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Get Your Water Wings Before it’s Too Late

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Rain is in the Forecast

I can’t keep up with all the things that are happening, but I’ll try to capture a few. Ruth at Rockport Conservatives wanted to hear about a revelation I had.

I had a wild experience at church yesterday, but the foundation was laid earlier in the week. I was sitting around thinking about the book of Daniel, and I wondered why it said God sent an angel to “close the mouths” of the lions. If I had written the book, it would say something like, “God crushed the lions with big rocks,” or, “God transported the lions into the emperor’s bathroom while he was using it.” Why close their mouths? If I had been Daniel, I would have been pretty nervous, sitting in a stinking pit all night with lions who were completely capable of eating me, had they chosen to open their mouths.

I thought about another part of the Bible. Psalm 63 says, “the mouth of them that speak lies shall be stopped.” And in many places, lions symbolize spirits and possibly human beings who are hostile to God’s people. Psalm 34 says, “the young lions do lack and suffer hunger, but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing.” Samson killed a lion effortlessly, and later, he took honey from its dead body. In the New Testament, Satan is compared to a roaring lion, wandering the streets, looking for people to devour, and the word translated “devour” is “katapina,” which is also used to mean “drown.” I didn’t consider all of these things at that time; some, I am discovering as I type this.

It seemed to me that when the angel shut the lion’s mouths, he was showing what God would do for us. He would shut the mouths of those who try to destroy us with floods of evil words. A lion’s roar symbolizes these words, which are intended to be disproportionately loud and scary.

And sure enough, yesterday, the Holy Spirit took over, and my pastor started talking prophetically, and he mentioned Daniel, saying God would defeat those who spoke against us in the coming months. He said enemies were going to rise against us, but that we would win by walking by faith.

It was pretty crazy. I was considering all this, and suddenly, I heard a nice hook for a song. It came into my mind. I had to leave the room to record a few notes on my phone. When I came back in, he was pointing at one of the singers, and he was telling him God had said the singer was going to write music. He said he was going to write “new songs” for God.

At that moment, my second complete piece of music was sitting on the stage behind the worship leader. I had dropped it off for him before the service.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that when God describes what lions do, he uses a word that means “drown.” The Bible uses water to symbolize speech. Words are the most powerful tools there are. It may not be clear, but it’s true. Every war started with words. Every great weapon was designed using words. Jail sentences are just words. If enough people speak against you, bad things will happen to you. Look at people like Dan Quayle and George Zimmerman. Goebbels was right. The power of evil speech is very great. If enough people say the same thing, justice and the facts will make no difference.

When God drowned Pharaoh’s army, it symbolized the damage his word would do to Satan’s kingdom, in time.

Look at the man who made the video which was falsely blamed for the Benghazi attack. There are still people today who believe the lies our President and his people told. That man ended up in jail. The slanders were so strong, no one cared when the President had him investigated. It turned out he was guilty of a probation violation, but that would never have come to light, but for the improper investigation, which was motivated by a lie. But for the lie, he would be a free man, regardless of his probation problems.

If you think about it, the real lions in Daniel’s story were the people who had him cast into the pit. More fundamentally, they were the spirits that motivated these human pawns:

It pleased Darius to set over the kingdom one hundred and twenty satraps, to be over the whole kingdom; and over these, three governors, of whom Daniel was one, that the satraps might give account to them, so that the king would suffer no loss. Then this Daniel distinguished himself above the governors and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king gave thought to setting him over the whole realm. So the governors and satraps sought to find some charge against Daniel concerning the kingdom; but they could find no charge or fault, because he was faithful; nor was there any error or fault found in him. Then these men said, “We shall not find any charge against this Daniel unless we find it against him concerning the law of his God.”

So these governors and satraps thronged before the king, and said thus to him: “King Darius, live forever! All the governors of the kingdom, the administrators and satraps, the counselors and advisors, have consulted together to establish a royal statute and to make a firm decree, that whoever petitions any god or man for thirty days, except you, O king, shall be cast into the den of lions. Now, O king, establish the decree and sign the writing, so that it cannot be changed, according to the law of the Medes and Persians, which does not alter.” Therefore King Darius signed the written decree.

