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Jesus is a Conservative

June 1st, 2013

Invest; Don’t Steal and Destroy

The ability to receive blessings is infinitely better than the blessings themselves.

If you receive something good, it helps you in the short term, but what you really need is a perpetual INCOME of blessings, and many people CANNOT BE BLESSED. Everything you give them will be turned into excrement and poison. Look at all the famous athletes and entertainers who make tens of millions of dollars and end up bankrupt. There are bums who take in enough money to live well, but year after year, they’re standing in front of stores in stinking rags, asking for more.

People can’t be blessed because they deny God, they lack faith, they refuse to forgive, they refuse to confess their sins and iniquities, or they are full of self-condemnation, which blocks the blessings God sends.

Jesus said the word of God would bring a thirtyfold, sixtyfold, or hundredfold return in people who held onto it and made use of it. I am seeing this happen in my life. I don’t have to worry about the future, because God has enabled me to receive blessings, so I know good things will keep coming. Pray in tongues daily and water the seed the sower gives you.

If all you care about is being blessed right now, you’re a destroyer and a vandal, like the Occupy Wall Street people and the socialists who back our carnal president. They make wealth disappear. They contribute nothing. If you work on developing the ability to receive blessings, you are an investor and a builder. You will leave an inheritance of wealth, knowledge, wisdom, and faith to your children’s children.

If you can receive blessings from God instead of stealing, hoarding, or usurping them, they will be Proverbs 10:22 blessings. They will not come with sorrow or regret attached.

2 Responses to “Jesus is a Conservative”

  1. Stephen McAteer Says:

    Hello Steve,

    Just wanted to say that I think you’re a gifted writer. I’ve been
    reading your blog for several years now and it’s always written with
    an authentic, articulate, fluent voice. In particular I enjoy your
    stuff about tools, machining, music, food and the occasional one about
    your family. I confess that religion is not something I really
    understand since I stopped believing at the age of about fourteen but
    I do read some of what you post on that subject nonetheless.

    Anyway, I suppose this is just a fan letter to say thanks and keep on

    Wishing you all the best from Scotland,

  2. Steve H. Says:

    Thank you.