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A More Perfect Union

February 18th, 2010

Striking is a Sin

This is pretty funny.

Two days ago, I helped some charity-ship crew members get to their ship at the Port of Miami. My last visit, not including random motorcycle rides, had been with another attorney: my dad’s former partner. He represented the Port of Miami, and we were there, basically, to annihilate and impoverish the unions. I considered this God’s work.

Last night at church, Pastor Rich said the union people had decided to donate their time, to load the ship with stuff for Haiti.

Talk about strange bedfellows.

I’m glad these guys don’t know my face.

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3 Responses to “A More Perfect Union”

  1. pbird Says:

    No kidding.

  2. Gerry N Says:

    Do not conflate the rank and file with the Union Bosses. They are two vastly different species with somewhat similar physical appearances.

    I was a Union Member for forty years and a low level elected official for twenty five of them. My union office was unpaid, as were all but one in my local. Most of our energies were expended keeping the International Union out of our bank accounts. Every other year an accountant and a lawyer on the union payroll would fly into town, rent the Penthouse Suite of the most expensive hotel in Seattle, hire some hookers, a limo and full time driver for week, then spend one or two days trying to suck our bank account dry.

    I have very little use for Unions.

    Gerry N.

  3. Steve H. Says:

    Respectfully, the savages who break heads on the picket lines are not bosses. I know a lot of reasonable people get sucked into unions because they have no choice, but there is no shortage of socialist goons, either.