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A Waltz for When the Coffee Wears Off

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Listen and Dream of Lunch

I published a new piece of music. As I have said elsewhere, it’s not really the kind of thing I wanted to write, but it was too good to throw out.

I’m surprised how well the composing is going. My teacher told me not to underestimate myself, and he’s right. Yesterday I listened to a piano piece written by Rachmaninoff, adapted by Kreisler, and played by Ashkenazi. It was horrible. I could not understand why Rachmaninoff wrote it in the first place, although I did recall something he once said. Someone asked him what inspired him to write a certain piece, and he said something like, “Two hundred dollars.” I am too lazy to Google the exact quotation.

Much of the classical music critics, conductors, and musicians have chosen to preserve and play is really bad. I may never write anything that will become famous, but I’m positive I can produce work which is better than the worst things great composers wrote.

Anyway, here it is.

Here’s a Nice Can of Last Year’s Manna

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Worms are Low-Carb!

I had an interesting experience yesterday. My church hosted Apostle Caleb Jean.

I don’t know this man. He has made a very good impression on my pastor, who is careful about the people he sets before us. My old church would let any old crook in. What a difference.

The service ran from 10:30 a.m. until after 4:00. Usually, when our services run long, I start praying for God to help the team wrap up, so we don’t drive people away by making them miserable, and I admit, we started to reach that point a couple of times yesterday, but overall, people wanted to stay. When people believe God is manifesting himself, they’ll come to your church, they won’t want to leave, and they’ll be happy to support you financially. I tried to tell that to the pastor of my old church, but…water off a duck’s back.

As I said, I don’t know Caleb Jean, and I can’t swear he’s the real thing, but he was very impressive. He called people up and spoke in tongues and prophesied over them. He talked about their mistakes and the things about them that pleased God. He gave them advice. And here’s the weirdest thing: he gave things away and did not take an offering for his own ministry. He took a second offering for our pastor’s ministry, but that’s not the same thing.

If this man appeared on TBN and did things like that, they would have the prop guys build a cross, and they would crucify him on camera. TBN is a business, and they love greedy preachers who support their greed-based message. You don’t go on TBN to give. You go on TBN to take, and to help the owners take.

Apostle Jean called a couple of my closest friends up. They have five kids. The sixth–my first godchild–is about to pop out. I’ve talked to the husband a lot about the financial burdens he is facing, and the feeling we both have is that children come from God, and it’s best not to interfere. Look at Psalm 137:

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.

The Jews say that when you kill a man, you kill a nation. Seems to me that the same thing applies when you abort a man.

Apostle Jean doesn’t know these people, but he gave them the same advice I did, more or less. He talked about the misfortune of people who put off having kids and then find they can’t reproduce any more.

I know a woman who had at least one abortion. Now she’s old, and her looks are completely gone. There is absolutely no way she could have a baby without the help of science, and if she manages to marry, it will be extraordinary, because her appearance, personality, age, and debts will repel men. I’ve heard her say God told her she would have a child of her own body. Some people will say absolutely anything and attribute it to God. I can’t tell you what God did or did not say to her, but it is my strong opinion that she wouldn’t know the voice of God if she heard it.

I know a man who complains bitterly that he has no grandchildren. He has even wished his daughter would have an illegitimate child, purely to satisfy his desires. He supports convenience abortion. I happen to know that one of his grandchildren was aborted. How can you be in favor of barrenness and expect your family to be fruitful? He would have been distraught, had he known about the abortion in advance.

It seemed remarkable to me that Apostle Jean gave the same advice I did. I believe God tells different servants the same things, and one of the marks of a person who knows God is that generally, he does not contradict other people who know God.

He spoke over several couples. I noticed something funny. He spent most of the time correcting the women. I believe he was right to do so. Our sick feminized culture has taught women not to submit. It has taught them to fight with men and to be narcissistic and unsupportive. Even Christian women are infected. They don’t listen to their men, because weak, cowardly pastors keep teaching that men and women are equal partners in marriage. Preachers don’t have the guts to point to the Bible, which honors Sarah for calling Abraham “Lord.” The fact is, there is a command structure in marriage, and women are not at the top. A desire to rule over a husband comes from the curse God pronounced over Adam and Eve; you can look it up. It’s not something to nurture. It’s a sickness that has to be stamped out.

He told one woman not to blow a lot of money on a fancy marriage, and she didn’t look pleased. He was right. It amazes me that people will spend twenty thousand dollars on a party, when they can’t afford it. We do everything we can to start marriages off badly. We go into debt. We drive our friends into debt, demanding ridiculous gifts and forcing them to spend money on costumes they can only wear once. We send our young men to prostitutes before the ceremonies (strippers are prostitutes). We require men to blow huge sums on silly rings which usually have to be financed. Then the babies come, and the fights over money start. And the women are already resentful because they know what happened at the bachelor parties. The men are resentful because of the money they’ve had to spend already. Apostle Jean told these kids to put the money toward a house. Good advice.

He advised another young lady not to wait to have kids. He said it was a mistake to worry about her figure. I think he was right. The figure is going to be ruined anyway. Time will have its way. Might as well get something in return for it.

He told one wife to get control of her emotions, and to stop raining her misery and worry on her husband. Wow, was he right. I know these people. The husband is trying to ground the family and provide stability, but the wife gets very emotional, very quickly. Then the husband has to restrain her emotions as well as his own. That’s a big burden. Our sick culture has taught her that she doesn’t have to honor or obey him, so it’s taking time for her to change, and during that time, he has to take the punishment.