They sought to find “some charge” against Daniel. What is a charge? Words. Daniel hadn’t done anything wrong, so it was necessary to change the law–words–in order to come up with a club they could use to beat him. The conspirators said words to Darius, and he said words which became law. Then those words were used to put an innocent man in a pit with hungry lions. Unarmed, as Second Amendment activists should note. Gun control is imposed through words.

My pastor told us we would be rewarded for confronting our enemies, and that our rewards would depend on how great the enemies were and the extent to which we walked by faith. So, like Samson, we will profit from overcoming our lions. They will try to harm us, but they’ll end up sweetening our lives and doing our work for us.

We should have known this already. The Bible demonstrates this principle over and over. Esther. Moses. Jesus. Abraham. The enemy does his best to kill innocent people who are precious to God, and he ends up shooting himself in the foot. God gives his people victory, and after the battle, they’re more blessed than they were to begin with.

I think this is why Jews tend to do well. I realize not all Jews are successful, but on the whole, they are very prosperous. Lies come against them over and over, and sometimes they suffer terrible violence, but they are not going to disappear, and they will probably become more and more prosperous before the Messianic Age begins. I think they’ll suffer badly outside of Israel, as will real Christians, but I believe Israel is going to continue to get stronger.

Christians don’t have the same promises Jews have. God is going to bring the Jews through the fire no matter what. Weak Christians, on the other hand, don’t seem to have much protection. It seems like we have to be stronger in faith in order to do as well. I think this explains America’s economic decline. We are becoming a second-tier power because more and more of us are slandering and belittling God. We welcome demonic influence. Everybody wants to be bad. We are opening our gates, and the lions are coming in.

We’re being swallowed from within, by the words of our enemies. They close over our heads like water. Gun control. Global warming. Gay marriage. Anything that will diminish our prosperity or power or take us farther from God. We hear it constantly, and the TV heads nod in unison, because there is CONSENSUS. Like the psalm says, “The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.”

Like the Nazis, they clothe themselves with righteousness. They’re not pro-perversion; they’re anti-bullying. They’re not anti-prosperity; they’re pro-environment, pro-labor, and anti-poverty. They’re not anti-Semitic; they’re pro-“Palestinian.”

It’s all a load of horse manure, but people buy it, and as a result, the water is rising around us. We can’t stop it. We can’t BEGIN to stop it. Only God can stop it. But we shut him out. So he waits. Will we drown, or will we let him come in and shut the lions’ mouths?

I think most of us will drown. Most of us feed and pet the lions.

The angel closed the lions’ mouths. The Jewish word for fasting means “cover the mouth.” It means to put a hand over your mouth or obstruct it, just as the angel put his hands over the lion’s mouths. We should be starving our lions, but we’re doing our best to breed them as big as we can.

If God let Hitler kill six million Jews, and if he himself killed the entire human race, excluding one family, he will definitely let the Guy Fawkes crowd cut Christian throats on American streets. Keeping us safe is not God’s job. It’s ours. He preserves a remnant. The safety of the rest is our problem. He will not step in unless he is made welcome and his enemies are shown the door.

From dealing with a relative who is consumed with evil, and from practicing law, I’ve learned that there is no relief from liars while they’re alive. A determined liar (or an honest advocate who is allowed to present only one side) can argue about anything. The facts are irrelevant.

I recently read a book by a lady who claimed she had visited hell, and even there, the damned were lying. They told Jesus they had changed completely, and that they were ready to go to paradise. When he smoked them out, they cursed him. I believe that’s completely realistic. That’s how people get to hell in the first place. Why would they stop once they arrive? Blame humanity. Blame Jesus himself. Slander God. Slander everyone before you take a single honest look at yourself. If you’re like that, you can’t be fixed. You’re stiff-necked, like a defective clay vessel that has already been fired. The only thing left to do is to get rid of you, like the pottery that ended up in Gehenna. So you go to hell, and then eventually, hell goes into the lake of fire, and…the mouth of them that speak lies is stopped. As Psalm 63 says.

Determined liars are like flies. They bite over and over, and you have to keep swatting them. Maybe this is why the Bible calls Satan the Lord of the Flies. It also calls him the Lord of Dung (or garbage), signifying that he only controls people who are going to be discarded. It’s a terrible thing to say, but one of the great blessings of paradise is that these people, and the doomed spirits that run them, will not be there. The flies will be dead, and the just will finally have some relief.

