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The Supernatural Trumps the Natural

Monday, March 21st, 2016

It’s Our Cruz to Bear

I am wondering what most charismatic Christians think of Donald Trump.

I’m too lazy to read blogs, and I don’t really want to get into the mud-wrestling this time around, so I guess I’ll never find out.

The impression I get is that some of us are all fired up for him, and they refuse to hear any criticism. They’re a lot like the Obamites, many of whom would vote for a black man or a handout even if the candidate swore under oath that he was possessed by Satan and shot a baby during a debate.

I can’t get completely behind Trump. He owns casinos. He has never led a Christian lifestyle. If he’s a conservative, then he converted in a hurry, because it hasn’t been that long since he was supporting leftists and talking like a liberal.

He’s proud; I think he beats even Obama on that score. He is incapable of admitting fault. He is childish and vindictive. He doesn’t act like a president. He’s always baiting people on Twitter, which is not the kind of thing you would have expected from Lincoln or Jefferson.

He has said some bizarre things. He encouraged his supporters to physically engage with people who threw tomatoes ate one of his rallies, saying he would pay their legal bills. He said Republicans might riot if he showed up at the convention with a lot of delegates in his pocket and then failed to get the nomination. A guy speaking for his campaign said he (the speaker) didn’t “accept” the idea that rioting is violence, and I haven’t heard Trump contradict him.

People have a tendency to whitewash their allies. Hitler paid “scholars” to “prove” the Japanese were Aryans, which, now that I think about it, is whitewashing in a nearly literal way. Hitler thought a small group of Caucasians should run the world, so he found a way to include a bunch of non-white Asians who were helpful.

Some Christians seem to be doing the same thing with Trump. That’s dangerous. He is not Elijah. He’s the same guy he was ten years ago, “evolution” notwithstanding.

I voted for Cruz in the primary, but part of me felt like voting for Trump. The Donald bullies the people who bully people like me; that’s hard not to like. By “people like me,” I mean conservatives and Christians, not Caucasians. Trump appeals to our desire for deliverance from anarchists, brats, and morons who will destroy the nation if they get enough power.

I feel the urge, but I’m not crazy enough to think it’s rational.

The weird thing about Trump (one weird thing) is that his enemies help him more than his friends. When Obama got into the White House, his determination to dilute our civil rights spurred a gun-buying frenzy the likes of which America has never seen. I call him the greatest gun salesman in history. Similarly, the nuts who disrupt Trump rallies and publish lies about him move people like me to support him, even though we don’t want to.

Right now, we have MEXICANS inside the UNITED STATES interfering with OUR election. And the press thinks that’s okay. How can you battle that kind of ignorance? Some people are too ignorant to understand why they’re wrong. If it’s not immediately obvious to you that non-citizens are not supposed to be involved in our elections, then you are probably not capable of being taught.

It’s insane that these activities are permitted and condoned, while no one seems to mind seeing Trump’s crowd–citizens–deprived of the Constitutional rights to assemble and speak. It has to be a supernatural blindness. No one is that stupid without help.

Here’s something else that makes no sense in the natural realm: by and large, black people hate Donald Trump. They joke publicly about beating him up. But they would benefit more than anyone from a border wall. Illegals are harder on blacks than whites. They compete for jobs blacks usually take, and they nullify the minimum wage and the power of unions by working under the table, union-free, for pennies.

Black people should be out in the street waving Trump signs, but they talk about him like he’s the Antichrist. And they’re excited about Bernie, who would be a huge help to their enemies.

Some people are saying Trump is the new Cyrus. I think they’re probably right.

Cyrus was a heathen emperor who helped rebuild the temple and Jerusalem. He was anointed by God, even though he worshiped false gods. Look it up; I’m not imagining it. Along with figures like Ahasuerus, Darius, and the pharaoh Joseph served, he looked after the Jews and advanced their interests. Did you know that God called Nebuchadnezzar his servant? God doesn’t always pick believers to do his will. Sometimes he picks people who worship other spirits. It doesn’t mean he approves of their religious stances. It just means he has jobs for them to do.

My best guess is that Trump will win, and he’ll look after Christians and Israel for four to eight years. During that time, we’ll have space to repent and evangelize. After that, I expect things to fall apart. God is merciful, and he puts off his justice, so this sounds like the way he would do things. He gave Noah 120 years to preach to his neighbors before sending the rain.

Trump will surely do and say embarrassing things if he is elected. But he’s the most capable person in the race, far and away, so he will be extremely effective at whatever he decides to do. He is running against people who have never done anything productive and who have never managed people in a capitalist (non-subsidized) enterprise, so none of them can do what he can.

