Asteroid B-612 is Getting Crowded

July 28th, 2017

The Past Never Completely Dies

The day gets weirder and weirder.

God granted my tractor wishes, and then I realized I had to think about insurance. I didn’t know how to do it. Are tractors vehicles? Do you need vehicle insurance? I wondered. Based on my Googling, I decided they were probably items covered by homeowner’s insurance.

I already had a couple of quotes, but I decided to get some more. I tried to get online quotes, and I got the runaround. I finally called a company. I started talking to an agent.

We started talking about the fact that I was moving from Miami to northern Florida. Gradually, he let me know that he and his wife had lived here. His opinion of Miami was about like mine. He hated it. They left after Hurricane Andrew.

He talked about the horrible schools his wife had attended in Miami. Ghetto nightmares where white kids were not safe. He didn’t mention the racist violence; that’s all me. He said she went to Miami Edison for high school, and Horace Mann for junior high. Those are the wretched schools I would have had to attend, had my mother not battled my dad to get him to send me to private school.

He started talking about her elementary school. Sure enough, it was Miami Shores Elementary. My old school. I told him so. I said I probably went to school with his wife. He asked me what year I was born, and I told him. Same year as the wife. He told me her last name! “Elaina!”, I said. I didn’t know her well, but I knew who she was. Too funny.

The school had seven grades and a thousand students, so I pretty much had to know her. It comes out to around 140 students per grade.

When we got done with the call, I told him to tell his wife I congratulated her on surviving Edison, and I congratulated them both on escaping Miami.

It would be funny if I got insurance through him.

It was an interesting experience, but I was also a bit disturbed. I don’t like remembering the old days. I want to feel disconnected from them. I want them to not exist. Actually, moving to Marion County has its disturbing side, because the worst parts of my childhood took place in Tampa, which is more like Marion County than Miami. Tampa and Marion County smell similar. The plants are similar. Some of the home construction is similar. There were a lot of Marion County homes I refused to consider because they reminded me of those times.

It’s way better than Miami. No doubt about that. And I don’t think I’ll be running into anyone from my past there, except for one law school friend who lives in the area. She’s okay, though, and when I think of the darker times of my past, law school is not what I think of. I had a great time in law school.

Hey, here’s another small world item: Reince Priebus just got canned. A guy from my original college class was president for 8 miserable years, while another guy from that class (Stephanopoulos) covered him for NBC, and then a guy from my law school was chief of staff for the next president.

I wondered how Reince got the job. I don’t mean to pick on anyone, and I don’t really know him, but he seemed very unremarkable when we were in law school together. He was a mover and shaker in student government, but I always thought those people were silly. Student government, I thought, was for people who didn’t have the talent to make it without crass, aggressive self-promotion, and I thought it was undignified for adults to run for student offices. When he made it big, my impression was that he was in way over his head. It may be that I was right. In an office like chief of staff, you want a Rumsfeld or a Cheney. Someone sharp and strong. Reince always looked worried and unsure.

Time to unwind. I may go nuts and have an entire beer.

5 Responses to “Asteroid B-612 is Getting Crowded”

  1. Ken Says:

    He was Trump’s attempt at making nice with the RNC. Hoping that if he picked the head dude to be his COS, the RNC never Trumpers would/might back off. Didn’t happen.

    I figure between the dems and the RNC never trumpers, only 25% of Congress is on the same page as Trump and his supporters.

  2. Steve H. Says:

    Ken, I believe the same thing, and I also think Trump was not ready for success, so he was eager to find someone who was connected and who at least appeared to have some idea what the job was about.

  3. Chris Says:

    An interesting thing about Miami Edison–it’s always had a high African-American population, but in the last 15 years its total enrollment numbers have plummeted while free/reduced lunch use has soared. Only about 10% of the students took free/reduced lunch in the late 80s, but now it’s at 80%.

  4. Steve H. Says:

    You’re familiar with Edison? You sound like someone who left Miami and moved to the United States.

    I’ve never been inside Edison (obvious, since I’m not dead), but I’m very familiar with the experience of seeing several lit-up police cruisers in front of it.

    Miami proper is mostly ghetto and borderline-ghetto these days. You get in your car in South Miami or Coral Gables, check your gun, roll up your windows, and lock your doors, and you drive up I-95 past the bad areas in defensive mode until you find another safe region in which to debark. The safe areas are like islands in a big sea. Key Biscayne. Parts of Miami Shores. Bay Point.

    There has been a lot of expansion to the west, and those areas are not ghettos, but they’re full of working class Cubans. The houses are small and tacky, and many of the lawns are paved. Bars on the windows. Very ugly. Affluent Cubans who live in nicer areas make fun of the people to the west, calling them “ghetto” and “chusma.”

  5. Chris Says:

    Not familiar with Edison, I actually live in the Denver area–there’s this website called schooldigger that archives, among other things, student population numbers, student/teacher ratios, and free/reduced lunch use, at least through 2015. After reading your post, I pulled Edison up on there out of curiosity for how the demographics might have changed over the years.

    Out here, an interesting phenomenon that’s emerged is that in a lot of the schools since the year 2000, you can basically track the percentage of students getting free/reduced lunch use with the ratio of Hispanic attendance. The implication is that there was likely a massive increase in illegal immigration to the metro area beginning around that time. Before that year the two stats didn’t necessarily track.