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Deal or No Deal

July 5th, 2017

I Can Almost Smell Freedom

Things are not looking too bad in the realm of top-level real estate negotiations.

Two days ago, I submitted an offer on a place. The seller did not drive down to Miami and spit in my face (unlike last time), nor did he fill my mailbox with horse manure. He came down to nearly to the maximum price I wanted to pay, and he asked for one concession. He wanted to be able to take two weeks to move his junk after closing. That’s fine with me, because I dread the actual process of moving, and two weeks will give me time to procrastinate. I will not procrastinate because I feel bad about leaving Miami. I will procrastinate even though I am eager to leave, because I dread dealing with moving.

I sent back a counter-counteroffer, not too far from his price, and I think he will take it. That is disturbing. It means I will be leaving Miami, for real.

I do not like this place. I want out of this place. Nonetheless, it will be jarring to leave permanently. If you’ve ever seen a video of a zoo animal that was released into the wild after 15 years in a cramped cage, you’ve seen me, getting out of the car at the new place.

Prison officials use the word “institutionalized” to describe prisoners who have a hard time leaving prison. Even though they hate prison, it’s what they’re used to. They know how to get by there. Miami is full of poisonous memories for me, but I am used to it. I am not a rock. I feel something when I think about leaving. I feel distressed about the way everything went wrong here. I am burdened with the sense of waste and the wish that my life here could have worked.

Still leaving! Don’t fool yourself. As soon as I see daylight, I’m gone.

I am not trying to hammer the seller. I think I could do better, but all I care about is getting a good deal. I do not have to get a killer bargain. As a Christian, I would like to be something of a blessing to the people I deal with. I don’t want them to be miserable because I took advantage of them. I think about that when I buy things off Craigslist these days. I pass on deals that are too good.

Sometimes you can’t help but get a killer bargain. Some people are cursed with poverty and failure, and they will push you to take things at low prices. For example, someone with debt may need to unload something fast in order to raise cash, and because it’s something you don’t particularly need or want, he will have to cut the price way down in order to make it interesting to you at all. You may buy a thing like that as a favor to the other person. Generally, though, I don’t feel I have to draw blood every time I buy anything.

It’s unnerving to deal with someone else’s money. I do my best to involve my dad, but he keeps saying, “It’s all yours now. I trust you implicitly.” You can’t imagine how strange it is to hear that.

I think I’m doing okay. I will be coming in way under the appraised price on this house, and I’m coming up with ways to save a bundle on taxes on his other properties. If he didn’t have me, he would be in a world of trouble right now. I’m sure there are many people who could do a better job, but I believe I’m on top of things.

By the end of the week, I should know if this deal will work, and I will be amazed if it doesn’t.

Leaving will not be complicated. I have two friends to say goodbye to. One will even help me out with moving. No church.

There isn’t a lot more to say today. I hope to have good news soon.


I watched the video, above, of a bear that was rescued from a bile farm, splashing around in a pond at his new home. Suddenly I felt a wave of emotion. I felt the weight of every rotten thing that ever happened to me in Miami. I didn’t see this coming.

When you go through a hard experience, you don’t let yourself feel all of the pain, even if the experience lasts decades. When it comes to an end, the feelings make it through your defenses. I should have expected it.

I won’t have a pond at the new place, but the house has a pool.

I will make do.

7 Responses to “Deal or No Deal”

  1. Cliff Says:



  2. Og Says:

    I hope and pray it works out the best for you and your dad.
    You may want to actually contact a machinery mover to get the shop moved, and you might want to have a rough layout of where you want the stuff to go when it arrives. A decent mover should be able to bring a ramp back truck and offload a forklift, put your tools on the truck, chain them down, tarp them properly, and place them at the new house. They may also offer to store them in a warehouse until you are 100% ready for them at the new place too, (Air, power, etc)
    This will be an expense, but it will make the rest of the move much smoother.

  3. Steve H. Says:

    Thanks, guys.

    The machinery will be the single biggest headache. I have a big attached garage and a bigger detached garage to fill. I feel like I should put the metal stuff in the attached garage and the wood stuff in the detached garage, because wood makes more of a mess. On the other hand, the detached garage has big doors at the ends, so it would not be hard to open both ends and blow the sawdust out, so maybe the metal machinery could go in there too.

    I feel like I should put up a shed for a tractor instead of letting it take up space in the detached garage.

    Wiring will cost some money. And I’m going to want AC so I don’t melt out there.

    A good rigger is a must. I have 4 things I can’t move personally without a ton of aggravation and risk.

    If I can just get the machines into the shop, I can shuffle them around on my own.

  4. Steve B Says:

    What an exciting time!!

  5. Terrapod Says:


    The recommendation on planning layout of your shop ahead of time is a good one and will save you many headaches later, especially as you have some heavy machinery.

    I am now re-organizing my workshops which kind of grew organically to fill all space available over time to the point where I can’t really access everything.

    This involves moving a lot of stuff multiple times which is a PITA. Also, paying a machinery mover to do the heavy stuff is worth every cent.

    Good luck, sounds like you are almost there.

  6. Stephen McAteer Says:

    I know what you mean about waste and things going wrong. I wish you well in this new house and hope you get it. (Animals Asia is a good charity.)

  7. Ruth H Says:

    I watched the video after reading your most recent post that the deal is done. The bear showed so much joy, it is hard not to get emotional. I loved when he flopped backwards, the whole thing is a picture of joy. Feel the joy when you get into your new pool of freedom.