Here’s a Nice Can of Last Year’s Manna

January 28th, 2013

Worms are Low-Carb!

I had an interesting experience yesterday. My church hosted Apostle Caleb Jean.

I don’t know this man. He has made a very good impression on my pastor, who is careful about the people he sets before us. My old church would let any old crook in. What a difference.

The service ran from 10:30 a.m. until after 4:00. Usually, when our services run long, I start praying for God to help the team wrap up, so we don’t drive people away by making them miserable, and I admit, we started to reach that point a couple of times yesterday, but overall, people wanted to stay. When people believe God is manifesting himself, they’ll come to your church, they won’t want to leave, and they’ll be happy to support you financially. I tried to tell that to the pastor of my old church, but…water off a duck’s back.

As I said, I don’t know Caleb Jean, and I can’t swear he’s the real thing, but he was very impressive. He called people up and spoke in tongues and prophesied over them. He talked about their mistakes and the things about them that pleased God. He gave them advice. And here’s the weirdest thing: he gave things away and did not take an offering for his own ministry. He took a second offering for our pastor’s ministry, but that’s not the same thing.

If this man appeared on TBN and did things like that, they would have the prop guys build a cross, and they would crucify him on camera. TBN is a business, and they love greedy preachers who support their greed-based message. You don’t go on TBN to give. You go on TBN to take, and to help the owners take.

Apostle Jean called a couple of my closest friends up. They have five kids. The sixth–my first godchild–is about to pop out. I’ve talked to the husband a lot about the financial burdens he is facing, and the feeling we both have is that children come from God, and it’s best not to interfere. Look at Psalm 137:

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.

The Jews say that when you kill a man, you kill a nation. Seems to me that the same thing applies when you abort a man.

Apostle Jean doesn’t know these people, but he gave them the same advice I did, more or less. He talked about the misfortune of people who put off having kids and then find they can’t reproduce any more.

I know a woman who had at least one abortion. Now she’s old, and her looks are completely gone. There is absolutely no way she could have a baby without the help of science, and if she manages to marry, it will be extraordinary, because her appearance, personality, age, and debts will repel men. I’ve heard her say God told her she would have a child of her own body. Some people will say absolutely anything and attribute it to God. I can’t tell you what God did or did not say to her, but it is my strong opinion that she wouldn’t know the voice of God if she heard it.

I know a man who complains bitterly that he has no grandchildren. He has even wished his daughter would have an illegitimate child, purely to satisfy his desires. He supports convenience abortion. I happen to know that one of his grandchildren was aborted. How can you be in favor of barrenness and expect your family to be fruitful? He would have been distraught, had he known about the abortion in advance.

It seemed remarkable to me that Apostle Jean gave the same advice I did. I believe God tells different servants the same things, and one of the marks of a person who knows God is that generally, he does not contradict other people who know God.

He spoke over several couples. I noticed something funny. He spent most of the time correcting the women. I believe he was right to do so. Our sick feminized culture has taught women not to submit. It has taught them to fight with men and to be narcissistic and unsupportive. Even Christian women are infected. They don’t listen to their men, because weak, cowardly pastors keep teaching that men and women are equal partners in marriage. Preachers don’t have the guts to point to the Bible, which honors Sarah for calling Abraham “Lord.” The fact is, there is a command structure in marriage, and women are not at the top. A desire to rule over a husband comes from the curse God pronounced over Adam and Eve; you can look it up. It’s not something to nurture. It’s a sickness that has to be stamped out.

He told one woman not to blow a lot of money on a fancy marriage, and she didn’t look pleased. He was right. It amazes me that people will spend twenty thousand dollars on a party, when they can’t afford it. We do everything we can to start marriages off badly. We go into debt. We drive our friends into debt, demanding ridiculous gifts and forcing them to spend money on costumes they can only wear once. We send our young men to prostitutes before the ceremonies (strippers are prostitutes). We require men to blow huge sums on silly rings which usually have to be financed. Then the babies come, and the fights over money start. And the women are already resentful because they know what happened at the bachelor parties. The men are resentful because of the money they’ve had to spend already. Apostle Jean told these kids to put the money toward a house. Good advice.

He advised another young lady not to wait to have kids. He said it was a mistake to worry about her figure. I think he was right. The figure is going to be ruined anyway. Time will have its way. Might as well get something in return for it.

He told one wife to get control of her emotions, and to stop raining her misery and worry on her husband. Wow, was he right. I know these people. The husband is trying to ground the family and provide stability, but the wife gets very emotional, very quickly. Then the husband has to restrain her emotions as well as his own. That’s a big burden. Our sick culture has taught her that she doesn’t have to honor or obey him, so it’s taking time for her to change, and during that time, he has to take the punishment.

Women want powerful husbands, but a husband can’t be powerful if his wife won’t permit it.

Watching the service, I was reminded of something Jesus said:

But Jesus, said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house. And he could there do no mighty work, save that he laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them.

Jesus is our “husband.” How can he do great works in us, if we won’t honor him and submit to him?

It’s unfortunate that these women had to hear from an apostle, in front of the church, before taking these things to heart. I’m sure their husbands and parents have told them the same thing. You shouldn’t have to wait for a letter from the Pope before you accept good advice. People are inclined to listen to those who are arrogant or who are respected by others. They treat the humble like children, no matter how wise they are.

Apostle Jean gave a new baby car seat to a couple from my church. He didn’t have it with him. It wasn’t like a door prize. He saw their need, and he said he would have one delivered. And he told them he was going to send them to a nice hotel for a weekend getaway. I was stunned. Have you ever seen a preacher give anyone ANYTHING? I know they pass stuff out to the poor sometimes, but what preacher goes into his own pocket and gives things to strangers? Apostle Jean did that, and then he took up a second offering…for OUR church.

I think that if Benny Hinn had seen that, his combover would have burst into flames.

Meanwhile, my former church is teaching more nonsense. They work from fear, greed, narcissism, and desperation; they don’t care whether a message comes from God, as long as it serves their carnal aims. A bunch of preachers have started saying “tithing is the training wheels of giving,” and the message is that if you only give YOUR CHURCH ten percent, you’re not going to get blessed. It’s the same crap Steve Munsey teaches, from a new angle. It’s been going around for at least a few years. My old church got ahold of it, so now they’re teaching it. Meanwhile, they can’t pay their own bills. You would think a person who can’t prosper wouldn’t feel entitled to teach others how to prosper.

One of the things that soured me on that church was the way they ripped off other preachers. In 2010, they announced they had a “2020 vision” for the church. The idea was that God was going to give them 100,000 souls by 2020. I got on Google and entered “church” and “2020 vision,” and my screen was filled with earlier versions of the same thing. Imagine one of the prophets telling the ancient Jews he had heard from God, and then repeating what another prophet had said. He would have been stoned to death. It turns out churches rip each other off all the time. They don’t hear from God, because they disobey him and serve their bellies, so they call around and ask each other for material, or they simply steal it. They call these awful pitches “microwave sermons.” They’re like leftovers you heat up in the microwave.

When God blessed the Jews in the wilderness, he gave them fresh manna every day, and when they tried to hold onto the old manna, it spawned worms. That hasn’t changed. A real man of God will hear from the Lord on the fly. He won’t have to open Bartlett’s Quotations or steal from Reader’s Digest.

Apostle Jean told people things they did not want to hear, and he gave instead of taking. That impressed me. I hope he’s the real thing. We need more leaders like that.

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