Every Storm Starts With One Drop of Rain

November 20th, 2017

New Franken Accuser

We have seen the last of Al Franken. Probably.

The thing serial gropers/rapists/molesters never seem to think about is the folks who invariably follow up on the first abuse account. Most men never abuse anyone, but those who do are generally repeat offenders. If there is something so incredibly wrong with you that you think you have the right to put your hands on women, you will do it over and over until something (like a tweet and creepy photo) changes your mind.

Franken posed for a horrendous photo, in which he gleefully, proudly cupped his hands over the breasts of a sleeping Leeann Tweeden. Then he apologized (not really) and refused to resign. He went off and hid in Minnesota, using the imminent holiday for cover, just as Bill Clinton used weekends to kill negative news stories about himself. Unfortunately for Franken, before he managed to scurry into the shade, another accuser popped up. A married woman says he squeezed her buttock while posing for a photo with her in 2010.

The Tweeden photo stirred up a certain amount of throat-clearing among liberals. The far-left comedy show Saturday Night Live went after Franken (gently) this weekend, saying, “Sure, this was taken before Franken ran for public office, but it was also taken after he was a sophomore in high school.” The writer of the Weekend Update item noted Franken’s age at the time of the offense: 55. They were trying to acknowledge Franken without really hurting his chances of staying in the Senate (as evinced by their immediate deflection to criticism of Donald Trump, who groped women consensually). Nonetheless, their jabs leave marks.

Franken is a disagreeable, aggressive, egotistical person of limited talent, and now it has become obvious that he has a serious maturity problem, as well as a surprising wealth of hostility toward women.

I think I understand him. He is a pillar of the black humor community. I was part of that trend, myself. I’ve made all sorts of disgusting, offensive jokes during my life. Under the influence of idiots like Franken, I worked diligently to soil my own heart, and it worked. I became jaded and cruel. Franken is probably fairly dead inside, as a result of giving himself over to black humor. His thought life must be a lot like “The Aristocrats.” My own thought life was ghastly until a few years back. I knew of no reason to limit it.

The Franken story is not uplifting, but at least we won’t have to worry about another Franken term or a Franken presidency. Thank God for that.

Is it must me, or are most of the famous abusers men who would have a hard time getting women without fame and power?

When I look at people like Brett Ratner, James Toback, Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., and Al Franken, the impression I get is that they were not babe magnets in high school. That, combined with excessively powerful sex drives, could explain their cruelty to women. “You wouldn’t go near me back then, but now you will submit or else.” That’s my guess. I think they’re punishing all women, to get even with the girls who refused to have sex with them in high school.

We’re not hearing a whole lot of abuse stories that revolve around handsome men.

It makes you wonder what dark fantasies bubble beneath the surface in high school chess clubs all across America.

Al Franken is 5’6″ tall. He was a math nerd and wrestler in high school. He wears thick glasses. He looks the way he looks. He succeeded late in life. Girls weren’t threatening to set themselves on fire if he didn’t take them to the prom.

Franken will probably try to rebound from the second accusation, like a weighted inflatable boxing toy coming back for another whack, but it is likely that he will be met on the way up with another fist to the face. That’s how these things work. Think of Kevin Spacey. He got accused. He put out a self-praising statement intended to put him on the side of the offended. Then, “BANG! BANG! BANG!,” the new accusers piled on. His career is dead, and he may end up in prison. I doubt Franken will take as many hits, but it would be odd if he didn’t take enough to keep him on the canvas.

If conservatives are conspiring against Franken (why wouldn’t they?), they may have their follow-up punch cued up already. Smart oppo merchants think like terrorist bombers, who follow bombs up with other bombs that target rescuers. First you hit Franken, and then when he thinks he’s clear, you hit him and his supporters again.

Look at James O’Keefe. He puts out a video. The left responds with a stack of hopeful lies. Then he puts out another video, to make them look even worse.

Liberals are slut-shaming Leeann Tweeden now. They found a photo of her with her hand on a man’s behind, and they found another shot of her with one leg wrapped around a man. Tweeden is not a classy woman. She appeared in Playboy Magazine. But isn’t it revealing, watching liberals resort to a practice they condemn? They invented the ridiculous term “slut-shaming.” It infuriates them when other people criticize slutty women, but look at them go.

Isn’t this what they call “putting the victim on trial”?

Maybe they need to criticize the rest of us for “perv-shaming.” Instead of “Slut Walks,” which figure prominently among the signs of the Apocalypse, they can have “Perv Walks.” We’ll all dress up in C.K. beards and Cosby sweaters and walk up and down major traffic arteries, offering women Quaaludes. Then everyone will be immune to zombie harassment eruptions.

Franken will be gone in a week, or he will not go at all. Let’s see if he can hold on.

4 Responses to “Every Storm Starts With One Drop of Rain”

  1. Juan Paxety Says:

    How many times have we thought Bill Clinton wouldn’t last out the week?

  2. Vlad Says:

    The Dems are going to run a woman in 2020. This is a long term campaign to change the culture just like they did with the gays and all things PC during the Obama years. Plus this is a good way to get rid of the Clintons for good.

    They will start off sacrificing a democrat or two but will eventually land on Donald Trump and most republicans running for office. Next election will have scores of women coming out of the woodwork saying all kinds of horrible things done to them by DJT.

    Gloria Allred gonna be very busy.

  3. Steve H. Says:

    Maybe Franken will coast like Clinton did (does), but right now there is blood in the water, so the atmosphere is not what it was during the Clinton years.

  4. Ruth H Says:

    I have thought for a while that all the sexual harassment outings have as their ultimate goal, the resignation of Donald Trump. Seeing the outrage directed at Al Franken to resign convinces me this is so. Franken has always been a buffoon, every joke he has written or acted out has a sexual connotation, what is new about him? Nothing. He continues as usual but is being asked to resign. I know some of the accused harassers are horrible, but Franken has always been what he is, no one has accused him of a private violation that expects sex of any kind. I hate to stick up for a man like him, I dislike him intensely, but I do not think he should be put in the same category as a Weinstein or even Rose or Conyers.