I am Superfluous

February 17th, 2013

God Proves he is With me by Rendering me Obsolete

I feel like I gave birth today.

For the past few weeks, my pastor has been teaching about the power of prayer in tongues, and he has been explaining the benefits. He has been encouraging us to spend a long time each day, praying in tongues.

Today the leaders met for the usual 9:30 prayer, and the young man who runs the worship ministry spoke. He started talking about the power of tongues, and he talked about the way God wants to do things for us. We work too hard. We do the wrong things, because we don’t listen. We wander in circles in the desert because we won’t follow God into the Promised Land. I was nodding my head the whole time. I was amazed. He was saying the same things I tried to tell the people at my old church for three years.

He asked if anyone had a testimony. I didn’t say anything, because I don’t want to monopolize this thing every week, but he called on me anyway. I told him he was absolutely right. I told him about Psalm 23. It says God will LEAD us to LIE DOWN in GREEN PASTURES. To a sheep, this is like saying, “I will turn you loose in a bank vault.” To a sheep, a green field is inexhaustible wealth. And it doesn’t say you’ll PLOW AND SOW AND WATER. It says you will LIE DOWN. God does most of the work.

Before we prayed in our understanding, he had us join hands and pray in tongues for a good long time.

When we broke up, the usual praise and prayer started. A young lady took the stage and started teaching about prayer in tongues. She was teaching things I was saying years ago, in the back room at Trinity Church, where the leaders had no interest in the Holy Spirit.

I was amazed. I had to sit down. I realized I wasn’t necessary any more. They didn’t need me. If they continue praying in tongues, God will tell them everything I tried to tell them and more. It all comes from him, not me.

This is what I wanted for Trinity Church. I prayed for it and pushed for it. They wouldn’t listen. They didn’t really believe in God. They talked about him in order to make money, but they really believed in hard work, self-promotion, cut-throat competition, and positive thinking. The pastor’s family kept competitors down, while using them to get ahead. They relied on plans and schemes and connections. They ran four services a weekend (more services, more offerings), and they scheduled the Holy Spirit out of the program.

Jesus told us that if a house would not receive our peace (our blessings and success), we should leave and take our peace with us. That’s what I did. I went to New Dawn Ministries, and they received my peace. In fact, they took it from me! If I died right now, they’d do as well as if I stayed. This is the best result possible. I have been fruitful and multiplied.

When I thought about this, I felt as though God was telling me I had accomplished the thing I had been restrained in Miami to do. I can’t stand this carnal, nasty city, but I’ve been stuck here. I accomplished virtually nothing at Trinity, but when God called me out, and I listened, I found a church where I could make a dent. Just as Jesus showed the disciples where to cast their nets, God showed me where the ground was fertile.

I think now God is going to make a way for me to get out of this aggravating place. He has told me about a couple of things he’s going to do for me. They’ll make it possible for me to go, without a lot of hardship.

Trinity is going nowhere. I keep praying for God to get rid of the ministers who are holding it back. If he boots them out and replaces them with people who know the Holy Spirit, things will start to work. I’ll continue praying, but what’s behind me is behind me. When God takes you out of Sodom, you don’t run back to turn off the iron.

Should I write openly about Trinity, by name? Yes. I’ve asked God about it. The answer is yes. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I did what I was supposed to do, and now I’m blessed and my church is blessed, and Trinity is still a mess. It needs to be acknowledged. There is no correction without awareness that something is wrong. I don’t care if I offend them. They’re already offended, and the world is still turning. God has told us repeatedly not to be man-pleasers. I have been proven right, and their approach continues to be proven wrong. If I say so, I am just giving God his glory.

The Bible says, “My soul shall make her boast in the Lord; the humble shall hear thereof and be glad.” I am right to talk about what God does and wants to do, and the only people who won’t listen are the arrogant. And as God has said, he is against them.

If you’re buying into the kind of garbage carnal churches teach–the money-crazy false doctrine you’ll hear on TBN–you need help, too. Trinity isn’t the only church that leads people in circles. God is not going to give you money for sending donations to Benny Hinn. He does not want special Jewish-holiday gifts from you. He does not expect you to pretend to be Jewish and give up shrimp and wear a prayer shawl. He wants you to pray in tongues, repent, and get to know him.

This is a big day. I’m wondering what’s going to happen this year. I think it’s going to be very, very good. It has been so far.

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