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Black Socks, Bermuda Shorts, and a Warm Ma Deuce

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

The Dream is Within Reach

I had the funniest experience yesterday.

I was watching American Pickers, the show about the guys who drive around buying old stuff other people have hoarded. They resell it, usually at about a 100% markup. They burrow through barns and attics, and they meet all sorts of interesting people. Very often, they end up on big properties with one or more outbuildings, and the buildings are full of junk.

Yesterday, they took a random right turn and ended up on a dirt road which had not been selected in advance (supposedly). They went past a “KEEP OUT” sign and stopped at a building resembling a garage. They hollered and went in, and they found two weird old guys playing homemade musical instruments. They were surrounded by tools and knickknacks.

I heard myself think, “THIS IS HOW I WANT TO LIVE.”

Not so much the sitting around with another old guy, playing music on an instrument made from a plunger handle and a Chock Full of Nuts can. Not that part. The part I liked was being a good distance off the road, on a big property, with no one aggravating me. In a building with concrete walls. Surrounded by cool stuff.

They visited another guy later. He was some sort of engineer, I think. I don’t remember. Naval something or other. He had a lathe, a huge bending brake, lots of grinders, a giant vault, and God knows what else. There were old tin toys there. He had a wooden wind-tunnel model of a plane; his uncle had built it for some outfit that was trying to make supersonic aircraft.

I realized one of the major differences between my garage and his shop was character. He was doing more to keep his junk ordered. I tend to avoid the garage in the summer, because the heat is bad, and a couple of pieces of garage door insulation fell off a while back, which made things worse. The garage was a big mess.

Day before yesterday I went out and fixed the insulation and straightened up a little. After I watched the pickers show, I continued. I went back to work on my garlic press project. You can’t really clean up a shop if there are old projects lying around.

In cross-section, from the side, the press is an H. It’s a stainless tube blocked by a plate about halfway down. The plate will have holes in it, and there will be a plunger which mashes garlic through the holes. Think of a hypodermic syringe with a sieve instead of a needle at the end. Sort of like that.

I had a cylinder made, and I had bored out one end of it. I needed to bore the other end, leaving a 0.10″-thick plate in the tube, for the holes to go through. I considered doing this on the lathe, but the steel I’m using throws ungodly long chips, so I stuck it on the mill and used a 1/2″ end mill.

08 28 13 garlic press body on rotary table

It took forever, dropping down 0.025″ at a time and going through 360° of rotation, but I got it done. Now I have to radius the sharp edges and drill the holes. The plunger is already done. It fits so well, when you drop it in the press, it sinks in very slowly, because it’s hard for the air under it to escape.

That’s cool. I like to drop the plunger over and over and watch it sink.

It’s looking more and more like I’m getting out of here. God be praised. I would say that even if I were an atheist. I do NOT NOT NOT like Miami. I want to be able to go outside and walk a hundred yards before hitting a property line. I want to hear English once in a while. I want to be able to wear long pants occasionally. I want to be able to drive ten miles in less than twenty minutes.

My dad has a 46-foot boat which has been a problem. He uses it as a place to hide out, which is fine, but it’s his main motivation for staying in Miami. I can’t let his hobby ruin my life. I want him to enjoy himself, but this is too much to ask. He doesn’t want me to move 700 miles away, and I understand that, because of his age. I’m against it, too. But if I have to leave without him, I will do it, because this place is not right for me.

Today he started talking about selling the boat. Thank you, Lord. He could keep it in Pensacola (currently my preferred destination), and maybe that’s the better option, but I’m glad to see him consider unloading it. It shows God is breaking things loose.

I am not excited about practicing law, but it’s a pleasant way to earn money, and if I can do it up there and generate income without becoming a cubicle slave, you better believe I’ll do it and be grateful.

Some people need room. I guess I’m one of them. I have several worthwhile hobbies you can’t indulge in a small suburban house. I want to be able to shoot on my own land. I need a shop with an area of at least 800 square feet. I need a normal-sized kitchen. Until I get these things, I’m going to feel like I’m wearing a burlap straitjacket.

I feel bad for my dad. Rejecting God preserves your pride, but it costs you peace and satisfaction. God is ordering my path, and he would gladly order my dad’s path, too, if he would give in.

I’ve located some tempting properties in the 20-acre range. That will suffice. I’d rather have a hundred, but from this chair, I can see three houses without standing up, so 20 will seem like heaven itself.

Prayer in tongues lines things up. It makes things happen. People reject this advice. I can’t help that. I put it out there. Benefit from it or don’t. At least I can say I told you.

Hopefully by this time next year, I’ll have a shop and some tomato plants. That would sure be nice.