My advice is to get on board, receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit, work to confront and root out your faults, and try to get close to God. I don’t think you will be safe anywhere else.

Call Back During Business Hours

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

Meanwhile, Have a TV Dinner

Today I’m fixing pizza at a friend’s birthday party. Should be fun. But I have to admit, lately I’ve started to realize I’m not getting a huge ROI on the things I do for people.

I don’t think I’m generous by nature. Whatever progress I’ve made has been through prayer and effort. I’ve managed to improve a lot. But over the last few weeks it has occurred to me that there are only two people on earth who ever do anything for me. That’s surprising. I don’t think of myself as a martyr or a victim, but it would be nice if someone occasionally gave me a little help, just so I could relax for a short time.

If I need to lift something, I use a hoist, not a friend. I never borrow. I rarely ask for prayer. There are some things I just don’t do, because I would need help. Part of it is my own fault; I don’t ask much. But I know people are not anxious to help.

I know a lot of people whose calls, texts, and emails are usually preludes to requests. They usually contact me because they need things. That’s okay; one of my purposes on earth is to give. But it’s also good to hear from people when they don’t want anything.

This year I didn’t cook on Christmas or Christmas Eve, apart from two steaks for my dad and me. I was too tired. When the holidays roll around, I spend days working so people can show up, do almost nothing, provide almost nothing, and leave without cleaning up. This year I enjoyed being alone on Christmas Eve, watching machining videos. I felt like I was playing hooky.

My parents and grandparents didn’t teach me much, but every so often, one of them said something worth remembering. My grandmother told me that people would always let me continue doing more than they did. They will never say no. That was a valuable insight.

My former church was all about taking. I keep getting more revelation about this. The vast majority of the time, when they talked to the core members, they were pushing them to do more to promote the church. And promoting Trinity Church means promoting the family that runs the church. They didn’t talk all that much about ministering or praying. They said we had to get out there and Tweet and Facebook, to get people to show up, volunteer, and give money. We had to help them get publicity. We had to fill, fill, FILL those seats. It was never about love or grace. It was never, ever about helping people. It was always about using carnal means to pump up the church and help some of the pastors–the ones in the family–succeed.

I don’t think they’ll ever promote any of the other pastors in any meaningful way. I’ve never seen them do it. Maybe I’m wrong. They give them a little bit of promotion here and there, and one of them is more or less in charge of a small branch church that used to be the main building, but not one of them is on the same level as the family.

They’re going to keep using these pastors, and they will keep them small, until they get fed up and leave. Then they’ll pull the same game on whoever replaces them. That’s what I think. Any preacher or performer dumb enough to think those people will help him succeed deserves to remain a slave.

I have a friend they’re trying to con into staying at the church. The other day I pointed something out to him. I asked him how often they talk about his needs and how often they talk about what he can do for the church. They love saying, “We NEED you, bro.” They love that unpaid labor. But when people have problems, they generally don’t help. Once in a while, they do. But there are always strings attached. A sale isn’t a gift. And if God isn’t blessing your church, it doesn’t matter how many underprivileged kids you can con into working for you. It will not work. You should set them free to work at a church which is profitable to God.

A church exists to serve, not to be served. Trinity does not care about the people who worship there. They preach constantly about what people can do for them, and the pretext is that serving Trinity is the same as serving God. How many thieves and pimps on TBN have gotten rich off that same grift? You can serve a church every day all of your life and never serve God. Unless the church serves God, those who serve it serve the devil.

I have been thinking about this in relation to marriage. As I wrote the other day, I went crazy and put up profiles on a couple of dating sites, and the results were actually frightening. They keep sending me obese women who are older than I am. Some normal women have started to appear in the feed, so maybe they try to move the stubborn products first. Not great marketing.

Anyway, two people can get a lot more done than one. One of the purposes of marriage is to provide ONE person you can call on and rely on. God only gave us two hands. Once in a while, it would be nice to be able to say, “Can you handle this for me?”