Women want powerful husbands, but a husband can’t be powerful if his wife won’t permit it.

Watching the service, I was reminded of something Jesus said:

But Jesus, said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house. And he could there do no mighty work, save that he laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them.

Jesus is our “husband.” How can he do great works in us, if we won’t honor him and submit to him?

It’s unfortunate that these women had to hear from an apostle, in front of the church, before taking these things to heart. I’m sure their husbands and parents have told them the same thing. You shouldn’t have to wait for a letter from the Pope before you accept good advice. People are inclined to listen to those who are arrogant or who are respected by others. They treat the humble like children, no matter how wise they are.

Apostle Jean gave a new baby car seat to a couple from my church. He didn’t have it with him. It wasn’t like a door prize. He saw their need, and he said he would have one delivered. And he told them he was going to send them to a nice hotel for a weekend getaway. I was stunned. Have you ever seen a preacher give anyone ANYTHING? I know they pass stuff out to the poor sometimes, but what preacher goes into his own pocket and gives things to strangers? Apostle Jean did that, and then he took up a second offering…for OUR church.

I think that if Benny Hinn had seen that, his combover would have burst into flames.

Meanwhile, my former church is teaching more nonsense. They work from fear, greed, narcissism, and desperation; they don’t care whether a message comes from God, as long as it serves their carnal aims. A bunch of preachers have started saying “tithing is the training wheels of giving,” and the message is that if you only give YOUR CHURCH ten percent, you’re not going to get blessed. It’s the same crap Steve Munsey teaches, from a new angle. It’s been going around for at least a few years. My old church got ahold of it, so now they’re teaching it. Meanwhile, they can’t pay their own bills. You would think a person who can’t prosper wouldn’t feel entitled to teach others how to prosper.

One of the things that soured me on that church was the way they ripped off other preachers. In 2010, they announced they had a “2020 vision” for the church. The idea was that God was going to give them 100,000 souls by 2020. I got on Google and entered “church” and “2020 vision,” and my screen was filled with earlier versions of the same thing. Imagine one of the prophets telling the ancient Jews he had heard from God, and then repeating what another prophet had said. He would have been stoned to death. It turns out churches rip each other off all the time. They don’t hear from God, because they disobey him and serve their bellies, so they call around and ask each other for material, or they simply steal it. They call these awful pitches “microwave sermons.” They’re like leftovers you heat up in the microwave.

When God blessed the Jews in the wilderness, he gave them fresh manna every day, and when they tried to hold onto the old manna, it spawned worms. That hasn’t changed. A real man of God will hear from the Lord on the fly. He won’t have to open Bartlett’s Quotations or steal from Reader’s Digest.

Apostle Jean told people things they did not want to hear, and he gave instead of taking. That impressed me. I hope he’s the real thing. We need more leaders like that.

“Why Are You Staring at That Book?”

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

“I’m Right HERE!”

The other day a kid I know went on Facebook and complained that five pastors had pushed him down in order to make it look like he had been “slain in the Spirit.”

If you’re not a charismatic, you may not know what I’m talking about. Sometimes when people get into the presence of the Holy Spirit, it makes them a little dizzy. Some claim the Spirit makes them unable to stand. They collapse and lie on the floor for a while. I don’t know whether this is real or not. The dizziness part, I can attest to. But I’ve never fallen down. I had a highly dubious preacher give me a dose of this, and all I felt was a sweaty palm.

If you go on Youtube, I’m sure you can find videos of people essentially whacking people in the forehead. Generally, two helpers will stand behind the person, and he or she will be caught and lowered to the floor. Sometimes the preachers push very hard.

Maybe some people lose the ability to stand when God touches them. But there is no doubt that there are bogus “slayings.” Christians let their guard down, trying to let God in, and sometimes other things that aren’t as clean come through the door.

Here’s an appropriate video.

The young man who made the Facebook post is a friend of mine. He used to help me make pizza every Sunday at church. He’s a good kid. He’s sincere. His mom died a while back, and he has been very unhappy. And he’s stuck in a church that takes advantage of people and offers them nothing. I pray about him from time to time. I wish he’d come by my church. It’s not perfect, but it’s very good. It would undo a lot of the damage the prosperity pimps have done.

I told him this: when preachers lose touch with God, they start faking miracles.

Perry Stone often talks about a Tennessee preacher who got caught doing this. He had a man in a golf cart driving around the parking lot in a venue where he preached. The man had a computer, and he used resources available to repossession firms. He was able to take car license plates and get the owners’ names and the last four digits of their Social Security numbers. Then he communicated the information to the preacher via radio, and the preacher announced it from the stage, pretending it came from God.

Now it looks like my friend’s church is doing the same thing, in a somewhat less egregious way.

It’s not a surprise. That church is a mess. God has not blessed it. The mortgage is huge, and the offerings are not. Strong Christians keep fleeing the place. They’ll teach just about anything in order to get people to give money. They do their best to enrich themselves using carnal tools, so why should God step in and help?

My friend is totally disgusted. Good for him! He has decided to look for the truth in the Bible and in his own experiences, instead of listening to carnival barkers behind pulpits.

I got very angry when I read about his experience. That church has nothing to do with the kingdom of heaven. It’s a family business. A place where a family of owner-operators go to make money and to be promoted. I wrote a few things that were highly critical of prosperity preachers. I had doubts about posting them, but I asked God what I should do, and I felt a powerful response, telling me to go ahead. I thought I was going too far, but it seemed that the Holy Spirit was telling me I wasn’t doing nearly enough.