Free Money

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Send me a Big Donation so I Can Buy me a Airplane

I keep learning new things about God. Actually, I guess they’re old things. But the human race threw away a lot of knowledge before I came along, so they’re new to me.

The Old Testament is loaded with symbolism. Earthly things in the Torah symbolize spiritual things in the lives of Spirit-filled Christians. One thing I’ve noticed: when the Old Testament talks about wealth, it symbolizes things like wisdom and faith.

Greedy, confused charismatic preachers go on TV and quote Malachi 3 to us, thinking it’s all about money. If you give money to ministries, God will make you rich. That’s not true. I know someone who gave until she was poor. She gave instead of paying her debts. She spent wildly, in addition to giving. The TBN preachers endorse that way of life. They’re fools. It doesn’t work. I believe we have to be generous with earthly wealth, but it’s very clear that giving to ministries, alone, will not bring you financial security.

People buy into this stuff, and they give (or their elderly, confused parents give), and fortunes are ruined. It’s a bad thing.

I do believe God blesses us for giving, but mainly, he wants us to give real wealth. Giving people money and objects is helpful, sometimes, but it’s better to give them things that transform them permanently.

The story of Samson symbolizes the history of the Spirit-filled church. God’s power rested on Samson, and while it did, he performed acts no unaided human could perform. That power was only on him while he kept his hair, which is a thing that grows with time. When the hair was taken, only the man remained, and he lost his vision and his power.

Christians who pray in the Spirit copiously grow in strength and knowledge. Jesus said the kingdom of heaven (which is inside us) was like a tree. The first Psalm confirms this. It develops over time and becomes great. It grows. Like hair. Like any tree, it has to be watered consistently. Jesus and Paul told us that the “living water” was the language the Holy Spirit put inside us. Use it to water the tree daily, and you will grow in wealth. Whether or not you accumulate money in this world, you will have supernatural, lasting wealth in the spirit realm. And a person who fails to do this will be poor and naked.

I have a close friend who accepted the message of tongues a few years back, and he made great strides, but he backslides sometimes. He has an unfortunate problem. When things go badly, he doesn’t feel like praying, so he cuts off the power he needs to recover. He knows it’s not right, but you know how life is. It’s hard to control your own behavior.

When he called me in the past, I gave him good advice which helped him. I always asked him whether he was praying in tongues daily, and he always said the same thing: he was neglecting it. And when he started up again, things started going well for him and his family.

That was good advice, but I have come to realize that there is more I can do. It’s good to correct people and tell them what to do in order to get back on track. But in view of my beliefs about tongues and power, is that really all I should do? No.

A person who is rebellious and useless is a waste of time, and you shouldn’t get caught up in their troubles, because they’ll take you away from people you can help, and you may interfere with suffering that will turn them to God. But a person who is willing to listen is another story. A certain amount of patience and help is justified, even for people whose main problem is their own character.

I have wealth. I have faith and knowledge. I am not having problems (not serious ones, anyway) forcing myself to pray. I’ve been praying in tongues consistently for years, so I’ve built up a lot of revelation and faith. These are things my friend and his family need. So while I still tell him to sit his butt down and pray, I should also make a serious daily effort to intercede for him and his family until he gets on his spiritual feet. I can’t do this for everyone I know, but the Spirit will tell me who to work on.

I have the same problems he has. I’m just handling them better at the moment. Because I’m prevailing against similar problems, I know the tools he needs. I share them with him.

The body of Christ is like an animal with many feet. When one foot is sore, the others take the weight off of it until it heals.

The Bible tells us a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children. I don’t have kids. My friend does. Ordinarily, I would be praying for my own children, but since I don’t have them, I can allot that prayer to my friend’s family.

God is like a river. The Bible tells us water pours from his presence. He expects us to be like him. We are supposed to flow as he does. It’s great when God gives me something helpful, but it’s not right for it to be dammed up in me so it doesn’t help anyone else. If I can’t pass anything on to others, I might as well die right now, because I serve no purpose.

Prayer is the most important thing we do. When your prayer life is strong, everything else works. If you’re praying a lot and getting no results, you are doing something wrong. It may mean you’re doing your own thing instead of serving God, in which case he may not listen. But praying properly will create success.

I told my friend about a few things that have helped me.

1. I try to keep peaceful Christian music going wherever I go. It seems to work like supernatural insect repellant. It’s very helpful for changing the atmosphere of a place. Satan bombards me constantly with his garbage. Half-naked women on billboards. Raucous music. Ignorant people who run their mouths and try to upset me. It troubles my spirit. I believe the music I play troubles the evil things that want to stay around me. I hope they suffer constantly, much more than I ever have.

