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Near-Miracle at Mancamp

October 22nd, 2008

Pinch Me

Since I have been writing about eschatology, let me point something out. There is proof that the end of the world is nigh. I am referring to the fact that Budweiser has managed to produce a pretty decent beer.

I spent a few hours at Mancamp on Sunday, and Val offered me a Bud American Ale. I dreaded the first swig. I am familiar with ridiculous products like Killian’s, which look like beer but taste like Budmilcoors. I figured this would be the same basic deal.

I was wrong! It’s very bitter, and they used barley instead of corn and rice and cardboard. It will never be a favorite, because they bungled the hops, but still, what progress.

I barely drink anything any more, but if I felt inclined to drink a beer, and one of these were available, I wouldn’t be ashamed to take it. I could never say that about swill like Michelob and Bud Select.

7 Responses to “Near-Miracle at Mancamp”

  1. Dan from Madison Says:

    Michelob Amber Bock is drinkable if you are in a jam.

  2. suze Says:

    You don’t make your own brew anymore? You were quite into that for a while and it sounded like you were doing quite well and making quality beverages.

  3. Ted Says:

    I was also surprised by Bud American Ale. Clearly they have purchased surplus good beer from another company and relabled it.

  4. Paul C Says:

    Perhaps it’s decent beer because of the Belgian beer cartel purchase of Budweiser.

  5. Gasgwar Says:

    Is this the first new product since the purchase? Pretty sneaky of them to add “American” to the name. I’ll have to try it based on your recommendation.

  6. km Says:

    This does rank as one of the Signs of the Times. But we do have some breathing room, the Cubs did not win the World Series.

  7. davis,br Says:

    Old Oatmeal Stout (English, of course). Yeah, yeah sure; you have to use a sharp hunting knife to cut off swallow-size chunks …but it’s a small price to pay.