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Fishing for Answers

January 4th, 2013

Can Aaron’s Rod Become a Fish?

Back in November, Perry Stone told about a dream a young woman had. This girl was under one of his ministries. She saw a blue fish being swallowed up by a big red fish. Stone had a strong impression that it was a prophetic dream, and he speculated that it might have something to do with the election. Red swallows blue.

We all know how that turned out.

Since then, he has been trying to figure the dream out. He says maybe red symbolizes leftism, as it has for quite some time.

I’ve noticed something about God. When he answers prayer, sometimes he gives you what you expect, but very often, he gives you what you asked for, in a way you don’t recognize at first.

Quite honestly, I think God enjoys popping Satan in the head from unexpected directions. Satan can’t predict the future, and God can, and I believe God likes fooling Satan by doing the unanticipated. The universe is a war zone, and in war, you generally don’t tell your enemy what you’re doing. You make him guess wrong, so he’s never prepared.

Maybe the dream was prophetic. Perry Stone is not perfect, but he knows the Holy Spirit. He is no idiot. If he thinks a dream is prophetic, you should listen, because he is probably–PROBABLY–right.

The dream suggested that conservatives would swallow up leftists in America, and the obvious thing was to conclude that it was about the election. Judging by the polls and by the confident descriptions of the GOP ground game, it looked like Romney was more likely to win than Obama. Romney was genuinely surprised that he lost. It was an unanticipated result.

We didn’t get what we expected. Does that mean the dream was wrong? That may be the case, but it may be yet another example of God keeping his enemies (and followers) guessing.

The current hysteria over gun control may carry the seeds of a reawakening.

There are a lot of centrist and conservative Democrats who vote stupidly, especially in the South and in the plains states. They don’t see the importance of having three branches of government which are aligned in purpose, so they don’t realize it’s suicidal to vote for Democrats who seem to share their values. If there are 60 Democrats in the Senate, and 12 are conservative, the Senate will be under the control of far-left Democrats. The 12 conservatives won’t matter much. And a Democrat President will get a rubber stamp whenever he wants it. And a Democrat President will appoint many, many insane liberal judges to lifetime positions. These judges, not Congress, will determine what the laws say.

People who don’t understand the importance of voting their beliefs do understand this: it’s very bad to be disarmed. Mob violence is increasing. The threat of government oppression is very real. Economic disaster is likely to spawn riots and looting before too long. Many people who vote for Democrats are very determined to hold onto their guns. Now that a gun-control propaganda campaign is sweeping the nation, it is conceivable that sleepwalking conservatives who vote Democrat (or skip voting) might wake up and switch sides.

Gun control is very unpopular. People like background checks, but they do not want registration (which is primarily intended as a means of obtaining lists for future confiscation), nor do they want laws which limit their arms so badly that they are ineffective. Important Christian interests such as the rights of the unborn and the preservation of Israel blow right by many conservatives, but, selfish things that they are, they’ll take notice when you come after their right to defend themselves.

You can’t vote for “free” Obama phones, extended unemployment benefits, and other tax-funded goodies without voting for gun confiscation. There is no line item veto at the polls. If you want the candy, you have to take the laxatives, too.

The Fiscal Cliff fight shows how weak the GOP has become. They gave up a great deal, and in return, they received virtually nothing. They got a promise to negotiate later, which means they didn’t get anything at all. They got the right to hear the Democrats say “no” again.

Now the extremist Feinstein is pushing a horrible bill that would utterly gut our Second Amendment rights. It doesn’t just go after fully automatic rifles or even high-capacity semiautos. It goes after your humble Glock 17. It contains registration and confiscation provisions. It’s very bad news.

What I wonder is this: given that the GOP is so feeble now, can we dismiss Feinstein’s shameful attack on our civil rights as hopeless?

It’s extreme, even for a Democrat, but so was the Fiscal Cliff deal Obama rammed down Boehner’s helpless gullet. So was Obamacare.

