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Who was that Masked Man?

August 31st, 2017

The Lawn Ranger Rides Again

Here is a quick one for you. I finished the small pasture.

7 Responses to “Who was that Masked Man?”

  1. Og Says:

    Lawnmowing is relaxing. No phones, no faxes, no emails. Nobody will run toward you and stop you for fear you will run them over. And the mower does the actual labor, you just steer it. When you get bored with it, you can start mowing in patterns that vary with each mow, so you don’t leave a mow pattern in the grass. Enjoy.

  2. Steve H. Says:

    I would like to try the bush hog out, but I’m looking into selling hay, so I don’t want to mow the very thing I’m trying to sell. I need an agricultural tax exemption, and hay is one of the easy ones.

  3. Og Says:

    You can hay out a field that has had a strip bush hogged through it. You can also bush hog a lane in , or cut walking paths along the edges. In fact that can make it easier to hay out, depending on the property. It’s too hot down there for timothy hay but you could grow brome, which is good feed for horses that don’t get worked very hard, like hobby farm horses. Lots of those people like small, square bales, too, because they are portable and can be throwjn in a trailer with their horse for a day trip, and are easier to get up in a loft. A little John Deere 24T baler would cost about $1500 in good used shape, and you could easily pull it with the Kubota. You could be the guy that provides small batch high quality feed hay for local horse and goat farms.

  4. Stephen McAteer Says:

    Looks like a nice house. And grounds.

  5. Steve B Says:

    Looks very idyllic and peaceful. And I will refrain from making any Forrest Gump comparisons.

  6. Monty James Says:

    Looks like it gets quiet when the sun goes down.

  7. Walt Says:

    Wow, out in the country! That looks like the John Deere Deere D110 that I bought for my Sweetheart. You’re not too far from me now, Steve-I am in Cocoa, Southeast of you. Hope your birds made it ok. Good luck to you and your Dad, Steve. I will be checking in from time-to-time to see how you & yours are doing & wish you good fortune.