet, so we swallow it eagerly. And often it manifests in excuses.

If you’re not honest about yourself, you will turn God’s help away. Excuses are a wall of protection for pride. They preserve it. If you don’t admit fault, God takes it as a request to stop helping you. The Bible clearly states that he will actually fight you if you’re proud. Think about that! God fights Christians!

Why don’t preachers talk about this? They constantly come up with excuses for us and for God, explaining why we don’t see more miracles and more help. Why don’t they look at the Bible itself and find the most obvious explanation? If you have faith, and you still have problems, something else must be in the way. The Bible says God fights the proud and helps the humble. Could anything be more clear?

You’re not a victim. I don’t care what people or spirits have done to you. None of that could hurt you if your heart and mind were right. You have desires and drives that aren’t right, and when you obey them, you come up with excuses. You may even blame your culture. “I’m Latin.” “I’m Italian.” “I’m from Appalachia.” “I’m black.” As soon as that excuse rolls off your tongue, God sits back and folds his hands.

God’s primary goal is to transform you into his child, with his inner nature. That is JOB ONE. It’s not to give you money, find you a wife, heal your diseases, or fight your enemies. When you don’t confess and listen to correction, you are opposing the primary work he hoped to accomplish when he allowed himself to be tortured to death.

I got a bunch of revelation about this this morning, and it was very unpleasant. But I can’t go backward. The devil isn’t waiting to welcome me home with a big hug and an easy life. The Red Sea is behind me, so I have to get with the program, and so do you.

Quit obsessing on healing and money. Look inside yourself. Start cleaning things up, and do it with God’s power, not your own.

That’s all I feel like writing right now.

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Organ Transplant Complete

October 6th, 2014

Yah di Buckety…

I have a new adventure to report. I have entered the world of tube organ ownership.

Here’s the story.

In the Twenties, a man named Laurens Hammond invented a circuit that kept good time. He used it to create the first accurate electric clocks. He created the Hammond clock company.

At some point, he realized he could generate accurate tones using his gadgetry. He decided to make some kind of novelty machine that made sounds, but his accountant suggested he create musical instruments instead.

This is how the Hammond organ was born.

The Hammond company made organs for about forty years. They used tube amplifiers and other weird old analog circuitry. And they were amazing. They were nothing like as big or expensive as pipe organs, but they were able to compete with them musically. They exuded mojo. Eventually jazz and blues musicians discovered organs, and we ended up with classics like “Whiter Shade of Pale” and “House of the Rising Sun.”

Eventually transistors and digital circuits ruined the market for Hammond organs, and Hammond’s competitors beat it to death with cheesy features that allowed people to push a couple of buttons and essentially make their organs play without much human input. Hammond folded, and later, his competitors folded. Now you practically have to pay people to take tube organs, except for four or five Hammond models that have developed a following. Even those can be had for one to three thousand dollars, which is very little, considering the complexity and quality of the instruments.

I have a friend named Travis. He plays on my church’s worship team. I believe he plays 12 instruments. Right now, he’s on scholarship at the Frost music school at the University of Miami. He has been pushing the team to go for a little more soul, and sometimes he throws in some organ licks on a small, crummy keyboard they use. Our pastor is also trying to steer the team in this direction.

I told the worship leader they could get a great old organ cheap if they watched the ads, but he thought it would take up too much room. Unfortunately, by the time he turned the idea down, I was already hooked on Craigslist, and I had found several nice Hammonds for sale.

The one that finally got my attention was an E133. This is a variant of the E100, which is one of the last good Hammonds. Someone was advertising it for a hundred bucks. I believe she originally wanted a thousand, but that doesn’t mean anything. If you watch Internet organ ads, you will see them start very high and end very low. Sometimes owners will actually pay to have organs hauled off.

Her organ sold for something like two thousand dollars when it was new (c. 1965), so she was probably shocked to learn that it was nearly worthless.

I had a hard time getting in touch with her. Her Craigslist ad expired, and she was slow to respond. Finally, I got ahold of her, and I made a deal. I would give her a hundred bucks for the organ if it was basically sound.

Enter Travis.

The E133 is one of Hammond’s heavier organs. Not the heaviest, but it’s a console, which means it’s bigger than a spinet. The M3 the hit “Green Onions” was played on weighs around 250 pounds. The E133 is maybe a hundred pounds heavier, before adding the pedals and bench. I decided Travis was going to help me carry it.

Here’s something really sad. I got a pickup so I could haul heavy things, and as it turns out, that plan has not panned out all that well. The organ errand demonstrates my point. It was supposed to rain on the day we planned to get the organ, so there was no way I could use an open truck. I had to rent a van. So aggravating.

I could not figure out how to get the organ to the van, but then I remembered those nylon forearm straps they advertise on TV. The invention is called the “Forearm Forklift.” You run the straps under heavy things and attach the free ends to your forearms, and this allows you to stand relatively straight when you lift. It makes moving heavy things easier. On Youtube, people move refrigerators with people sitting on top. I figured those straps were for me. I bought a pair.

We drove up to Davie, where the seller lived, and we threw the straps under the organ. Yes, it did move. But because it was so low to the ground, it was necessary to bend down pretty far, negating part of the benefit of the straps. Also, the organ threatened to tip to the side, which was not encouraging.

By a miracle of God, we got it to the driveway and put it behind the van, hoping to tilt it gently onto its back, via the rear doors.

At this point we learned something fascinating about lifting straps. Travis said he wanted to put his end of the organ in the van first and then help with mine, and that sounded okay, but when he got his end onto the van floor and let go of one strap, all the tension on that strap disappeared, and of course, the organ headed for the pavement with me shrieking as I strained to hang onto it.

I was positive we were about to drop over three hundred pounds of fifty-year-old cabinetry and tube amps on this lady’s driveway. All my organ dreams, up in smoke. Embarrassing.

By a second miracle of God, we stopped the organ and got it into the van, and then we requested and received a third miracle to get it down onto my driveway.

Here is Travis, trying the organ out. This is probably one of the happiest moments of his life. He likes that organ.

10 02 14 hammond e133 in garage with Travis

The organ had a few issues. For one thing, it had that “I’ve been in a house with cats” smell, big-time. For another, it made a funny hummy sort of noise. It also had a coating of crud on it. Some mysterious yellow substance. I obliterated paper towel after paper towel, removing filth from the keys and plastic surfaces. It may have been nicotine. That’s not as bad as the other things that it may have been, so I prefer to think that’s what it was.

The vibrato didn’t work, although I didn’t realize that. Also, after we ran it a while, it made hooting sounds. Oh well. A hundred bucks, right? How can you go wrong?

Since Thursday, I have been taking the organ apart and putting it back together. I learned some fascinating stuff.

Mr. Hammond’s organs do not have sealed bearings. Maybe they didn’t exist in the Sixties. Instead, a Hammond organ has a trough running down the midde of it, and that trough is filled with Hammond oil (actually about the same thing as air tool oil). The trough has a sponge in it, and from various points in the organ, cotton threads run to the sponge. At their other ends are weird bronze bearings. There are two plastic funnels over the trough. You pour oil into each funnel, and it goes into the sponge, and then it takes a three-week-long journey down the threads and into the bearings.

I’m not kidding. It really works that way. If you buy a Hammond organ today, and it needs oil, expect it to be ready to play three weeks after the day you oil it.

The hooting sounds came from bearings in the tonewheel generator. I’ll bet you want to know what that is.

You may know what a hurdy gurdy is. Probably not. It’s a gourd-shaped instrumend with strings. Inside it, there is a shaft with discs mounted transversely on it. When you crank the shaft, you can select strings and make them contact the moving edges of the disks. The disks act like violin bows; the rubbing makes the sound.

A Hammond organ is basically an electric hurdy gurdy. It has a motor at one end, and a shaft runs down the length of the organ. On the shaft, there are tonewheels. These are disks with notches around the edges. There are magnetic pickups, like guitar pickups, next to the disks. As the disks turn, the notches vary the voltage in the pickups, and you get a signal that produces a tone. The more notches a disk has, the higher the frequency of the tone.

The beauty of this system is that you can blend signals from multiple disks.

Over the keyboards (“manuals”), there are drawbars. These are sliding bars that determine how the tones blend. If you pull a drawbar all the way out, it maximizes the output from a certain wheel. Or certain wheels. I’m not sure. Anyway, it’s sort of like a graphic equalizer. If you always pull the drawbars out to certain lengths, you will always have the same sound. Jimmy Smith, the jazz organist, made a splash by using the pattern 888-000-000 on the nine drawbars of his organ. I should also add that the organ has two manuals, and each manual has its own set of drawbars.

The drawbars explain part of the organ’s appeal. An organ’s tones are not pure. Because you’re combining tones, every time you press a key, what you really get is a chord. If you’re a musician, you know that chords have a more satisfying sound than discrete notes.

The organ I bought is not the most desired Hammond. That would be the B-3. Generally, big rock acts used these to perform the classics we all remember. There are similar organs that are a little less desirable, like the RT2, the A100, and the C-3. The E-133 has some of the B-3’s good points, but it lacks others. And it has some silly features that have to be removed in order to make it sound its best. It’s a fantastic instrument, though. And for a hundred bucks, it’s the deal of the century.

A B-3 will run you two grand or more. I am not blowing that kind of money on what is essentially an impulse buy. But I’m willing to spend a hundred to get 85% of that experience.

Working on the organ is a nightmare. It’s very tight in the cabinet, and nothing is modular, in any sane sense of the term. It would probably take two hours to get the tonewheel generator out. The vibrato is generated in a little can at one end of the organ, and I had to remove it twice and bang around on it to get it working. It takes one hour to remove and one hour to replace. It probably has eighty parts, and they are very small, and they like to fall out of your oily hands and roll under things.

