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Marv Will be in the Tour Bus

April 24th, 2011

Have the Groupies Clean his Perch

What a day. I got my Telecaster working yesterday, and I fired up the Super Champ XD and the Fat Sandwich pedal and started working on “I Know a Little.” It turned out that the Telecaster, with its long scale and super-tall frets, was actually easier to play than my amazing Epiphone Riviera P93. Slides are somewhat unpleasant, because my fingers smash into the frets from the side, but still, it worked great. It felt like it was harder to play, but I was undeniably playing better.

Today I decided to make a recording to see just how bad I sounded. I figured it would be horrible, because the timing on my last recordings was really jerky and awful. Also, recording makes my timing even worse, because it seems like my joints quit working. I worry about what the mike is picking up, and there goes any hope of playing loose.

Incredibly, it sounds like music. WAY better than I hoped. There are three passages which are still technically not under control, but basically, it’s sound. In a week, I should be able to play it for real. I don’t know that I’ll be able to play full speed, though. Today I cranked it up to 78%.

I don’t know that I like it at 100%. You lose many of the guitar subtleties, and there isn’t as much opportunity to play with the vocals.

I recorded this on a Sansa clip, which is a tiny, cheap MP3 player. And Marv was “helping” in the background. I’m posting it anyway. Whatever the problems are, it proves this is going to work!

I Know a Little, With Marv as Background Vocalist

I have a new wonder pick. My teacher recommended a Dunlop jazz pick, which is a very hard, small nylon job. They’re very fast, but they make a somewhat dull sound, and the tiny size is hard on your hands. Last week I took a Dunlop triangle pick, which is huge, and modified it so it would still be easy to hold, but it would not interfere with my movements or rotate out of position. The result is the greatest pick of all time. I can’t put it down. I’m wondering if I should make my own version and sell it.

Anyway, this is fantastic. When I get it cleaned up, I’ll post a better version. Probably without Marv.

If I can do this, it proves I’ll be able to play decent Christian music.

6 Responses to “Marv Will be in the Tour Bus”

  1. Jeffro Says:

    Poor Marv has no rhythm. You, OTOH, sound GOOD!

  2. Steve H. Says:

    Thanks! I try to imagine it without the mike nerves and the three passages I really can’t play yet. I think I’m going to have the tone, rhythm, and dynamics I need.
    I posted a piece of “Tube Snake Boogie” last year, and it sounded like I had almost no potential. The timing was horrid; it sounded as if I didn’t even know what the blues was supposed to sound like. This is much more encouraging.

  3. Titan Mk6B Says:

    Just a little bit more polish and you can call that one finished. Very good.

  4. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    Sounded good.

  5. Charlie Bravo Says:

    Great take, clean sound, and good tone.
    Very good.
    Would love to see photos of the Tele…..
    Three T’s principle fulfilled here, I guess: Taste, Tone, & Technique.

  6. Peg Says:

    I thought that Marv did just fine! You two make a great team, Steve 🙂