March 20th, 2017

This is What Defeat Looks Like

Every day I make the mistake of looking at the news, and today I saw something even more disturbing than usual. Comedian Tim Allen said he took his five-year-old to a parade in Santa Monica (part of greater L.A.), and they saw a fire truck covered with naked men.

I hadn’t thought about naked gay parades in quite some time, mercifully; this just brought the matter back to my attention. I don’t want to sound like I’m outraged about something new. This has been going on for a while.

I Googled and found all sorts of disturbing images.

Gays really do march stark naked in parades in major cities. I was thinking about putting up censored images to prove it, but I’m too lazy. Google “gay parade nudity” and click “Images.” If you have a strong stomach.

This stuff happens in L.A., San Francisco, New York, Key West, Toronto, and God knows where else.

“Who are they hurting?”, you may ask. If that’s your response, the hurt is already done, and you are probably beyond help. If you don’t see anything wrong with men showing their genitals to women and children, you are hopelessly jaded.

Christianity is a mess. We have been taught that it’s about obeying rules. We’ve been taught that God is like a slot machine that will pay off on rare occasions if we pray constantly. We have been taught that his help is rare. We have been taught that Satan and other evil spirits aren’t real. Imagine that. The Old Testament says they’re real. Jesus and the apostles said they were real. Christians pretend to believe Jesus is God. Somehow, we have decided God was wrong about a lot of things.

We don’t know God. We don’t understand the way spirits work. We don’t understand the very nature of the universe. We don’t realize we’re in the middle of a battle between spirits. It makes sense that we think sin is harmless. If God is just barely real, so are the consequences of ungodliness.

The problem with loving or even tolerating sin is that it cuts us off from God–the good spirit–and subjects us to the power of Satan, fallen angels, and demons. These are spirits that want to destroy us. We are supposed to live in God’s presence, through the Holy Spirit. We are supposed to be close to him, so we can be shaped by him. When we get into rebellion, it’s as if we build walls between him and ourselves. He stops answering our prayers. He stops pitying our suffering. We lose his help.

Simply by being exposed to outrageous sexual perversion, we are harmed. Some of us are tempted and then become subject to evil spirits. Some are simply discouraged and vexed and lose their peace and their faith that God is more powerful than his enemies. Some may fall into anger and malice. In any case, yes, it is harmful.

The Bible makes it clear that evil will win. The Tribulation and the second coming aren’t celebrations of the victories of God’s people. They will be punishment for the people who defeat us. Christians hate hearing that they’re going to lose; we are extremely arrogant, and we are unwilling to face our failures. But lose we will. In fact, lost we have.

We are already in the beginning stage of Nazi-style persecution in America. Gays and others who hate Christianity are closing Christian businesses, with the state and our new, unelected, unaccountable, Bill-of-Rights-exempt, tech-giant pseudo-government on their side. Simply saying you believe the Bible is enough to get you fired in many plances. We are being pushed out of commerce, just as the Jews were under Hitler. We have already been pushed out of education, just as the Jews were under Hitler. We are being pushed into smaller and smaller areas. It’s not subtle. It’s obvious, but people can’t see it because their minds are clouded supernaturally.

Some of us want to fight. That’s beyond stupid. If natural strength meant anything, we wouldn’t be in this position. We had numbers and wealth, and we still lost. It’s silly to claim we can win now that our numbers are shrinking and the state is against us. Christianity in America is drying up like a tumor after chemotherapy, and it will continue to dry up. Fighting with our natural strenght will only bring us humiliation, and it will make us look like hypocrites.

It’s nice that Trump is slowing the process down, but he won’t be around forever, and the overall trend in America is leftward. It’s true, we elect a lot of Republicans, but they’re not much help. They’re like the leftists of twenty years ago. It won’t be that long before our politicians move so far to the left it makes little difference who we vote for.

We’re supposed to know God personally. We’re supposed to live in his presence, without the help of preachers and priests. We’re supposed to get his help and become transformed internally, so we are aligned with him in our hearts and minds. It’s all supernatural, but because we love pretending to be able to help ourselves, we reject it. His charity is the only source of power and peace, but we don’t want it.