Our relationships with God are marriages, so I think the issues I face are like the ones he faces. People moan and whine about the things they need (or just want). They don’t ask God what he needs. They take, take, take. And here is this ruined world, which we have turned into a septic tank. There is so much that needs to be done. No wonder he doesn’t listen when we pray for Gucci shoes instead of Ferragamo.

God doesn’t get many of the hot chicks and sought-after bachelors. He gets the least-desirable applicants. The divorcees and widows. The Bible flat-out says the smart and the successful don’t make up much of the body. He gets people who aren’t bright or capable. Like the strange men he gave Gideon; they didn’t even know how to drink water.

It would be nice to go to a party and do nothing except enjoy myself. I wonder if God feels that way. He is the most cheated, abused, slandered being in the universe. There ought to be some way to fight that.

Happiness Through Divorce

Monday, December 24th, 2012

The Papers are Already Drawn Up

I’m starting to wonder if we understand marriage.

A guy appeared on Sid Roth’s show a while back. His name is John Benefiel. He teaches that we have “married” evil spirits such as Baal and Ashtoreth, and that we need to be divorced. Something like that. I am not going to watch the whole thing again and take notes. The upshot appears to be that, like any spouse, an evil spirit who is married to a human has rights. If you get rid of them and exercise your rights, obstacles in your life disappear.

He also says we can loose angels to help us.

I suppose it will be a surprise, but I agree with him, to an extent. I don’t believe in talking to angels. That’s idolatry, or at least it has been throughout history. Magic and occultism are basically ways to command angels and demons. The Bible complains about human beings worshiping “the host of heaven.” Satan, an angel, offered Jesus all sorts of things in exchange for worship. In effect, he offered to be his genie (from the Arabic “djinn,” which means “demon”). In order to get his kingdom, Jesus had to turn him down.

I know of no scriptural example of a righteous person commanding an angel. I won’t fool with it.

The marriage stuff, though, that has me thinking.

What is marriage? It’s not sex. If you have sex with someone, you can walk off immediately afterward and never speak to that person again. Generally, that person will not get any power over you. Marriage is different. According to Paul, in a marriage, each spouse gives the other authority over his or her flesh. See 1 Corinthians 7:4. In a marriage, a woman takes a man’s name, which means she derives her authority from him and can use his wealth. She relies on him. She gives him (in an ideal universe, not this one) unrestricted access to everything about her. It’s a little bit like becoming a slave, except that the partnership is more like 60/40 than 95/5.

If you sin, you give spirits claims on you, just like a woman who marries a man. They may serve you to some extent, bringing you pleasure and so on, but you will be the subordinate member of the relationship. They will have authority over your flesh. They will be able to influence your behavior. In extreme cases, like drug addiction and possession, spirits take away free will. In possession, they take over completely, replacing you as the operator of your body.

It’s funny, but people are becoming more and more like demons. “Respectable” people now do what demon-driven convicts used to do. They cover themselves with convict tattoos, and they wear little convict chin beards. They shave their heads like convicts. And what do they call people they want to dominate? “Bitch.” That’s Satan’s word for “wife.” It’s a person you humble, degrade, and control. In the vilests sense, you enter them, and their struggles enhance your pleasure. Thirty years ago, men didn’t call each other “bitch.” I think the workings of the supernatural realm are becoming exposed, as we get farther from God.

Odd thing: when dogs couple, they become attached temporarily. During that time, it’s impossible for the female to get away. Free will is gone.

What does Jesus want? Marriage. He calls us the Body of Christ and the Bride of Christ. He says there will be a wedding feast. He wants authority over our flesh, and he pursues it through the baptism with the Holy Spirit, which is what evil spirits are imitating when they try to control or possess us.

The story of creation is a story of two beings who fight for control of your flesh. God wants you to give him control through consent. He will fill you with the Holy Spirit and guide you in various ways, but you will always be able to say no. Satan will try to convince you to consent to control, but he will also trick you into giving up free will, so he gets control without your express agreement. He comes in through the window or however he can. Jesus comes in through the front door, after telling you exactly what he is.

We beg for spirit marriage from the days we’re born until the days when we give ourselves to Jesus. I didn’t say “when we accept salvation,” because most people who accept salvation want to continue serving themselves and Satan while they’re on earth.

