Obama Should Get a Commission

October 16th, 2012

Truck Gun

I solved my truck gun problem. I figured I’d write about it so people could tell me I’m an idiot. Half of the fun of buying a gun is getting on the Internet, letting people know, and having them call you an idiot. You bought the wrong gun. You paid too much. You got the wrong optics. Your mother shoots homey-style. Whatever.

I found three really good solutions. One is the Yugo (Zastava) M92 pistol. Wonderful weapon. Not expensive. No 922r problems, unless I am misinformed. The second is the Vz2008. This is a Century Arms Vz58 with a non-chromed barrel. They’re supposed to be somewhat crappier than the ones Czechpoint sells, but they only cost about $400, so it’s a wonderful choice. The third gun is an AK variant made specifically for people who carry in vehicles. It’s the AMD-65, made in Hungary. It’s under 26″ long, folded, and you can shoot it without opening it up. The barrel is chrome-lined, and people say they get good accuracy. It comes with a vertical foregrip, which is fantastic. You can get one of these guns for about $440.

I probably should have gone with the Vz2008, but I don’t have any AK-47s, and the AMD-65 looked really good. I have one on the way.

My plan is to stick a Chinese laser under the gun’s barrel. That will take some thought. I’ll need to drill holes in the handguard and install a rail, or I’ll have to replace the handguard entirely and get a rail-mounted foregrip.

This gun has very few US-made parts, so magazines are a problem. You have to have a certain number of US-made items in order to beat 922r, and the AMD-65 relies heavily on American magazines. No cheap surplus foreign jobs. I decided to pick up a couple of 30-round Tapcos. They’re plastic, which purists hate, but supposedly they work well, and if they stink, I’m only out $14.

Hogue makes a handguard for it. That would count toward 922r. I think an American foregrip would, too, but I’m not sure. I can definitely score a point with a new gas piston.

I have read differing opinions of the AMD-65. Some people say it’s crap from one end to the other, except for the way it functions. Others say it actually looks nicer than other AKs, except for the Krylon finish, which can be fixed with Duracoat or something similar. Some say the accuracy is bad, but others say they get tight groups. I’m inclined to suspect that the shooters are the main problem. Hungarian barrels have a good reputation, and this gun has a short sight radius, which would tend to make a poor shooter perform worse.

We are equipping the police with this rifle over in Afghanistan, presumably so it will be more convenient for them to shoot our troops in the back.

The buttstock is wire. I have no problem with that. I don’t want to hear about cheek welds and 100-yard groups. It’s tough to plead self-defense when you’re shooting someone a hundred yards away, and I may never get a chance to open the stock anyway. If I can do well at a hundred feet or less, I’ll be ecstatic.

I shot my Vz58 folder the other day, and it has a crappy buttstock (or whatever you call a wire buttstock substitute). Without even trying, I put four shots in one hole at 75 feet. That will do. If the Hungarian rifle even approaches that level of accuracy, it will shoot better than I do in a panic situation.

I think I have my needs covered. Glock for carry. Cheap but reliable AK for true disasters that happen away from home. Both lasered.

I have high hopes that Obama will lose the election, but this makes me feel a little better.

6 Responses to “Obama Should Get a Commission”

  1. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    I was pleasantly surprised to see how accurate my WASR-10 was out of the box, iron sights after hearing so long how inaccurate AKs are.
    Sounds like you’re getting another fun gun.

  2. Mattexian Says:

    I have high hopes that Obama will lose the election, but this makes me feel a little better.

    I agree with your sentiments, sir. Just make sure you’ve got the main things for the care and feeding of your new baby! AFAIK, whoever assembles the guns in the US has to take care of the “minimum # US-made parts” before they sell it to you, so I think you can use whatever AK-47-compatible mags you can find, tho everything I’ve heard about the Tapco ones warns to avoid them, stick with the milsurp mags (they’re cheap enough, too, especially in bulk– I bought a 10-pack of used milsurp for $45, got 8 good ones, still working on the last two).

  3. Steve H. Says:

    This gun is a little weird. There are so few US parts in the gun itself, you have to put in a magazine to make it compliant.

  4. Sigivald Says:

    Some say the accuracy is bad, but others say they get tight groups. I’m inclined to suspect that the shooters are the main problem.

    Could be.

    Or could be uneven build quality.

    And could be that some people think that anything less than sub-MOA is “Bad” and others think that 2-MOA groups are “tight” in this context, who knows?

    I do know that any competently build AK should be sub-minute-of-torso at 200 yards, so who cares?

    (And despite my pushback about car guns in previous posts, I’m not going to call you an idiot.

    I think it’s kinda unwieldy for in truck use, but for gun-in-the-truck use a carbine with a folding stock is entirely appropriate. And like you said, you have the pistol for use while seated.)

  5. Mattexian Says:

    Hmm, that’s kinda weird. Well, if you want to “invest” is some US-made AK mags, I’ve heard pretty good things about US PALM. What I said about buying in bulk still applies!

  6. Steve H. Says:

    RE 922r, the Vz58 also relies on magazine parts, although I stuck some FAB Defense parts on it. I’ll bet they’re made overseas, now that I think about it. Too lazy to check. I’m thinking they may be from Israel, since Israeli-Weapons.com sells them.

    I ordered a Hogue handguard and grip. I think this stuff is American. I don’t know whether it counts. Haven’t checked yet.

    I’ve seen people suggesting writing up a “922r sheet” listing all the crap in the gun, in case I get investigated.

    To tell the truth, I wonder if anyone cares. I have read that the BATF goes full-tilt berserk when they suspect even a slight violation, but how do they find out? I mean, let’s say we have Obama-defeat riots, and I have to shoot some idiot in my living room. Do the local cops count the 922r parts and call the BATF?

    These laws are so stupid. We really need to elect conservatives and get rid of this crap. The people who love guns most don’t use them illegally very often, and the idiots who commit gun crime will buy whatever they want on the black market.

    I think we should let people have full-auto guns if they want, without all the demented rules. They’ll just sit in safes. Who can afford to shoot them?