I am not Your Bro

November 30th, 2017

Latest Domino: Russell Simmons

If you haven’t been molested by an actor or journalist, and you want to comment, please indicate your status to set yourself apart from the majority of humanity.

No, that’s a bad idea. They might see it and add you to their bucket lists. “Hmm. Missed another one.”

On Monday, Matt Lauer was an annoyingly smug yet bulletproof liberal superstar, and everyone on the left loved him. Now they treat him like something they found stuck to the bottom of their shoes. They are working furiously to scrape him off and get rid of the smell. Also, another woman has popped up to accuse Stuart Smalley, and Russell Simmons has been accused of (more or less) kidnapping a woman and coercing her to have sex with him.

Russell Simmons is a major showbiz ego. He’s one of those people who radiate narcissism waves in every public appearance. He’s a black rap personality who, at least financially, has it all together. He’s intelligent. He’s capable. He’s on top of things. Maybe his pride stems from the fact that he’s surrounded by other hip-hop-related celebrities whose lives are perpetual self-fed dumpster fires. Suge Knight is blind, in jail, and full of bullet holes. Tupac died with more holes in him than a colander. The Notorious B.I.G. got shot to death while surrounded by bodyguards. Li’l Kim is a visual aide for plastic surgery ethics courses. Eazy E died from AIDS. Simmons floated above it all. Looks like that’s over with.

The woman who accused him is part black, if it is possible to be less than completely so. Her name is Jenny Lumet. She is the daughter of director Sidney Lumet and the granddaughter of singer Lena Horne. She writes screenplays. She is not a goofball who threw herself at him at a party. She says Simmons offered to take her home one night, and that instead, he ordered his driver to take him to his apartment. Once there, feeling pressured by both men, she says she allowed Simmons to have his way with her.

Some people are calling it rape. I am not a criminal attorney. I don’t know if it’s rape if you have sex simply because your partner is incredibly pushy. Maybe it is. Whatever it is, it’s very wrong. Women tend to do what men they perceive as powerful and desired tell them to do, and no man should use that weakness to push a woman to do things she clearly prefers not to do. And fornication is a sin.

It’s funny that people aren’t blaming the true cause of the sexual abuse wave. The true cause is liberalism. For around 70 years, liberals have been telling us God doesn’t exist and that we should have sex whenever we want, with whomever or whatever we want. They have been encouraging women to put themselves in danger by behaving provocatively and putting out. They’ve encouraged the murder of the unborn, giving predacious men (and forceful, embarrassed parents) a handy escape hatch through which to shove pregnant women. They’ve turned AIDS–a disgusting venereal disease–into something to be proud of! They’ve even gotten rid of the phrase “venereal disease” because (for good and obvious reasons) it had come to carry an air of opprobrium.

VD is now STD. Whores are sex workers. Sluts are…well, they’re still sluts, but now they’re proud of it, and they have parades called Slut Walks.

The abusers caught in the purge don’t know God. They know of no reason to exercise restraint or curb their cruelty. You do what you want in this life, you get away with it, and when you die, there is no punishment. Why concern yourself with the proper, compassionate treatment of others if there is no supreme arbiter to answer to?

Women are just receptacles now. They are game to be taken down. Men are like birdwatchers, ticking off the names on their lists as they go. “Got that one. Got this one. Still working on that one.”

Women are stupid about men. Liberals have taught them we’re really just women with male equipment. They say that deep in our hearts, we just pretend to be masculine. It’s an act. Liberals deny the reality of the persistent male sex drive and its power. Women are taught that because men don’t have the right to abuse them, it’s okay for women to tempt and manipulate. It’s like telling tourists in a national park it’s okay to walk up to bears and wave Slim Jims under their noses.

Women are encouraged to be temptresses and sluts. Men are encouraged to be mindless, aggressive, proud DNA dispensers. And we still act surprised when bad things happen.

Men are not women. We are ready for sex all the time. We get excited quickly, not slowly. When women become aroused, they can shut it off instantly in order to answer the phone or get up and go to work. When men get aroused, they stay that way until the mission is accomplished. If a man doesn’t get what he wants, it takes a long time for the arousal to go away, and during that time, he may become very resentful.

Men don’t need to care about you to want to have sex with you. We can have great sex with women we hate, which, now that I think about it, must be one of the reasons abuse is so widespread. We don’t need intimacy or love. We can have sex with you and not even want to know your name. Why don’t we call afterward? Because we never wanted to get to know you in the first place. We just needed a place to dump the trash.

Never forget what Charlie Sheen said. He said he didn’t pay prostitutes to have sex with him. He said he paid them to go away when it was over.

A man who genuinely respects women and wants a faithful, permanent marriage to one woman will still be capable of being excited by the right piece of gutter trash in the right tube top. Good men aren’t free from base drives. We just work to subdue them. The modern woman doesn’t understand that, and she doesn’t care about it, so she is unsafe.

Women’s defenses are down, and men, who lack understanding and compassion, give them what they ask for. I don’t mean that Jenny Lumet deserved what she alleges happened to her. I mean that as a group, women contribute to a damaged system of sexual morals that puts all of them at risk. Women are supposed to serve an important function as the world’s guardians of sexual morality. Instead, they are doing their best to lead men into the ditch.