We beg for spirit marriage through sin and iniquity. We’ve become so ignorant, we actually believe that evil things we do to open the doors are good. We think pride, excessive ambition, lust, greed, aggression, and cruelty are positive things, because they help us get ahead in life and they bring us fleeting pleasures. We work hard at becoming what the Bible says we should not be, and in the process, we tear down the walls that protect us from spirits that want to enter and control us. We invite them in and prepare a feast, when we should be working to keep them out. They’re like rats. Would you prepare a meal for a rat? Three months down the road, you’d have a hundred rats.

When I was younger, I actually worked at being less good. I had some good traits that worked against me in the secular world. I tried to be more aggressive. Nastier. Less honest; honesty had caused me a lot of problems. I tried to be less clean sexually. I practically advertised, looking for supernatural rats to come aboard. Now I work to get them out. And I shouldn’t say “work,” because the stuff that works is prayer and speech. It’s easy. I use God’s supernatural power. I filled the Augean stables, and only the river of the Holy Spirit’s living water will get them clean.

In the Bible, we don’t see a whole lot of stuff about declaring things in God’s name, or other ways of using language to fight our battles. I think some people go overboard, making claims God won’t back up. They declare this or that, or they “take authority” over things they can’t really control. They challenge Satan directly, by name, which seems like a really bad idea. But the Bible proves we can bless and curse, and we can order common spirits out of our lives and out of the lives of others, if our authority is strong. So I think Benefiel is right when he says it’s good to formally divorce spirits that screw up your life.

Much sickness and defeat comes from sin. It comes from making yourself the wife of a bunch of spirits who are associated with sin. If you’ve invited these creatures in, they have a right to be there, and they may have the right to give you cancer, wreck your marriage, or prevent your prayers from being answered. Maybe you need to declare a divorce.

I’ve learned that the Bible is like a statute book. It’s full of promises a powerful authority will enforce. But they don’t necessarily work before you claim what’s yours. It’s like the Constitution. The Constitution is well over 200 years old, but jails are full of people who would be free, had they exercised the rights it grants. In that way, jails are like hell.

You need to know your rights, and you need to enforce them. Remember what God said through Hosea? “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

I believe ancient people knew much more about the supernatural than we do. That knowledge has been piddled away. Every so often, God brings some of it back to us, and we piddle it away again. But if you pray in the Spirit every day, even if the people who came before you didn’t teach you what they should have, God will bring you revelation and tell you things you should already know. I believe this is what God meant when he said, “When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up (Psalm 27).” Our parents and ancestors failed us, but God is there to restore.

I think it also refers to non-Christians who infuriate their relatives by becoming Christians, but that’s another story.

The Trinity is confusing, but one thing is clear. The throne room of God is a court. The Bible points out that spirits appear before God and make their cases. Consider the book of Job, for one example. Jehovah is the judge. Even Jesus has to make requests of him, like a lawyer. He is the final arbiter. What if you’re praying to be healed of cancer, but a spirit can appear before Jehovah and say, “This person ‘married’ me willingly and has not cast me out, so I have the right to stay and give him cancer. His flesh is my flesh, and I have authority over it, as Paul said”?

This has been on my mind for a few days. It sounds reasonable to me. Jesus has a body, or bride, in the earth. So does Satan. We are expected to “marry” Jesus, so our relationships with Satan and his underlings must be similar. In fact, we “marry” little insignificant human beings, giving them power they should not have. We let them abuse and use us. Can we complain, if we give them title?

There may be great power in this. This may be the correct explanation for demonic occupation and influence. It may explain what “casting out” is all about.

Jesus told us we could not plunder a strong man’s house unless we bound him first. He also told us we are houses. “Binding” is a verbal thing, done in the name of Jesus, using his authority. It may be that in spite of your faith, you are like a home full of squatters who need to be shown the door.

When I pray for people to be healed, I always pray that God will cleanse them of any sins or iniquities that cause their illnesses. This offends people. I don’t care. We know for a fact that many illnesses are the result of sin or iniquity. We have to address that. It may be that if you’re stuck waiting for the answer to a prayer, you need to rid yourself of the guests you’ve allowed to block God’s help.

I would not follow Benefiel’s teaching and “loose angels” to help me. Seems to me that if your goal is to drive spirits out, you don’t want to turn around and invite new ones in.

