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Bulls and Bears

October 30th, 2017

Hollywood Polarization in Our Future?

It’s shaping up to be a very weird day in Hollywood. Conspicuously weird. Not the usual weirdness.

Yesterday Kevin Spacey was accused of attacking a minor. The boy was 14. Spacey was 26. Spacey put him on a bed and lay down on top of him, against the boy’s will. The boy squirmed free. Since the accusation was made, Spacey has apologized. He does not deny that it happened.

What’s interesting here is Spacey’s defense. He says: a) he doesn’t remember the attack, b) he was very drunk when he did it, and c) he is a homosexual.

I think c is pretty obvious. When you lie down on top of another male for sexual purposes, you are clearly a homosexual.

In a court of law, a and b would not get him any traction. Drunkenness is not a defense in a criminal case, nor is amnesia. I think Spacey is trying to convince us that he wouldn’t do anything bad if he were sober, but the other side of the coin is that instead of appearing to be a gay predator rapist, he may be portrayed as a drunken gay predator rapist, which sounds worse.

Personally, I have more sympathy for people who do strange things when drunk, as long as those things are truly out of character. But I’m not a jury.

By the way, gay-friendly, celebrity-loving journalists are calling what Spacey did “harassment.” No, “harassment” means telling your secretary how much you love her behind. What Spacey did was battery. It may have been attempted rape.

Spacey appears to think that his sexual problem excuses the attack, and other homosexuals are not having it. Lesbian comedian Wanda Sykes says Spacey isn’t allowed to “hide under the rainbow,” and anti-Christian teen-abuse merchant Dan Savage took time off from insulting Christian high school students to tell Spacey his membership in the “gay community” is revoked.

Savage’s remarks are illuminating. They are examples of the gay conspiracy to disown all hostile homosexuals. Gays want us to think they’re all like Harvey Fierstein and the Fab Five. Cute, funny, harmless people. They tell us a man who rapes other men in prison isn’t gay. They say clergymen who assault teenage boys aren’t gay. Sorry, but that’s a crock. If anything, Spacey’s behavior secures and validates his membership. Gay rape is not rare at all, nor are gay efforts to have sexual relations with underage men.

Homosexual men have always preyed on young men. They do it so much, there is a very old name for a gay man who sodomizes teens: “chickenhawk.” And there is a huge gay teen prostitution business. A heterosexual john will gladly pay to play with a 40-year-old woman, but homosexuals like teens. Gay murderer Vester Flanagan was motivated partly by the rejection he experienced when he lost the bloom of youth. He was very bitter about it. He said it was “awful,” losing the ability to use his appearance to command the erotic attention of other men.

It’s hard to understand how anyone could take pleasure in the knowledge that other men wanted to sodomize him whenever they saw him enter a room, but that’s how he felt.

Without realizing it, Spacey has confessed more than he knows. He has confessed that homosexuality causes men to be attracted to boys who aren’t fully grown. It’s not pedophilia. A pedophile won’t touch anyone who has been through puberty. It’s just a powerful attraction to teens. Maybe it’s not universal, but it’s common.

Savage could not be more wrong. Gays are just as hostile as everyone else. They rape. They murder. When I was a kid, a gay man who lived across the street from me tied up his lover, castrated him, and killed him. He did not stop being gay when he did that, any more than Jeffrey Dahmer stopped being gay when he cut bodies up so he could use the parts as 3-D pornography.

One of the interesting things about leftists (my catch-all term for people in American who are against God) is that they don’t get along. Their beliefs and motivations are inconsistent. They have conflicts. When the Holy Spirit guides people, they agree, but Satan is a mutineer, and internal conflict is a hallmark of mutiny. The apocryphal text The Ascension of Isaiah says the spirits that follow Satan fight because they envy each other. I find that completely credible. Cut off the head, and the parts of the body have no unifying authority. Satan is not a proper head. He’s not strong enough or smart enough to keep his crew harmonized. It’s very natural that leftists would fight.