As for men, we are not leaders. We follow our idiot friends instead of God’s guidance. We take what we can get. We don’t build women. We loot them, like rioters.

I remember going to a bachelor party with strippers. Two strippers were invited to the home of a friend of the groom, and the rest were at clubs we visited later. I call the first two strippers “strippers,” but they were prostitutes. They stripped completely naked and performed sex acts on themselves and some of the male guests. Word got out. As the groom should have expected (being over the age of seven) the bride’s friends got information from the groom’s friends, and they took it to the bride. She had been against the bachelor party, and once it was over, she punished the groom with a relentless Mueller-style investigation that lasted for days. It helped kill my relationships with the whole group.

One of the male guests was married to a bridesmaid, and she was a dominant wife. They were Jewish; maybe that’s all I need to say. Somehow the groom didn’t worry that this guy would crack. Please. The wife wore the pants, and everyone knew it. A monkey would have been smart enough to expect him to spill his guts.

How did the groom respond? Did he say, “Wow, this was a really stupid idea; I can’t believe I treated my marriage as an excuse to hire whores”? No, he said this: “Bros before hos, man! BROS BEFORE HOS!”

Here is what “Bros before hos” means. It means you always side with men against women. Men are your brothers. Women are whores. And he didn’t say it facetiously; he was dead serious, as if he thought it were an actual law. He was so upset he was threatening people with violence. He thought it was righteous indignation. The problem, in his mind, was that his bros were talking to “hos” instead of protecting him.

That story sums up what’s wrong with America’s morals.

To prove men are not women, I’ll add something. To “get even” with the groom, the bride hired a male stripper to perform at the bachelorette party. She thought it would upset him and make him call off his own party. No such luck. The men had a great time and didn’t think about the girls at all.

The men had a blast, and the women endured a vengeance party which wasn’t all that satisfying. The stripper unhooked women’s bras, and he got one woman to put her hand down his thong, but there is no way one man can sexually satisfy six or seven women in one evening. It was asymmetrical warfare.

Women can’t get even with men through sexual excess, because they don’t enjoy it the way we do. Feminists have never understood that. When sexual morals go out the window, women suffer more than men. Think about it. They’re the ones who get pregnant. They get stuck raising kids. They are more likely to get VD; men can’t get AIDS from women. Women also get more of the blame and stigma. Maybe they should; they are better able to resist lust than we are.

We are seeing both liberals and conservatives caught up in the abuse dragnet, but the underlying cause comes from the left. Bill O’Reilly didn’t develop his bad habits in a religious, conservative environment. He developed them in the New York area in the disco era. All of us have been exposed to the corrupting influence of liberal morals.

The flurry of abuse exposures won’t solve the problem. Women will still tempt needlessly, and men will still prey on them. We aren’t fixing the underyling issues. We never will.

Men aren’t going to change all that much. If masculinity and aggression are punished, men will pretend to be sensitive feminists in order to nail witless prospects. Want easy sex? Go to a protest and cry in front of a few good-looking girls. At least one of them will take care of your needs.

I used to think lust was okay, as long as I didn’t fornicate or obsess on porn. Now I realize that’s wrong. I can’t let myself stare at women. I can’t watch movies that are intended to arouse. I can’t get involved in crude joking with or about women. All of that stuff causes problems. But I’m enveloped in a world filled with temptation. I can’t go out in public, watch TV, or read websites without being exposed. I’m like an allergy case living in a world smeared with peanut butter.

The world is so filthy, it’s dangerous to be in it. Even looking at it causes problems. No wonder Jesus left when he was young.

The other day while I was praying, I kept hearing the phrase, “almost done.” I hope that’s correct. If this world lasts much longer I’m going to have to go live in a bunker.

5 Responses to “I am not Your Bro”

  1. Tondelayo B Says:

    I believe you had a friend that referred to that particular group of former acquaintances associated w the bachelor party as a “fine nest of vipers.”

  2. Stephen Says:

    I agree with almost everything you say here.

  3. Ruth H Says:

    My sisters, our daughters and I have a private facebook page. We’ve been saying this very thing.

    I have cut and pasted this for them to read with the caveat they are not to do the same. If you want me to release them from that I will let them. I do know many conservative women feel the same.

    My liberal daughter in law will be here tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll get her opinion and I’m wondering whether she can leave the word trump out of the conversation. I have felt this all started to get him and got out of hand. Hoist on their own petard.
    I’m also waiting for the lesbian assaults to come out. We’ll see.

    Matt Walsh has a good post out on why should we be surprised when we have so much porn? My question on that is chicken or egg which came first.

    Great thinking, great writing. Thanks.

  4. Nick Says:


  5. Steve B Says:

    I was praying the other day, and kept getting the phrase “the trumpet has sounded.” It feels like things are getting a lot worse a lot faster. I think it’s great that all of these depraved men are being revealed for what they are, but it’s also interesting to compare the reactions we are seeing to the reaction to that one back-of-the-bus remark PDT made 10 years ago. There should be mobs in the street chanting for Matt Lauer or Al Franken’s respective heads if the responses where comparable. But no. Crazy.