Maybe the gun-haters will get some traction in the near future, and it will snap people out of their complacent comas. And maybe other Democrat threats and failures will pile up and stun people awake.

God knows most Americans don’t care about the murder of the unborn. We don’t care about perverted “marriages.” We don’t care about Israel, or about laws forcing religious organizations to pay for abortions. Maybe he’ll use guns–something we care about–to help us understand how stupid we’ve been. And if that happens, the fish dream might turn out to be predictive.

Or maybe the dream means nothing.

One thing is for sure: focusing on the political side of things is a huge mistake. It’s like looking at the hands of a clock. We should be looking at the gears and springs that move the hands. Everything that happens in the natural world has a supernatural cause. We complain about the political policies of our leaders, and carnal conservatives think the answer is to increase our voting base by giving up our Christian morals. Let the gays in. Let the enemies of the unborn in. Drop Israel. That’s incredibly stupid. For one thing, when we open the floodgates in order to overcome the voting advantage of our enemies, we become like our enemies, so the purpose is defeated. For another, our blessings and success come from God, not votes, and if he’s not helping us now, he’s definitely not going to help us when we turn our backs on him.

Every day I pray for God to strike down the ungodly in the US and Israel, and among Jews and Americans everywhere. I ask him to help them turn to him and repent, but I ask him to find those who won’t repent in a reasonable time and take away all that they have. Their power. Their wealth. Their prestige. I ask him to make them ridiculous in the eyes of the public, so people won’t imitate them. And I ask him to pour his Spirit out on a generation of Spirit-filled, praying, God-centered believers who will do his will. I ask him to give them what he takes from the ungodly, and to raise them up before the public so they become role models people want to copy.

This is what will fix America. All the carnal whining and dancing will just make things worse. Remember what the Psalms say: “Fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.” Don’t let nerves make you turn from God and try to fix things with your own hopeless, weak tools. You will only make things worse. That psalm (#37) also says to cease from anger and forsake wrath. This is a hard thing to do when it comes to politics, because the things our adversaries do are so wretched, and it’s so tempting to ridicule and insult them. No one knows that better than I do; my history is full of errors. I still get mad and say things I shouldn’t. But getting angry at our political foes is like getting angry at a sword instead of the person swinging it. It will just draw us further into defeat.

Satan raised the left up against God’s people. That was smart. Even smarter, he is convincing conservatives that they have to abandon God in order to win. This is classic Satan. Cause a problem. Blame God. Reap a harvest of duped souls.

One of the greatest lessons God has taught me is to turn to him whenever anything important happens, good or bad. Satan knows that some people turn away from God when things go badly, and others turn away when things go well. When you have problems, the last thing you should do is give up on God; he’s the only way out. When things go well, you should live in terror of forgetting God, because as soon as you think you don’t need him, you will begin to lose his favor and protection. These days a negative event drives me to concentrated, prolonged prayer, and a big blessing drives me to spend time in thanks and praise. I do NOT want to end up like the ancient Jews who ran to false gods in response to both blessings and problems.

I quit giving money to political causes. I think it’s like putting bandages on wounds that haven’t been cleaned. We can fix this nation, or at least parts of it, but the only way to do it is repentance and concentrated, prolonged, mass prayer. We need a large number of godly individuals to pray for the defeat of the ungodly and the advancement of God’s servants. If we take this path, God will help us stand our ground, if only in “Jesusland,” and we’ll get a good measure of protection and success. If we continue to resort to carnal tactics, we’re going to turn into our enemies, and there will be no reason for God to protect any part of the US. If Lot had joined the orgy, he would have been burned up with the Sodomites.

If we don’t get with it, they’re going to kill us in the streets. It may be twenty years from now, but it will happen. We will have no country to which we can retreat. Israel can’t absorb us, and there are no other nations that serve God. We’ll be like Jews in prewar Germany and Austria. We should be building up our borders with prayer and repentance instead of moaning about the need for a big tent. Working to include ungodly people is like begging for cyanide.

