First Shalt Thou Pull Out the Holy Pin

October 26th, 2012

Truck Gun Progress

I don’t know what traditional Christians think of evangelicals and charismatics, with our backyard bunkers and gun collections. I assume they think we’re pathetic and insane. I guess when they come to this blog and see posts about prayer alternating with photos of rifles and reloading tools, they assume there is no possible way I could know anything about the real Jesus. The touchy-feely, Oprah-in-a-Jewish-man’s-body, probably-gay, warm, fuzzy, Jesus who never, ever criticized anyone and always wanted us to be nice.

Can’t do anything about that. Anyone who has ears to hear should already be aware that the Bible really says, “You shall not murder,” not, “You shall not kill.” Anyone who knows anything about God should be completely comfortable with Christians serving in the military and shooting our enemies. By now we should all realize that Jesus was not always nice, and that when he returns, he is going to kill a whole bunch of people (not for the first time).

I’m not saying a Christian should dedicate his life to becoming a killing machine, but increasingly, people who are close to God are getting close to guns. And criticism and rebuke have always been part of the Christian life.

With that, here is what’s happening with the truck gun. I found a foregrip on Amazon, with a 1″ hole for a laser or flashlight. It came with a light (no way to avoid that), but once the light was removed, I was ready to install the laser.

It’s all mounted and ready to shoot now. Photo below.

There is a tiny bit of flexibility in the laser mount, but that’s not a foregrip problem. It’s a Hogue handguard problem. Hogue makes its handguards out of the same flubber it uses to make pistol grips. That means the handguard can flex a little. Not a brilliant idea, when it’s used to mount stuff that needs to stay still. I may replace the handguard. I’ll be eating maybe thirty bucks, but you live and learn. Better to do it right than save a few pennies.

The flexibility isn’t bad enough to cause a problem. It just bugs me. I can’t really detect any dot motion related to the foregrip flexing.

I thought I’d have to use the laser’s pressure switch, which is on a wire with a springy, coily bit in the middle. I figured I’d cut a hole in the mount somewhere, run the wire through it, and mount a better switch on the end, attaching it to the handguard.

I found out this was not necessary. The laser came with a totally pointless (but solid) aluminum cap, and when you install it, the laser is always on. When you back it out a couple of turns, the laser operates when you press on the cap. I installed it this way. The laser is enclosed in the mount, so the cap can’t unscrew and cause a problem. The mount has a button on it, and when you push it, it presses a doodad against the back of the laser, turning it on. Perfect. Or nearly so. If I put the button part of the cap on the lathe and turn down the flange that goes against the ring part of the cap, I’ll be able to tighten the ring and still use the button.

I like this, because it will work better than the scary pressure switch, which sometimes fails to go on when I push it, and it will save battery life, because it will go off when I release the button.

The bad part is that I can’t change the battery without removing the laser. I’ll have to re-zero it a lot. But it only has to work for like twenty seconds in a gunfight, so I’m okay with that. The battery doesn’t have to have 90 minutes of charge in it every day.

Overall, this is a very cool and economical solution to the vehicle security issue. The rifle is $440. The laser is about $50. The other junk can probably be had for $100. It’s as cheap as a Glock, and it should be way more effective. I just need to put some earplugs in the truck.

The gun is a little heavier than the Vz2008 I considered, and I assume the shorter barrel will cost me some fps, but 2300 fps, 30 rounds, and good short-range accuracy should be a great combination.

I’ve been trying to come up with a good container for it, so it will pass the “securely encased” law. I’m thinking I might just find a cheap flat cardboard box. Believe it or not, that’s completely legal, and it will look really boring to gun thieves. Maybe I’ll find a box with lettering on it and repurpose it. “What kind of idiot keeps a Scrabble game under his back seat? And look at that crappy stereo. Forget this truck.”

I know the serious right-wing conspiracy nuts say you should never talk about your guns on the web. What can I tell you? If you have them, one way or another, Uncle Sam will be able to find out about most of them. I’ll cross the registration and confiscation bridge when I come to it.

Still thinking about Ocala. Yesterday I got stuck in traffic THREE TIMES, and I got so mad I nearly drove to Ocala last night. I wanted to look around. I may go in the near future. It’s funny, but suddenly I know several people who want to move up there. A friend from church says he owns 20 acres there, but his wife won’t let him move, because she hates the country. Meanwhile, he’s learning to can. Today another friend said his wife has family up there, and she wants to go, but he’s stuck here because of his job. And then there’s Mike, who used to live there.

I’m starting to feel like this is confirmation.

When Romney wins, the price of real estate may shoot up. Real estate is an investment, and under Obama, people are afraid to invest. It would be nice to avoid getting stung in a post-Obama bubble.

Anyway, life is neat. And to all the appalled gay-Jesus Christians, all I can say is “BOO!”

12 Responses to “First Shalt Thou Pull Out the Holy Pin”

  1. blindshooter Says:

    I have not used lasers at all as I’m red green color blind and lots of times I can’t see some colors in certain backgrounds at all. A friend of mine has a green laser on one of his “social” rifles and he let me play with it one afternoon. I could see the dot just fine in the sunshine! I had just assumed it would not work for me and never investigated lasers at all. Now after that experience and reading here I think I may invest in a green laser for the shortest AR I have. At least I could buy a cheap Chinese version to test without spending lots of money. My friend believes that covering the bad guy with the dot would be very intimidating and that alone may end the situation without shots being fired. Are you thinking that if you need the truck gun that the fat will already be in the fire and the laser is just the fastest sighting method? I’m all on board with you on the effectiveness of a rifle compared to a pistol.

