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Get Your Water Wings

July 28th, 2014

The Air of Heaven is Just a Few Inches Above Your Head

A few years back, at Trinity Church, I was attending a prayer service, and I found myself saying, “Unleash the flood,” over and over. I have learned that when I’m in the Spirit, and I find I have something unexpected to repeat, it’s a word from God.

I wasn’t immediately sure what I was talking about, but then I realized God was referring to prayer in tongues. The church has discouraged it for almost two centuries, because Satan runs the church, and he hates it. To win the battles that are coming, we will have to be complete Christians, and that means prayer in tongues. It will put God’s faith in us, not to mention his other good qualities. It will put his guidance in us. It will cause us to to what he wants, using his power, instead of what we think is right.

Over the last few weeks, I have learned that repeating “in the name of Jesus” when praying or exercising authority can be very powerful. We are taught to ask for stuff and then say “in the name of Jesus,” as if it were a magical phrase that forces God to do what we want. Then we go about our business and don’t really expect anything to happen. And saying something more than once seems bad to us, as if it’s a confession that we lack faith.

In reality, repetition is essential. Yes, Jesus told us to avoid repetition, but he was talking about “VAIN repetition.” You shouldn’t take a prayer someone else wrote 300 years ago and repeat it without meaning or understanding it, just because a priest told you to. We are supposed to TALK TO God. Imagine how you would feel if your son came up to you when he had a problem and he did nothing but repeat an irrelevant prayer a hundred times. How productive would that be? Not very. But there are times when repetition is important. Even God repeats himself. There are examples of Jesus saying things several times.

The word “meditation” refers to repetition. Sometimes you can take a passage of scripture and repeat it thirty times and get a useful revelation out of it. This is why God has instructed us to meditate on his word.

“God’s word” doesn’t just mean the Bible. It means anything he says. If he gives you a word, you should repeat it many times and reflect on it. If “God’s word” only meant the Bible, effectively, God would be muzzled. He would never be allowed to say anything else, because it would not be God’s word. Think how silly that is.

I am able to perceive the supernatural, at least in some regards. One thing I can perceive is supernatural faith moving inside me. This is not my effort, trying to believe. That doesn’t work. It’s the Holy Spirit inside me, believing for me. This is why the Bible says that even faith is “of God.”

I found that sometimes I didn’t feel faith when I used the name of Jesus. I would say, “God, will you please do x, in the name of Jesus,” and nothing would happen. I eventually found that the faith would come if I said, “in the name of Jesus” more than once. And if I said it ten or twenty times, the faith became so strong, it became hard for me to speak. Faith is a substance that comes out through the mouth, and it’s hard to use the mouth for two things at once.

What does this have to do with flooding?

The other day, I saw a parallel between what I was doing and what Peter did when he walked on water. People always say Jesus walked on water. Why is it that we don’t talk much about Peter walking on water? What he did was extremely important, because it showed that we can become like Jesus. We shouldn’t ignore it. He didn’t do it perfectly, but come on. What would happen if you took three steps on water and then sank? You would still be on every news show on the planet. It was a big deal.

When Peter started to sink, he looked at Jesus, and he rose. He was lifted on top of the water, and instead of drowning him, it served him. Like a footstool.

Repeating the name of Jesus works the same way.

There is faith all around us. Unfortunately, most of it is Satanic. We have faith in Satan as the “all-powerful” ruler of this world, even though he’s just a failed angel who will eventually be the lowest, most humiliated creature in existence. We have faith in the power of disease; we believe it won’t go away when we pray. We have faith in circumstances; we believe our problems are so powerful, God can’t fix them. Many of us have faith that God doesn’t exist.

Where does this faith come from? It comes from words. In the Bible, water symbolizes voices and words. All around us, there are people and spirits (and even our own minds) speaking anti-God faith to us. We hear it around the clock. And people curse us and send demons after us, using words. People condemn us. They lie about us. It never stops. Satan and the other agents of negative faith speak constantly, repeating and repeating and repeating. And as Goebbels noted, repetition makes things seem true. It gives them power.

Satan repeats himself all day. He never shuts up. He gets people to do his repeating for him. He gets his messages onto CDs and DVDs so machines repeat them.

How, then, did we miss the importance of repeating God’s truth?

There is symmetry in the supernatural. Every weapon Satan uses was stolen from God. Satan repeats because we are supposed to repeat in order to defeat him.

We are surrounded by a flood of stupid voices. In the Bible, the sea (actually a lake) of Galilee symbolizes this flood-filled world. Just as God flooded the world to kill the seed of the angels, Satan floods the world to drown the Spirit-led.

In the present, Satan has a flood, and God has a counter-flood, but God’s flood has been dammed up by ignorance and false teaching (part of Satan’s flood). When God said, “Unleash the flood,” he was talking about pouring his flood out through the mouths of his children.

Last night, God gave me this word: “I am walking on the flood.”

When I heard that, I understood the connection between Peter and what I was doing. If I pour out God’s flood, I will walk on Satan’s flood. Instead of drowning me, Satan will actually support and help me, through the very works he does to destroy me. He will be my servant and my footstool, and so will his children.

The enemy and his works will drown, and I will float on the flood and profit from it. That which was meant to kill me will kill my enemies and exalt me.

You need to pray in tongues every day, and the amount you pray makes a difference. Remember Goebbels. What works for evil also works for good. Speaking the truth many times is much better than speaking it rarely. You also need to repeat God’s word. If you don’t hear from God yet, repeat scripture. Repeat whatever you know of God’s word. Until you can speak in tongues, speak with your own understanding.

Sometimes when you pray and decree, you will not feel faith. That’s because something is rising up to fight it. When this happens, repeat “in the name of Jesus.” Your faith will increase. This is “waiting on the Lord.” God has promised us that if we wait on him, he will strengthen our hearts. See the Psalms.

When you repeat truth, you will rise above the flood of lies, and God’s power will move. Try it. But make sure you have faith, because without faith, it won’t work. Scripture tells us how to get faith: pray in tongues.

Amazing things are happening in my life and in my character. I am not Jesus. I have plenty of room for improvement. But I am a new person these days, and it did not happen because I made an effort. It’s all God’s supernatural work. And it’s going to continue. I’m going to improve. God wants this for you, too. He didn’t send me to replace Jesus singlehandedly. I am not that important. This is for every child of God.

One Response to “Get Your Water Wings”

  1. Steve B Says:

    You make a great point here, Steve. We are often presented with the Peter/Jesus story as almost metaphorical, as admonition of what happens when he “take our eyes off Jesus.” But this story isn’t presented as a parable. It recounts actual events. Strange that we don’t deal more directly with the fact that Peter, a simple human man, WALKED ON WATER. JUST as Jesus did! That we truly do have the same capacity to perform and experience these miraculous events….solely on the basis of faith!

    Having grown up in the Baptist tradition, I truly believe that a lot of genuine believers are actually afraid of miracles. Or they don’t want to be branded a kook or a pentacostal. And in doing so rob themselves of an amazing legacy!