Today I got the vibrato working, and I am well on the way to having the hooting fixed. I still have to fix one pedal. If you don’t know, the pedals on an organ are bass notes. They’re very cool. One of mine is missing a small piece of metal that actuates the switch that plays the note.

I washed the whole organ with Murphy’s Oil Soap, and I should really do it again. I polished it with Scott’s Liquid Gold. The cat stench is just about gone, and now I’m not afraid to eat after touching the keys.

I told Travis he has a lifetime pass to play it.

Once it’s reasonably healthy I may move it out of the garage.

The folks at my church say they want it. NOW. Oh, no. Sorry. You get to wait for the next one, and someone else has to deliver it. I’ll find it and I’ll make it work. That’s more generous than it sounds.

If you like old organ music, get out there and find an old Hammond. Steer clear of other brands. If you’re not handy, you can get a Hammond digital B-3. The Suzuki company bought the name, and they make a fake B-3 as well as a compact version for the stage.

Sooner or later people will rediscover these things, and then you’ll be sorry. Or not.

Anyway, I got mine.


CNC Surprises

September 18th, 2014

No Cigar

I feel like updating the saga of my CNC progress. I have learned a great deal about CNC, but in relation to the amount that I need to know in order to be competent, I know just about nothing.

First thing: do not build a CNC lathe. Do not even waste your time. A mill will do nearly everything a lathe will do, plus a million things a lathe can’t begin to do. You can thread with a mill. You can turn parts with a mill. You don’t want a lathe. Believe me. And if you have a lathe, no one will want to help you, because only about 10% of CNC hobbyists use lathes. Even software makers ignore us.

Second thing: precision is expensive. You can fix a machine so the computer compensates for backlash. But it doesn’t actually work. Say you’re milling a round hole instead of boring. You have to make the cutter travel in a big circle, as well as rotating. Every time an axis changes direction, you’re going to get error due to backlash. The only way to get rid of it is to use ballscrews, and cheap ballscrews don’t really work, although they may make you feel good. On the web, people with cheap screws talk about backlash figures between 0.005″ and 0.010″, which is huge.

When I got ready to build my lathe, I figured the machinery itself would be simple to create. The plans I bought didn’t mention ballscrews. Then I got it running and found out I had 0.018″ of backlash on the z screw. The software compensates on simple parts, and that’s very good. It’s worth a lot. I can do a lot of stuff I could not do with a manual mill, and I can do it with good accuracy. But sooner or later I’ll want to cut a part that requires a sudden change in direction on z, and I won’t be able to do it well.

Another annoying lathe issue: you have to tell the computer about the cutters you use. When you use a tool, only a tiny part of it will touch the work. The computer has to know where that contact occurs. Tools have rounded corners, so there won’t be a sharp, defined point where the tool makes contact. It will vary as the shape of the work and the direction of tool movement change. Lathe inserts vary a lot, so you may have to have a whole bunch of tools defined. I’m not sure HSS is useful at all, because you can’t grind it precisely. If you try to tell the computer the radius on a tool made from HSS, you’ll definitely have error.

I have not used a CNC mill, but it stands to reason that it should be less complicated. Say you’re using a half-inch end mill. You know exactly where the lower surface is, at all times. You know where the sides are. Not complicated. Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t really see myself spending days telling the computer about the small number of tools I’ll use.

I’m going to keep the lathe, because even with limited precision, it can be useful, but I would not waste my time building another one. I’m hoping to use it for threading and tapers, as well as curved parts like dial handles. Things like that will justify its existence until I get a mill going.

People are telling me I should have bought a used machine. There are a lot of old CNC machines out there that have obsolete electronics. I may be wrong about this, but I will relate what I understand to be true. Years ago, CNC required big dedicated computers and expensive controllers. In 2014, a secondhand PC can handle most of that stuff. There are old machines out there with screws and motors that still work, but they have heavy, useless built-in electronics. Commercial users want to get rid of them, so hobbyists buy them and bypass the ancient circuitry, running them with Mach3 or LinuxCNC.

I would love to have an old vertical machining center, which is just a very fancy milling machine with an enclosure that keeps chips and coolant contained. But they’re gigantic. There’s one for sale down here, and it weighs over 8000 pounds. I’m crazy, but not that crazy. Also, what if you buy one, and the screws are no good? You’re out maybe six grand, and then you have to put another two or three thousand in. Arrgh.

I am thinking I should get a new Chinese mill, like an R45 clone or a Grizzly G0704, which is a little smaller and less rigid. I would have to put decent screws on it, which would give me gastric distress, but it would do just about anything I want to do. I still have the ability to add 6 more axes to my controller, so I should be able to keep the lathe and add a mill with no problems.

I bought Dolphin CAD and CAM, which is a pretty good commercial program. They gave me a big discount. I haven’t gotten to where I can actually use it, but I’m working steadily. I have managed to get Mach3 working (most of the time), so I use it to fine-tune the machine. Yesterday I cut a #2 Morse taper in aluminum, just to see if it would work. Tapers have to be very precise, but the geometry is simple, and the tool doesn’t change directions while it’s on the work, so I figured there was some hope that my lathe would pull it off.

Below is a photo of the taper. It fits fine in the center bore of my rotary table. I put Sharpie ink on it and tried to rub it off on the inside of the bore, to check for high and low spots, but I couldn’t see any problems in the result. It would definitely be sticky enough to hold a drill chuck in the lathe’s tailstock.

09 17 14 Morse 2 taper cut on mini-lathe

If I can make tapers that actually work, it will be a nice ability to have. I should cut an R8 and see what happens. My experience with lathes is that even with error in the chuck, you can get a very nice, round part as long as you don’t move it around while cutting it. If you take it out and put it back in, it won’t be in the same position. I don’t think it’s unrealistic to try to make an R8 taper, but the dial indicator or test indicator will tell me for sure.

I am enjoying the lathe. I plan to keep working on it until it can thread. But compared to a mill, it’s…handicapped. That’s just how it is.


Not so Fast

September 8th, 2014

I am a Deacon

Many times in my life, I have had things placed in my hands and then taken away, as if someone who hated me found out and ran to me to “correct” things. It happened again yesterday.

On August 16, my church had a meeting, and they named new deacons, ushers, and one minister, plus a house prophet. My pastor stunned me by announcing that I was going to be a minister, which is a purely spiritual function. Deacons have to do things like cleaning, driving, and so on. Ministers go to the front of the church when the spirit moves, and they pray for people and lay hands on them and so on.

As a recent entry on this blog says, I was pretty happy about this. I have never asked for any type of promotion at any church, and I don’t promote myself. I have turned jobs down. They asked me to manage the kitchen at my old church, and I said no. I won’t drive the van for my current church, because of the liability. Driving is for people who have no net worth, unfortunately. If you have anything, you can be sued. Anyway, I was shocked and pleased to be a minister, because it was exactly what I wanted to do, I had not asked for it, and I wasn’t going to have to spend two more years proving myself.

The week after the meeting, someone said I was supposed to do something or other as a “deacon,” and I corrected them so there would be no confusion. And I’ve been talking to my friends about how wonderful it was to be recognized and put to use. I’ve been going to the front of the church to do minister work, trying to get it right.

Yesterday, someone on Facebook congratulated me on my anointing as a deacon, and I corrected it, and then my pastor’s wife corrected ME! She wrote “DEACON” in capital letters. That was news to me. The word used at the meeting was definitely “minister.”

So regardless of what was said at the meeting, I have actually been appointed to the deacon team. This means I’m doing exactly what I’ve been doing as an armorbearer. I still have that job. There has been no change at all. I just have an additional title. We don’t have any specific duties or authority. We don’t get training as deacons. I don’t know what the job is, yet.

The whole thing is very embarrassing, but what can you do? It wasn’t deliberate. Sometimes people mean to say one word, and another one comes out.

Yesterday I was fairly disturbed by it, and I went to God and tried to figure out why it bothered me. Before I was appointed, I was happy, so why wasn’t I happy after being moved up and then back down? And then he showed me a few things.

He reminded me that spirits and people have been trying to kill and suppress me all of my life. Things that should have worked out have been taken away from me, even when I did things right. People with lesser ability and character got honors that were supposed to go to me. I had opportunities to make money and succeed, and they were destroyed suddenly, in spite of my efforts.

I probably shouldn’t say this, but when I was 16, I got to go to Europe for six weeks with a bunch of other kids, and a pretty girl who had decided to lose her virginity asked me to take her out. We went on a double date with another girl and a friend of mine, and the friend started acting like the pretty girl was his date. I got shoved completely out of the picture. Years later, I found out he had sex with her that night. Obviously, it would have been bad if it had been me, but it’s exactly the kind of thing I’ve had to deal with.

At my old church, they made me a security guard. I was a scientist, a published author, and a successful lawyer. I was a great cook, and they needed help in the kitchen. The leadership was working-class and lower middle class. They were not highly educated, nor were they sharp or capable. I could have been useful. They made me a security guard and shut me out of the inner circle. This was how they operated. They had a phenomenal guitarist there–an established performer who has played concerts all over the US–and they put him in charge of frying disgusting SYSCO chicken. They took the worship leader–a man who went to college on a voice scholarship–and replaced him with the pastor’s son, who sang off-key. They put the worship leader in the kiddie area, where he entertained small children.

When I saw the minister position slipping away, memories of other things I had lost came back to me. This is why I was disturbed. If I had been made a deacon from the start, I wouldn’t have thought about any of these things. I would have been glad to get that far. But when you’re told you have something really good, and then you find out you’re getting something pretty good, it feels like a step down, not a promotion.

