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“I Could Swear we Forgot Something…”

September 12th, 2013

Let’s Talk About What’s Really Importantt

This is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. A friend of mine just sent it to me.

Those are my old pastors.

That video is so strange. They don’t even mention God, except in the pronoun “your.”

Am I the crazy one here? Is this not disturbing?

“Just bring us a big bunch of money. Thank you for listening.”

9 Responses to ““I Could Swear we Forgot Something…””

  1. Steve_in_CA Says:

    There has to be more than what was put in the clip on U-toob, no one is that conceited.

  2. Steve H. Says:

    They put that video up, themselves! That’s their Youtube account.

  3. Ruth H Says:

    I don’t know how you were not onto these people from the getgo.
    Just the devil at work, I guess. I pride myself, maybe it is a false pride, but when the picture opened up and I saw that man’s eyes I knew he was a liar. I didn’t know who he was, hadn’t yet read who he was, he has that tell tale liar eye problem. And the wife, I guess it is the wife, has that stupid adoring look you see in those couples. I will tell you the truth, if I see a sign on a church showing the pastor’s name along with his wife, like they will be your bff it turns me off that church. I don’t worship the pastors, I respect some of them, but many are just inflated egos working the public. Especially those on the big time TV channels, and some of them who are not. Just shaking my head on this one and so happy you saw the light even through their darkness.

  4. Steve H. Says:

    Ruth, it didn’t used to be this weird. They had great Wednesday services with lots of prayer. They didn’t totally ignore the Holy Spirit. But things kept getting stranger and stranger.

    They used to allow the gifts of the Spirit in the services, but that was gradually cut out.

    Before I took off, the armorbearers found a voodoo doll there with its heart cut out and the chest left open. It’s funny, but the heart of the church pretty much got up and left after that.

    I had never seen a voodoo doll before. They really exist.

  5. Rick C Says:

    I thought it was interesting that–as Steve said, no mention of God–but one of the first things he said was “raising up a generation of people who are passionate for the local church.” Again, not God, not even the Church as a whole…the *local* church.

  6. Steve H. Says:

    Now that is a fascinating comment.

    I am not a crafty person, so I don’t automatically analyze the motives of crafty people. Now that you bring this up, though, the wheels are turning.

    Trinity is very hostile to other churches. It’s unusual to see them involve themselves with other churches that are withing driving distance. My belief is that they think their congregants are their property, and they’re terrified that a better preacher will draw them away and cost them money.

    When they say “local,” it probably reflects the same kind of anxiety, directed toward money-grubbers who are on TV. The Trinity leaders are the same kind of people, and they don’t like competition.

    People from Trinity keep moving to my church. The leaders over there suspect that I’ve led an insidious campaign to lure people away, but the truth is that when people come to a real church and encounter the Holy Spirit, they don’t want to go back to Trinity and watch the pastor’s son eat a bug or shave his head to get people to show up.

    I have urged a few people to try New Dawn Ministries, and I openly encourage anyone who shows an interest, but if I had been hit by a bus in 2010, people would still be leaving Trinity. It’s a terrible church.

  7. pbird Says:

    Oh my..

  8. Mike B Says:

    It sounds to me like he’s not even making the “your house” comment in reference to God’s house…to me, it sounds like he’s saying “My house”…”Bring your money to my house”…”Love My house”.

    I agree with Ruth as well. As soon as he started talking, I had an uncomfortable feeling come over me. An unsettling feeling.

    I don’t claim to be the most pious man, but I am glad you are no longer involved with them Steve.

  9. Steve H. Says:

    As soon as you get to that church, they put a knife in your back, and then they make use of you until you realize it’s there.