A young lady who is a very serious Christian expressed concern. She worried that I might be becoming bitter, or that I was out of line. People come to me with these concerns, as though I had never thought about them. Of course, I do think about them. I don’t want God chastising me because I’ve been too hard on other people. I pray before I say critical things, and if the Holy Spirit tells me to hold back, I do it. If he tells me to go ahead, I do that. I have learned to recognize his voice. I’m not out there on a limb, doing what my flesh tells me to do.

This brings me to my subject. Christians still don’t understand what it means to be out from under the law. Jesus set us free, yet we have turned his own words into law. The irony is horrific.

Before Jesus, people were under laws. What are laws? They’re writings. Like books. What is their fundamental purpose? To replace living, thinking beings.

Imagine someone is looking to you for guidance. If you can’t be with him, and you can’t communicate with him in real time, what do you do? You record information for him to rely on. Some of that information will be in the form of rules. For example, if someone works for you as a house sitter, you might write things like, “Don’t leave the porch light on.”

What happens when the rules aren’t appropriate to a situation? They cause more problems than they solve. What if you tell the house sitter to leave a key under the mat, but then you learn that your sister the psychopath kleptomaniac is coming to town, and she knows about the mat? Suddenly, the rule is your enemy. If you let it trap you, you’re in trouble.

What if you’re in the house with the house sitter? Things are much better. When he has a problem, he can come to you and ask your advice. You can tailor your words to suit the situation.

THAT is the difference between the law and the Holy Spirit. When you learn to hear the Holy Spirit, God is with you. The things he tells you in real time supersede the law. The Holy Spirit told David to serve the temple showbread to his men, which was against the law. The Holy Spirit told Jesus to heal people on the sabbath. It told him his disciples were allowed to harvest grain on the sabbath. When the rulemaker is present, you don’t need the rules.

Jesus told us “Judge not.” Is that a law? How can it be, if it came from the man who set us free from the law? Remember, the Bible says this: “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Lest you also be like him. Answer a fool according to his folly, Lest he be wise in his own eyes.” Is that a contradiction? No! It’s God, telling us the written law doesn’t work. He’s telling us we need to know him personally, so he can be our law.

This is why the Bible tells us, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” In the Bible, “son” doesn’t always mean what it means in the secular world. It means one who emulates and obeys another as though he were a father. If you emulate the devil, it doesn’t mean he had intercourse with your mother. It means you behave as though you were his devoted son. If you’re a son of God, you are like God in your heart, and you are guided by him.

Satan loves the law. It’s so useful to him. He can use it to tie us up and render us helpless.

Imagine you go to a church where the pastor is a low-down, worthless crook. Let’s say he sleeps with several women in the church, teaches that there is no such thing as sin, and steals as much money as he can. What do you do? Other Christians will tell you that you have to submit. “Judge not!” In this way, Satan uses them to hold you down while he rapes the church. He uses good rules to achieve bad ends, and he makes you his accomplice.

What if you’re above the law? What if the Holy Spirit communicates with you, clearly and quickly? Then you may be allowed or even required to speak up. If someone tells you not to judge, they’re out of line, because you have complete authority. You’re breaking written rules and traditions, but you’re obeying the living God. No one can touch you.

This is why we have to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. We have to pray in tongues and get to know God as part of us. This is what “born again” means. The Holy Spirit is like semen, if you will pardon the expresson. Like the DNA a man contributes during sex, the Holy Spirit shapes a new being so it becomes like its father. People think “born again” means you raised your hand and accepted salvation, or that you repented of sin. Those things are just part of the process.

God is not breeding pets he can enjoy. He is reproducing. Jesus came into the earth to make us sons and daughters of God. He calls us “heirs.” An heir does not exist until someone dies (look it up), and heirs are almost always descendants. I’m not saying each of us will get a universe and sit on a throne as God, but we will be like our father. The Holy Spirit will shape us and build us.

Satan can’t misuse the Holy Spirit the way he misuses the law. He can mask him. He can get people to do stupid things and claim the Holy Spirit is in them. But he can’t get a Spirit-led person to defeat himself by obeying the Spirit. If the Spirit truly tells you to do it, he is right, and what you do is approved. If you’re not baptized with the Spirit, and you’re not praying in the Spirit daily, you won’t be able to tell his voice from Satan’s. But if you’re on your game, you’ll be on a path that will always be straight. You’ll be on the highway in the desert, mentioned in Isaiah 35. Even if you’re a fool, as we all are in our own right, you will not err.

I’ve judged people’s actions at God’s request. People tell me this is wrong, and they cite the word of Jesus as though it were law. They miss the point. When I do what God tells me, I have authority. He will not always tell us to do the same thing, in similar situations. Today I may be required to be quiet. Tomorrow, I may be required to stand up and point out error. If you’re not in touch with the Spirit, you can’t judge my actions.

The ancient Jews didn’t understand this. When Jesus told them things that conflicted with tradition, or with their understanding of the law, they asked him where he got his authority. He refused to tell them, because they would not have understood. His authority came from the Holy Spirit, with whom he had been baptized by John. Modern Christians still don’t get it. They say we’re not under the law, but in reality, they think we’re under new laws. That’s not true. People who know the Spirit are children of God, and they are not under the law. People who accept salvation but not the Spirit? Still under the law, in their daily affairs.

If you understand these things, the book of Galatians makes sense.

Now I say, That the heir, as long as he is a child, differeth nothing from a servant, though he be lord of all; But is under tutors and governors until the time appointed of the father. Even so we, when we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world: But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons. And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father. Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.