Now we have a situation in which the man-haters will be pitted against gays. Whatever else they may be, gays are still men. Like other men, they are sexually aggressive. They are sexually receptive all the time, not just during certain phases of a menstrual cycle. They are better able than women to have sex without emotional connection (or financial reward). Feminists are enjoying a period of attention and dominance right now. Everyone is afraid of them. Attacking men is in fashion. Now that the dam has burst, will gays be safe just because they’re not typical men?

The comment from Wanda Sykes makes me think they won’t be. There has always been tension between gays and lesbians, and anything that is put in tension is likely to snap. Their lifestyles are very different. Gays are about sex and drugs. Lesbians are about moving in together and creating little testosterone-free bubbles where they perceive themselves to be protected from the evil of masculinity, even while some of them mimic it to the point of absurdity. Gays envy women. Lesbians envy men. Hostility is one part of envy. The ingredients for large-scale friction are in place.

If you search the web, you will find discussions in which gays and lesbians acknowledge the fact that they don’t get along. I didn’t make it up.

My guess: new Spacey stories will come out, and then there will be stories about other gay entertainment figures. Maybe Bryan Singer will fall. Gays and lesbians will realize their disunity is a problem, and there will be turmoil as they try to cope without requiring feminists to put down the axe.

What will happen if show business becomes afraid of women? What will entertainment look like? Women in show business are as hypocritical as human beings can be. They behave like sluts, and at the same time, they demand respect and persecute men who treat them as sex objects. How can the post-2000 proud Hollywood slut coexist with post-Weinstein Hollywood misandry and self-righteousness? How can a rich, powerful slut who used her body to reach all of her goals be self-righteous about sex?

Somehow the leftist mind will make it work, at least temporarily. These are the same people who think homosexuality and so-called sexual transitioning are natural and heterosexuality is an artificial construct forced on us by society.

If masculinity is bad and forced, how can butch lesbians be normal and healthy? How can hyper-masculine “bear” gays be healthy? If masculinity is just an unhealthy pose, and we should abolish it for men, should we make Chaz Bono get breast implants and confront “his” feminine side?

I wonder about Hollywood’s future, but I don’t care what happens to show business. I don’t care if the industry collapses and people lose money. Show business is foolishness and waste, and it enables poisonous people and puts huge sums of money in their bloodstained hands.

Time to sit back and watch the drama unfold. Cue Corey Feldman.

Bull Backfire

Rosie O’Donnell has jumped into the Twitter Spacey frenzy. She says, “we all knew.”

Here is the problem with that: you all knew, but you kept your traps shut while people were hurt. O’Donnell is trying to preach and seem morally superior, but she is implicitly confessing that she helped Spacey do evil.

What excuse does she have? She’s rich. Spacey can’t say a few words and put her in the poorhouse. Unsuccessful entertainers are vulnerable, but O’Donnell is not. What’s the explanation?

Look for the liberal press to not call her on her hypocrisy. She is a woman, and these days, that means she wears Teflon.

Thousands of people in Hollywood knew about the widespread sexual exploitation, but people kept quiet and fed the beast. Isn’t that the real scandal?

One Response to “Bulls and Bears”

  1. Chris Says:

    “Lesbians are about moving in together and creating little testosterone-free bubbles where they perceive themselves to be protected from the evil of masculinity, even while some of them mimic it to the point of absurdity.”

    My aunt is a lesbian, and she fits this description to a T. It’s probably not a coincidence that she’s also one of the most hateful, stunningly unself-aware people I’ve known.

    The Spacey flap is instructive in how uncomfortable it’s making Hollywood, since it confirms that gay men habitually groom young males in the gay lifestyle. Even George Takei admitted that this is what happened to him and it goes on all the time, so that’s why we’re seeing the backlash. The left is in full-on reactionary mode now, and like you’ve said, it’s just a matter of time before they get back in power and proceed to imitate the Committee of Public Safety.