I Will Guide Thee With Mine Eye

April 16th, 2010

Evangelism is Taunting

Christianity is an irrational offshoot of ancient Jewish tribal rituals, and none of it has any basis in fact. I hope everyone understands that. When God seems to do something in your life, it just means you’re primitive and superstitious, and you probably don’t even believe in proven concepts like Global Warming and Marxism.


Yesterday, a blogger who befriended me years ago sent me an email, saying his life had been turned around. He had given up some harmful vices, and he was working on rebuilding his family, and he happened to see my blog and read about the changes in me, and he had questions for me.

I emailed three Christian friends with the news. It was pretty exciting. You know how wee-weed up superstitious people get.

One of those friends is a rep for the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. She emailed me back and invited me to some IFCJ functions which will be taking place in DC in the month of May. It all happens during the week of the National Day of Prayer. She couldn’t guarantee me a seat at the IFCJ function that takes place on that day, but I would be able to go to an IFCJ dinner and visit the Holocaust Museum with them.

Hmm. Do I know anyone in DC? Anyone who has been drawing closer to God lately, and who might want to tag along during some of this stuff?

Only Mike. Only the oldest friend I have.

I got on Orbitz, figuring the flights would be insanely expensive. No, sorry. They’re practically paying people to fly to DC that week.

I got back in touch with my friend, and I mentioned Mike. She emailed me back, and she said she was “pretty sure” I would be able to get a seat at the prayer event, and that I would definitely be able to invite Mike to go to the dinner and the Holocaust Museum. He might even be given a seat at the prayer thing.


Man, it’s amazing what God can do. Being imaginary and all. Global Warming is imaginary, and it can’t even drown a polar bear.

Here’s more fun. I checked Sondra K., and I happened to see this: some federal judge has decided that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. Oh, man! Good thing I haven’t booked that flight yet!

Obama is actually defending the National Day of Prayer. He may not go to church, but he knows voters go. I’ll be praying he resigns, but I do appreciate his effort.

More interesting news: college football players are about to be forbidden to put messages in their eye black. This is something I know almost nothing about, since I would rather eat tofu on Castro Street with a witch than watch football. Evidently, Christian players have been putting things like “EPH 2:8-10” on their eye black. The NCAA has decided to equate this with standing in the end zone doing dances simulating sexual domination of the opposing team.

It’s pretty much the same thing. Clearly. If you can’t see how a discreet expression of faith is bad sportsmanship and a form of taunting, I can’t hope to explain it to you. It’s one of those things you should understand automatically, like the need to be ashamed when you carry a Down Syndrome baby to term.

When are we going to stop treating Christianity like pornography? It’s amazing how hard we work to hide it. If you’re a homosexual, you’re supposed to be proud and march in parades. If you’re a Christian, you can’t even write it on your face. How did we get here?

We live in a country where public school lunchrooms are banning pork on account of a few Muslim students. I think we can make room for Bible eye black.

Maybe the NCAA is worried that the drunkenness and betting that drive football will suffer if fans are reminded of God’s existence during games. If it weren’t for beer and betting, there would be no such thing as a professional athlete. No one would be able to sit through a whole game, awake.

I wonder what Ephesians 2:8-10 says. Let’s see.

Ha! Check it out:

8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.

10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

The central message of Christianity. The thing that makes the gospel “good news.” I’m sure glad little children won’t have to see THAT on their TV screens any more.

I have to go do my Orbitz thing. I can’t believe this is happening.


More fodder for superstition: I told my dad I was going to DC, and he said he wanted to get me the ticket for my birthday.


4 Responses to “I Will Guide Thee With Mine Eye”

  1. Bert Says:

    Godspeed on your DC journey. You may pray Psalm 109:8 whilst there- don’t forget to tour the lovely neighborhood surrounding the White House!

    Talking about all those terrible Christian symbols and verses that we all are daily tortured with- have you no sympathy with the poor atheists that have to handle money?- you heard about the Trijicon ACOG rifle sight scandal?
    Seems the founder actually had the unmitigated gall to place references to certain Bible verses in the serial numbers!
    Such as- 2COR4:6 and JN8:12-Shocking!
    And our troops are employing these ‘religous’ scopes in Muslim countries- how many more islamic jihadis have we unfeelingly created?

    Makes me want to purchase one(some serious scratch involved) just to be more politically incorrect than I already am.
    Onward Christian Soldiers! Crusade Up!
    Changing Minds- One Round At A Time!

  2. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    Church Member Finds Missing Fla. Girl http://www.justnews.com/news/23135451/detail.html

    This girl was missing in a swamp since last Friday. Last Friday.
    This guy prays that Jesus will lead him to her, and he finds her in two hours.
    Two hours!
    If he’d been a “psychic” he’d be on all the talk shows.
    but he’s one of those religious nuts, right?

  3. PN Says:

    I was just reading about Dhimmitude and thinking ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS! Another coincidence…….

  4. Elisson Says:

    When are you going to be in DC? If it’s around 5/20 thereabouts, let me know.