Should Christians feel bad about voting for him? I don’t think so. When have we ever seen a man of God in the White House? Let’s be honest; politics doesn’t attract prophets and apostles. It attracts people with gigantic egos and a desire to control. Some of our Presidents have been real Christians, but we’ve never had anyone Spirit-led. Trump is probably as much of a Christian as Bush I or Nixon.

I have learned that God tends to give carnal grunt work and big titles to carnal people. This frees his real servants up so they can do things that are important to him. If you look at churches, the pastors are usually carnal people who like attention and control (just like politicians), and the most effective Christians are generally people who lack titles or church jobs.

God can’t find an apostle to run, and we wouldn’t vote for one, so Trump is about as good as anyone, as long as he will do some things God wants.

Cruz is associated with charismatic preachers. Does that make him a servant of God? Not necessarily.

Cruz’s dad Rafael hangs out with prosperity pimps like Larry Huch and Kenneth Copeland. I saw Kenneth Copeland say he thought God had anointed Cruz to do something or other. I think he said Cruz was going to transfer wealth from the wicked to the righteous, but you can check Youtube and find out. Anyway, God hates the prosperity gospel, and he hates it when greedy, mean, egotistical people like Copeland put words in his mouth, so frankly, I think God is not going to bless the Cruz campaign.

The prosperity gospel is a lie from hell, and if you believe it, you may curse your ability to make money or succeed. Cruz is aligning himself with some truly filthy people, so it may be that God can’t bless his campaign. If Cruz wins, the pimps will come out and say it proves they were right, and people who don’t know right from left will be deceived and follow them.

Trump isn’t polling too well compared to Hillary, but Trump’s enemies are doing a great job of attracting support for him, so when the time comes, he may do well. Also, a lot of Republicans are lying to pollsters, saying they’ll vote for Hillary over Trump. That’s just spite. I think Cruz would make a better president, but if Trump is the GOP candidate, you better believe he will have my vote, and he will also have the votes of 95% of the conservatives who claim they will never help him.

I’m not too agitated about the election. If you follow this blog, you know how upset I used to get about politics. I have come to accept the fact that humanity is lost, and I have zero hope for America’s future, so I am focusing on fixing myself and the people I know. If we’re on solid ground with God, this other nonsense won’t be able to get to us. Sometimes the Ninevites repent, and sometimes you sit in the Ark and listen to drowning perverts and giants bang and scratch on the hull. If all I can do is look after myself and a few other people, then I am content with that.

Things are coming to a head. Thanks to technology and the immorality of the people who design and wield it, free will is about to come to an end. Surveillance (and behavior control) will be universal in a very short time. Without a certain amount of free will, the earth serves no purpose. Men can’t be judged when they can’t do what they want. I don’t believe God will let a 1984-style world exist for very long. I am hoping I’ll be ready when things really go nuts, and even if I die first, serving God and receiving correction and growth are the correct and profitable things to do.

I don’t look at other blogs any more, so I have no idea what my old friends are up to. I would guess that they’re enraged, and that a lot of really mean memes are going around. God bless them all; I wouldn’t go back to that for all the tea in China.

Fix your own ark. Don’t be overly concerned with what goes on around you. You may end up doing more good than you think.

There are Known Knowns; There are Things we Know we Know

Saturday, March 19th, 2016

And Little Lambs Eat Ivy

I don’t get into politics much these days, and no one is interested in religion, so I do not attract trolls like I used to. They used to take up a good percentage of my waking life.

A wise man (clearly not me) once said that it is not absolutely necessary to gainsay everything you disagree with on the Internet. I wish I had thought about that in 2002, before I started blogging. I would never have gotten involved in whack-a-troll, and I would not have treated well-intentioned commenters like trolls, which I am sure I have done. Worse than that, I’m sure I have corrected people who were right when I was wrong.

Today I showed up to see if anything was going on here, and I saw a somewhat trolly comment in the approval bin. I don’t have it in front of me (it was accidentally deleted in a process which would have made Fusilli Jerry proud), but the first line was something about me being confused–not a sign of warmth or good intentions–and the commenter tried to correct me about the concept of escape velocity. He wrote some really strange things which just were not correct. They were so wrong I did not even understand them. It’s like the famous quip from physicist Wolfgang Pauli, who once disagreed with someone so intensely, he said, “That’s not even wrong.”

I hold comments for approval for good reasons, and one reason is to avoid getting into comment wars with people who are not able to understand the topic. There is nothing worse than arguing with a person who doesn’t know what’s going on.