Howbeit then, when ye knew not God, ye did service unto them which by nature are no gods. But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God, how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage? Ye observe days, and months, and times, and years. I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain.

He says, “I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain.” Clearly, Paul had the same concern I do. Jesus bought us a hotline to the throne room, yet we prefer to live under laws we can memorize, while keeping God at a safe distance.

The law is a lot better than nothing, but the Spirit is a lot better than the law.

People need to quit worrying about me. I’m not bitter. I don’t sit around plotting death and destruction for people who have mistreated me. I do get angry, temporarily, when I see people doing rotten things. But that is a fleeting thing, and most of my life is very peaceful. I have absolutely no desire to punish anyone. I do speak up about bad things people do, but that’s not punishment.

Consider what happened to the man in the martial arts video. He faked power. He convinced others that he had it. Then he met a real adversary, and he was beaten and injured, with great ease. He was humiliated. That’s what happens to Christians who fake God’s help. We may be full of it, but our enemies are not. When they come against you, you better have something stronger than a phony anointing.

Disarming God’s People

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Remember the Warsaw Ghetto

I think I’m starting to understand the anti-civil-rights hysteria that resulted in Obama’s soon-to-fail gun ban efforts.

All of this stuff has a supernatural root. We don’t pray for godly leaders, and we think we can get by with a little prayer here and there, instead of relying on God. We want to keep our dirty TV channels and dope and extramarital sex. We don’t want to give so much of ourselves to God that it actually has a cost. So God withdraws his protection.

Satan is real. He IS the Antichrist. He’ll have a human puppet some day, in whom he concentrates his power, but Satan is the hand in the glove. He hates America because on the whole, we have been God’s people. We’ve done missionary work. We’ve promoted Christianity and Christian values. We’ve fought sin. We’ve been somewhat helpful to the Jews. The rest of the world is pretty much lost, but in the US, Christians have been able to thrive. Satan wants to put an end to that.

Satan loves killing God’s people and taking away their ability to communicate. In the Old Testament, he tried to exterminate the Jews over and over. He tried to prevent the Messiah from being born. After the crucifixion, he destroyed Israel, scattered the Jews, and arranged for the imprisonment and murder of Christians. In ages past, he corrupted the church itself and used it to kill Jews. During the Holocaust, he built huge parodies of the temple and used them to kill and incinerate Jews and devout Christians.

Satan is raising an army in the US. He calls it Anonymous. He calls it “anti-bullying.” He calls it Islamism and Occupy Wall Street. He is growing a horde of people who rally around separate causes which have the same underlying, hidden goal. He is giving these people power to limit and oppress Christians and Jews, and in the future, he will use them to take what we have and kill us, just as he used their forebears in Rome and Holocaust-era Europe.

We are weak in the Spirit. The church itself blasphemes, calling tongues “gibberish” and “demonic.” We’re told we have to earn what we get, and that God doesn’t do miracles any more. We’re told it’s normal when he doesn’t answer prayer. We’re corrupted and weakened with iniquity; our chronic sins give the enemy the right to afflict us. We are not very good at defending ourselves using God’s preferred tools. But we do have guns. And it would be very helpful to Satan if those guns were taken away before we find our real weapons.

Which physical weapons does the enemy hate the most? High-capacity weapons. Why is that?

Historically, Satan has worked through mobs. He raised a mob of idiots against Moses during the Exodus. He raised a mob to slaughter the Jews under Ahasuerus. He used mobs to commit pogroms and other anti-Jewish crimes. Now, with the aid of technology, his use of mobs is getting more adept. If Anonymous or the jihadis don’t like you, they can come at you with computer attacks. If your neighbors envy what you have, they can coordinate through Facebook, Twitter, or even Craigslist and descend on you like locusts.

Mob crime is going to be the crime of the future. And to fight a mob, until you have a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit, you will need semiautomatic or automatic weapons with large magazines. You’re not going to have much hope if you rely on a seven-shot pistol or a double-barrel shotgun.

A time will come when mobs will gather at the homes of Christians and Jews, and the police will deliberately take their time to respond, or they’ll refuse to come at all, or they’ll participate in the crimes. When that age dawns, we’ll see robbery, murder, beatings, and rape (of men and children, not just women) on a new scale. And if Obama and his minions get our high-capacity weapons, we’ll be as helpless as Lot was in Sodom. He couldn’t defend himself against a gang of homosexual rapists, so the best response he could come up with was to offer his daughters. And the rapists rejected that offer, which is a good demonstration of the effectiveness of appeasement (the approach liberals recommend).

If you have a weapon with a puny magazine, a mob will be able to plan a way to beat you. It will be easy for them to come up with ways to waste your ammunition. If you have a couple of AK-47s with full magazines waiting, it will be another story. In the future, high-capacity guns will save Christian and Jewish homes and lives.

We need to get strong in the Spirit. But until we have that strength, we need to take the advice Jesus gave the pre-Pentecostal disciples. We need to own and carry weapons. If not, history will repeat itself. The slaughter in Egypt. The murders in Bethlehem. Saul’s murders of early Christians. Pogroms. The Holocaust. The Warsaw Ghetto uprising. It will all happen again.

Speak out against the attacks on our civil rights. That’s important. Give to the NRA. Wear an NRA shirt once in a while. But while you’re doing all that, pray. Make sure you pray every day that we will not be disarmed.

Satan is going to raise up more maniacs to shoot up schools and churches. He’ll do his best to make the gullible public think high-capacity weapons cause crime. We know this is coming; he’s already doing it. We need to pray for God to thwart these people, and for him to use civilians with high-capacity weapons to do it. The attack is supernatural. If we don’t respond with supernatural power, we have no chance of winning.

