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We Built This

December 1st, 2012


Today I saw another article rehashing the election. The polls were pretty solidly on Romney’s side, yet he lost. People can’t figure out why. Some say the voting machines were rigged. Maybe it’s true. But ultimately, the reason is that God wanted us to have an idiot for a President.

We are getting so far away from God, we’re actually somewhat gross. We dress and groom ourselves like convicts, with creepy chin beards and bad tattoos and piercings. We love abortion. We’ve decided God has to accept sexual perversion and exalt it in his churches. Many of us think Israel is the source of most of the world’s problems. We’re stupid. We don’t listen. We don’t learn from history. We have no respect. We think “government built that,” or we “Believe in America” (not God) to crib from the candidates in the Presidential race.

Look at Isaiah 3 to see what happens to nations that behave the way we do.

The election was decided by the worst voters in our society: the young, the poor, women, and the least-successful minorities. If white Christian men and Asian men had been the only ones who voted, Sarah Palin would probably be President. We’d be behind Israel a hundred percent. Entitlements would be slashed. We’d be cutting waste. We’d have wonderful federal judges who would get the government off the church’s back. Taxes would be low. The GDP would skyrocket. Our enemies would fear us. Those things aren’t going to happen. Instead, we’re going to get crippling taxes, insane spending, a weak military, a tiny dollar, a straitjacket of regulations complete with ball gag, the loss of our civil rights, poverty, and riots.

God is going to wipe out our wages, and he’s going to use Obama and Bernanke to destroy our savings. Where do we turn then?

What happens to a nation that abandons God and brings curses on itself? According to Isaiah, God puts women and children in charge. Hello? What just happened? Women and the young put a fool in the White House. No amount of campaigning or pandering could have prevented that.

What else does Isaiah say? He says he will take away the capable men who might otherwise guide us out of our mess. This is why General Petraeus fell. He was very good at his job. It’s why we couldn’t put Romney in the White House. He wasn’t ideal, but he’s a sharp guy who could have been very helpful to us. God wasn’t having that. He wanted a pampered semi-professional golfer who thinks wealth is something that exists because we declare it to be so. We’re going to see other leaders fall, emigrate, or retire, and pinheads will replace them.

We’ve seen this kind of thing in the Bible. Look at the story of Solomon. We revere Solomon way too much; he was an idol worshiper and a failed king. His son took the throne, and he got advice from two quarters. Wise older men told him to go easy on his subjects and win their love by being reasonable. Young morons told him to make his subjects miserable and to insult them. Rehoboam listened to the punks, and his kingdom fell. After that, Israel was never the same. Three thousand years ago, Israel was a jewel. It was wealthy and secure. One king ruined that, and for thirty centuries, Israel has been an obscure, unsuccessful nation (when it has been a nation at all). We’re headed the same way, unless we turn back to God. Our President is a relatively young man with no common sense and little ability, and his advisors are fools. God is preventing better people from getting elected. We are not going to make it unless we change.

Here’s an interesting parallel. My law school used to have student body elections. I was amazed when I saw them taking place; I could not believe an adult would run for student body president. Anyway, we ended up with a disproportionate number of black presidents. Why? Because the black students, though small in number, voted like sheep. They had a great deal of power.

I thought about this after Obama got reelected. We now live in a country where white and Asian males can’t choose our leaders. There are a lot of us, and we tend to vote pretty wisely, but women, blacks, Latins, and Jews outnumber us, and they are the worst voters imaginable. Blacks just put Jesse Jackson’s son back in the House, while he was in the nuthouse and on his way to prison. Jews have been voting badly since before they left Egypt. Women vote for socialism whenever they can, because they want the government to be their husband. Latins–even conservative Cubans–don’t care what happens to the US, as long as we let their relatives come here.

When you look at the demographics, you realize that numerically, we’ve been at the mercy of inept voting blocs for a long time. It’s amazing that we haven’t done worse. Whenever someone competent has been elected, it has been because God got involved. God has helped us put people like George Bush in the White House, and we’ve rewarded him with increased filth and rebellion.

When God pours judgment out on a nation or city, sometimes he pulls out the people who love him, or he gives them special protection. The stories of Lot and Noah are examples. I believe God is going to help out a lot of Spirit-led believers. Not chickenheads who jump up and down in church and then do their own thing the rest of the time; people who are really trying. In the Christian community, we are already hearing about people who are being led to rural areas and given property, weapons, and tools. This has been going on for several years, but the rest of the country only noticed it recently. It’s a move of God, and it’s a sign that in the future, you really won’t want to be in places like New York, L.A., San Francisco, and Miami.

The people who are leaving are being ridiculed. I guess Noah’s neighbors ridiculed him when he built the Ark. We know that Lot’s relatives thought he was an idiot for leaving Sodom. We won’t look so ridiculous when the bread lines form and we’re too far away for our tattooed neighbors to rob.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to observant Jews. They’re stuck in cities. They won’t leave their butchers and shuls. They would be smart to start their own towns, but I don’t think it will happen. When things get bad, the Jews who know the least about God will probably be the safest, because they’ll be free to take off and get help from rural Christians.

Anyway, God chose Obama, so get over it. He didn’t win because Romney wouldn’t lean left. He won because we deserve misery and failure, and we’re going to get it, unless we repent.

One Response to “We Built This”

  1. Ruth H Says:

    I think you are right on with this. We are a decadent society. Turn on the TV, go to any store, upper or lower class price wise, everywhere you look, materialism and decadence. We have reaped what we have sown.