David was rejected constantly, until he became king. Even Samuel rejected him, until God forced him to anoint him. Rejection is a pattern anointed people go through. If you have an anointing, and you get promoted, and God is in it, it won’t be because you listened to some idiot preacher who tells people how to network. It will be because God forced people out of the way.

Rejection is something anointed people can count on. The thing I’m wondering is how deep it runs. I know the prosperity preachers are wrong. I know we’re not supposed to have orange mansions and mink-lined doghouses and all the other tacky stuff rich preachers love. But I also know that we’re supposed to have good things in this life, eventually.

I had another problem like this at my church. They asked a bunch of us to come in and be in a video. We posed for the camera, and they sent us home. They didn’t tell me what my image would be used for. Then they showed the video to the church. It showed various people posing while a voice told about the iniquities they dealt with. When my face came up, and voice said, “PORNOGRAPHY.”

I was not too happy about that. I will not sit here and say that I use the Internet and have never looked at naked women, but I never told anyone this was a major issue in my life, and I certainly never agreed to pose falsely as a porn addict in a video. I told them they could go ahead and use it if they wanted, but some of the media people got angry when I went on Facebook and pointed out that it was a dramatization, not a confession. They said it made them look unprofessional. Well, it made me look pretty funny, too! People were telling me how sorry they were for me, because of my “problem.”

I never said I wouldn’t talk about it, but evidently they thought I had agreed to be silent when I told them to go ahead and use it. I’m a lawyer. We think in fine print. I would never have agreed not to talk about it. Not in a million years. Anyway, it caused a brief stink, and I saw it as an effort by the enemy to drive a wedge into the church. These things happen. You can’t let them stop you.

When I found out I was a deacon, the memory of the pornography thing came back to me. It was as if someone was saying, “You are NEVER going to be accepted.”

Little things like this can eat at you. At my old church, the kid who ran the media booth dropped part of a heavy plywood set on me and nearly killed me. I had bruises and scrapes, and a lot of skin was scraped off the back of my left ankle. I had pain and trouble walking for weeks. I had to drive myself home and pay the medical bills. That wasn’t right, after I drove up there in my free time and tried to help them dismantle the set. The thing that hit me barely missed the back of my head. If it had hit me, I would be dead or brain-damaged. They could have reached out just a little bit, but they never did. You can forgive, but you can’t forget. For the rest of my life, whenever I have a hiccup in my relationship with any church, no matter how blameless everyone is, I’ll remember that.

I see the minister misunderstanding as an attack, to make me feel rejected. Somehow the enemy got my pastor to say the wrong word by mistake, to see if he could stir up these old feelings. Well, it won’t work. I’ve been counseling people for a long time, and as I told someone yesterday, now it’s time to take my own medicine. Because I helped other people, I know how to help myself. I’ll have whatever God wants me to have. God has never rejected me. I have not fallen off the fast track. The plan is still succeeding, whatever it is.

This summer has been a real bear for a bunch of people I know. This is just one more challenge in a series. I am really looking forward to the end. We’re not going to have problems this intense, continuously, for the rest of our lives.



August 29th, 2014

Plus Neat Tools

Sorry I haven’t been around. I use my garage computer most of the time now, so I rarely check my blog email address, and I am also lazy about looking up the password when the garage computer decides to log me out! Today I decided to face this horrible 20-second chore, and when I brought up the login page, my info was already there.

So there is not much to brag about in that little episode.

First thing: I got my CNC mini-lathe going. I’m afraid people would jump out of windows if I wrote about all the kinks I had to work out of it, but I can mention a few briefly.

For one thing, the x axis (the cross slide) insisted on running backward. This would work if I ran the lathe backward and put the tool on the wrong side of the part, but it’s not so good for normal operation.

I’m using Mach3 right now, because it’s supposedly the easiest way to get off the ground, and Mach3 has several settings that allow you to change the axis direction. They don’t work. I also tried changing the sign of the gain (please don’t die of boredom) in KMotion, but nothing happened. I finally gave up and switched the wires on one motor. That reverses it. Done.

Before this I had other problems. For one thing, I stepped on the USB cord that goes to the controller and pulled the female USB port out of the board. That was a bad moment. I had to take the board out, remove the port, suck out all the solder, put the port back on, and rig something up to replace the support tabs I destroyed in the accident.

Last night I got the thing going and figured out a few things about making Mach3 work, and I made this:

08 28 14 CNC mini lathe first test part with radius end

Impressive, right? Guess what it is!

Keep guessing if you want, but it’s nothing. It’s test scrap. I used one end to test OD turning, and I used the other end to test the ball/radius wizard. The hole in the end existed before I put the part in the lathe.

The steps per unit on the motors are wrong (probably) because I set them by eyeball. You’re supposed to do a calculation based on the number of turns of the lathe screw per inch. For my x axis, I should have gotten 5000 steps per inch, but I think I’m using 75000, which is a BIT high. My guesswork settings appear to be really close, but they still have to be fixed.

I was worried that this lathe would not be useful, but last night I realized it’s going to be very handy. It can swing parts up to about 4″, which covers a great deal of ground, and it will do all sorts of shapes. It may take a long time to cut each part, but who cares? It’s automatic. I don’t care if each part takes three hours.

I plan to improve the mechanics of it. I am not thrilled with the bearings.

Finally, I can think about something else.

Last week, a teacher named Andrew Wommack came to town. He rented a hall at the Miami Beach Convention Center. He does that because churches that hate the gifts of the Spirit are not lining up to let him speak in their buildings.

This guy is fascinating to me, because he teaches things I believe. I don’t hear much of this stuff on TBN (although he has a show, so maybe I should watch). It just comes to me by revelation, and my pastor also teaches it. The same teachings come to different people independently, which is exactly how the Holy Spirit is supposed to work.

A bunch of folks from my church went (nobody from Trinity showed up), and we listened.

It was wonderful to see him say so many liberating things. He reinforced things I believe, and he also cleared a few things up. It was as if there was stuff stuck in the pipe, and he knocked it loose.

He explained some scriptures I didn’t understand. For one thing, he said that when the Bible says people who are in Christ don’t sin, it refers to our spirits, which are cleansed and made like Jesus at the moment of salvation. The mind and flesh may continue sinning. He also explained the remark Jesus made about agreeing with your adversary quickly. He said it means that if Satan accuses you of something you’ve actually done, you should admit it and quit crippling yourself with self-righteousness.

He also taught that prayer in tongues is essential. It is what makes us strong. Effort is nearly worthless.

I don’t want to get too deeply into what he said, because I’ll remember it incorrectly. He has a website where you can hear his stuff for nothing. Here is a link.

Since the event, I’ve felt even more faith and power than I was feeling already. If people will get ahold of this stuff and use it, great things will happen.

Unfortunately, people like Joel Osteen and my old pastors have conditioned us to go to church just to feel good, so as long as what we hear makes us feel good, we wave our hands and have a great time, but we don’t really listen. We listen for slogans, not advice we actually expect to take. I don’t know how many people who were at the event will remember to apply what they heard.

I can tell you this: the reason the promises in the Bible don’t work is lack of faith. If you pray in the Spirit, you will develop faith, and you will get a revelation of who you are in the supernatural hierarchy. When you understand what you’re allowed to do, and you have the God-given faith to do it, you will see the promises function.

People will fight you if you tell them they can’t cast out demons, but it’s true for many of us. If you don’t know who you are, and you only have human faith, when you assert your authority, the spirits will just laugh. Or they will strip you naked, give you a beating, and chase you down the street. If you know who you are, so will the demons. Then they’ll listen.

Faith, authority, and sovereignty are manifestations of the same thing. Get faith, be honest with God, learn, and you will succeed. And to get faith, you’re going to have to pray in tongues.

Andrew Wommack baptized maybe two hundred people with the Spirit. On South Beach! That’s like doing it in Sodom.

I went up for prayer. A man prayed for my gallbladder issues, and he told me I was a seer. He said I saw darkness, and that I also had to see the light. He didn’t tell me everything was fine, and that THE REST OF MY LIFE WOULD BE THE BEST OF MY LIFE, or anything else that might have been cribbed from Stuart Smalley.

In the future, we won’t have to concentrate and work to have faith. Because we are built up, faith will flow easily. The mind will be aligned with the spirit, and we will be able to let God do the work. This will be a major problem for Satan, and it’s why he hates prayer in tongues. This is the kind of teaching that leads to major persecution.

If I had to say one thing seemed to be lacking, I would say it was teaching on love. I’m sure he does teach about it, but I have noticed that even the best teachers are not giving love enough attention. When God came to me in 1986, the things that I noticed immediately were not might or healing power. They were overwhelming love, total peace, and an absolute certainty that I would be protected and cared for as long as he was there. We need to remember that these things are important, because they’re not luxuries or rewards. They are essential defensive weapons.

Check out his website if you think this is appealing. He was very helpful to me.

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The Boss’s Kid

August 20th, 2014

We are Seated in High Places, not High Chairs

I failed to write about the stuff that happened over the last week. I’ll give it another shot.

On Saturday, my church had a meeting for all the volunteers and staffers. Actually, I think we only have four staffers.

We were meeting so the pastor could encourage us to do some obvious things, like not being late, and so he could tell us about some personnel changes.

I’ve been an armorbearer for about two years, and I also work on the prayer team. I have not been particularly anxious to take on more responsibility, because my prayer life is very time consuming already, and the prayer team adds two hours per week. I do nearly nothing as an armorbearer, but I do make myself available, and I show up for church an hour early.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working to align myself with God’s agenda. It started with food. I knew it was wrong to bless food, because food doesn’t really need blessing. The Bible says we are to bless God. But how do you do that? It’s not like he needs a car or a watch.

I decided that when I ate, I would say things related to God’s goals. For example, I might speak defeat to the convenience abortion movement in America and Israel, and I would speak God’s protection to the unborn and to women who were being coerced to murder their children.