Pray for God to break the teeth of the ungodly among Americans and Jews, and to close their mouths. Pray for him to raise up a generation of powerful leaders and believers. Jesus said his kingdom was not of this world, so we can’t fix the entire globe, but there is no reason we can’t establish a stronghold of considerable size.

One Response to “Fishing for Answers”

  1. Aaron's cc: Says:

    If the left is smart, it will do nothing and win the gun battle within two generations.

    Because it owns K-PhD education/indoctrination, entertainment, the news, the ability to determine graduate school placements and entry level jobs, the kids in kindergarten today will (15 years from now) eagerly trade the inheritance of their “primitive” grandparent’s bullets… for birth control pills and iTunes credits.

    The pro-gun folk won’t get the battle they’re preparing for.

    Remember… the “Greatest Generation” grew up under FDR… and raised the “Woodstock Generation”. They abandoned their job to perpetuate the values that enabled them to survive the Depression and which served the country well from the Founding Fathers until Wilson.

    The left will only lose if it becomes impatient with the rate of “progress”.

    It’s the same problem we will have with Islam, which can attack with impunity… as long as no incident exceeds 1000 deaths which would trigger a response.

    The left will turn us into veal. Islam will finish the job of butchery.

    A world which failed to learn that G-d wants us to participate with him in ANNIHILATING human evil will only ensure that more generations of evil will emerge later. Mercy to Agag results in Haman. “A time for love, a time for hate… a time for peace, a time for war.” Pacifism leads to genocide.

    In a sad way… we need to be hit hard enough with a spiritual defibrillator to reawaken us. 9/11 wasn’t enough. I’m not sure a dozen more 9/11’s could re-awaken us.

    We may be where Britain was after WWI, rapidly turning into a military backwater that couldn’t defend itself against German rockets and which would have lost if not for the involvement of North American entry into WWII. From an empire upon which the sun never set into a military joke in the span of a quarter century. There is NOTHING that suggests that the US won’t repeat that fall.

    Those who send their children to public schools are sacrificing them to a secularist Molech. If you’ve got TV pumping its values into your home, that’s a Baal idol in your den… or even directly into your child’s bedroom. If they’re not actively involved in your religious congregation’s youth groups or clearly occupying their free time with wholesome pursuits… you’ve failed. Sorry… but sports outside a religious context doesn’t count for much once the kids hit puberty. Kids are imbibing pro sports values, the legacy of Greek pagan worship of athleticism. And what parents of American kids hate to hear most is that if their children are dating in high school, they’ve lost. Yes, giving doses of “Vitamin ‘No'” isn’t easy, but they’re vital.

    It’s not enough that another 5% or 10% switch to homeschooling or parochial schools. That’s like putting a bandaid on the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    It’s not about leaders. Those leaders won’t have any effect on the public-school-indoctrinated who will dismiss them just as the children of Castro-fleeing Cubans who voted for Obama did. It has to start with parents doing THEIR jobs and getting uncomfortable with dragging their responsibilities to get more good values than the bad values. It also means being confrontational with peers. And being willing to leave congregations that are complacent. It also means divorcing spouses who compromise values. Love doesn’t conquer much if a couple has divergent values. The kids of such a couple will nearly always choose the path of least social resistance.

    If one doesn’t have kids… become a big brother or a scout leader. There is NO chance unless the children are targeted. The left knows this. They’ve known this for a century and we didn’t take it seriously.

    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
    “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”
    “Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.”
    “Democracy is indispensable to socialism.”
    Vladimir Lenin

    The first three are kind of obvious. It’s the last one that’s more subtle. The Founding Fathers didn’t create a Democracy. They created a Republic. A citizen in the minority has rights in a republic. Not in a democracy. Look for more efforts to mirror what happened in California this year with easy registration. What was once “Reagan Country” now has fewer than 30% Republican voters.