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Disarming God’s People

January 18th, 2013

Remember the Warsaw Ghetto

I think I’m starting to understand the anti-civil-rights hysteria that resulted in Obama’s soon-to-fail gun ban efforts.

All of this stuff has a supernatural root. We don’t pray for godly leaders, and we think we can get by with a little prayer here and there, instead of relying on God. We want to keep our dirty TV channels and dope and extramarital sex. We don’t want to give so much of ourselves to God that it actually has a cost. So God withdraws his protection.

Satan is real. He IS the Antichrist. He’ll have a human puppet some day, in whom he concentrates his power, but Satan is the hand in the glove. He hates America because on the whole, we have been God’s people. We’ve done missionary work. We’ve promoted Christianity and Christian values. We’ve fought sin. We’ve been somewhat helpful to the Jews. The rest of the world is pretty much lost, but in the US, Christians have been able to thrive. Satan wants to put an end to that.

Satan loves killing God’s people and taking away their ability to communicate. In the Old Testament, he tried to exterminate the Jews over and over. He tried to prevent the Messiah from being born. After the crucifixion, he destroyed Israel, scattered the Jews, and arranged for the imprisonment and murder of Christians. In ages past, he corrupted the church itself and used it to kill Jews. During the Holocaust, he built huge parodies of the temple and used them to kill and incinerate Jews and devout Christians.

Satan is raising an army in the US. He calls it Anonymous. He calls it “anti-bullying.” He calls it Islamism and Occupy Wall Street. He is growing a horde of people who rally around separate causes which have the same underlying, hidden goal. He is giving these people power to limit and oppress Christians and Jews, and in the future, he will use them to take what we have and kill us, just as he used their forebears in Rome and Holocaust-era Europe.

We are weak in the Spirit. The church itself blasphemes, calling tongues “gibberish” and “demonic.” We’re told we have to earn what we get, and that God doesn’t do miracles any more. We’re told it’s normal when he doesn’t answer prayer. We’re corrupted and weakened with iniquity; our chronic sins give the enemy the right to afflict us. We are not very good at defending ourselves using God’s preferred tools. But we do have guns. And it would be very helpful to Satan if those guns were taken away before we find our real weapons.

Which physical weapons does the enemy hate the most? High-capacity weapons. Why is that?

Historically, Satan has worked through mobs. He raised a mob of idiots against Moses during the Exodus. He raised a mob to slaughter the Jews under Ahasuerus. He used mobs to commit pogroms and other anti-Jewish crimes. Now, with the aid of technology, his use of mobs is getting more adept. If Anonymous or the jihadis don’t like you, they can come at you with computer attacks. If your neighbors envy what you have, they can coordinate through Facebook, Twitter, or even Craigslist and descend on you like locusts.

Mob crime is going to be the crime of the future. And to fight a mob, until you have a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit, you will need semiautomatic or automatic weapons with large magazines. You’re not going to have much hope if you rely on a seven-shot pistol or a double-barrel shotgun.

A time will come when mobs will gather at the homes of Christians and Jews, and the police will deliberately take their time to respond, or they’ll refuse to come at all, or they’ll participate in the crimes. When that age dawns, we’ll see robbery, murder, beatings, and rape (of men and children, not just women) on a new scale. And if Obama and his minions get our high-capacity weapons, we’ll be as helpless as Lot was in Sodom. He couldn’t defend himself against a gang of homosexual rapists, so the best response he could come up with was to offer his daughters. And the rapists rejected that offer, which is a good demonstration of the effectiveness of appeasement (the approach liberals recommend).

If you have a weapon with a puny magazine, a mob will be able to plan a way to beat you. It will be easy for them to come up with ways to waste your ammunition. If you have a couple of AK-47s with full magazines waiting, it will be another story. In the future, high-capacity guns will save Christian and Jewish homes and lives.

