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God is Too Good

December 10th, 2011

Sometimes it Seems That Way

What a day I’m having.

I made a second aluminum hub for my pig roasting spit. It’s nicer than the first one. I had the cutting tools too high on the first shot, so I got chatter. Now the finish is very good, even though I’m using carbide. I have no idea what I’m doing, and I’m too lazy to look things up and do it right, so I learn a lot from experience.

I threaded the bolt holes on the hub, but I fouled the threads on two of the bolts. I didn’t know that aluminum swarf could become one with a steel bolt, but apparently this is a hazard of threading. It must be, since it just happened.

I knew aluminum had a very low melting point compared to stainless, so I tried to fix the bolts by heating them with a plumber’s torch. I got one of them red hot and then tried to put a nut on it. I gave up. That stuff is on there for the duration. But after I did this, I picked up the nut with my bare hand. I didn’t realize how much heat had gone into it.

I felt that I had burned myself on the pad of my index finger. I hate that. Such a useful finger. It had that flat, shiny look burned skin gets, and it hurt pretty bad. But I remembered something the Holy Spirit told me a while back. I was lying in bed, and I kept hearing the words, “You are protected” in my head.

What the heck, right? God has instantly healed me of two kidney stones while or shortly after praying, and a few weeks back when I started getting a cold, he took it away in a couple of hours. My sister is still alive (and in total remission), a year and a half after being diagnosed with extensive small-cell lung cancer; I prayed a great deal about that. I decided to pray about my finger. I “reminded” God of what he had told me. And I started thanking him. The finger still felt like it was in the process of blistering.

Guess what? My finger is fine. It has been around half an hour. I have no pain at all. I can use the finger. I can put pressure on it. The skin doesn’t look flat and shiny any more. I went and looked at it in the light, because I was so amazed. It looks like any finger that has been working with tools all day.

I just don’t know what to say. I told God I would tell people about it. You have to do that. I’ve heard preachers say you should make a monetary sacrifice when God does something for you. Maybe that’s true; I tend to discount it these days. But you definitely, DEFINITELY have to tell people.

Now you’ve been told.

Here’s something funny. I went to a machining forum and mentioned the pig work I’m doing, and several people expressed concern about the galvanized pole I’m using. I had to reassure them. I’ve done this a bunch of times, and Val even has a big charcoal pan made from galvanized. It doesn’t cause any problems.

The funny thing is that Og dropped by the blog the other day, when I wrote about lathes. Og and I are both hard-headed. Well, he’s persistent and determined. I’M hard-headed. Anyway, we had a big fuss over the hazards of backyard galvanized pig tools a few years back, and here I am discussing them right when he happens to be dropping by.

I guess zinc is like religion and politics. One of those things best not discussed socially.

3 Responses to “God is Too Good”

  1. virgil Says:

    OK…I was reading backwards chronologically having been busy moving to Tulsa,OK and not stopping by in a while and see you are already aware of the Galvanizing issue…

  2. seal killer Says:


    “I decided to pray about my finger.”

    This works for me, too. Almost every time. When it doesn’t work I know in advance because I didn’t have my heart and mind in the right place. (I don’t mean praying about your finger. Maybe mine. But, I would pray about your finger if you stick it on a hot piece of aluminum again. Or even steel, or something like that.)

    There. You told me and I told you.

    seal killer aka Bill Chennault
    ps I was trying to find out what saw you had and ran across this and some other stuff I liked. Maybe that is why the motor died on your saw. Salvation is for people. The saw needs a new Chinese motor.

  3. Steve H. Says:

    I didn’t expect Chaski people to show up here! I don’t know what I was thinking when I put my website in my signature or whatever it is. I have drawn much closer to God over the last few years, to the point where I qualify as a bona fide religious nut, but I try to separate it from my activity on forums. Glad you weren’t freaked out. I always tell my non-churchgoing friends that if they come to my church, we don’t put restraints on you until the third visit, and you have to bring your own snakes.
    I have no idea what I did to that saw, but it looks bad right now.