  2. Steve H. Says:

    Fast sighting is the whole point. You got it. Precision has no place in my strategy. I don’t want to spend five seconds shouldering the gun, locating the sights, aiming, and shooting carefully while the perp holds his stolen .25 caliber crapwad homey-style and puts several bullets in me. I want to hit the perp with the dot and blow his guts all over the pavement, before he can get close to me.

    People complain that a Chinese laser won’t hold a zero. I don’t know how much it matters at fifty feet. I have never had a laser wander enough to save a criminal’s life.

    Don’t bet your life on my eccentric plans, though.

  3. og Says:

    I have several customers in Ocala and in the Ocala area, as well as some family members who live there. It’s pretty. Seems I remember there being a college in town, and the population outside of college session was cut by about 1/3.

    Aside from a few senior citizens who didn’t seem to be able to find the accelerators on their car, it was nice. I hope you find a place you like more than Coral Gables. When you move, you will need riggers to move your shop. Rountree is the best, but they are very expensive. They may also not take on a job that small. You might find a guy with a flatbed truck and a little forklift who can do it cheap, in this economy. Find out who Grizzly uses locally, too. Best of luck.

  4. Renee R. Says:

    Hello Steve,
    While thinking of you and reading your blog from time to time, I have seen and prayed for many of the prayer requests. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind posting and saying a prayer for me.
    My son has had numerous medical problems like turning blue if he stays still, pain, heart, g.i, circulatory issues, etc… It seems as if there is no end to the list. After taking him to 3-5 doctors a week, we finally decided to go to Mayo’s. They told us that he has a condition known as Autonomic Dysfunction/Dysorder/Disease. I am still trying to understand the diagnosis. There doesn’t seem like there is much you can do for any of it.
    My other prayer request is for my neice. She is a twin and she is 8 years old. My brother and sister in law thought that she had a urinary tract infection. When they took her to the doctor they were given the horrible news that she is a diabetic and that they needed to rush her to the hospital. After spending almost a week in the hospital she was released yesterday. I am also concerned for her other twin and her older sister getting diabetes.
    I would appreciate it if you would say a lil’ prayer for these kiddos.
    Thanks to all & God Bless!

  5. Jim Says:


    First, a prayer request, and an invitation. I’ll be in Orlando on the 11th, to attend to my 84 y/o step Mom, as she’s having (major) surgery on her carotid artery on the 12th. Intercession for her well being, a successful surgery and speedy recovery, shall be greatly appreciated!

    I’ll be there till the 18th, and wish I could stay longer. Even if I can’t stay to attend Sunday services with you, if you want to drive up for a visit n’ fellowship, it’d be warmly welcomed.

    I’ll also have good hardware with me, maybe we can go shoot down the road at Shoot Straight in Apopka.

    Most likely, I’ll buzz your cel sometime this week.


    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  6. Steve H. Says:

    Og, are you thinking of Gainesville, which is just up the road from Ocala? It’s my understanding that there is a primitive “school” there, whose mascot is some type of obese lizard, not nearly as dashing as the U. of Miami ibis.

    Jim, I appreciate the invite. I’m not sure what’s happening right now. I might be spying out the Ocala area with my dad around that time.I’m probably going to make a solo mission first, for one day. Wondering if there is a range up there where a person can shoot at over 100 yards. Down here, forget it. The AR10 and the 17 HMR have never stretched their legs.

    Renee R., I had no idea you read the blog. I’m glad I cleaned it up. Obviously, I will be glad to have my friends pray for your needs. I hope you’re doing well. It seems like everyone has lost touch since the old house was sold and we stopped getting together for Christmas.

  7. og Says:

    Indeed! sorry it’s been a while since I was there so I’d forgotten Gainesville was the town my cousin lived in, and I was working in Ocala. The company was Mark III conversions, tarting up vans and trucks and SUV’s. Pretty nice people there, really. That was ages ago, 22+ years. My company currently has other customers in the area but they’re serviced by other branches, so I don’t get down there, at least not that much anymore.

  8. Steve H. Says:

    Here is today’s crazy “coincidence”: my buddy Mike worked for Mark III. Wonder if you met him.

  9. og Says:

    I was there in, I think 1990 repairing a loose leadscrew on a Shoda router.

  10. Renee R. Says:

    Thanks for the prayers! I try to check in on you and the rest from time to time. Sometimes it might be reading the blog, word of mouth, or even the amazing googling. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen as often as it should. Yesterday I realized that I never even lay in the grass to look up at the sky anymore and that it really is still so beautiful. – Obviously, that is where I got my best thinking done! Now it is only where I look to see how much time I have before it gets dark or how long until bad weather might be rolling my way. Reading your blog kinda makes me realize how much I miss you all and what seems to be “what used to be.” It also makes me realize I need to show you how to make Chicago Pizza! 😉

  11. Steve H. Says:

    Og, my friend says he showed up at Mark III in 1993. He says they had some kind of woodworking machine that would take workpieces the size of a wall.

    Renee R., I really do pray when I say I’ll pray, and I’m glad to do it. I miss you, too. As for Chicago pizza, I’m starting to think it’s inherently inferior!

  12. og Says:

    That would have been the Shoda. LOL! Yeah, it was a pretty good sized one. I know where there’s one substantially bigger for sale, too.