Here is good evidence that this is right. It’s a longer quote from Hosea: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” Here you can see that choosing not to KNOW God (which is a term related to marriage) will cost you his protection and his ear. And because you have no knowledge, you will not be able to help your children. You will forsake them, as Psalm 27 says, so only God can take them up and restore them.

Interesting stuff.

Birds of Paradise

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Marvel at my Video Skills

Here is the more-or-less final version of my second original composition. I decided to name it New Dawn, after my church, and after what I think God is up to in the world. I had to use Youtube. Couldn’t figure out any other way to put in on Facebook. Hope you like it.

Psalms 37:4
Zechariah 4:6

Hal’s Sister

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Yenta 9000

I had a funny experience yesterday.

Actually, it started last week. My music teacher was all bummed out because he and his girlfriend had broken up. I started telling him he should get out there and see what’s available. Check out the Christian dating sites. No point in sitting around moping.

A few days later, I realized I was telling him to do something I will not do for myself. Arrgh.

Just to see what was out there, I signed up for a couple of sites. I’ve tried this before, but the results were pretty scary. I guess I never learn. Something about the “scientific” approach appeals to me.

Last time I tried this, the first person they sent me was a beautician with no education. Now, before you get started, I realize there are smart people out there who haven’t been to college. I don’t write people off that quickly. But a computerized service should! If you show up with a physics degree and a law degree, and the FIRST person they send you barely made it through high school, it does not inspire confidence. Out of the five zillion women out there, surely the computer could have found one who was less risky.

Anyway, yesterday, I checked my “matches.” There were very few, and a whole bunch were OLDER than I am. OLDER! Not “nearly as old.” Not “same age.” OLDER. OLDER. OLDER. And this was after I told the machine not to do it! MOST of the women were my age or older.

You know what? It’s normal for men to date women somewhat younger. It’s unusual for men to be attracted to women who are older. That’s a fact of life. God wired it into us. If you don’t like it, send him an email. God gave us Ruth and Boaz, not Ruth and David.

I also specified just about every body type except for huge, including women from 4’8″ to 6’1″, and they sent me several obese women. OBESE! AND OLDER!

You know, I don’t care who calls me shallow. I will never date an obese woman. I don’t care if she has the fourth-greatest personality in history, next to the Holy Trinity. Call me whatever you want. I’m not doing it! A couple of extra pounds, on a woman who can carry it…not a problem. But food addicts are a real pain to be around. They ruin furniture. It seems like they’re always standing in doorways and hallways so you can’t get past. They’re awful to sit beside on planes and in theaters. There are things they can’t do with you, because they get tired or they can’t bend over or climb hills. You can’t have any decent food in the house, because they get up and eat all of it in the middle of the night. Then a lot of them get diabetes and fall apart. Not interested!

The third problem I had was that almost all of the women were Latin. I guess it sounds awful, but I’m kind of tired of the Latin atmosphere. Everyone around me speaks Spanish, everywhere I go. I do not want to hear it at home. I would like to feel like I’m going to bed in the United States. And I’m not all that thrilled about Cuban culture. The materialism and aggression wear me down; Cuban women can be very hard and brassy. And the sites don’t have a line where you can type things like, “Venezuelans and Colombians fine, but go easy on the Cubans.”

I knew better! The women you meet on these sites are worse than the ones you already know!

I’m not desperate. If I were, I’d be married already. Probably to a real prize. I’m one of those people who prefers nothing to something bad. When I’m really thirsty, I’d rather stay thirsty than suffer through a Budweiser. I am content to wait, and if I die, at least I won’t die with some awful wife who makes me wish I were single.

I’m starting to think the real purpose of these sites is to show you how hopeless things are. You’re supposed to look at the terrifying women they pick and say, “Man, my expectations are too high.” Then once your spirit is crushed, you settle, and they put you in a commercial.

Actually, they only put the winners in commercials. “We’re both astrophysicist fashion model billionaires, and Eharmony put us together!”

Then the men turn out to be gay.

Okay, maybe not.