How does he know when he loses?

I guess they just figure they’ve won when you stop responding.

I am not a real physicist, if a physicist is a person who can sit down with no preparation and do physics well enough to be paid for it. On the other hand, I am a real physicist by the definition of the people who sell magazines to former physics students! If you belonged to the national physics honor society at one time, and now you’re a realtor who can barely integrate 1/x^2, but you can pay for a subscription to Physics Today, you, my friend, are a physicist.

I studied for several years, I got a degree, and I went to grad school in physics for a year and a half, at the end of which my brain turned into a pork rind, and I had to quit. I remember little bits of what I learned. Don’t ask me to write out the Laplacian for spherical coordinates, and don’t even talk to me about quantum mechanics, but I know a couple of things.

I had to look “Laplacian” up just now to make sure I didn’t really mean “Lagrangian.”

Anyway, I didn’t pull my terrific explanation of escape velocity out of a bong. Here is how it works, and this time I actually looked at someone else’s web page to make sure I didn’t say anything crazy. Does that make me a plagiarist? No, because it would be like plagiarizing addition. And it agreed with what I said to begin with.

There are two kinds of energy in classical mechanics: kinetic and potential. To have kinetic energy, you have to be moving. To have potential energy, you have to be in a situation where something or other has the potential to make you move.

If you’re falling from a building, you have kinetic energy, which will be transferred to whatever you land on. If you’re on top of a building, you have potential energy, because if you fall off, you will rapidly start to move.

If you’re a rock in a slingshot, pulled back all the way, you have potential energy. If you’re released and start flying through the air, you have kinetic energy.

The energy in an object can go back and forth between kinetic and potential energy.

Think of a bouncing ball.

As the ball leaves the ground, it’s moving at its highest possible speed. It’s going as fast as it will ever go, because as it moves upward, gravity will slow it down. All of its energy is kinetic.

At the top of the bounce, the ball is not moving. It has no kinetic energy. All of its energy is potential energy. As it falls again, that energy will turn back into kinetic energy.

Balls don’t bounce forever, because energy is lost to air resistance and the force it takes to flex the ball and radio waves and God knows what else. In the real world, I mean. In physics books, balls bounce for eternity, because the problems take place in ideal worlds that don’t exist.

Are you with me?

Imagine an object on the surface of the earth. There is no air resistance, because OUR [fictional] earth is ideal. There is no friction. There is only gravity. There isn’t even any sales tax.

If you shoot the ball upward, it will return to earth, because it will be slowed down by gravity. In reality, it’s falling from the instant it leaves the ground. It’s falling AND rising. By “falling,” I mean it’s accelerating downward. If you don’t understand that, don’t worry about it. No one cares.

Satellites in orbit are always falling! They’re going sideways so fast it cancels out the fall!

Sorry. That just popped out. Ignore it.

As our ball goes up, it loses kinetic energy because it slows down. It gains potential energy. That potential energy is related to the distance the ball rises. It increases on the way up.

If you do the correct definite integral with the correct endpoints, you find that if the ball rises all the way to infinity, the amount of potential energy it gains will not be infinite. It has a cap. The potential energy a ball can gain as it leaves a planet is limited.

If, when you shoot the ball upward, you give it enough speed to give it kinetic energy greater than the total possible potential energy, you have given the ball what is known as escape velocity. It escapes from the planet’s pull. The planet can’t pull it back. It keeps going forever.

This only works on ideal planets, which are rare, although Bernie Sanders says he knows how to create one using other people’s money. It didn’t work too good in Cuba and North Korea, but we can always hope.

If this kind of thing actually interests you (stop laughing), you can find escape velocity explained, with integrals, all over the Internet. I’ll link to a page which lays it all out in a couple of paragraphs.

Gravitational Potential Energy, Explained

An interesting thing to observe, if you look at the integral, is that the smaller the radius of your planet is (for a given mass), the harder it is to leave. This is why it’s pretty hard to come home from a vacation on a black hole. Lots of mass means lots of gravity, and a small radius means it’s sort of crammed into a tiny area, so it’s strong.

What I wrote is not advanced physics. I guess it would be in the first semester of university physics, which is the low-level class your doctor took. It’s not controversial or complicated.

Now, if you ask Bernie Sanders what he thinks, you may get a different answer. I can’t be responsible for his interesting notions.

I don’t plan to start publishing trolly-looking comments. Life is too short. My advice to irritated commenters is this: put them on your own blog, where they will actually see the light of day. I delete them permanently.

