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A Book That Makes Heads Explode

January 12th, 2018

Best Way to Get Yourself Killed by a Leftist: Tell him He’s not a Victim

I bought an interesting book. The author is Bryan Melvin, the guy who claims he died from cholera and had to visit hell. Amazon lists him as B.W. Melvin. The book is called A Land Unknown. I learned about Melvin from Youtube, and his book provides more detail on his experience.

I read most of the book yesterday. Fair warning: it’s a flawed book. I’m not saying that to insult the author, who surely did his best. I just want to prepare anyone who buys it. The first 60 or so pages are devoted to background material. Where he was born. What his life was like before the trip to hell. How he interacted with Christians and his doper buddies. He tries to recreate dialogue from the past, and it doesn’t work. It could make the book sound phony to a person who never gets past page 60. Once he gets to the cholera experience, things improve.

I don’t know if what he had was actually cholera. He said he and a buddy drank from a cooler mounted on a truck, and whatever was in it was foul. The cooler’s owner then told them his kids had used it as a portable toilet.

You can get pretty sick from ingesting sewage. I know. When I was a baby, I got a disease my mother later described as cholera. She said a neighbor’s septic tank overflowed on the grass, and that’s where she thought I got it. My fever went over 106, and they put me on IV fluids. For some reason, they used pins to attach my limbs to boards, presumably to keep me from thrashing and knocking the IV out. That sounds insane, but it’s what she told me. I don’t have any giant pin scars. Anyway, my understanding is that real cholera is caused by a bacterium called vibrios comma. I don’t know if it occurs in normal sewage, but I tend to doubt it, since it causes epidemics that kill great numbers of people. If all sewage caused cholera, it would be hard to dispose of safely.

A web source says there was only 1 cholera case in the US in 2015, so I think it’s safe to say that Bryan Melvin and I did not have cholera. It must have been e. coli or something.

I don’t understand how a bacterium found in normal excrement can be so deadly. After all, every human being is exposed to excrement ever day, and we don’t die.

To get back to the point, he got sick, toughed it out, and died, and at some point he was revived.

Melvin says a demon was forced to give him a tour of hell, and a lot of what he says happened sounds plausible to me.

A long time ago, God told me hell is not full of bad people; it’s full of people who don’t listen. Melvin’s story confirms this.

When I say hell isn’t full of bad people, I mean it’s not reserved for people who were nasty and mean on earth. It’s reserved for people who don’t accept salvation through faith in Jesus. You can be a very nice Buddhist, run an orphanage, donate organs to strangers, give everything you have to the poor, and still go to hell.

You don’t avoid hell by being nice. You avoid hell by confessing, believing in Jesus, repenting, and forgiving. If you do those things, you can make it, even if you’re a child molester. If you don’t do those things, you’re trying to get into heaven based on your own righteousness. Even if you’re very good by earth standards, the Bible says your own righteousness is like used menstrual rags in God’s sight. You can’t make it unless you accept the inheritance Jesus gave up for us. Essentially, you have to be a sort of identity thief. You have to appear before God with the righteousness of Jesus as your ID.

Sometimes (often, really) you have to look at Christianity like a lawyer. When we write laws, sometimes we have to do some funny things in order to shape the behavior of the public. Lawyers call this good “public policy.” For example, if you sue a company for negligence, you may not be allowed to introduce evidence of corrective measures in court. Say you slipped on a floor covered with a very slick brand of wax. If the company changes to another wax in order to prevent injuries, you may be unable to use it as evidence that they knew the wax you slipped on was dangerous. Why? Because it’s good public policy to encourage people to make the world safer. We don’t want companies avoiding making corrective measures because they think lawyers will use those measures in court against them.

Some people call Christian salvation “cheap grace.” The idea is that it makes no sense for a truly evil person to go to heaven simply by repenting and accepting Jesus and so on, in view of that person’s bad history. But look at it from a public policy standpoint. If evil people know they can’t be saved, what will they be motivated to do? They’ll do what Satan has done. They’ll go down in a blaze of rebellion. They’ll devote their lives to selfishness and hatred. They’ll do their best to offend God and hurt his children, because they have nothing to lose. On the other hand, if the option of salvation is always open to them while they’re alive, they will be motivated to change and join the team.