When I started doing this, my faith made a quantum jump. If you’re not a physicist, I will explain. A quantum jump is an instantaneous movement from one defined energy level to another. It’s not a gradual thing. I moved from a very good level of faith to a much better level of faith, very quickly.

Why did that happen? It was because God directs his resources to his children, not to idiots who send money to TBN preachers in the hope of becoming rich.

Let me digress. Last night I realized that a person who tries to buy God’s favor with offerings is exactly like a father who thinks he’s doing a great job because he spends money on his kids. All over the world, there are fathers who would rather die than get deeply involved with their kids, and the way they avoid it is by spending money and telling themselves it proves they’re great dads. If you give God money but not your heart, you’re actually using offerings to distance yourself from him.

To return to the point, we are supposed to be God’s children, working devotedly in his family business. If you had a factory that made tons of money, and your son was the manager, and he spent every day watching porn in his office, would you give him raises and send him new resources?


You would back up whoever stood up and tried to do your will. That person would get unlimited support.

That’s how the kingdom of God works, and in the kingdom, faith is money. I just got a raise.

Now when I pray and bless and curse, I try to start out with God’s issues. I speak defeat to the enemies of Israel. I speak faith, revelation, revival, and contrition to the people of America and Israel. I speak defeat to the gay movement. When I cover everything that seems to need attention, I move on to my own issues, and when I do, I have more faith to use in my own behalf.

More and more, I have been serving God, and I have been thinking of myself as his son, involved in the family business.

At the meeting, I saw our pastor make great moves. I have been speaking victory and promotion to the Spirit-led among us, and I have been speaking demotion to the carnal, and what our pastor did was very consistent with my efforts. I consider it a testimony. He put some very effective people in the right positions.

I will admit that I was a little disturbed when he named the armorbearers and didn’t mention me. I started wondering if he was aware I was on the team. If so, was I out? I did not want to be named Grand Poobah, but it would have been discouraging to get the boot from the position I had. I would have felt that nothing I had done had been noticed.

Toward the end of the meeting, he really shocked me. He mentioned me, and he said I had been serving as an armorbearer–whew!–and then he said I was being moved to the position of minister.

That was not expected. This is a position where your duties are almost purely supernatural. You don’t have to mow the grass. You don’t have to drive to the dry cleaners. You pray. You are allowed to lay hands on people, which was something I really wanted to do. You can counsel people. Of course, you can also do things that are not quite as supernatural. You can carry things and so on. But that’s not your reason for being there.

I really didn’t know what to say. They could have made me a deacon or an usher or something. That would have been an honor. But they put me in the exact type of position I wanted. I don’t mind making coffee or running errands. Not at all. But I have some tools that can be very useful, and if I’m constantly doing manual labor, I won’t be able to get much done.

How does this tie into the stuff about serving God? Simple. A minister is a servant. I decided to serve God with serious intent, and the first thing you know, God gave me the title of minister.

Of course, I have concerns about screwing up and being an embarrassment. While our pastor was speaking, he said, “When you become a parent, it changes everything.” He wasn’t talking about ministry, but I still felt it hit home.

These things are connected. When I withheld, God withheld. And this shows why the TBN teaching is so evil. It teaches people that God wants to serve them, and that as long as he gets their money, he doesn’t want anything else. It teaches people to send God telegrams instead of going to see him.

That’s all I have for now, but I think you can see why I’m freaked out.


School Begins

August 19th, 2014

It’s Harvest Season

Today two of my friends from church are going to the University of Miami for orientation. Both have been in college before, but they are finishing up at UM, which is a better school than the places where they started. Both are on scholarship. Another friend is starting at FAMU, and she’ll be transferring to FSU as soon as she gets the green light. Others I don’t know as well are starting at other universities.

My church’s Sunday attendance is probably around 175, including a lot of kids and babies, and most of the people there don’t have parents or grandparents who went to college, so five or six success stories amount to a significant wave of victories.

At my old church, we were always told that if we gave them enough money, God would make us successful. But people generally did not succeed. We didn’t see a lot of scholarships and diplomas. The leaders didn’t care. They were building their personal “brands.” I put that word in quotation marks, because it’s the kind of term that was dear to their hearts.

Travis is 24. He plays over a dozen instruments. He arranges and composes. He was an armorbearer at my old church. He has gotten into some trouble in the past, and his college career was put on hold years ago. At some point the UM music school accepted him, but he was dragged off the path. He worked at a county facility, teaching percussion to kids part-time.

He talked about going back to FAMU, which is not a great school. It’s an “HBCU,” which means “Historically Black.” I discouraged him from going back. I’m sorry, but those places are generally dumps. According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, their graduation rate is around 30%, and no one respects the degrees, because these outfits don’t have to compete with real schools. Call me a bad guy if you want. The truth is the truth. If you want to go and be taught that you’re a victim and that the world owes you a great job, go to an HBCU. If you want to improve yourself and your life, go to a real college.

Earlier this year, he slipped off on his own and auditioned, and UM accepted him again. At first, he got a partial scholarship, but very soon it was upgraded to a full ride.

Young black people are brainwashed about the things they supposedly owe “the community.” This is the community that provides them with bad values, danger, and restricted opportunity. Not sure how that generates a debt. I always tell him to forget the community. If you love it, leave, get rich, and go back and help out on the weekends. His neighborhood was a horrible influence on him, and his “friends” were poisonous and counterproductive. I kept telling him his future was somewhere else, and that he would need to get used to better surroundings and to people who didn’t drag him backward.

After he got his scholarship, terrible challenges started popping up to derail him. I told him that his friends had a mission: keep him alive until August. He said other people had told him the same thing. He made it. He’ll be at orientation today.

I don’t know Tina well. Her sister Carmelisa had to raise her. I don’t know if her parents are alive, but they are not around. By the time Tina was 18, she already had a pile of college credits. She competed in beauty pageants in order to get ahead. She won some sort of scholarship from Johnson & Wales, which is known for culinary schools. They also offer things like accounting. I believe she is still 18, and she only has two years left to go. She’s going to study business management and computer science.

I think Carmelisa is freaking out, because Tina is leaving her house and moving into a dorm.

I just got interrupted by a call from Travis. I wish I had met him over there today. He’s having the time of his life. He’s meeting his trombone professor today. He’s touring the facilities. He’s checking out the girls; that’s not good. Maybe I’ll meet him for lunch.

Freddelle is the one who went to FAMU this semester. FAMU is in Tallahassee. Her sister and her sister’s boyfriend drove her up on Sunday after church. Her sister’s son is my godson.

I don’t want to get into anyone’s business online, but her family is not ideal. Her sister is in her mid-20s, and sometimes Freddelle calls her “mom.” That shows you what their relationship is like. Her sister dedicated her existence to protecting Freddelle from the things that happened to her.

Freddelle wants to be a lawyer. She got her associate’s degree this year, and we went to a Brazilian restaurant to celebrate. When she left church for Tallahassee, she told me I was on the hook for Thanksgiving dinner.

God does give people success, but it’s not because they give him money. It’s because they give him themselves. This is what we learn at New Dawn Ministries. Trinity Church teaches people to withhold themselves from God and extract whatever they can from him. Maybe that’s why they don’t receive much.

I didn’t expect this to be an emotional day for me, but it is. For some reason, it’s difficult. I guess this is what my mother went through when she left me at Columbia University in 1979. She used to call and say she missed hearing my car pull up out front after school. I don’t think that was really it, though. Travis is actually getting closer to me, and I’ll see more of him, but I still feel this way.

My dad really missed out on a lot. I don’t think he’ll ever understand.

God wants us to invest in the fatherless. They will become our sons and daughters.


That Tickles

August 18th, 2014

“Full Armor” is no Exaggeration

If I said the last week had been weird, I would not be capturing the half of it.

Seems like we hear about two versions of Christianity, without much in between. In the first version, you bleed a lot, and everyone takes advantage of you, and you have to kiss their toes all day anyway, and God does absolutely nothing for you until you die. Which can’t come soon enough. In the other version, there is something wrong with you if you don’t have a different Bentley for every day of the week. You are never supposed to be sick. Everyone is supposed to offer you jobs you don’t deserve and sell you things at ridiculous prices that guarantee their own starvation. Nothing bad ever happens, unless you fail to send enough money to some guy on TBN who uses car wax on his hair. Plugs.

I repent.

In reality, here is how it works: you should live in victory. Unfortunately, “victory” implies the existence of a battle. It wouldn’t make much sense to have victory if you never have to fight. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all. He keepeth all his bones; not one of them is broken.” We are the bones.

The enemy will attack from time to time, but it won’t amount to much. That’s the deal. Again, I must use the word “unfortunately,” because unfortunately, sometimes when an attack doesn’t amount to much, it seems really bad. The crucifixion was a horror, but from the standpoint of damage, it amounted to nothing, because it gave God the ability to forgive humanity and change human beings so they resembled him in virtue and power. It was a huge victory for our side. It was the end of the other side. It was like Adam’s fall, only for Satan.

Every so often, the enemy will get what seems like a victory. It may be because we screwed up, or it may be because God is playing rope-a-dope with a fallen angel. In the end, we will still prevail. And the vast majority of the time, the enemy won’t even appear to win. He’ll just lose.

A while back, I learned to speak defeat to my enemies and problems. It works. It really works. But I still get attacks. An attack is not a loss.

People who are toxic and unsaved still do very, very annoying, selfish, nasty things to me. But I do what God has taught me, and I hang on. Then they lose. Problems pop up, and I fight and hold my ground. Then they go away. The thing I am learning is how to stay calm and confident while this crap is going on. That’s the real treasure.