We need to get strong in the Spirit. But until we have that strength, we need to take the advice Jesus gave the pre-Pentecostal disciples. We need to own and carry weapons. If not, history will repeat itself. The slaughter in Egypt. The murders in Bethlehem. Saul’s murders of early Christians. Pogroms. The Holocaust. The Warsaw Ghetto uprising. It will all happen again.

Speak out against the attacks on our civil rights. That’s important. Give to the NRA. Wear an NRA shirt once in a while. But while you’re doing all that, pray. Make sure you pray every day that we will not be disarmed.

Satan is going to raise up more maniacs to shoot up schools and churches. He’ll do his best to make the gullible public think high-capacity weapons cause crime. We know this is coming; he’s already doing it. We need to pray for God to thwart these people, and for him to use civilians with high-capacity weapons to do it. The attack is supernatural. If we don’t respond with supernatural power, we have no chance of winning.

The press will be against us. For a long time, it has been Satan’s voice. It extols abortion, homosexuality, fornication, and just about everything else we know is wrong. It holds liberalism out as the philosophy of the pure. In its way, it portrays Lucifer as an angel of light, and it portrays the followers of Jesus as backward, ignorant, hateful fools who prevent peace and prosperity from breaking out. If we don’t pray, we will be seen the same way the Jews were seen in Holocaust-era Europe. We will be thought of as human vermin. “Responsible for all the world’s problems.” “The cause of all the world’s wars.” They already tell us about the mythical millions who have been killed by Christians, while ignoring the real millions killed by leftists who hate religion.

Pray for victory over the blind. Our God is stronger than theirs, and he has promised us that when a people turns to him, he will heal their land.

9 Responses to “Disarming God’s People”

  1. mary Says:

    Do we lie when they come to the door, or ask if we own a gun? I’m not joking, this is a question I would like to know the right answer to.

  2. Steve H. Says:

    That’s an interesting question. We know for certain that God honored the Hebrew midwives who lied to the Egyptians, and they were honored FOR lying. On the other hand, there are people like Brother Andrew, who can tell the truth and have God blind the enemy’s puppets. He used to ride through communist checkpoints with illegal Bibles displayed openly on the seat beside him.

  3. Aaron's cc: Says:

    Wore my NRA hat in a west Los Angeles park last Friday afternoon to my son’s little league practice. One of the other fathers told me he admired me for my bravery.

    Long before Facebook, Twitter, and Craigslist, there was the Internet mob tactic of DDOS. Millions and millions of people with computers who don’t secure them allow them to be infected by malware so that others can manipulate them.

    Time to add the JPFO to your blogroll. http://www.jpfo.org

    See also the works of Dave Kopel, frequent contributor to the NRA’s magazine America’s 1st Freedom and the National Review:

    I can’t attest that all his sources on religion outside the areas of self-defense are accurate but it’s close enough to make a solid point.

    I’ve been making the argument among my Orthodox Jewish friends here in LA about a magazine needing to have enough rounds to double-tap every goblin in a mob. A slow-loading revolver or a bolt-action rifle will be useless against any mob larger than a basketball team.

    There were a handful of weak firearms in the Warsaw ghetto and it gave the Nazi army fits. Armies don’t do well in urban warfare unless they’re willing to “go Dresden” to break the resistance.

    But the left would be foolish to directly oppose gun owners. They only need to wait a couple more generations until our public-school indoctrinated children eagerly trade their grandparent’s 1911’s and ammo for birth control pills and iTunes credits.

    Recall that it was the sin with Baal Peor where more Jews died (24,000) than at the Golden Calf (3,000). It was licentiousness that deserved a greater death sentence than disloyalty to G-d.

    Re lies:

    The commandment “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” (Exod. 20:16; parallel in Deut. 5:20) refers solely to the judicial context, as does the injunction “Keep far from a false charge” (Exod. 23:7); while the verse “You shall not steal; you shall not deal deceitfully or falsely with one another” (Lev. 19:11) is concerned with business dealings, and the next verse (v. 12), while forbidding one to swear falsely in God’s name, does not prohibit lying in itself.