The idea that you can get to heaven by being good (and only by being good) is much worse than cheap grace, because even if you accept the erroneous idea that being good by human standards is enough, most of us can’t be good. We are bound by evil habits. Our free will is gone. Which universe would you prefer to live in? One in which Jeffrey Dahmer can change and enter heaven, or one in which a teenage drug addict and street criminal has already lost every hope of avoiding hell?

The Bible says God doesn’t want anyone to perish. He is looking for excuses to give us salvation. He’s not going to reserve it for a few superhuman sages. Most people go to hell as it is. That’s bad enough, without turning the quest for salvation into a sort of Jeopardy! tournament of champions.

You have to be extremely arrogant to think you’re so good you can get into heaven on your own feet. There is no room for humility in a scheme that requires self-salvation. If I can save myself, I don’t need God at all. I have no reason to acknowledge his existence.

Melvin’s book confirms that “good” people go to hell.

In the book, Melvin encounted a number of people who had been malevolent and sadistic on earth, but he also saw people who seemed nice. While he observed the people and demons around him, a voice gave him thoughts and words, explaining things to him. It repeatedly pointed out that people were there because they hadn’t listened.

The concept of reaping and sowing was also represented, but it seems to me that it came primarily through the evil spirits in hell, not the voice of God. The demon guide kept telling him people reaped what they sowed. Demons punished people with torments that reflected the evil they did on earth. For example, a man who was stingy was imprisoned in a barrel in a tight cave. Demons had things he could use to get free, and they put them just outside his reach. The book didn’t say this was God’s idea. The impression I got was that the demons came up with it.

It’s a brilliant punishment which I would never have come up with. When you give to the needy, you help them get out of life’s tight spots. Sometimes you can save someone from the destruction of their earthly life with a few hundred bucks, which is very little to most of us. I have seen that happen.

The system represented in the book makes complete sense. The Bible says the WAGES of sin is death, but it says the saved receive an INHERITANCE, which, by definition, can’t be earned. The demons were PAYING people what they had EARNED in life. In heaven, however, people INHERIT what JESUS EARNED.

I never ask God for what I deserve. I never ask for justice. I have stopped doing that. To ask for compensation or justice is to curse yourself. If I ask for those things, I ask for defeat and torment. Instead I ask for mercy. I ask to be a pampered heir, without pride or self-esteem. Hell is full of self-made men. You can’t put yourself in heaven, but you can definitely earn a spot in hell. You already have.

Bryan also says the spirits in hell criticized God constantly. They had a BLM/Antifa attitude. They pointed to the suffering people in hell, and they asked Bryan how God could be good if he permitted such things to happen. The voice of God came to him and explained that God is not responsible for the misuse of free will. It’s the same sound argument gun store owners make. If I sell you a pistol, and you shoot your family with it, it’s on you, not me. God also told him he refused to create a race of marionettes with no free will. The destruction of free will is Satan’s game and the game of misguided people. God doesn’t do it. He will let you damn yourself.

The things the voice told Bryan line up perfectly with what God has told me. Excuses are lethal. Blaming others for your sins is lethal. These things will put you in hell. You can have the sick pleasure of criticizing God and correcting his scheme for the rest of eternity, but you will do it in a flaming pit. Your whining won’t change the nature of the universe, no matter how much you want to be your own God.

The voice discussed the question of how God could create sinless beings who then went on to develop iniquity and to sin. The voice said the fact that iniquity was found in beings didn’t mean it had been placed there.

Here’s another interesting thing about the book: God and the demons described human beings as caretakers. The demon guide called Melvin “caretaker.” That’s completely consistent with what God has shown me about the system. God created the earth, and he put us in charge of it. We, not God, brought evil into it. We made evil grow, and we made righteousness wither. Why is there evil in the world? Because the caretakers are evil. God isn’t responsible.

The beings in hell, according to the book, are full of denial. They love excuses. They never discuss their own failures. They accuse God constantly. Good luck with that. Arguing with the one who creates the rules is idiotic. Many creatures prefer the pleasure of deflecting blame to the pleasure of release from hell and entry into heaven. They are getting exactly what they chose.

Melvin said he didn’t see children in hell. People there were old enough to be held accountable. He didn’t see retarded people. God didn’t impute blame to anyone who could not understand sin.

