Revelations From This Week

May 25th, 2013

Run With It

Thought I’d post a few things I received this week.

First off, I got a better understanding of grace. I can’t say I learned anything new, but it became more real to me, which is a supernatural thing you can only get from the Holy Spirit.

I always tell people they should not doubt the message of tongues. I say God changes us through tongues and makes us more powerful and decrees things and puts blessings in our paths. People say that’s too easy. Then I point out that these same people believe they’re getting a home in heaven, plus eternal life, just for asking and repenting. If you can get infinite wealth and help by uttering one sentence, you should not be surprised that God will do great things for you because you spend time every day praying in tongues. It’s not “too easy.” It takes a lot more work than receiving salvation.

A day or two ago, God showed me that the same thing applies to the things we ask for with our understanding. If I can receive eternal life just for asking, while I am still a sinful mess, then surely I can receive an infinitely smaller blessing, such as a healing, by asking. I should not swallow a camel and strain at a gnat, as a very wise person once said.

I don’t merely know this now, but when I act on it, I feel supernatural faith rising up inside me, confirming it and making it work. This is a tremendous breakthrough.

I would tell you to act on it, but there’s a catch. You need supernatural faith. Simply trying to believe it is not enough. The Bible makes it very clear that real faith isn’t something we manufacture. It comes from the Holy Spirit, and we develop it by praying in tongues consistently, as a daily thing. See Jude. As Andrew Wommack says, you can’t cram to get a harvest. Sometimes God will just drop a gift on you, but generally, you are going to have to walk with him consistently in order to see fruit.

If you’re not praying in tongues every day, maybe you can make this work, but you probably can’t. You should be praying in tongues or at least seeking the gift.

There are people who can pray in tongues, yet who choose not to, because they don’t want to get too close to God and give up their silly carnal fun. Today God showed me that these people are cheating the rest of us. They’re a burden. They’re like babies who refuse to learn to walk. They’re big, fat, lazy adult papooses. When they have problems, instead of getting connected to the power, they run to their pastors for prayer. As a result, many pastors are heavily burdened, changing the spiritual diapers of lazy individuals who should be growing, prospering, and helping others.

That’s crazy. That’s disgraceful.

I was in that situation for over a decade, so I can’t brag.

Anyway, you don’t have to be perfect to have miraculous power work through you. You should try to behave, and you should never ACCEPT a sin or iniquity and quit fighting, but don’t think God is going to disappear just because you had a weak moment and looked at your neighbor’s wife at the beach. If he did things like that, grace would not be grace.

God is also giving me a good understanding of things like gates and doors. Today I wrote this:

In ancient times, a city gate was more than a door. It was a place where legal judgments were made, and decisions were recorded there.

When Jesus talked about the gates of hell, he was talking about our souls, where we make decisions and decide what goes in and out. If the revelation of the Holy Spirit is inside us, then the things that try to enter through our souls will not prevail. This is the “rock” Jesus referred to. It is also mentioned in Psalm 40.

Psalm 127 says: “As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.”

Surely this applies to God’s children as well as ours. We are continually at the gate, speaking defeat to our enemies.

A wall can surround a small place where we are protected from our enemies, or it can surround a small place in which our enemies are confined, while we are free outside. When you are the head and not the tail, you don’t have to hide. When your enemy is the head, it’s another story. These days in America, people who used to hide are out in the open, roaring like lions, and Christians are hiding in little walled areas, afraid to speak.

The Holy Spirit was on Samson when he stole the gates of Gaza and took them away. He carried the authority of Gaza off and made it his. We should be doing the same thing.

Samson did this on the day after he slept with a Gazan prostitute, so clearly, it was grace and not his own righteousness that gave him power.

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  1. musical mountaineer Says:

    Dude, have you read Paradise Lost lately?

    Seriously. I read it just now, and it’s pretty good.