The press will be against us. For a long time, it has been Satan’s voice. It extols abortion, homosexuality, fornication, and just about everything else we know is wrong. It holds liberalism out as the philosophy of the pure. In its way, it portrays Lucifer as an angel of light, and it portrays the followers of Jesus as backward, ignorant, hateful fools who prevent peace and prosperity from breaking out. If we don’t pray, we will be seen the same way the Jews were seen in Holocaust-era Europe. We will be thought of as human vermin. “Responsible for all the world’s problems.” “The cause of all the world’s wars.” They already tell us about the mythical millions who have been killed by Christians, while ignoring the real millions killed by leftists who hate religion.

Pray for victory over the blind. Our God is stronger than theirs, and he has promised us that when a people turns to him, he will heal their land.

New Piece in E Minor Goes on Youtube

Thursday, January 17th, 2013


I got my latest musical composition whipped into shape. I want to make it longer, but the basic idea is finished.

It’s a really sad piece. It makes me think of the way believers are going to have to leave others behind. I named it “Out of Sodom.” Maybe I’ll come up with a name I like better.

I put it on Youtube, with a bunch of photos I hope are in the public domain.

I’m starting to feel like I’ll be able to write good music whenever I want. Things are breaking loose.

It’s so great to be able to do the things I’ve always wanted to do. God opens doors, redeems, and restores.

GPS Without Transistors

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Follow the Pillar of Fire

I want to pass on a little advice. It’s a piece of knowledge that has been useful to me.

As many Christians know, the Bible is like the Constitution (or any other set of laws). It provides many benefits, but you won’t necessarily receive them unless you apply. It’s like the Fifth Amendment. The cops can’t question you after say you want an attorney, but if you don’t assert your right, they’ll question you anyway. There are many things God will do for you whether or not you ask, but on the whole, it’s best to make your needs known and stand on God’s promises.

Here’s a promise which is particularly useful: “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand.” That’s Psalm 37, verses 23 and 24. It’s clearly a general promise available to all. It doesn’t say “a good Jewish man” or “a good man who sacrifices at the temple” or “a good man with freckles.”

Lately, I’ve been bringing this promise up in prayer, more than once a day. I ask God to honor it until the next time I ask. I believe prayer is like manna in that you shouldn’t rely on yesterday’s ration, so I think it’s important to ask repeatedly and not to expect the prayer to keep you going for the rest of your life. There are some things you only have to ask for once, or which you can stop asking for, once God confirms he will do what you want, but it pays not to take chances.

I remind him of similar promises. The Bible says that when your father and mother forsake you, the Lord will take you up. It says you will hear his voice behind you, telling you which way to turn. It says he will lead you in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

I also ask God to lead my enemies onto the points of their own swords and to hold them there until they repent.

What I’ve found is that when I make this request, things go better. There is less dead time in the day. I get things done. I spend less time goofing off or wandering in confusion. Life is more organized. There is less stress.

This prayer got me over the hump with CAD software. As I wrote earlier, I’m finally able to use it. And it has also led to greater musical productivity. I’m getting all sorts of good melodies written down. I really think I’m going to get to the point where I’ll be selling music. It’s going to be good enough to publish. That’s amazing. Music can be extremely lucrative. You only need one successful work to keep you fed and clothed when you’re retired.

I suggest you try asking God for guidance, daily. See what happens.

I’m very excited about music, because I’ve come to realize that writing music requires the same gift as cooking. It’s really no different. When you write recipes, it comes from inspiration. You’ll be sitting around thinking about other things, and suddenly you’ll imagine a flavor or a texture, and the way to create it, and you’ll write it down and try it. Your imagination tells you what will taste good, and your work only serves to confirm it. When you write music, melodies that “taste good” to the ear come into your mind, and all you have to do is write them in musical notation. If it sounds good, it IS good. That’s the only test.

I find that God is as willing to give me tunes as he is recipes. And here’s one great thing about music: you don’t have to make a mess in order to create it. You don’t have to drive to the store and buy food. You don’t have to wreck the kitchen. And when it’s done, you can preserve it forever, and you can email it and publish it with very little effort.

I don’t know how I would go about finding a market for music, but I’m sure there’s a way. When I have a portfolio built up, I should be able to do something with it.

I consider myself a writer and a creator of music. I think those are the things I should focus on. The other stuff is great, but I believe it deserves less priority. No one will ever pay me to run a lathe, and no one will ever draw closer to God while listening to me make a pizza.

I’ll put up the piece I’m working on now. I was shooting for something resembing a spiritual, but it has more of a classical sound. I love classical music. There’s no reason why I can’t enjoy writing it. I know it’s not fashionable, and composers are expected to come up with inventive new forms of music no one can stand to listen to, but only a moron would say the genre is exhausted. There is a lot of classical music, but only some of it is truly great. There is still a big need to fill. I’m always frustrated because my favorite composers (Chopin, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, and Beethoven) didn’t leave more work, and I’m sure other people feel the same way.

Chopin actually had some of his works burned when he died. Unbelievable.

This piece isn’t done. It’s very short, and there are lots of things I may want to do with it. But it does show that things are going well.

12 31 E Minor Piece

Get connected to the power supply and see what God will do for you. I think he is leading a lot of people out of the spiritual dark ages.

Fishing for Answers

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Can Aaron’s Rod Become a Fish?

