President Trump

January 20th, 2017

“You’re Awake, by the Way.”

I watched the inauguration. I could not resist. It seemed like it had been such a long time since I had seen an American president who wasn’t hopelessly naive, corrosive to the nation he was supposed to defend, completely dishonest, or in the pockets of beltway elites.

I don’t have too much to say about it. I sat through Trump’s speech. I consider that a personal victory. Virtually all speeches are boring.

Most of the people on the capitol steps appeared to be taking things in stride. Hillary Clinton was an exception, but even she only looked moderately whipped and resentful. The one person who looked truly miserable was Michelle Obama. Women are less forgiving than men. Maybe she is having a hard time with the transition.

Paula White was one of three preachers who spoke before Trump. I was highly disturbed to see her up there. Paula White is a disgraceful know-nothing who worships money and poisons people with false doctrine. Still, as a friend pointed out, her brand of Christianity is better than the beliefs of the outgoing president.

I thought Trump’s speech was good. As others have noted, he talked very little about himself–a big change from Obama’s notoriously self-absorbed teleprompter makeout sessions–and he spoke a lot about what his administration plans to do for America. He was ruthless to the elites, saying, essentially, that they had gutted America, and he said he was going to give the country back to the people and put Americans first.

I don’t know how much power he will have to do those things, but he is the first major player since Sarah Palin to even bring up the subject. It’s nice to be acknowledged, even by a person who can’t help you.

Trump was sworn in by Chief Justice Roberts. That tells us nothing, since that job always goes to the Chief Justice. Mike Pence was sworn in by Clarence Thomas. That made me happy. The honor could have gone to Alito, but Thomas was a better choice, because it was nice to see one black American who was not convinced Trump is the devil. Trump is going to be very good for blacks because he is going to take on illegals who drive blacks out of the job market, but for some reason, they are positive he takes orders from the Klan.

I completely understand why Hispanics are mad at Trump. Many of them care much more about getting their family members across the border than they do about our country, so their anger at Trump is to be expected. Many Hispanics in America ARE illegal aliens, right now. The hatred from blacks is different. It has no basis at all.

Trump said something about unifying America. That won’t happen. It’s nice to dream, but the devil’s people felt they were entitled to win this election, and now that their conquest of America has been delayed, they are in full tantrum mode. That’s not going to stop. Trump will be the most maligned president in modern history. Name it, and he will be accused of it. He was just accused of hiring Russian whores to urinate on a mattress that had been used by the Obamas, and if you check the web, lots of people refuse to back down on the debunked claim. When it comes to Trump, any accusation will have legs, whether it has legs or not.

Right now some horrendous press dishonesty is on display across the nation. The government is investigating Russian hacking, to see if we need to take measures to protect ourselves in the future. Fair enough; good idea. The problem is that media outlets are putting out dishonest headlines like, “Feds to Investigate Trump’s Connection to Russian Hackers.” That’s obviously an attempt to mischaracterize what’s happening. No one is seriously suggesting Trump worked with the Russians, and Julian Assange has made it clear the materials he published did not come from Russia. The news people don’t care; they’re promoting the illusion anyway, knowing most people don’t read anything but headlines.

Liberals love abortion, and they’re proving their love right now by doing their best to abort the Trump presidency before it starts. They treated Bush disgracefully, but compared to Trump, Bush was a media darling.

There will be no unification, and the only effort at unification will come from the right. It will be misguided, and it will be used against us. Accept that now, and the insane spectacles of the next four years may be easier to bear.

I don’t expect Trump to do well, because sooner or later, the Bush/Obama/Federal Reserve house of cards has to collapse, and Trump is likely to be in office when it does. When it happens, the press will agree Trump caused it, just as they agreed Bush caused the Clinton subprime mortgage recession. Trump may get four good years, but I don’t think the air castle will stay aloft for eight. Sooner or later, hard times will come, and it will “prove” socialism and open borders are the path to wealth and joy. Then instead of merely courting a dangerous nut like Bernie Sanders, we’ll elect one.

I’m just glad Trump made it to the inauguration. He wasn’t assassinated. Jill Stein’s Clinton-backed recounts didn’t slow him down. He is, officially, the 45th president. We won’t be able to relax now, but maybe we can go from Defcon 2 to Defcon 3 and keep our food down for a while.

I can’t wait to see his executive actions, his first Supreme Court appointment, and his other judicial appointments. I can’t wait to see the prices of guns and ammunition go back down. Maybe the Border Patrol will be allowed to go back to work. That would be strange and lovely.

Let’s enjoy it while we can. Sooner or later, the same type of people who took over Cuba will rule the United States, and however unappealing the present looks now, it will seem like paradise in retrospect.

Go, big orange! And please stop tweeting.

3 Responses to “President Trump”

  1. Juan Paxety Says:

    A lot of people are putting a lot of faith in a man. He’s in my prayers.

  2. Monty James Says: reports that the official White House web site had a long page about global warming, and the plans of the federal government to combat same. As of noon Jan. 20th, it had been taken down. Perhaps not the biggest thing in the world, but I liked it all the same.

    Compared to his primary opponents, I think Trump’s the only one who could have pulled this out this year, and that is because he was willing to make a fight of it. The Left are two-legged sewer rats, and were not owed a fair fight. Any of the others would have been gentlemanly and taken the high road, and Hillary Clinton would have been sworn in today.

    A lot might happen in four years. Maybe the horse will learn to sing, as the old fable goes.

  3. Ruth H Says:

    I think I can exhale now. I’ve been holding my breath so long. I was sure they would find a way to stop this. Now I pray for his safety.
    Some thought he gave a grim, horrible speech. Truth does hurt and sometimes it is grim. If you cannot face the truth you sure can’t fix what is wrong.
    I have Tea Party friends who chide me because I won’t join the Republican Party. I am totally anti-establishment and I think I just found my president. I hope the congressional establishment doesn’t fight him to defeat.
    He’s already issued two executive orders, but who’s counting?
    Good job so far Mr. President Trump. Keep it up.