When the storm rose on the Sea of Galilee and Jesus got in the boat with the disciples, he calmed the sea, but he did that after he got in the boat. While he was walking on the water, the waves were going nuts. That’s what our lives are supposed to be like. There are enemies raging around us all the time, but they’ve already lost, so why get upset? This is normal.

God gave us the picture of the ark to help us understand this. When the rain came and amazed Noah’s neighbors (who had never seen rain), they surely ran to the ark and started beating on the hull. I guarantee you, they raised a terrible commotion. Wouldn’t you? When the water got chest-deep and the children were starting to drown, surely the self-worshiping, perverted people outside saw that things were serious. They wanted in! And I’m sure they wanted to toss Noah out.

I don’t know what God permitted them to do, but I’m sure they pulled out all the stops and did whatever they could. They probably shot arrows and hurled spears. They tried to climb up the hull. They probably tried to sink the ark out of jealousy.

So Noah and his family were inside, hearing the horrible sounds of the doomed, and listening to the rain and wind. They were safe. There was no danger at all. But it had to be a terrible experience.

God gave us the ark to show us that he takes care of his own, and that we should think about his promises, not our circumstances, and definitely not about the bad things that happen to the children of the enemy. Those things are not for us.

Jesus was killed, it’s true. But he knew it was coming, and he consented. He was not overcome. He allowed it. I don’t want to be crucified, but if God told me persecutors were going to kill me, and it happened, I could not call that a defeat. It would serve to advance some purpose God had in mind, and in the end, whoever was behind the violence would be defeated. They would see it as the worst mistake they had ever made. And I’d be in heaven, where you never run your toe into furniture, you never get a cold, you never have to think about money, you never meet a single jerk…

To get back to my life, storms keep popping up, but God shoots them down, and I’m getting used to not being bothered by them.

In June or July, I lifted something. This goes against my personal moral code, so I should have known it would have consequences. I carried a cast iron rotary table across the garage. Days later, I developed pain in my lower back. It was extremely aggravating. Sitting was slow. Standing was slow. There were things I couldn’t do.

I spoke defeat to it. I didn’t worry. I didn’t go to a doctor and get unnecessary surgery. One day I woke up well. God came through.

I have had kidney stones in the past. They were really painful, and the first one cost me over six grand, because I was stupid enough to go to the ER. Last month, I started feeling some irritation which, I knew, might be related to kidney stones. Or not. I spoke defeat to the problem, and I resorted to my favorite cure, which consists of drinking two beers in quick succession. That was hell. Let me tell you. I had to endure that several times.

I didn’t get upset. I didn’t suffer. I didn’t worry. Sometimes I forgot about the problem.

Without getting into gross details, let me say that a week or so back, I was startled to see a large kidney stone emerge. In fact, it had a little buddy with it. They just flew out. No pain. Just surprise. End of problem.

A couple of weeks back, I found that feral bees had moved into my soffit, and I decided to annihilate them. I took a ladder outside and mixed up some mortar. I put on my bee-killing rig and climbed on the roof, and I packed mortar around every bee entrance I could find. In doing this, I had to make very awkward movements that twisted my back and were generally unpleasant. I felt a pain in my side.

After this, I found that I had pain in the area where you would expect to feel the misery of a gallstone attack. I didn’t know whether I had torn muscles in my ribcage or what. My gallbladder has been jim-dandy lately, but I couldn’t say it wasn’t the source of the pain. Maybe the timing was coincidence, though.

I can’t believe I typed that last sentence.

I did not want to go to the doctor, because in America, they regard the gallbladder as a hilarious mistake created by a God who never went to medical school. They think it’s totally unnecessary, and if you have even a hint of symptoms, they will insist that you have yours removed. Of course, that’s dumb. The gallbladder is important for proper digestion, and besides, the stones actually come from the liver. People get their gallbladders removed, they still have stones, and they have the added bonus of sudden diarrhea every time they eat fat. Plus malabsorption of certain important nutrients.

I had absolutely no digestive symptoms. There are certain things that happen when your gallbladder is upset, and they didn’t happen. I didn’t know what to think.

I took various medications I knew about, and I spoke defeat to the problem, and when I asked God if my gallbladder was coming out surgically, he said “no.” Meanwhile, it hurt when I burped. It hurt when I coughed. It hurt when I bent over. Wait until you’ve gone three days without coughing. You will miss it badly. Apparently, it’s essential to good health.

Then one day I had a pain-free interval, and that told me I was not in trouble, as if God’s word hadn’t done that already. If a problem can get better temporarily, it can get better permanently.

I did some things which could be considered obnoxious and rude by the enemy. One day I was out of decent food, so I grabbed two crusty frozen tamales from the freezer, and I heated them up along with some ancient cheddar and a can of chipotle sauce from a Mexican grocery. This should kill a gallbladder patient in about 15 minutes. It would be fairly hard on a healthy goat. I ate it anyway, and nothing happened. Day before yesterday, I ate a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream, which should have caused me to explode. Nothing happened. At all. Later I went to McDonald’s, which was almost contemptuous.

Last night while I was falling asleep I felt faith rushing through me, and I felt the weirdest sensation in my abdomen. I felt like something hard was being shoved through my innards. It wasn’t pleasant, but it wasn’t exactly painful, and I felt that it was a positive thing. I wanted to sleep, but I just laid there and waited. I didn’t get nervous. I didn’t consider going to the ER. The wind was blowing, but I was at peace.

Got up today feeling great. I’ve felt great the whole time, except for the pain, but now I feel great minus the pain.

The other day I went on Facebook, and I said, “Thank you, God, for sealing my enemies outside the ark.” That’s how I feel.

I wish I had never had any problems, but if you can’t have perpetual peace, victory will do.

You need to pray in tongues every day so your faith will be there when you need it. You need to dedicate yourself, in your heart, to advancing God’s kingdom. It should be your central goal in life, and you should use your faith to do it, in prayer and decreeing. This will cause him to direct more resources to you. After all that, you need to gather wisdom and knowledge and use it, and you need to find friends who will stand with you.

After this, you should be able to live in victory. You might have to face a leftist firing squad some day, as many Christians have, but things like that happen to defeated people, too, and before they happen, those people live in cringing submission.

This is worth it. Believe me.

Am I provoking Satan by saying this stuff? Surely I must be. But he was provoked already. He was provoked before I was born. Appeasing him is not possible. The Bible says we will bruise his head, not that we will keep giving him land until he agrees to stop shooting rockets. He is not our friend, and he never will be.

I would rather provoke him than his invincible enemy.

Hope this stuff is of value to you. Keep moving forward. There is no other way to go.

I haven’t gotten around to discussing the last week, but I will. Probably.


The Oracle of Skynet

August 13th, 2014

Who Needs a Gypsy?

I’ll tell you something interesting about the future. If you use the Internet, one day it’s going to start telling you things about yourself that you didn’t know. And it will tell other people things you don’t want them to know.

I realized this as I was looking at annoying browser ads that popped up in response to Google searches. In the old days, web ads were fairly random, but now your computer and the computers of various organizations store and analyze material you provide incidentally, and they send you ads that seem likely to be appropriate for your needs or desires.

The ads aren’t always related to things in which you’ve shown an explicit interest. Sometimes the machines think, “This person’s activity and data are a lot like those of people who bought this product or service, so let’s send them an ad.”

Even if human beings don’t plan it, eventually you will start receiving information that will tell you surprising things. It will diagnose disease. It diagnose mental illness and personality problems. It may even tell you you’re going to be fired soon, that your wife is cheating on you, or that your area is about to have an earthquake. The computers won’t “know” these things, but the correlations will cause them to reveal them. At first the information will come through advertising, but at some point, that will change. Someone will decide the sleuthing ability of computers is too important not to harness, and they’ll start arranging for us to receive messages not related to commerce.

Various facts correlate with various other facts. We don’t necessarily know the relationships. But they exist, and over time, computers will expose them.

What if people who have a certain hidden disease like a certain food, or they look for a certain type of OTC medication which treats a seemingly unrelated condition? What if they find certain socks helpful, because of skin problems or circulation problems, the causes of which they don’t know? Computers will figure it out.

One day, the Internet will start telling people they have cancer or diabetes or other problems, based on their online activity. It will be shocking.

The Internet may tell the feds things that get us in trouble. To an extent, this already happens. Michele Catalano got a visit because someone in her house searched for pressure cookers, after pressure cookers were used in the Boston Marathon bombing. Eventually, the feds will get better at analyzing data, and visits will be more frequent. In essence, we will be searched and detained based on what the movie Minority Report called “pre-crime.”

Sooner or later, the predictive power will become so great, courts will not be able to protect us. Computer predictions will be considered probable cause. You wait and see.

Eventually you’ll have to curtain your web use very severely, or give up all hope of staying out of the matrix.

It’s going to be an interesting time.


Your Family is Perfectly Functional

August 13th, 2014

You Just Don’t Know Who They Are

Something I posted somewhere else:

Thinking about the fatherless today.

It is not politically correct to say it, but we have entire neighborhoods full of fatherless children and adults. Sometimes the fathers and mothers aren’t around, and sometimes they’re present, but their sons and daughters are spiritual and emotional orphans, because the parents have chosen not to give them the help they need.

Prosperity preachers go to these places and promise money from God; something the people think they need very badly. They give out of their poverty, and they become more poor, and the preachers take the money and spend it on jets and hair plugs and vacations on Maui.

God will help you with material needs, but what he wants is to be your father. He wants to repair your heart and show you there is someone you can count on. He will do what your human parents couldn’t or wouldn’t do.

The thieves go in and tarnish his name, making promises God doesn’t keep, because he was never in them to begin with. And instead of learning to trust God, people come to believe he doesn’t care, or even that he hates them.