I apologize if the comment I dumped was not intended to be a troll scat, but really, I could not see any way to make it mesh with reality, so I assumed the worst. Another bad Internet habit.

Maybe I misunderstood the commenter’s jargon, but in any case, it’s clear that what I wrote initially was correct. If anyone else wants to come by and challenge trivial results of undergraduate physics problems, please don’t.


Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

You Can’t Assert a Right You Don’t Have

A long time ago, my dad bought my sister’s house. He had already paid for most of it; his intention was to give it to her. He bought her out because she had ruined the place, and he was in trouble with the code enforcement people.

We started renovating it, so he could rent it out. The process was slow and full of problems.

Everything but the outer walls had to be replaced. People don’t believe me when I tell them how badly the house had been damaged. I shot video and took photos, because I knew people would not be able to grasp the magnitude of the destruction. After she left and took everything she could salvage, we spent four figures on removing junk, all of which went to the dump.

09 10 16 dead roach hanging at barbarossa

New floors (and subfloors). New drywall. New appliances. New wiring. New roof. New lawn. You name it. It all had to go.

The problems we ran into were ridiculous. We hired a contractor with glowing recommendations, and he did a tremendous amount of substandard work and then left. Neighbors who should have been thrilled to see work going on complained about the construction mess, and we had to fight the city. Construction was eventually halted because the work was no good, and the house was designated “unsafe.”

It took months to get that fixed. The City of Miami does not care if you lose everything you have while they wait to issue permits. They will literally let you go bankrupt before they will speed anything up. They sat and did nothing, and there was no way to motivate them.

Then Florida Power & Light decided the electrical service had to be switched from “residential” to “construction.” They never said what that meant, but for weeks and weeks, they refused to do anything to get the change made. They can’t be fired, and they have no competition, so it doesn’t matter to them if you lose rent money for two or three months.

We hired a new contractor (with glowing recommendations), and he was slow. He made a lot of excuses. He kept billing for new things.

The walls had been replaced, but because the first contractor didn’t follow the code, the new walls had to be replaced.

During all this time, I was praying and using my supernatural tools, but things kept getting gummed up. I did not understand it.

One day last week, I thought about the price my dad paid for my sister’s interest, and I realized something: one part of her payment had been held up.

When he bought her out, he held a mortgage on her part of the house. She developed lung cancer, and instead of saving money, she had spent everything she had. She had not bought health insurance. She started out with very expensive treatment. When she was broke, she came to my father and asked him to foot the bills. To teach her a lesson, he made her sign a note for six figures.

When he bought the house, the mortgage was part of the deal. He was supposed to record a satisfaction of mortgage and let it go. But when I brought it up to him, he refused to do it. I didn’t argue with him, because it was between him and my sister, and I didn’t want to wade back into the snake pit. I knew he would never hold her accountable for the debt, so I didn’t think it mattered.

Last week, I sat up in bed and realized that in God’s eyes, the house still belonged to her.

The house fell apart because it belonged to a proud, malicious individual who brought curses on herself. It seemed to me that the construction problems came from this root. Any spirit sent to destroy her possessions would still have the authority to do damage.

I got up the next day and made him sign a satisfaction of mortgage. I took him to get it notarized, and I recorded it by mail.

Why write all this? Because the house has gone nuts since I recorded the mortgage. Whenever one of us visits, there are several workers there, putting the place in order. That’s new. In the past, we would go over and see no sign that anyone had been there in weeks. We could not get the city or the contractor moving.

The contractor has stopped being belligerent and unreasonable. Things I thought were not being done are being taken care of. The stress is gone.

The reason I write about this, potentially subjecting my sister to criticism, is that God taught me something wonderful: our actions matter. Life doesn’t instantly fix itself when you accept salvation, and it doesn’t necessarily fix itself when you develop a strong prayer life (my expectation). You also have to find out what you’ve been doing wrong. You have to admit it candidly, without excuses (or as we like to call them, “explanations”), and you have to ask for help correcting things.

Maybe you have debts. Maybe there is someone you treat badly. Maybe you owe someone an apology. The most likely problem of all is pride coupled with denial. You have to ask God about these things and get his help putting them right. Until then, you’re bailing a boat at one end while water comes in a hole at the other.

My old churches, Trinity Church and New Dawn Ministries, did not teach accountability or repentance. They taught that if you believed God and gave preachers money, everything would work out. As a result, Trinity can’t pay its bills and New Dawn is a tiny, failed church in a rented room, after years of yammering about the prosperity gospel.