2. I pray in tongues at least twice a day, for at least half an hour at a shot. And I pray in tongues here and there when I get the chance. This is more important than prayer in English. If I have to choose, I neglect praying in English and make sure I pray in tongues. If you only do it once a day, you’ll grow weak before the next session, and you will start to lose.

3. I repent of my iniquities out loud, so any spirits that are involved can hear it. Let’s say the iniquity is anxiety (which opposes faith, which is considered righteousness). I’ll say I reject it and repent of it, in the name of Jesus. I’ll say I send it back where it came from. I’ll say iniquity has no authority over me; by the blood of Jesus, I have authority over it. If you do this, the results will amaze you. The little stupid voices in your mind that trouble you will go quiet. You may have six or eight things to repent of. When you get done, you’ll have peace. This is extremely helpful if you can’t sleep. You will probably have to do this every day. Don’t expect one shot to last a lifetime.

4. Sometimes God gives me phrases that have surprising power. The latest one is “It’s not important.” I’ll have a thought or a feeling or compulsion I don’t want, and I’ll feel that it’s interfering with my relationship with God. Then I’ll say or think, “It’s not important.” And it goes away. I can’t explain it. I don’t know if this particular phrase will help you, but I know God will reveal similar tools to you if you pray in tongues daily. Satan counterfeits God’s tools. These phrases remind me of the Satanic mantras heathens use in meditation. Those words are said to open the mind to demons. The words God gives me shuts the door.

Don’t worry about giving large, unaffordable amounts of money to preachers. Give what the Spirit tells you to give, and let it go. If you need money, pick an amount and ask God for it until you get it. This isn’t what you should be concerned about. Be concerned about prayer and transformation. Spend your faith. Send it back to God. You’ll get the manyfold return the Bible promises, and it will be in the form of children of the spirit. It will be other people who have been changed by what you do. They will go on and do what you do, and more, whether you continue or not.

This is the best stuff I can give you. Run with it.

Shall we Gather at the River?

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Beats Bobbing for Apples in the Sewer

I keep praying for God to cause the Holy Spirit to take over my church’s services, and he keeps doing it. I feel like I owe an apology to the minister who has been trying to speak for the last two weeks.

Last night we got into praise and worship, and the first thing you know, a new lady who moved to New Dawn from El Rey Jesus started prophesying and praying for healing. After a while, a whole bunch of people went up to the front, and we had a prolonged outpouring of prayer, and a whole bunch of people got baptized with the Holy Spirit.

This has been happening a lot lately. It happened on Sunday, and while adults and teenagers were up at the front crying and praying, I noticed the eight-year-old daughter of my friend Alonzo, all by herself. Her name is Ayanna. I prayed for her, and then I noticed that my friend Brenda was available, so I pointed her in Ayanna’s direction, and I took this picture.

08 04 13 Ayanna receiving Holy Spirit at New Dawn with Brenda

I put it on Facebook, and Brenda left this comment:

Steve – you don’t know how this pic has impacted me – as I prayed for her I felt The Lord lead me back to my callin of workin with children which I haven’t done in almost 5 years … Breathtaking …

Of course, I didn’t know what I was doing.

Ayanna is a wonderful kid, like all of Alonzo’s children. This one–Gabriella–is my goddaughter:

07 21 13 gabriella at new dawn sitting up

I thought it was great that Ayanna went up without being pushed. We have kids do that all the time.

Alonzo and Brenda are like me. They are refugees from Trinity Church. Brenda was not accepted by the Inner Circle, even though her husband Tracey was in charge of the armorbearers. At New Dawn, Tracey and Brenda play huge roles, and they are blossoming.

Last night another refugee family blessed us. I have a friend named Eric, and he’s a former Trinity armorbearer. We got him to visit New Dawn a few times, but he was loyal to Trinity, so it took him a long time to do what he needed to do. Eventually, the starvation at Trinity got to him and his wife, and they made the move.

He has a stepdaughter named Danielle. While they were attending Trinity, she was miserable. She did not like church. She didn’t attend much. She suffered from depression and anxiety. People didn’t know it, but her life was hell. Even after they moved to New Dawn, she was not happy.

Recently, she went to the front, and our pastor prophesied over her, and one day she went up to receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit. These things are not unusual at our church, so we didn’t get all that excited.

Last night our pastor asked her to come up and talk about her experiences. I figured she would go up and say, “I love Jesus. Things are getting a lot better. Thank you.” Was I wrong! She started telling us what had happened to her, and she practically tore the roof off the place!