The people who remain faithful to God are so brainwashed, they will attack you for unmasking the very individuals who steal their money and their faith. They say, “Touch not mine anointed.”

No one is anointed to steal money and destroy faith.

I have a young friend who got in some financial trouble. It was his own fault. But it was not something that couldn’t be fixed.

He got a full college scholarship this year. I was very excited about that. For a long time, I’ve been telling him he needs to get away from his “community,” and I knew this move would change his entire view of the world.

You always hear black leaders shaming people over the things they owe “the community.” They’re not supposed to shop at white businesses. They’re never supposed to move to better areas. They have to vote for Democrats, to keep the handouts flowing. They can’t have a single original thought, because “the community” depends on them.

I told my friend to forget his community. It wasn’t doing anything for him, apart from providing a terrible influence. I said that if he cared about his community, he should leave, get rich, and go back and teach kids on the weekends.

The scholarship looked like a way out. But this thing he did came back to haunt him, just when he needed to be thinking about school.

He went to a family reunion. He talked to relatives about his problem. Everyone was sympathetic. But everyone said they “couldn’t” help. Couldn’t offer a little cash. Couldn’t pawn something of value and let him repay them. Couldn’t get a cash advance on a credit card.


I know people have money problems, but among them, they should have been able to come up with a small four-figure sum. Don’t tell me none of them have credit cards or homes they can borrow on.

In the end, he had to get help from people who are not even related to him. Now things are much better. He still has some debt to repay, but his life isn’t ruined.

He is fatherless. He has parents, but when he needs help, they come up dry.

In this world, most of us are fatherless. It’s not just the poor. It isn’t just black people. I’ve known a lot of fatherless kids whose parents had money. I was one of them.

Charismatics are trying to get the wrong things out of God. TBN should be called “GSN.” “The God Shopping Network.” You want this blessing? Send this amount as an offering. You want a bigger blessing? We have plenty. Send a bigger offering. Put it on a credit card. If you can’t afford it, don’t worry. God will magically provide the money, because he’s glad you bought some greedy white-trash imbecile a new tire for his Gulfstream jet. That’s what he thinks about all day. “Is there no one who will come forward to buy my prophet one more Mercedes?”

What did your parents fail to give you? What do your friends and relatives fail to give you? Love? Appreciation? Encouragement? Direction? Help in times of need? Maybe a little praise? God knows people have let you down. And it wouldn’t be a problem, if preachers would stop preventing him from helping you.

He wants to come to you and let you feel his love. He wants to heal you of worry and dark expectations. He wants to take away your diseases and the negative traits you have developed in response to the world’s inadequacies. He wants to remove the things that make you sick of yourself. Does he really need a 747 to do that? Paul did more good than all the TV preachers in history. On foot.

If we came to God looking for parenting in the first place, we would not find him so disappointing. We come to him looking for things that are very low on his list of priorities. Things that are inconsequential compared to inner healing and growth. Money has perverted the teaching we receive, and because of our own iniquity, we make ourselves the accomplices and defenders of those who swindle us. We want to believe them.

We should be looking for the right things, and we should be providing them to others. God sets us in new families, with or without blood relation, and we are supposed to fill the needs our biological relations and pre-Christian friends failed to fill. It’s not that hard to provide other people with a little help. Very often, a small sacrifice, even a few words, can relieve a brother or sister of a tremendous amount of suffering. We ought to recognize our new relations and treat them as family.

God is not going to give you a dime for giving money to Kenneth Copeland, so stop waiting for a reward and ask for God to return the money as though it had been stolen. But God does promise a reward for helping the poor. Read Psalm 41. Don’t give stupidly. Don’t enable bums and addicts. But sometimes God will show you someone you should help. It’s not an attack from the devil. It’s one of the things you were put here to do, and God will back you up.

I forgive the people who failed me and the people who deliberately wronged me. I will not look for revenge by carnal means, and I will not carry hate in my heart. But I know they were not my real family, so I will keep my eyes open for their replacements.

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Scamming God

August 8th, 2014

Username and Password Not Recognized

In the Bible, Jesus told us that God would do anything we asked in his name. As a result, Christians say “in the name of Jesus” after asking for things. Very often, God pays no attention. What’s the problem?

There are a lot of ways to go at this issue. I could point out that you have to read the WHOLE Bible and apply each verse consistently with the rest of the book. The Bible says that God does what we ask, if it comports with his will. Obviously, if you combine that with the bit about the name of Jesus, you see that God won’t necessarily do things just because the name is invoked.

But there is a common sense explanation which may be easier to comprehend.

When Jesus said for us to speak in his name, he didn’t just mean we should use his name for clout. He meant we should speak in order to achieve his goals, as though we were him.

Here is something that may make it clearer. Imagine you work for the IRS. Instead of being careful with taxpayers’ money, you have conferences in Las Vegas. You pose sitting in a hotel bath tub with a glass of expensive wine in your hand, showing off the things you paid for with other people’s wages. Then the taxpayers find out. What are they going to do? Are they going to congratulate you and give you a bonus? No. They’re going to try to get you fired, because you’re an idiot.

Why would they be displeased? Because you weren’t really acting in their name. You weren’t serving them. You were serving yourself, to the detriment of their agenda.

Imagine you work for Shell Oil. You have an expense account. They send you to New York to talk about buying another company. While you’re there, you use the expense account to pay for a nice hotel, good food, transportation, ten $5000 hookers, a kilo of cocaine, and a Ferrari Enzo.

How will your boss at Shell feel about that?

What if you’re in New York, and before you send for the hookers, you call your boss and ask him to clear it in advance, because it’s company business? Do you think he’ll go for it? On the other hand, what if you close a deal for Shell, and you ask them for five billion dollars to pay what Shell agreed to give the other party? No problem. It’s yours.

When we accept salvation, we claim we give our hearts to Jesus. Usually, we’re lying. We are afraid of hell. We’re tired of being defeated in life. We want help. And after that, we want God to take care of us and make sure our live are pleasant, while we do whatever we think is right in our own eyes.

Most of us don’t buy into the mission. In fact, we use salvation as a tool to avoid buying in. We do what we want, and we ask God to forgive us over and over. We do what we want, knowing it’s wrong, INTENDING to ask for forgiveness when it’s over.

Why would God continue backing you? Why would he continue funding your expense account, if you do nothing worthwhile with it?

I used to feel that the purpose of Christianity was to save us from hell and make life easier. That was crazy.

“In the name of Jesus” means “with the authority of Jesus, for the purpose of doing his will, as revealed by the Holy Spirit.” If you came up with your own plan, and you say “in the name of Jesus,” you’re just using the name as a magic word to force God to be your slave. That doesn’t work.

There are a number of plateaus in the Christian life. First, you accept salvation. Then you can receive the baptism with the Spirit. Then you can choose to pursue and live by the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit. Then, if you want to go farther, you can dedicate your existence to serving God. With every plateau, your power and authority will increase. You can’t expect a lot if you won’t go to the next level.

You can say something in the name of Jesus without mentioning his name, and you can use his name while doing something he is not involved in. There are people who ask God to help them beat the slot machines, in the name of Jesus. You really can’t expect him to give you faith for that.

Strong faith comes from God, not from you. The more you identify with God’s purposes, the more faith you will have. Power comes from faith. It’s the currency of the supernatural realm. Serve God, and he will make you rich. The faith you generate on your own has some power, but it’s not the real thing.

We are supposed to be kings, priests, heirs, and children. All the power of the realm is ours, but we are supposed to serve. Because we don’t serve, the power doesn’t flow, and our enemies trample us every day. The vast majority of us live in defeat. We don’t demand and decree. We beg for alms, and we use the name of Jesus. Then when God grants our requests, we think it’s because of the name, but in reality, it’s just pity.

We beg for alms in our own kingdom, because we reject the obligations of royalty.

The name of Jesus is powerful, when you know why you’re using it. Otherwise, you’re just insulting God.

If you change your heart and think of yourself as a being created for the sole purpose of expanding God’s kingdom and fighting his enemies, God will increase your faith, and you will have authority. Your prayers won’t fall to earth, and neither will your curses. I say this as a witness.

If you’re happy begging, continue. Let yourself down. Let your kids down. Let your wife down. But while you live in defeat, don’t pretend things aren’t as they should be. You’re getting exactly what you pay for, except that it’s tempered by God’s mercy.

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The Unlikely Smell of Success

August 3rd, 2014

Lathe Debut Imminent

I’m not at church today because the A/C blew out. I can’t wait until we have our own building.

The CNC mini-lathe is pretty much done. I have to get the electronics going, but apart from adjustments and nonessentials, the hardware is ready to go.

I will not criticize this design, because I am not competent to do so, but I have had some negative comments from experienced CNCers. They don’t like the direct couplings between the steppers and screws, and one said it was a bad idea to use a lead screw to move the saddle. I don’t know what else you would use, though.

Yesterday I cut the lead screw to size. It had to be 22″ long, with a 1.75″ portion turned down to 0.25″ to receive an adjustable collar. I got it to about 0.248″.

Turning a lead screw in a lathe is pretty nerve-wracking. If you simply stick it in the chuck, you risk ruining the threads. You can bore soft jaws out so they hold it without marring, or you can make a split bushing that goes over it. You chuck the bushing, and it tightens around the screw without harming it.

I made bushings, but in practice, they were no good. When I chucked the screw, it wobbled pretty badly. I considered boring my soft jaws, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to bore all the way through a brand new pair. I might need that metal for something else later.

This was not a precision job, and I had extra screw material, so I tried the gonzo approach. I wrapped the screw in several layers of foil and chucked it.

It’s hard to put an indicator on a coarse thread. It will bounce around. I decided to eyeball it. I put something straight next to it and turned it, and I saw no deflection. I knew that put me within a couple of thousandths, which is not far from the best the chuck can do, so I was happy.