The pastors of these churches, personally, are failures, so the people who follow them are failures. The failure of Rich Wilkerson, the pastor at Trinity, is less obvious, because he borrows and hustles, but the church is not prosperous. No one who has a lot of debt is prosperous. They just look good until the bills come due.

This can be extremely helpful to you, if you take it seriously and put it to use. Start asking God what you’re doing wrong. If you think you’re not doing anything wrong, ask him to get off the throne, because obviously, it rightfully belongs to you.

I experienced something truly wonderful yesterday. I have been unable to make myself pray consistently in the middle of the day, and it has been a real problem, because prayer is like food. You can’t do it once and then forget about it. You have to do it over and over, at relatively short intervals. When you neglect it, things start to go badly, like the battle in which Moses held Aaron’s rod over his head. When he held it up, the Hebrews did well. When he lowered it, they started to lose.

I have been praying and praying for help with this. I like to pray at around 5 p.m., because it’s a good midway point. I try to go at least 20 minutes in tongues. I keep asking God to give me grace to do it. I don’t need willpower; that brings pride. I need supernatural help.

Yesterday I had a burger, and then I sat on the couch for a bit, to watch something stupid and digest the food. I started feeling euphoric. I thought it was just my blood sugar going up, but then I realized it was supernatural. I felt peace and joy, and an absence of stress and anger. I knew it was God, resting on me, so I gave in to in and started praying. It was great. I felt him moving, doing various things. I knew things were being ordered and harmonized. I was getting correction.

I can’t say enough about it. Being in God’s presence is a gift and an honor you can’t buy with money or earthly power. There is no way to get it unless you please God. People simulate it with drugs and alcohol, but those things don’t compare, and they always come with a cost that exceeds the benefit.

In summary, it has been a really good week, and I expect things to keep getting better. I hope people listen and try the things I’m doing so they get what I’m getting.

Music continues to go well. Sometimes I feel sure my hands are going to swell up and refuse to cooperate, but when practice time comes, they are always ready to go. I am starting to sound a little bit like a musician from time to time.

Last time, I wrote about my old “Wingman” amp. It started life with two output transformers and four 6BM8 tubes, for a total of 15 watts. Recently, I took two output tubes out and got a nice sound, so I decided to rehabilitate the amp.

I was not sure whether I should go with two tubes and 7 watts or four tubes and 15 watts. I played around, switching tubes in and out. I learned that I had the wrong rectifier (5Y3) in it, so I put a bigger one (5AR4) in it, and the sound got even better.

I have all sorts of amp parts lying around. I have a bigger power transformer, which I intended to put in the Wingman, thinking it would clean things up. Somehow, I had gotten the idea that four tubes added up to 30 watts, so the new transformer was the correct size for that amount of power. I found out I was wrong; it was only 15 watts. I checked the existing power transformer, and it was rated for 15 watts. I was all set!

I cleaned the amp up and built a new cabinet for it, and here it is.

02 29 16 wingman amp with new cabinet and nameplate

The sound is very clear and warm, very much like the four-EL84 Rocketman amp I designed, but I would say it breaks up a little earlier. Not sure. In any case, it has a singing quality which is hard to describe. When you play through it, it’s like the guitar becomes a wind instrument, like a muted trumpet. It’s exquisite.

I have been modifying my pedals, and I decided to open up my Way Huge Fat Sandwich distortion pedal to see what I could do to cut down the gain. It turned out I had the internal drive pot set too high, so I turned it back down and fired the amp up. Magnificent. Like listening to an angel cry. Warm, round, expressive…marvelous. I liked it so much I found a second Fat Sandwich on Ebay, used. Now I’ll have one in the garage and one in the house.

I have bought a lot of pedals, but it’s not because I want a lot. It’s because I want a few really good ones. You have to try a fair number in order to find what you want. And even then, I had to open them up and change parts.

The amp parts I still have are going to have to go somewhere. I believe the best move is to build one more Rocketman, since the first one is a little rough, and I may make another Wingman. After that, I will be set for a while. I have a couple of speakers I need to put into a cabinet, so that’s also on the list.

For quite a while, I’ve been asking God to show me the things in my life that please him. I’ve been asking him to restore them, repair them, replace them, make them work, and so on. I ask this for everyone on my prayer list. The stuff with the amps and guitars seems to be his answer. Very nice.

I am not out of the woods yet, but at least I know I’m in the woods! That’s more than most charismatic Christians can say. They go down with the ship, thinking the Coast Guard is a minute away when it’s actually still at the dock.

As always, I hope this is helpful. Let me know if it bears fruit in your life.