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I Even Dream of Food

January 29th, 2010

Joseph was Better at This

I had the funniest dream this morning, not long before I got up.

I was in an old house that had been converted into a school. A little girl was in a room on the second floor. She was a demon-worshiper. She believed it was possible to be a Christian and worship other “gods” and benefit from all of it.

She was giving a presentation to her class, about the ways she worshiped this “god” and that one. She had colorful costumes, and she wore a different one for each demon. Each one required different rituals, and she demonstrated them, throwing things into bowls and so on.

Her teacher and I were downstairs, and we were pretty disturbed. We noticed that the ceiling was bulging down toward us, from the classroom above. Something extremely heavy was in that room. The pressure of its weight made a circular bulge in the ceiling. It was some sort of spirit, sitting in the room among the kids. They couldn’t see it.

We went up the stairs to help this girl. A black man was with us. I guess he worked with the teacher. We were going to make this kid understand that you can’t be a Christian AND a demon-worshiper. If you have even one other god, you’re not a Christian. Or you’re a Christian, but you’re going to have terrible problems.

When we got in the room, everyone was gone except the girl. She was dressed normally. She was unconscious, but she was standing in a far corner, facing the wall.

While we were there, food was served. It was chicken that had been fried in breading and then covered with sauce. There was rice under it. Someone asked me how it was, and I said it was okay, but the rice was a little overcooked.

When I woke up, I tried to figure out whether this dream meant anything. I prayed for an answer. I have never had a dream that turned out to be a message from God, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

Here is what I came up with. The room is Haiti. The girl represents Haitians who worship demons yet think they’re also Catholic or other types of Christians. The problem with the ceiling is a problem with the rock under the island. It’s the reason they have earthquakes. The presence of the demons–their spiritual “weight”–causes it.

People who go to Haiti to provide spiritual guidance will have their physical needs met in abundance. That’s the food. There was nothing in the dream that I could apply to humanitarian aid.

Is this right? I can’t even guess. Maybe I just dreamed about a confused little girl.

The teacher was attractive. I don’t know her in real life. I don’t know the black man. He didn’t seem like a Haitian, although many Haitian-Americans have no accent.

I can only recall one instance of a dream that had application to the future. My friend Ivette gave me a Cohiba Esplendido, from Cuba. That part had already happened, for real. In the dream, I smoked it, and it had a wonderful flavor like cloves. Later, when I smoked the actual cigar, it had that same flavor, only with much less intensity. That was extremely odd. I had never had a cigar that tasted anything like cloves, but some Cubans have that flavor.

That was a pretty stupid dream, I admit. But it came true. And it’s all I have to offer.

My cornet arrived last night. It’s incredible. It’s a professional-quality horn, and it’s essentially new, even though it was made the year I was born. It has had a couple of minor dents repaired, and the seller thought they probably came from being bounced around in the case, but that’s it. Other than that, there isn’t a scratch on it. You could put this thing in a store and claim it was made last month, and no one would know the difference.

It’s too bad pianos aren’t like brass instruments. You can pick up the brass equivalent of a nearly new Steinway for under $500, because so many people buy horns and quit using them almost immediately. I paid $150. I’m sure this thing would cost at least a grand, new.

Now, if only I could play it.

I have practiced my embouchure for two days. I can go about fifteen minutes without fainting or losing my mind. I figure that’s enough. When you’re working a muscle and building a callus, it does no good to overdo it. That’s what I tell myself, because fifteen minutes are all I can stand at this point. I can make the mouthpiece do a few things, but the horn sounds like a cow with the scours.

My dad says I ought to be able to make a sound that isn’t horrifying within a week or so.

That’s all I have for now. I’m just enjoying my coffee and relaxing.

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13 Responses to “I Even Dream of Food”

  1. Ruth H Says:

    Jezebel…. I watched part of the Naked Archeologist yesterday and it was on the history and story of Jezebel. Have you studied that lately? Read up on it, it might help you interpret the dream. Or maybe not, I’m not sure I even believe in dream interpretation, probably because I don’t remember my dreams. Anyway, she worshiped and promoted many gods.

  2. pbird Says:

    Before I was done reading your dream I knew it was about Haiti. What it means will come out later I guess.

  3. pbird Says:

    You may be going to Haiti…maybe.

  4. Steve H. Says:

    “Before I was done reading your dream I knew it was about Haiti.”
    You are smarter than I am.
    “You may be going to Haiti‚Ķmaybe.”
    My church is taking volunteers, but truthfully, I think I would be in the way. A doctor can treat the victims. What can I do? I can help them sue each other. Or I can teach them calculus or how to make pizza. Not pressing needs.

  5. Bradford M Kleemann Says:

    Maybe you can go to Haiti and sing “Salt Peanuts”. If you do, we’ll expect to see a video.

  6. Heather P. Says:

    Well Steve maybe you will minister to them and cook for them. Plus you do all of that building. You have skills that could be of help.

  7. Steve H. Says:

    Cacahuetes au sel! Cacahuetes au sel!

  8. Ron Says:

    While in the Navy ’62, had a chance to visit Port-au-Prince. Could not understand what I saw. Why was there so much misery and suffering?
    After very little research discovered that much charity is given but to little or no avail…After decades, the suffering persist. I now believe the answer is about choices. The choice of your God.

  9. greg zywicki Says:

    Why not ask God if He wants you to go? Your willingness to go will be the greatest gift you can give a Haitian.
    As for the Cornet, I’m not sure you should expect callouses. I’ve never had any with a Trombone, but that might be different. Did your dad tell you about the importance of breath support?
    One effective excercise I did when I was playing everyday – you blow a note, and slowly move the horn away from your mouth until you can’t make a sound. The better your lip muscles, the less you’ll need to press the horn against your mouth, which leads to fatigue.

  10. Steve H. Says:

    The thing about Haiti is, they seem to have a surfeit of warm bodies. People are going, just to have a disaster vacation and get attention. I think I can do more good supporting my church’s efforts from here.

  11. Juan Paxety Says:

    Agree completely with what greg says about pulling the horn away. Don’t get into the habit of hitting higher notes by pressing the horn into your lips. Study diaphragm exercises.

  12. Virgil Says:

    Calculus…You could teach them how to “differentiate ” between good pizza and bad pizza…

  13. Ron Says:

    Steve H. …I agree, sometimes lookie-loos hamper more than help, not unlike the guy in front of you that slows to a crawl to view the carnage of a car wreck.

    Again, we all have choices :