I center-drilled the far end, put a live center in it, and turned 1.75″ down to size. No problems. If it’s not perfect, I can’t detect it without instruments, and that’s more than good enough.

08 02 14 CNC lead screw turned to size

I had a problem when I mounted it on the lathe. I have some new flexible “plum” couplings, and I put one on the z screw. These couplings have an aluminum spider fitting at each end, and in between, there’s a layer of urethane, like a skateboard wheel. They allow for a lot of error in the rotation of the things they connect, but they also pull apart if you pull the ends away from each other. I want my setup to be rigid longitudinally, so the screw isn’t slopping back and forth and creating incredible backlash. I had to go back and use my old rigid connector, which works fine.

Plum couplings are perfect for the x axis, except that the one I got was a tiny bit too long. There was a layer of urethane between the shafts I was connecting, and it was too thick. In order to use it, I would have to make a thicker x mount or alter the coupling. I’ve made the x mount twice already, so my answer was to mill the urethane out. It should not matter. It installed easily, and it looks like it will run fine.

08 03 14 CNC lathe x axis mount with plum coupling

The z screw system goes motor, coupling, screw end, adjustable collar, wave (spring) washer, thrust bearing, mount, thrust bearing, screw body. The collar appears to be there to hold the screw tightly against the mount, putting pressure on the washer and bearings. It has to be very tight. I had problems with it slipping. I had to tighten it to the point where I was afraid the set screw would strip. I don’t know if 0.248″ is too small for the collar or what. When I made the screw, I assumed a couple of thousandths wouldn’t matter. It’s adjustable, right? But it may be that I need to put some foil inside it to take up room. Or maybe I need to make a bigger, tougher collar. In the real world, there would be a taper, I guess, with the bearing pressed onto it so it could not move. But this is not the real world. This is home CNC.

08 03 14 CNC lathe z axis mount with coupling and bearings

I don’t have a project box, but I have a Bud Portacab on the way. This is a foot-tall lunchbox sort of thing made from aluminum. I want to put plugs on the back for 8 motors (the limit for two Kstep boards). I’m not sure what kind of connectors to use. They have to be 4-wire connectors that will handle up to 18 gauge wire. I will also need a plug for the lathe’s spindle sensor.

I’m getting a lot better at machining, because I have no choice. It’s easy to machine when the plans are in your head, and everything is approximate. When you’re working from drawings, you have to apply yourself.

I’m hoping to see movement from the lathe this week. I need to get it put together and figure Gcode out well enough to do a simple cut. After that, things should get a lot easier. It will just be a matter of study and practice.

Most CNCers don’t do lathes, and that’s understandable. A mill will do a lot more. But I don’t have a mill waiting to be hacked up, and the mini-lathe was sitting here doing nothing. It should be very useful, though, and it will give me some understanding of the most important tool technology of our age. Most people are getting left behind when it comes to CNC/3D printing, and ten years from now, they’ll be like the old geezers who hate cell phones. “Damn this thing. Hello? Hello? What? I have to open it? Hello? Hello? Which button?”

After this, I have to make the lathe ball-cutter for which I bought plans. After that, I might like to make a small surface grinder. I considered making a tool grinder, but they’re not really that useful. People tell me that even if you have a great commercial grinder, you will probably do bad work, because it takes skill. And cutters aren’t that expensive, really. A surface grinder would be nice. If you like making machining accessories, you will want truly flat surfaces once in a while, and hand scraping is a real chore.

Hope I have a victory Youtube to post soon.


The Seas are Troubled; the Boat is Stable

July 30th, 2014

Watch the Show and Relax

I got some more revelation regarding flooding and the Sea of Galilee, so I’ll pass it on.

I don’t think any Spirit-filled Christian will be surprised to hear that the Sea of Galilee symbolizes the earth. We all know that. But more specifically, it symbolizes the hidden nature of the earth: a place created by, and controlled by, words, or if you look at it differently, voices. A word has power when it’s spoken, not when it sits hidden in a book, so it’s more or less equivalent to equate words and voices in the context of the supernatural.

The world is full of voices that are useless and counterproductive. Any voice that doesn’t serve God is evil. It may not be intended for evil, but anything that doesn’t advance God’s agenda is evil. There is nothing neutral.

Jesus appeared to the disciples–I never know whether I should capitalize that word–when they were in a boat on the Sea of Galilee. The waves were high, and the disciples were afraid. This symbolizes the situation people find themselves in when they are at the mercy of the voices that run the world. They’re like little boats in high seas. They can’t do much to protect themselves or steer a course. Paul used this metaphor to describe people who were blown off course by bad doctrine.

Jesus walked on the water while it was still in turmoil. What does that mean? It shows that a person who is walking in God’s authority is above the power of evil voices. Circumstances are not relevant. They can’t touch a person who is in God’s will, unless God chooses to let them do so. When Jesus was crucified, it was by his own consent, and he kept quiet, because his words had the power to prevent it.

The waves actually supported Jesus. Words that are intended for evil will advance God’s plans, and they will help the Spirit-led. God will take the efforts of the damned and make use of them. The effect of this is to turn his enemies into his slaves retroactively. They work hard to defeat God, and when it’s over, they find out that during the time when they thought they were fighting God, they were actually serving him. The Romans thought they were killing Jesus, but in reality, they increased his power and destroyed Satan.

When Jesus entered the boat, the waves died down, and there was peace. When God is with people (“Emanuel” means “God with us”), he preserves them and lifts them above the seas of evil. The ark symbolized this type of deliverance. The disciples’ boat was a picture of the ark, which was a picture of Jesus overcoming the world and delivering his chosen.

I was right to think that using the name of Jesus was like Peter looking to Jesus when walking on the water. That was revelation. We should be flooding the earth all the time, because our flood is stronger than the enemy’s flood. He that is in us is stronger than he that is in the earth. If we don’t use our weapons, we shouldn’t expect things to go well. God gave us certain tools, and we can’t force him to adopt a different plan. We can do things his way, or we can lose.

The Bible says we will condemn every voice that rises up against us, IF we are the servants of the Lord. You can’t condemn by sitting around hoping, or by begging God to do things for you. Condemnation means speaking words against your enemies. It’s an action. Why would we expect to win, if we don’t act?

I think we have probably lost a lot of scripture. Satan loves destroying it. The Nazis burned Torah scrolls. The Catholics prohibited common people from owning Bibles.
Satan is constantly working to erase history. God forbade the Jews to cremate their dead because he knew Satan would tell people they had no archaeological record. God wanted there to be evidence. Satan is behind the Holocaust deniers today; thank God we have film of the camps.

The early church probably produced clearer scriptures than the ones we possess. God hid a lot of things in the remaining books. and Satan is too stupid to understand the code. Now the Spirit-led can read what remains and pull all sorts of instruction and confirmation from it. I believe the stories about the Sea of Galilee are examples of encoded mysteries. When God reveals these things through us, he is laughing at Satan. He is showing that Satan can’t accomplish the simplest of tasks.

God loves the flood metaphor. He used a flood to kill the Egyptian army. It stood up around the Hebrews, as if to honor them, and then it humiliated and overwhelmed the Egyptians. God calls his work inside us “living water.” Over time, it drowns the useless things inside us and waters the good things.

Christians who know God and listen to him are going to get more powerful, and because of that, rage will increase. Don’t be surprised by it. Don’t be rattled. It just means our enemies have been forced to see their impotence. Rejoice in it and don’t appease or retreat. Sometimes they’ll whimper and cry. Don’t pity them or feel bad about prevailing. They can change and join the right side whenever they want. As long as they’re not in the boat, they’re SUPPOSED to suffer. It will drive them to repent, and if not, then they deserve their misery. The alternative is for us to ingest it. Forget that.

When you see these things happening, don’t forget that you were warned, and don’t consider it a negative sign. It is the inevitable result of rebellion and stubbornness in the world. It doesn’t mean things aren’t going right for us. We were not created to be loved by the crooked, filthy world. We were created to conquer it.

I hope this is useful to you. It has certainly been helpful to me.


Get Your Water Wings

July 28th, 2014

The Air of Heaven is Just a Few Inches Above Your Head

A few years back, at Trinity Church, I was attending a prayer service, and I found myself saying, “Unleash the flood,” over and over. I have learned that when I’m in the Spirit, and I find I have something unexpected to repeat, it’s a word from God.

I wasn’t immediately sure what I was talking about, but then I realized God was referring to prayer in tongues. The church has discouraged it for almost two centuries, because Satan runs the church, and he hates it. To win the battles that are coming, we will have to be complete Christians, and that means prayer in tongues. It will put God’s faith in us, not to mention his other good qualities. It will put his guidance in us. It will cause us to to what he wants, using his power, instead of what we think is right.

Over the last few weeks, I have learned that repeating “in the name of Jesus” when praying or exercising authority can be very powerful. We are taught to ask for stuff and then say “in the name of Jesus,” as if it were a magical phrase that forces God to do what we want. Then we go about our business and don’t really expect anything to happen. And saying something more than once seems bad to us, as if it’s a confession that we lack faith.

In reality, repetition is essential. Yes, Jesus told us to avoid repetition, but he was talking about “VAIN repetition.” You shouldn’t take a prayer someone else wrote 300 years ago and repeat it without meaning or understanding it, just because a priest told you to. We are supposed to TALK TO God. Imagine how you would feel if your son came up to you when he had a problem and he did nothing but repeat an irrelevant prayer a hundred times. How productive would that be? Not very. But there are times when repetition is important. Even God repeats himself. There are examples of Jesus saying things several times.