Here’s something horrifying. There are men cruising Christian dating sites. For men. The sites discourage them, but they still take their money. THERE’S a package you don’t want to find under your Christmas tree. Yeah, I came to a Christian dating site so I can commit abominations and hang out in bathhouses! How did you guess? Thanks for making EVERY area of society disgusting. For a second I was afraid I might have a refuge here and there.

The upshot is this: I quit. I will meet someone normally or die alone surrounded by machine tools. I will get to drive however I want, eat whatever I want, buy whatever I want, and never, ever have to smell another cat, unless I’m in someone else’s house. Could be worse.

I can leave a motorcycle engine on the dining room table for a month. That’s pretty cool.

In real life, I am not drawing or even meeting any prospects. On rare occasions I get a really unpleasant series of advances from someone I could never, ever date, and sometimes they are actually rude and persistent, as if that will score them points instead of making me want to buy a taser. That’s about it.

In other news, something really weird is happening. I keep seeing greenish specks of light on my pillows. I can’t figure this out. I’ll be lying in bed, in a dark room, and I’ll roll over and move the pillow, and for a second or so, I’ll see these little specks on it. Then they disappear.

I Googled it. I figured I could not be the only one. But I can’t find any other examples, nor can I find an explanation. I Googled “bioluminescence” and “piezoelectric,” but I got nowhwere. It happens with down. It happens with foam.

Naturally, I’m wondering if there is a supernatural explanation. I have very powerful prayer sessions while lying on these pillows. Maybe something is going on.

Last night I lifted a pillow just to see if the specks were there, and sure enough, there was one right in front of me.

The first time it happened, I thought little shafts of light had to be filtering through the blinds and hitting the pillows, but I was wrong.

Totally weird.

I don’t think it means I’m going crazy. I think insanity is more complicated than green specks of light on a pillow.

Every Silver Lining has a Cloud

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Hell is an F; Earth is a D

I have continued reading The Name of the Rose, and it keeps disturbing me.

The book is fiction, and the author is no longer a believer. I realize those things. But he’s a medievalist, and he was a Catholic in his youth. Unlike Dan Brown’s clumsy claptrap, Eco’s book has a good historical basis. I think its depiction of the church is not too far off.

In the book, the monks walk on eggs around each other. They talk about inquisitors and heretics. They criticize this one and praise that one. But they continually insert disclaimers to avert disaster. They know that one slip of the tongue could mean prison, torture, and even a visit to the stake.

I got two messages from this. 1) Satan has always owned the church, apart from little periods when the sun popped through the clouds, and 2) there have been many periods during which Christians lived in utter terror…of each other.

Imagine yourself living in the Dark Ages in Europe. You could do business. You could get an education. You could marry and raise kids. You could write fiction. You could write secular nonfiction. You could carry on most of the normal functions of life in relative security. The one thing that could land you on a heap of burning faggots was speaking your mind about God. And what more-important thing is there, about which a person can talk?

It’s appalling to see these imaginary, but realistic, characters scurrying in conversational shadows, like frightened rats. The liars speak loudly and publicly. They don’t threaten the status quo, so they have nothing to fear. The honest men use code words. They use gestures where words are too dangerous. They stifle each other in order to protect each other from suspicion.

It’s like working at MSNBC.

We are living in the Dark Ages. The earth is much more like hell than heaven. Satan does, in fact, rule the earth, even though he lost the title at the crucifixion. On the cross, Jesus wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but we have not enforced it. We have not chosen to be citizens, and we haven’t claimed our rights and done what is necessary to enjoy them.

The darkness of the age is more obvious when you look to medieval times (or when you look outside of Christendom), but it’s there.

Look how screwed up the world is. Animals eat each other. Weeds grow more easily and abundantly than crops. Diseases not only exist, but adapt to defeat medicine. Most marriages are not good. Most governments are very corrupt. Prisons are full of innocent people. Natural disasters kill us and rob us. This is not a blessed planet. The Adamic curse is alive and well. This is not what blessed life looks like. We’re used to it, so we think of it as normal and acceptable. But it’s not. Things could be better, if we were doing our job.

The church is a complete mess. The other day on Facebook and Twitter, I used the word “whorehouses” to describe the money-obsessed charismatic churches. As for the mainstream churches, their hopelessness is to obvious to even discuss. At least the charismatics know the Holy Spirit. They ignore him, much as Catholics ignore the Pope, but they know him.