    Under certain circumstances lying is unavoidable, particularly when it serves the weak as their only weapon against some force seeking to harm them or other persons.

    Included in this category are various instances of lies intended to save the liar’s life or altruistic lies (mainly on the part of women).

    Thus, for example, David lies to Ahimelech (1 Sam. 21:3) and misleads King Achish of Gath (1 Sam. 21:14) in order to save his own life. Saul’s daughter Michal lies to her father’s messengers in order to save her husband David’s life (1 Sam. 19:11–16), and then lies to her father in order to escape his rage (1 Sam. 19:17). Jonathan, too, lies to his father to save his friend David’s life (1 Sam. 20:28–29), and the woman from Bahurim lies to Absalom’s servants to save David’s spies Ahimaaz and Jonathan, hidden in the well in her courtyard (2 Sam. 17:18–20). Hushai deceived Absalom by pretending to support him: “The Lord had decreed that Ahithophel’s sound advice be nullified, in order that the Lord might bring ruin upon Absalom” (2 Sam. 17:14). A forgiving view of deception may also be discerned in cases where persons lie to secure what belongs to them by right but has been unjustly withheld. Thus, the initiative taken by Judah’s daughter-in-law Tamar, who disguises herself as a prostitute in order to become pregnant by him after his failure to marry her to his son Shelah, is described in a favorable light, and indeed justified by Judah himself in the narrative (Gen. 38:26). Tamar is rewarded for her subterfuge by the birth of the twins Perez and Zerah, through whom the tribe of Judah is established (Gen. 38:27–30). Of course, as Isaac had lost his prophecy, Rebecca instructed Jacob (not yet a prophet) to deceive his father and to acquire what was rightfully his (Esau had sold his birthright).

    Jehu’s lying to the worshippers of Baal is aimed at killing all the prophets of Baal and eradicating his worship from the country (2 Kgs. 10:18–28). In one case we even find G-d twisting the truth in order to preserve amicable relations between Abraham and Sarah and to prevent Abraham’s feelings from being hurt. Upon overhearing the prediction that she was about to become pregnant, Sarah laughs, “Now that I am withered, am I to have enjoyment—with my husband so old?” (Gen. 18:12); G-d, however, quotes her in Abraham’s hearing as having said, “Shall I in truth bear a child, old as I am?” (Gen. 18:13), making no reference to Abraham’s inadequacy. This episode was used in the Talmud as a proof-text showing that it is permitted to deviate from the strict line of truth in order to establish peace (BT Yeb. 65b; BT B.M. 87a).

    Ehud son of Gera employs ambiguity when he says to King Eglon of Moab, “I have a secret message for you” (Judg. 3:19)—the word here translated as “message” is “davar”, which also has the meaning of “thing,” referring to the dagger hidden under Ehud’s cloak.

    It is entirely permissible not to dispel a false impression. I make a point not to tell others what firearms I have and I tell my friends to stop mentioning specifics, too.

    If a mob has an idea what it’s opposing, it can prepare.

    Look at what a couple of well-armed Korean shopowners could do during the LA riots.

    Another tactic worth considering is to learn to publicize what it takes to create a legal citizen’s volunteer militia in every state. I wish I knew how. Deny the opposition to define terms. Get every firearms owner to be a card-carrying militia member. The left would have to try to repeal the Second Amendment and that won’t happen.

  4. Steve B Says:

    Steve, I 100% agree. The latest gun control frenzy isn’t about Teh Chilrenz, it’s about establishing new baselines. A creeping baseline which progressively outlaws more and more pieces and parts of guns until, while it’s not technically illegal to own a gun, it is merely impossible (See: California).

    I would absolutely deny gun ownership if asked by the wrong people. If a doctor wants to ask me if I own a gun as part of his “health questionaire”, my answer would be “None of your business,” though I probably wouldn’t word it quite so tactfully.