Melvin says he used to be a crabby atheist who argued with Christians all the time. He got off on it. In hell, all of his lame arguments were shot down. The demons handed Melvin the same arguments, which shows where those arguments come from. The voice of God obliterated them.

Fascinating stuff.

The more I know, the more I realize God is fundamentally conservative. He is a complete zealot about accountability. He hates whining and excuses. He derides those who devote their lives to blaming others. If there is one area in which he is not conservative, it’s the area of self-help. God wants us to be reasonably responsible, but he hates our ridiculous, haughty belief that we can be self-reliant and self-contained. We are expected to do what we should, but we are supposed to rely primarily on prayer and our other supernatural tools.

God doesn’t want you to go on welfare and suck your neighbor dry while blaming your neighbor for your self-inflicted poverty, but he also doesn’t want you to run around telling people you caused your own success through hard work and your own amazing brilliance. You have to make a contribution to your success, but most of it comes from him, and you have to admit that.

Poverty is self-inflicted, but a blessed life comes from God, not your hard work.

The more I understand, the more repulsed I am by modern American values. We hate God more every day. We sow curse after curse in our lives. We celebrate perversion, pride, cruelty, vanity, and fornication, giving demons more and more power over us. We plant land mines in our paths all day long. We’re spitting on God while he holds back the spirits that have the power to destroy us and give us what we deserve.

America has gone completely PC, and that means we are blaming everyone in sight, except for those who cause our problems. We blame white people, men, Christians, southerners, everyone who has a job, heterosexuals, and conservatives. I’m sorry to say it, but we’re blaming the people who bring us God’s help. We’re celebrating perverts, socialists, idolaters of every type, rebels, ignorant young people with too much power, sluts, ghetto musicians with the morals of rats, and revilers. We’re destroying those who bless us and empowering those who make us rot and fail.

We now have a culture in which the word “shame” has developed a stink. Shame saves us. Shame is realism. Shame allows us to see what needs to be fixed. It opens the door to God’s help. Instead, now we love pride, which is a granite wall that blocks God’s assistance.

Even Christians promote pride. That’s amazing. Have they ever read the Bible? Show me the verses that praise pride. Good luck with that. God hates pride, and the Bible says he actively opposes the proud. What could be worse than that? How can anyone want God to be his enemy? There is no enemy in existence whose power can compare. God is the most terrifying enemy conceivable.

The more I learn about the true nature of the world, the more I wish I could move somewhere else. America is the last major island in a rising sea of feces, and when we go down, there will be nowhere else to go.

I helped create this mess, though, so how can I expect to be rescued?

Today everyone is flipping out because the president supposedly used a curse word to describe Haiti and other miserable, filthy, backward countries. He should apologize for his language, but he’s right. I have one Haitian godchild and another who is one quarter Haitian, and I know lots of Haitians. I wish them the best, but I would not hesitate to call Haiti a hellhole in front of them, and if they were honest, they would agree, because they chose the USA over Haiti and most of them want their friends and families to be allowed to leave.

Haiti is a failed nation, period, and it stands out as exceptional even among failed nations. No sane person questions it. When they want foreign aid, everyone agrees they’re in trouble. When they want to come here and bring their cultural limitations, suddenly Haiti is a wonderful place.

Haiti is definitely a horrible place. How did that happen? Is there something in the rain or the soil that makes it bad? Do the animals and fish make it bad? Was it bad before people moved there? What if I make a crazy suggestion? What if I say Haiti has been screwed up by Haitians? What other explanation is there? People ruin their own countries, and that means they have cultural problems that can be detrimental to other countries when they emigrate.

Haiti is a mess, and Trump is merely putting America first (his job) when he questions the need for more immigrants from messed-up nations. Somehow, we have gotten the idea that we are supposed to be an unlimited sanctuary for people who have proven they are likely to cause problems when they get here. Other countries, such as Canada and Japan, look for immigrants who will help them. They look for the educated and the skilled. Typical Haitians, Mexicans, Hondurans, and so on have virtually no chance of being allowed to move to most top-tier nations. We, on the other hand, bring in criminals and the unskilled. We don’t look for doctors or engineers. We look for people who are willing to do the filthiest jobs we have, and who have the least potential to improve and advance.