Back in November, Perry Stone told about a dream a young woman had. This girl was under one of his ministries. She saw a blue fish being swallowed up by a big red fish. Stone had a strong impression that it was a prophetic dream, and he speculated that it might have something to do with the election. Red swallows blue.

We all know how that turned out.

Since then, he has been trying to figure the dream out. He says maybe red symbolizes leftism, as it has for quite some time.

I’ve noticed something about God. When he answers prayer, sometimes he gives you what you expect, but very often, he gives you what you asked for, in a way you don’t recognize at first.

Quite honestly, I think God enjoys popping Satan in the head from unexpected directions. Satan can’t predict the future, and God can, and I believe God likes fooling Satan by doing the unanticipated. The universe is a war zone, and in war, you generally don’t tell your enemy what you’re doing. You make him guess wrong, so he’s never prepared.

Maybe the dream was prophetic. Perry Stone is not perfect, but he knows the Holy Spirit. He is no idiot. If he thinks a dream is prophetic, you should listen, because he is probably–PROBABLY–right.

The dream suggested that conservatives would swallow up leftists in America, and the obvious thing was to conclude that it was about the election. Judging by the polls and by the confident descriptions of the GOP ground game, it looked like Romney was more likely to win than Obama. Romney was genuinely surprised that he lost. It was an unanticipated result.

We didn’t get what we expected. Does that mean the dream was wrong? That may be the case, but it may be yet another example of God keeping his enemies (and followers) guessing.

The current hysteria over gun control may carry the seeds of a reawakening.

There are a lot of centrist and conservative Democrats who vote stupidly, especially in the South and in the plains states. They don’t see the importance of having three branches of government which are aligned in purpose, so they don’t realize it’s suicidal to vote for Democrats who seem to share their values. If there are 60 Democrats in the Senate, and 12 are conservative, the Senate will be under the control of far-left Democrats. The 12 conservatives won’t matter much. And a Democrat President will get a rubber stamp whenever he wants it. And a Democrat President will appoint many, many insane liberal judges to lifetime positions. These judges, not Congress, will determine what the laws say.

People who don’t understand the importance of voting their beliefs do understand this: it’s very bad to be disarmed. Mob violence is increasing. The threat of government oppression is very real. Economic disaster is likely to spawn riots and looting before too long. Many people who vote for Democrats are very determined to hold onto their guns. Now that a gun-control propaganda campaign is sweeping the nation, it is conceivable that sleepwalking conservatives who vote Democrat (or skip voting) might wake up and switch sides.

Gun control is very unpopular. People like background checks, but they do not want registration (which is primarily intended as a means of obtaining lists for future confiscation), nor do they want laws which limit their arms so badly that they are ineffective. Important Christian interests such as the rights of the unborn and the preservation of Israel blow right by many conservatives, but, selfish things that they are, they’ll take notice when you come after their right to defend themselves.

You can’t vote for “free” Obama phones, extended unemployment benefits, and other tax-funded goodies without voting for gun confiscation. There is no line item veto at the polls. If you want the candy, you have to take the laxatives, too.

The Fiscal Cliff fight shows how weak the GOP has become. They gave up a great deal, and in return, they received virtually nothing. They got a promise to negotiate later, which means they didn’t get anything at all. They got the right to hear the Democrats say “no” again.

Now the extremist Feinstein is pushing a horrible bill that would utterly gut our Second Amendment rights. It doesn’t just go after fully automatic rifles or even high-capacity semiautos. It goes after your humble Glock 17. It contains registration and confiscation provisions. It’s very bad news.

What I wonder is this: given that the GOP is so feeble now, can we dismiss Feinstein’s shameful attack on our civil rights as hopeless?

It’s extreme, even for a Democrat, but so was the Fiscal Cliff deal Obama rammed down Boehner’s helpless gullet. So was Obamacare.

Maybe the gun-haters will get some traction in the near future, and it will snap people out of their complacent comas. And maybe other Democrat threats and failures will pile up and stun people awake.

God knows most Americans don’t care about the murder of the unborn. We don’t care about perverted “marriages.” We don’t care about Israel, or about laws forcing religious organizations to pay for abortions. Maybe he’ll use guns–something we care about–to help us understand how stupid we’ve been. And if that happens, the fish dream might turn out to be predictive.

Or maybe the dream means nothing.

One thing is for sure: focusing on the political side of things is a huge mistake. It’s like looking at the hands of a clock. We should be looking at the gears and springs that move the hands. Everything that happens in the natural world has a supernatural cause. We complain about the political policies of our leaders, and carnal conservatives think the answer is to increase our voting base by giving up our Christian morals. Let the gays in. Let the enemies of the unborn in. Drop Israel. That’s incredibly stupid. For one thing, when we open the floodgates in order to overcome the voting advantage of our enemies, we become like our enemies, so the purpose is defeated. For another, our blessings and success come from God, not votes, and if he’s not helping us now, he’s definitely not going to help us when we turn our backs on him.

Every day I pray for God to strike down the ungodly in the US and Israel, and among Jews and Americans everywhere. I ask him to help them turn to him and repent, but I ask him to find those who won’t repent in a reasonable time and take away all that they have. Their power. Their wealth. Their prestige. I ask him to make them ridiculous in the eyes of the public, so people won’t imitate them. And I ask him to pour his Spirit out on a generation of Spirit-filled, praying, God-centered believers who will do his will. I ask him to give them what he takes from the ungodly, and to raise them up before the public so they become role models people want to copy.