    If you watch the trends in “hate crimes” and “hate speech,” and then look at the precedents they’ve set with forfeiture in the so-called war on drugs, then roll in the Patriot Act where there is a sliding scale as to who and what constitutes a “threat group”, you can see that the groundwork has been layed for persecution.

  5. Aaron's cc: Says:

    I would answer “no” to the doctor’s questionnaire.

    There’s one advantage to fluency in Hebrew in that there is no concept of real “ownership”. The prefix letter lamed, meaning “to”, is added to a noun to indicate the “ownership” as in “li” (to me), “lo” (to him), “la” (to her), “lanu” (to us), etc. To say one has a car “yesh li automobile” (there is, to me, a car) or “ha-automobile she-li” (“my car”, lit. “the car, that is to me”).

    G-d owns everything and determines to whom it is at the moment. The dollar that is in my pocket goes to the vendor.

    The firearms are, ultimately, G-d’s. They are in our control for the moment. A week from now may change that. If they were truly OURS, nothing could change that.

    If the questionnaire said “Is there a firearm in the place where you live”, that would complicate matters for answering. Of course, one could rationalize that one doesn’t live in the closet or behind the headboard of one’s bed.

    There is no biblical proscription to dispel an false idea that someone else believes. This doesn’t apply to commerce, however, where the mere possession of false weights and measures, even for display or instruction, is proscribed. A transaction under false impressions is fraud and retroactively void. “Caveat emptor” is a pagan legacy. One should expect getting a better offer for selling anything as used that has certain claims about it than selling it “as is”.

    My bigger concern is that the mere desire to own a firearm will somehow be determined as falling under a mental disorder and therefore mental health professionals will be under risk of losing their licenses if they do not report patients who have ever mentioned that they have gone to a firing range or own a firearm.

  6. mary Says:

    Steve B., If you answer on the Dr.’s form “none of your business” that is as good as saying “yes”. Thanks for the discussion, Steve G. and Aaron’s cc.

    Guess they are now going to make me a liar.

  7. baldilocks Says:

    I’ve had a college-style banner in the back windows of my last two cars for some years now. Don’t get any reaction from it in South Central LA, but in other parts of town I’ve had had a number of people speed to pull up along side of me to say whatever. But when they get a view of me, they leave me alone. Guess the famed black-chick wrath is not something they want to experience!

    On the good side, truckers often honk in approval at the banner.

  8. Aaron's cc: Says:

    Note how Exodus starts with Egyptian feticide… of males. What is our society doing more than expediting abortion and the obliteration of maleness? Egyptians were also vegetarians who worshipped lambs and nature.

    How were the Egyptians able to gain control over the Israelites, since the Israelites were so numerous and powerful? The verse (Exodus 13:18) translated by the King James version of the Bible as “The Israelites were well prepared when they left Egypt.” Rashi, Mekhilta, Rashbam and Nachmanides discuss this as “they were well armed.” Why does the Bible go to the trouble of telling us they were armed at this point? Ibn Ezra gives us a clue, “They went out with weapons of war and not like fleeing slaves.” Nachmanides makes this even more explicit, “They did not go out looking like fleeing slaves, but went out as an independent people that could be armed.” All of these commentators predate King James by many centuries.

    Me’am Lo’ez (vol. 4, pps. 17-18), based on the Tosafists in Imre Noam asks “how the Egyptians were able to gain control over the Israelites, since the Israelites were so numerous and powerful.” The question is answered by describing **the subterfuge that enabled the Egyptians to disarm the Israelites**. Interesting that subterfuge is still a tactic of those who would disarm us.

    13:18 But God led the people about, by the way of the wilderness by the Red Sea; and the children of Israel went up armed out of the land of Egypt.

    Free people are armed. Enslavers seek to disarm.

  9. baldilocks Says:

    Clarification: the college-style banner on my car’s back window is an NRA banner.