She must have preached for half an hour. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen at church. She told about the problems she had had. Suicide attempts. Insomnia. Prolonged crying sessions at home, while her family was in church. Then she told us how God had changed all that. Suddenly she understood what God could do, and how much he loved us.

08 06 13 danielle speaking at new dawn

She called us out for being lukewarm. She said there were people who raised their hands in church and then went home to porn and drugs. She said God couldn’t work in our lives if we didn’t give ourselves to him. She called up the lady who prayed for healing and started prophesying over her, telling her that her husband was going to grow and change. Her boldness was shocking. She kept saying, “This isn’t me!”

We were all completely freaked out. Everything she said was right and true. Three months ago, she wouldn’t have known what to say, but last night, she did a better job than anyone you’ve seen on TBN or Daystar. I asked her mother what she had been feeding her.

We didn’t get out until after 11:00.

Another young girl had an encounter with the Holy Spirit, but she was too overcome to speak. Even after the service, she was in a back room groaning while one of the women looked after her. This young lady comes from a very messed up family, and God has done wonderful things for them. She’s only 18, but she has been in college for quite some time, and she competes in pageants in order to support herself. Her sister raised her. Now her sister is receiving the harvest.

What’s going to happen next? God has infinite depth. He always has something better in store. How much better can it get?

I lit into Trinity last night. I wrote this:

People get mad at me when I criticize Trinity Church. They say I’m bitter or unforgiving. That’s what they WANT to think.

I’m not a totally pure soul; I can’t say I never felt any bitterness or unforgiveness over the bad treatment I received. But that’s insignificant, and it would not drive me to comment. THIS PHOTO shows why I speak up. I have friends who are still being harmed.

This young lady’s family went to Trinity. She was miserable. She did not know God. She did not like going to church. A while back, she got baptized with the Holy Spirit at New Dawn Ministries, and tonight they called her up to testify.

It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen at church. Nobody saw it coming. She tore the place up. She operated in the spiritual gifts of faith, prophecy, and the word of knowledge. She preached perfect doctrine. She called people up and spoke God’s words over them. She corrected our lukewarmness and hypocrisy. I have never seen anything like it. It changed lives.

How many of my friends at Trinity would be doing this, if someone had told them about the Holy Spirit instead of filling them with motivational garbage or Steve Munsey’s laughable lies about money? How many kids there have committed suicide, gone to prison, or sold themselves into prostitution because no one felt they were worth introducing to the Holy Spirit?

This young woman is like a bomb that went off when the Holy Spirit lit the fuse. We have no idea what a person’s potential is, until that person receives the baptism with the Holy Spirit and becomes transformed. How many bombs has Trinity Church disarmed?

NEVER tell me not to open my mouth. Never again. If there is one child over there whose spiritual life has been aborted, then I am obligated to speak up, and nobody but God himself has the right to say one word to me.

Anyone who wants to be baptized with the Spirit is welcome at our services. I will personally pray for you, and we don’t care if you give us money or not.

What if this girl’s parents had stayed at Trinity? That church has a big homosexuality problem among the youth. There are kids using drugs and getting in trouble with the law. Where is their hope? Trinity gives nothing and takes as much as it can. They pour people full of lies about God the ATM Machine, and they teach useless motivational techniques which only work as long as Satan permits. They underpay people. They brainwash them into thinking God will be angry if they disagree with anything the leaders do. That place is full of death, because they sacrifice new generations in order to feed the pastor’s family.

And they’re never going to get what they’re trying to buy. They will never have a big TV ministry. They don’t have the talent or even a good gimmick. They will always be stuck in the local church, feeding off the flock. People like Joel Osteen and Steve Munsey will remain at the top of the Ponzi pyramid, and the folks from Trinity will stay on a lower level. They keep their congregants on the bottom, and the Osteens and Munseys and Crafts do the same thing to them.

Satan never gives you what he promises.

Before I left, I told them they needed to put the Holy Spirit first, instead of whoring out to fill seats. I said it would draw people to the church. They wouldn’t listen, so I left without hesitation. I told my new pastor the same thing, and he listened. Now we’re full on Tuesday nights, and we had to rearrange the seats in order to accommodate bigger crowds. God is in the process of providing a bigger building, which, unlike the one at Trinity, will not have a mortgage.

Am I saying we’re going to be a megachurch? God forbid. I’ve had enough of that idiocy. I’m just saying we’ll be able to sit down in comfort and peace.

I can’t even guess what I’ll be telling you a month from now, but I know it will be good.

Keep praying in the Spirit. Play soaking music in your home and workplace. Get away from the greedy and the stupid. God will bring you a harvest of peace and rest.