This is what will fix America. All the carnal whining and dancing will just make things worse. Remember what the Psalms say: “Fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.” Don’t let nerves make you turn from God and try to fix things with your own hopeless, weak tools. You will only make things worse. That psalm (#37) also says to cease from anger and forsake wrath. This is a hard thing to do when it comes to politics, because the things our adversaries do are so wretched, and it’s so tempting to ridicule and insult them. No one knows that better than I do; my history is full of errors. I still get mad and say things I shouldn’t. But getting angry at our political foes is like getting angry at a sword instead of the person swinging it. It will just draw us further into defeat.

Satan raised the left up against God’s people. That was smart. Even smarter, he is convincing conservatives that they have to abandon God in order to win. This is classic Satan. Cause a problem. Blame God. Reap a harvest of duped souls.

One of the greatest lessons God has taught me is to turn to him whenever anything important happens, good or bad. Satan knows that some people turn away from God when things go badly, and others turn away when things go well. When you have problems, the last thing you should do is give up on God; he’s the only way out. When things go well, you should live in terror of forgetting God, because as soon as you think you don’t need him, you will begin to lose his favor and protection. These days a negative event drives me to concentrated, prolonged prayer, and a big blessing drives me to spend time in thanks and praise. I do NOT want to end up like the ancient Jews who ran to false gods in response to both blessings and problems.

I quit giving money to political causes. I think it’s like putting bandages on wounds that haven’t been cleaned. We can fix this nation, or at least parts of it, but the only way to do it is repentance and concentrated, prolonged, mass prayer. We need a large number of godly individuals to pray for the defeat of the ungodly and the advancement of God’s servants. If we take this path, God will help us stand our ground, if only in “Jesusland,” and we’ll get a good measure of protection and success. If we continue to resort to carnal tactics, we’re going to turn into our enemies, and there will be no reason for God to protect any part of the US. If Lot had joined the orgy, he would have been burned up with the Sodomites.

If we don’t get with it, they’re going to kill us in the streets. It may be twenty years from now, but it will happen. We will have no country to which we can retreat. Israel can’t absorb us, and there are no other nations that serve God. We’ll be like Jews in prewar Germany and Austria. We should be building up our borders with prayer and repentance instead of moaning about the need for a big tent. Working to include ungodly people is like begging for cyanide.

Pray for God to break the teeth of the ungodly among Americans and Jews, and to close their mouths. Pray for him to raise up a generation of powerful leaders and believers. Jesus said his kingdom was not of this world, so we can’t fix the entire globe, but there is no reason we can’t establish a stronghold of considerable size.

Chewing Through the Straps

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Observations From the Life of a Runaway Slave

More stuff is breaking loose in my life.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be able to use tools. I wanted to be able to fix things and make things. A few years ago, I started making it happen. I got a table saw, milling machine, lathe, welder, and a bunch of other stuff. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously, but it seemed like I was being restrained. I was never able to make myself come to terms with CAD software, and there were essential things I chose not to buy, because I was cheap.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve returned to the workshop. I’ve spent some money; a low four-figure sum. I picked up a few little things that made things much, much easier, and plans I had put on the back burner are beginning to come to fruition.

I also got started with CAD. Og and other Internet friends gave me advice about this a few years back, and I tried a few things, but I got nowhere. It was very frustrating. I’m not going to say what my IQ is, but it’s sufficiently high that you would think mastering a piece of software would not be beyond me, and I was completely confused. I could have fixed the problem by spending tons of money on training, but I already felt a little queasy about the money I had spent on tools.

A few weeks back, I started looking at the programs again. Og had recommended Allycad and Alibre Design, and I looked into other things, like Turbocad, Autocad, and Draftsight. I wanted 3D, because I don’t need the aggravation of trying to picture a pile of 2D drawings as an assembled machine, so I ruled out simple, free programs.

I signed up (again) for a free Alibre trial, and once again, I was utterly flummoxed. I could barely draw a line. If you ever want to fully grasp the meaning of the word “counterintuitive,” try this software, or any CAD software. Alibre publishes a book of step-by-step exercises, and I downloaded a few pages, but it turned out the book is completely obsolete. It goes with a user interface which bears little resemblance to the current version and is currently unobtainable. I was going to give up and get Turbocad, plus training, but then I found the Youtube video that appears below.

That guy does everything wrong. Anyone who produces training videos knows that you go step-by-step, and you include every detail. He doesn’t do that. He flies, and he leaves things out. And it WORKS. Watching the video, I managed to draw an oddly-shaped tub with chamfered edges.

That was a breakthrough. Using what I had learned, I was able to go through the first three exercises in the Alibre book. I managed to translate the old interface into the new. Here’s a useless and unrealistic part I created (but did not design).

01 01 13 alibre exercise crank

I say it’s useless because you can’t really attach the flat piece to the handle and axle that way. If it’s a press fit, the thickness of the metal can’t go to zero around the inserted portion of the metal, and there is also nothing there to allow a real-world weld. But that doesn’t matter. I drew it successfully, so now I have a foothold in the world of CAD. I’m ordering the rest of the design book. And I bought the program, which, “coincidentally,” was on sale for 50% off this week.

This may seem unimportant, but it’s a huge leap. The actual work you do when you make things is of trivial importance. What really matters is the design. Most of the act of creation is mental. The actual cutting and welding…that’s just housekeeping. I would rather design a thousand parts and make one than make a thousand and design one. If I can use CAD, I can exercise my creativity, and I can keep the results forever.

You can do all sorts of stuff with CAD. I don’t know much about it, but my impression is that you can send designs by email, print them, use them in patent and product submissions, have parts made from them, and even send them to machines that crank the parts out for you. Compared to anything that existed thirty years ago, that is godlike power.