We hate God because we don’t know him. We believe the lies we’ve been told about him. We think he doesn’t care, or that all he wants is for us to follow rules we (in our great wisdom) find silly and unpleasant. We can’t get close enough to him to see him for ourselves and make the obvious decision. Our rebelliousness limits how close we can get to him, but it helps us get closer to the spirits that are against him.

I’m working on getting out of Miami, which is a hub of demon worship. I tend to feel like it’s an escape, but it’s not. It’s a retreat. God’s people lost Miami. We got thrashed. When an army gets beaten, it pulls back and regroups. That’s what’s happening in my life. My unit failed to take its objective, so now we’re on the run. The same thing is happening all over the country.

The enemy’s people will follow us. We will get some time to recover and serve God as well as we can, but they will come for us. They’ll actively look for us. They’ll come to the areas to which we’ve fled, for the purpose of tormenting and defeating us. It will be the wedding cake battle all over again. Gays don’t go to Christian bakers because they think those bakers are the best. They go to them because they’re Christians. They go to force confrontations, knowing the Christians will lose. Things may be less stressful in your rural community in the South or the West, but that won’t last. Towns and states can’t protect anyone. The federal government is all-powerful now. Any rest we get will be temporary.

We will be marginalized. Our property will be taken. We will be forced into servitude, like dhimmis in a caliphate. We will be driven off the airwaves and the Internet. We will be killed for our faith, with government approval. Things will eventually get so bad God will blow the whistle and remove us.

It’s astonishing, what has happened to America. How did so many get so filthy?

Naked men on a fire truck. In America. During a parade. In front of children. And it doesn’t even make the news! And if you criticize it, you’re evil!

We’re always told homosexuals are just like everyone else, except that they prefer homosexual relations. If that were true, pre-gay-revolution parades would have been full of nudity, bondage gear, and sex acts. They were not. Gay life is about sexual depravity. It revolves around fornication. They are obsessed with sex, to a much greater degree than the rest of us.

Christians caused this mess. We were selfish. We were proud. We didn’t care about other people. We didn’t seek correction. We just wanted God to make our own plans work out. We can’t help ourselves, so naturally, we were not able to help the men who now ride around on the fire truck. We blame them as though they’re the whole problem. What if we had done things God’s way? What if we had allowed God to become so powerful in us he could deliver people and help them find his love? Wouldn’t things be different?

They’re responsible for their own problems, but we are also to blame.

The history of the world, from creation up through the Tribulation, will look like this: God set us up for success, we threw it away, God set us up for success, we threw it away, God set us up for success, we threw it away, and then God had to come down and push the “reset” button. Adam failed. The Jews failed. We failed. We should be glad God is so close to putting an end to the spectacle.

It is no exaggeration to say that when he returns, he will be putting the world out of its misery.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone. I’m just trying to help people see America the way it is. If people can see the storm developing, they might prepare for it.

Get ready for what’s coming. You can’t say you didn’t know.

5 Responses to “Retreat”

  1. Monty James Says:

    Tim Allen didn’t deliberately take his child to a gay parade, did he?

  2. Stephen McAteer Says:

    I don’t think you’re allowed to be naked in the street over here, gay or otherwise. In fact there was a ‘Naked rambler’ in the news a couple of years ago who insisted on walking around with no clothes on and he got put in jail. Repeatedly.

  3. Steve H. Says:

    Take a stiff drink and try that Google search.

  4. Steve B Says:

    It really is true about there being a spiritual battle. When I saw the way that Hillary Clinton could walk through fire and not get burned, despite so much evidence against her, you have to know that there was some serious spiritual protection around her. And not the good kind. The fact that Trump was elected was literally an act of God. No other explanation.

    I think we are watching the death of the concepts of right and wrong. Or maybe…”watched.” Kids being raised without a gender, sex change operations for teenagers, gender neutral bathrooms, abortion seen as some sort of human right. What a mess.

  5. Barbara Says:

    It’s awful. 🙁
    I have a close family member involved with this stuff, who won’t talk to me, and has cut off contact, because I refuse to warmly approve this crap. It’s painful, and if you’d told me ten years ago this would happen, I’d have been incredulous, but Christ did warn us.
    Notice how first they wanted to be not pariahs, then they wanted ‘support’, now they are making it unacceptable to *not* approve of perversion. Is like nazi Germany, where people could be taken to prison for failing to look radiantly happy enough when talking about Hitler!