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A Vote for McCain is a Quiet Lynching

October 9th, 2008

We are All Racists Now

Has everyone noticed how the Obama campaign and its surrogates are openly accusing their opponents of racism? Any criticism of Obama or his cronies, no matter how legitimate, can now be characterized as racist. It’s disgusting and shameful, but that’s how leftists play. Here’s a wake-up call to the swing voters: if Obama and his pals are crying “victim” now, what do you think they’re going to do after he’s elected? For four solid years, anyone who disagrees with the President will risk public accusations of racism. And because that threat will be hanging over the head of every pundit in the world, they will hesitate to warn us when Obama screws up, just as they chickened out when Frank Raines (black) looted Fannie Mae and caused the economic crisis.

You think you’ve seen Teflon? You’re fooling yourself. Reagan was called the Teflon President because liberal smears didn’t stick. Obama goes one step further. He aborts criticism in the womb. Prior restraint, without the Constitutional issues. It’s a thing of beauty.

And after he’s gone, historians will face the same fear. No matter what this man does to us, he’ll be remembered by historians as a messiah.

Does that mean we should never elect black politicians to high office? Of course not. The Bush administration gave us Condi Rice and Colin Powell, and pundits have been very willing to criticize them, because Rice and Powell don’t whimper about racism. They would fail if they tried. The Republican deck doesn’t come with a race card. The press removes it as soon as a black conservative takes office.

The lesson here is this: never elect a minority politician who makes bogus racism allegations during his campaign. Not unless you want to cope with the same tactics for the remainder of his public existence.

Here’s an unintentionally funny quote from a New York Observer piece:

And Kevin Parker, a New York state senator from Brooklyn, said, “If you have to remind people that Barack Obama is African-American, you have reached the bottom.”

Looks like Obama and his surrogates reached the bottom quite some time ago.

One Response to “A Vote for McCain is a Quiet Lynching”

  1. richard mcenroe Says:

    Hm. So I suppose my “What’s Black and White and Red All Over? BARACK OBAMA” protest sign might be considered insensitive?