So I’m happy about that. And I’m getting interested in 3D printers. They make actual parts from sturdy plastic, at a cost which is not prohibitive for a hobbyist. My gut tells me that as the technology advances, ordinary CNC may go the way of manual machining. Who knows what they’ll be able to do with lasers and plasma in the future? Today it’s plastic. Tomorrow, you may be able to cut metal on a printer, in your own house. And prices are dropping. In ten years, everyone will have a 3D printer, or they’ll have them at Home Depot, to be engaged at affordable prices.

This is exciting. It gives individuals a level of control they’ve never had before. Democrats are already wetting their pants over it, because it will make home gun manufacturing easier. There isn’t one thing they can do to stop it. They can pass laws, but we all know how well gun control laws work. And the First Amendment will guarantee that people will be able to pass designs around.

Sooner or later, technology is going to make us so powerful that Democrats are going to have to give up on controlling the means and look toward improving the man. And only God can do that.

I am not interested in printing guns, but the possibility shows how powerful the new technology will be. The printing principal is packed with potential. It provides mankind with a type of leverage that rivals the mental augmentation of computers. In fact, it’s the reason computers exist. If we couldn’t print circuits, the PC would be impossible.

So the CAD thing is good news.

Here’s another thing: I’m getting more original music. I used to have a constant flow of variations on existing tunes, but I wasn’t really able to write original music. Common sense told me the same gift had to be the source of both types of music, but it wasn’t happening for me. Lately, that has changed. I get original tunes more and more often. I got several over the last few days, and they’re not bad. Composition is like cooking with sound, so if you know what tastes good to the ear, you should be able to write good music. I’m going to write some worthwhile stuff, if God stays with me.

I used to be bummed out because I didn’t receive original tunes. Now I realize there’s a new danger. Soon I’m going to receive more tunes than I can finish. What do I do then? I keep reminding myself that it’s better to waste than to want.

It’s wonderful to be able to budget and economize, but truthfully, I don’t think that’s what God intended for us. I think he wanted us to live in such abundance that things would serve us, instead of lack that requires us to serve things. If you have too much, you can focus on what you’re doing. If you have too little, you have to focus on getting more. You shouldn’t serve the dollar; the dollar should serve you. I would rather have more than I need and have to give things away or even throw them out than not have enough. It’s better to receive a hundred tunes and write three than to receive and write one.

Here’s a hard thing to accept: God is not against waste. Or at least, he reckons waste differently than we do. That’s my opinion, based on my observations. Consider the loaves and fishes. Did God pass out just enough? No, he gave the people so much, they had baskets of scraps left over. Consider Solomon. God gave him so much, he really didn’t know what to do with it. Consider the way America used to be blessed. We fed the world, and then we let crops rot, because we had no place to put them. God told the Jews not to harvest every square foot they planted. They were ordered to leave crops untouched, in case the poor wanted them. What we call “waste” is a symptom of abundance.

This principle is found over and over in the Bible. We are told that he who waters will be watered. We’re told that being stingy will make us poor. We’re told that when we’re asked to carry something one mile, we carry it two. God ordered the Jews to give up about 14% of every work week, plus holidays, in times that were very, very hard, when every penny counted. I believe we’re supposed to have and give more than we need. Otherwise, there will always be gaps that aren’t filled.

I don’t think God wants me to work hard. I think he wants me to have ample time to pray and minister every day. I believe that every hour I spend in prayer saves me hours of work, just as the sabbath made the Jews more successful. And I think God is going to give me many more tunes than I can complete. I am an heir, and this is how heirs live. Our cups run over, our yokes are easy, and our burdens are light. Or God is a liar.

I think excessive devotion to work is a Satanic notion. It seems very natural to expect people to earn things. The problem with that is that God wants to give us things that are greater than what we can earn. I believe we limit him when we insist on earning.

Think of the beggar the disciples healed. They didn’t ask him to do their laundry or make a pilgrimage on his belly. They touched him and healed him, for nothing, and he got the use of his legs back. If he had had to earn that, he would have stayed on the ground for the rest of his life.

A while back, some Obama underling told the press the Bible said, “God helps those who help themselves.” Clearly, this person was not familiar with the Bible. The Bible does not say that. It says you shouldn’t be lazy. But it doesn’t say blessings come primarily by, or with the prerequisite of, great effort. Not unless you’re cursed.

Adam didn’t earn the title to the earth or his life of ease in Eden. Noah didn’t earn preservation in the Ark. Lot didn’t earn his angelic rescue. Samson didn’t earn his strength. Gideon didn’t earn his improbable victory. These examples are shown to us to make us understand that faith, submission, and humility are what bring us blessings and power.

Offhand, I can only think of one person in the Bible who thought he had earned his blessings, and that person was Job. And God set him straight, but good.

Satan wants us to think we have to earn things. With this lie, he gets us to devote way too much time to work and way too little time to prayer. And then we don’t get what he promises. For example, you may get rich, but your family may be messed up because you weren’t around to pray for them and teach them.

Prayer is job one. I’m sure of it. Quite literally, prayer is an investment. It is the seed God gives the sower, and in your season, you will get the harvest.

I feel much freer than I did before. I feel like the restraints are being removed. In ignorance, I buried myself in curses, but God is washing me clean and killing their effects.

Spend time praying in tongues every day. Try to make it add up to at least an hour. And pray for God to guide your steps, leading you to the experiences you need to have. Good things will happen. It may take time, as a tree takes time to bear fruit, but it will happen.