The word “meditation” refers to repetition. Sometimes you can take a passage of scripture and repeat it thirty times and get a useful revelation out of it. This is why God has instructed us to meditate on his word.

“God’s word” doesn’t just mean the Bible. It means anything he says. If he gives you a word, you should repeat it many times and reflect on it. If “God’s word” only meant the Bible, effectively, God would be muzzled. He would never be allowed to say anything else, because it would not be God’s word. Think how silly that is.

I am able to perceive the supernatural, at least in some regards. One thing I can perceive is supernatural faith moving inside me. This is not my effort, trying to believe. That doesn’t work. It’s the Holy Spirit inside me, believing for me. This is why the Bible says that even faith is “of God.”

I found that sometimes I didn’t feel faith when I used the name of Jesus. I would say, “God, will you please do x, in the name of Jesus,” and nothing would happen. I eventually found that the faith would come if I said, “in the name of Jesus” more than once. And if I said it ten or twenty times, the faith became so strong, it became hard for me to speak. Faith is a substance that comes out through the mouth, and it’s hard to use the mouth for two things at once.

What does this have to do with flooding?

The other day, I saw a parallel between what I was doing and what Peter did when he walked on water. People always say Jesus walked on water. Why is it that we don’t talk much about Peter walking on water? What he did was extremely important, because it showed that we can become like Jesus. We shouldn’t ignore it. He didn’t do it perfectly, but come on. What would happen if you took three steps on water and then sank? You would still be on every news show on the planet. It was a big deal.

When Peter started to sink, he looked at Jesus, and he rose. He was lifted on top of the water, and instead of drowning him, it served him. Like a footstool.

Repeating the name of Jesus works the same way.

There is faith all around us. Unfortunately, most of it is Satanic. We have faith in Satan as the “all-powerful” ruler of this world, even though he’s just a failed angel who will eventually be the lowest, most humiliated creature in existence. We have faith in the power of disease; we believe it won’t go away when we pray. We have faith in circumstances; we believe our problems are so powerful, God can’t fix them. Many of us have faith that God doesn’t exist.

Where does this faith come from? It comes from words. In the Bible, water symbolizes voices and words. All around us, there are people and spirits (and even our own minds) speaking anti-God faith to us. We hear it around the clock. And people curse us and send demons after us, using words. People condemn us. They lie about us. It never stops. Satan and the other agents of negative faith speak constantly, repeating and repeating and repeating. And as Goebbels noted, repetition makes things seem true. It gives them power.

Satan repeats himself all day. He never shuts up. He gets people to do his repeating for him. He gets his messages onto CDs and DVDs so machines repeat them.

How, then, did we miss the importance of repeating God’s truth?

There is symmetry in the supernatural. Every weapon Satan uses was stolen from God. Satan repeats because we are supposed to repeat in order to defeat him.

We are surrounded by a flood of stupid voices. In the Bible, the sea (actually a lake) of Galilee symbolizes this flood-filled world. Just as God flooded the world to kill the seed of the angels, Satan floods the world to drown the Spirit-led.

In the present, Satan has a flood, and God has a counter-flood, but God’s flood has been dammed up by ignorance and false teaching (part of Satan’s flood). When God said, “Unleash the flood,” he was talking about pouring his flood out through the mouths of his children.

Last night, God gave me this word: “I am walking on the flood.”

When I heard that, I understood the connection between Peter and what I was doing. If I pour out God’s flood, I will walk on Satan’s flood. Instead of drowning me, Satan will actually support and help me, through the very works he does to destroy me. He will be my servant and my footstool, and so will his children.

The enemy and his works will drown, and I will float on the flood and profit from it. That which was meant to kill me will kill my enemies and exalt me.

You need to pray in tongues every day, and the amount you pray makes a difference. Remember Goebbels. What works for evil also works for good. Speaking the truth many times is much better than speaking it rarely. You also need to repeat God’s word. If you don’t hear from God yet, repeat scripture. Repeat whatever you know of God’s word. Until you can speak in tongues, speak with your own understanding.

Sometimes when you pray and decree, you will not feel faith. That’s because something is rising up to fight it. When this happens, repeat “in the name of Jesus.” Your faith will increase. This is “waiting on the Lord.” God has promised us that if we wait on him, he will strengthen our hearts. See the Psalms.

When you repeat truth, you will rise above the flood of lies, and God’s power will move. Try it. But make sure you have faith, because without faith, it won’t work. Scripture tells us how to get faith: pray in tongues.

Amazing things are happening in my life and in my character. I am not Jesus. I have plenty of room for improvement. But I am a new person these days, and it did not happen because I made an effort. It’s all God’s supernatural work. And it’s going to continue. I’m going to improve. God wants this for you, too. He didn’t send me to replace Jesus singlehandedly. I am not that important. This is for every child of God.

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Nuts to Me

July 25th, 2014

The 4-Jaw has Landed

I have another machining update. I sometimes wonder if I should put so much of this material up, since some people come here for spiritual stuff. But on his own blog, a blogger is a dictator who answers to no one, so here I go.

My first rotary table was a 10″ Phase II. I wanted something big so I would not run into the tool-user’s curse, which is needing a bigger tool ten seconds after you unwrap the one you just bought. Phase II tables are made to mate with 3-jaw chucks one size smaller, so I put an 8″ chuck on this table. Together, these items weighed so much I could not lift them well enough to move them. At least I don’t think so, because lifting the table all by itself is risky. I don’t think I’ve ever lifted them when they were joined.

Eventually, I decided I had had enough of moving this thing, and I decided to get a 6″ table. Unfortunately, Enco had a great price on 8″ tables, so that’s what I bought. And I bought a 6″ chuck for it, because mating an 8″ 3-jaw chuck to it is virtually impossible.

Had I bought a 6″ table, moving the table and chuck together would not be all that bad, but with the 8″ job, I have to separate them.

Generally, my solution to this problem is to leave the table on the mill all the time. I have not yet had a job big enough to make it necessary to remove the table. The 10″ table was a little annoying, but the 8″ one is reasonably unobtrusive when I’m using the vise.

I can tell you find this post exciting.

One of the aggravating things about having a 3-jaw chuck on a rotary table is that every time you remove the chuck (which is necessary in order to clamp stuff to the table), you have to use a dial indicator on it when you put it back on, to make sure it’s centered on the table. A while back, I got the bright idea of using a 4-jaw table instead. It would be 2″ bigger, because 4-jaw chucks are less annoying to mount, and I would not have to indicate it.

I totally forgot that I would have to indicate EVERY SINGLE PART I put on it. But that’s okay. It can do everything a 3-jaw can do, it holds bigger work, and it allows you to machine irregular parts. You can also machine stuff that isn’t centered, and you can use the chuck as a faceplate if you remove the jaws.


I ordered an 8″ Phase II chuck. It looks fine, but it came with a lot of grit in it, and the machining in the jaws and slots is somewhat crude.

When I asked Phase II if there was an adapter plate for mounting it, they told me there was not. I thought I would have to make one. But the chuck has 4 holes for mounting cap screws, and there are 4 T-nut slots in the table. Measuring carefully, I realized that the slots were juuuuust deep enough to permit mounting the chuck on T-nuts. Problem: the nuts I had are rectangular, and the slots are semicircular at the extreme ends, so the corners on the nuts prevent them from going all the way in. I had to machine the corners off or make new nuts.

I suspected the nuts were hardened, and they were too small to machine easily, so I got out a 3/4″ by 1/2″ bare of 1018 steel and made new nuts. Here is a shot of part of the process. It got prettier later on, but this is my first effort.

07 11 14 making rounded t nuts for 4 jaw chuck on mill

That thing in the collet is a stud. I used it to center the screw holes under the spindle. Later I made a tool from 1/2″ aluminum rod. The end was turned to an unthreaded diameter that fit snugly in the tapped holes. I put the tool in the collet, used it to center the work, clamped everything, and replaced the tool with a 1/2″ cutter.

The job was simple. First I made a long bar of steel with the same cross-sectional profile as a nut. It was 0.700″ wide at the bottom, and it had two shoulders cut into it so it was 0.450″ wide at the top (the name “T-nut” comes from this shape, which is an upside-down “T”).

Then I drilled and tapped several M10 x 1.5 holes through the bar, for the cap screws.

After that, I clamped the bar to the rotary table and machined two radii into the end. I used the band saw to cut the bar into individual nuts. It was a fairly pretty operation. I had to do some filing to get the last few thousandths of necessary clearance, but now I have this:

07 23 14 4 jaw lathe chuck mounted on 8 inch rotab with special nut

You can see one of my round nuts on the table. That’s a crude one I made as an afterthought. It doesn’t have a pretty round end on it like the others.

Under that table, there are two nuts with one hole each and two nuts that have two holes each. I was going to cut them down, but I thought maybe I would get some type of versatility if I had different types of nuts, and it saved me some work, which was probably my primary motivation.

My next project is to make special T-nuts that fit the jaw slots. I have been told this will damage the slots, but I think that’s wrong. I can make them from brass or aluminum, so they’ll be softer than the table, and I can make them long, so the pressure is distributed over a wide area. I got this idea from my 10″ 4-jaw (on the big lathe), which already has faceplate slots cut in it. Granted, these slots are separate from the jaw slots, but I still think my idea will work. It would make it totally unnecessary to remove the chuck when clamping things. If I don’t like the way it works out, I can always make a round, thick aluminum plate, attach it to the chuck through the existing screw holes, and mill or fly-cut it so it’s level. I can mark it so it’s always mounted the same way, and that should give me reliable flatness every time I bolt it on.

Now that this is behind me, I can move on to the assembly of my CNC lathe’s control box (probably the wrong term for it). It will house the power supply, controller and drive board(s).

Stuff is getting done. The backlog is dwindling. Praise the Lord.