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Happy Birthday to a Bird Who Requires Squeezing

April 2nd, 2010

Teens Coming to an End

I just realized today is Maynard’s birthday. He is 19 years old.

Here he is, in front of a closet door he ate.


Props to Sonny’s Barbecue in Florida City. Mike and I had dinner there, and the manager let me take two ribs home so Marv and Maynard could celebrate.

13 Responses to “Happy Birthday to a Bird Who Requires Squeezing”

  1. Tziporah Says:

    Yay, Maynard!!!!! A happy birdday and may you have many more!

    Thanks for the parrot picture, Steve!

  2. Elisson Says:

    Boids eat ribs?

  3. Peg Says:

    Mr Mollo is going to be 19 next spring! He passes on birthday wishes to Maynard; enjoy the ribs AND the squeezing!

  4. Virgil Says:

    Only 19? That bird is probably going to outlive you Steve. I love that breed by the way…but when things settle down a little more here (lots of travel) we’re probably getting an older rescue African Grey.

  5. Edward Roland Bonderenka Says:

    How old is that in dog years?
    Happy hatchday, Maynard.

  6. pbird Says:

    What a good Boy! Happy birfyday Maynard.

  7. lauraw Says:

    Happy Birthday Maynard!

  8. Milo Says:

    Happy birthday Maynard!
    May you enjoy your birthday rib!

  9. Scott P Says:

    Happy Birthday, Maynard, and Happy Easter, all.

  10. Tziporah Says:

    Happy Easter, Steve and birdies!

  11. Elizabeth Says:

    Happy Birthday, Maynard. May you all have had a Blessed Easter.

    Imperial Keepeer

  12. anne Says:

    Happy belated Easter, Steve…. and happy birthday Maynard! Glad to see he’s just as handsome as ever.

  13. Peg Says:

    Oh Steve – we had the most awful accident at our home today!

    I am consumed with guilt and remorse and sadness….

    Squeeze Maynard a little extra bit for me today.