The kerfuffle over Trump’s language is a great example of the way PC and the supernatural inversion of our thinking has turned us into self-destroyers. We could be luring productive, successful people. Instead, we are filling ghettos. That’s the simple truth. That’s where these people go as soon as they get here.

I remember joining Trinity Church in Miami, which is 80% Haitian. A pastor told me, “The girls go to college, and the boys go to jail.” Look at other countries Trump is concerned about. Central Americans have a horrific crime rate, in their home countries and in America. They pour in, helping Democrats build their voter bases. Meanwhile, a Ph.D. from New Delhi who tries the legal route will be shoved further down the list because of all the less-desirable immigrants (and illegals) in front of him.

I heard some nut on NPR saying the alleged Haiti remark was “clearly racist.” Hmm. When did Haitian become a race? Obviously, Trump is not concerned about race. He is concerned about the way immigrants from screwed up countries drain us. I think it’s safe to bet that he would be happy to welcome immigrants from mostly black Barbados, which is considered to be the most developed nation in the Caribbean and Central America. I’m sure he would be happy to welcome black Haitians who are successful and educated.

I think if you asked most Americans to describe the purpose of allowing immigration, they would say it was to allow poor people to move here and do better. That’s insane. The correct purpose is to build America up. But if you say that, may God protect you from the PC mafia.

Anyway, America is under a supernatural delusion, and our hysteria over Trump’s alleged harsh remark shows how we love accusing those who help us. Whatever Trump’s personal failings may be, he has done a great deal for Christians and Israel, and he has been used by God to make the country stronger. We should be making allowances for his strange personality, in view of his accomplishments and what appears to be a genuine Cyrus anointing. Instead, we pounce on relatively trivial failings and work to oust him in favor of a poisonous, God-hating socialist to be named later.

I’m going to try to focus on self-criticism, repentance, and improvement. I wish everyone in America would get on board, but they’re not going to, so I’ll do what I can to save myself and whoever will accompany me.


I just found out the bacterium that causes cholera is vibrio comma, not vibrios comma. I remembered it as vibrios because that was the way a college friend of mine pronounced it.

I have finished the book, and it says the author’s doctor told him he did, indeed, have cholera. The doctor said the bug that got him was vibrio cholerae, which is another name for vibrio comma.

3 Responses to “A Book That Makes Heads Explode”

  1. Steve Berven Says:

    Great post. “Original sin” was not disobedience; it was pride. “And ye shall be as gods.”

    I thought the same thing about Haiti. It wasn’t that great before the earthquake, and never really recovered after it. Somalia? Zimbabwe? Congo? Nigeria? They all fit the bill. Trump’s comment was quite impolitic, but not inaccurate. Africa gave us Al Shabaab. Haiti is rife with HIV and voodoo. But we can’t actually SAY that, after all.

    I don’t think enforcing common sense immigration laws is “racist.” Just common sense.

  2. Steve H. Says:

    If you accept the revolutionary premise that a president is supposed to be FOR America, then Trump’s attitude makes sense. Obama was for our enemies and for countries that are, frankly, parasitic and ungrateful.

  3. Chris Says:

    “America has gone completely PC, and that means we are blaming everyone in sight, except for those who cause our problems.”
    America’s values, at least in what is being projected and what has largely taken root where most of the population lives, are Hollywood’s values–self-indulgent, un-self-aware, decadent, and grotesque, in an industry that’s become dominated by a few megalithic corporations like Disney (there’s a whole thesis that could be written about how modern Hollywood corrupted Walt’s wholesome family-friendly and unapologetically nationalist company). I always thought one of Trump’s biggest missteps during his campaign was not calling out this industry specifically for the fact that it makes billions wallowing in filth, and promising to tax and tariff it into oblivion to pay for various social and infrastructural programs, such as subsidized housing for teachers in rural areas or manufacturing plants in the Rust Belt. We had, just one short week ago, an entire ballroom of these smug liars wearing black and clapping themselves on the back for protesting sexual assault, despite the fact that every single one of them was happy to wallow in the very pigpen that allowed such behavior to thrive. None of them were going to vote for him anyway, so why not actually single them out? That’s what the old-time trust busters would have done, and if anything deserves to lawfare’d into submission with back-to-back anti-monopoly suits, it’s the entertainment industry.

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