We were supposed to maintain this place, using God’s power and teaching. It’s not working. Every time God chooses a people, they drop the ball. This is why God now works through individuals. He made his point about institutions and nations in earlier ages. Now he’s showing us we can still screw up when he comes and lives inside of us.

Last night I took another look at Mary K. Baxter’s book about hell. I’m still not convinced she’s for real, but in the book, Jesus tells her something that makes complete sense to me. He says MOST people go to hell. They are kept there in suffering, and at the appointed time, hell will be thrown in the lake of fire, presumably putting an end to everyone who lives there.

MOST people. That’s astounding. But who can doubt it?

I believe God arranged the body to teach us about his nature. I believe that, to God, people are like sperm cells or ova. A typical man creates something like 300 million sperm cells every day. Over a lifetime, he’s doing good if he manages to make use of ten of them. The rest die and vanish, as do unfertilized eggs. Human beings who reject God end up the same way. They die unfertilized.

I do not believe life on earth will be perfect, even in the Messianic Age. Human idiocy has no limits, so no matter what God does, as long as he doesn’t free us from the inclination to do evil, we will have some problems. But I believe God can bless the lives of individuals, and it’s possible for him to have great power in certain limited geographical areas. A house may be blessed. A city. A nation. And I think the upcoming generation of Spirit-empowered believers may prove this in Israel and possibly the US. Their success may bring about the final wave of authoritarianism and violent persecution that precedes the Tribulation and the arrival of Jesus. They will scare Satan into making a final push.

If I had to make a recommendation, it would be: “Don’t settle.” Keep pushing, in prayer and good works. Don’t assume things are as good as they can be. Don’t settle for a B- world when an A may be within reach. You don’t know what God is willing to do. You have never seen a blessed world, so you have no frame of reference. Make things as good as they can be, within you and around you, and don’t be overly unhappy about the way things go for people who won’t listen. Like the poor, they will always be with you. In fact, when Jesus said the poor would always be with us, he was probably referring to the spiritually poor, more than the financially poor. In this age, we will always be surrounded by people who are going to hell and who will not be with us in eternity.

Honest criticism is the beginning of recovery. If we insist on saying we’re doing fine, and that the world is not so bad, we can expect to stagnate and to continue to fail and lose.

Let me know what you think.

Jimmy Cefalo is a Conservative

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

And I am a Kangaroo

I’m going to have to quit listening to the radio.

Once a week, while I’m on the way to have breakfast with my dad, I hear talk radio. Usually, it’s a guy named Jimmy Cefalo. He’s a former football player. He claims to be conservative, but the more you listen to him, the more you realize he’s the lowest grade of RINO. Couldn’t care less about moral (“social”) issues. Likes using our money to buy football stadiums for rich people. Supports increased gun control.

Today he was joining in the mindless hysteria over the Newtown shooting. Never mind that these atrocities are on the decrease in the US, or that they also take place in nations with gun control, or that the worst mass murders in US history (I may be wrong if we include those committed by the government) used kerosene and fertilizer instead of guns. Liberals like Cefalo are flipping out, based on the following evidence that mass murder is on the rise: two mass murders occurred within a year of each other.

Today he declared that it was a settled fact that gun laws had to change, and he said it was reasonable to force people to take exams and get licenses in order to get guns. This is pretty much what people said about literacy tests and poll taxes, and if anything, the racists were more credible than the gun-haters. Facially, it seems smart to prevent stupid people from voting. Problem is, we have a Constitutional right to vote, and apart from that, literacy tests were applied just a tiny bit UNFAIRLY. It may seem bright to license gun owners, but the right to bear arms is a RIGHT, like the right to breathe, and according to the highest law of the land, it can’t be “infringed.” And like the literacy tests of the past, licensing requirements will be (ARE) corrupted and used primarily as barriers. Ask anyone who has tried to get a permit in DC.

He interviewed Ed Schultz today, as he often does. ED SCHULTZ. The guy who called Laura Ingraham a slut. Do I even have to explain what Ed Schultz is, or that it’s insane to treat him like a credible commentator? Of course not. Some people on the left are merely wrong. Schultz belongs in the wacko pen with people like Saul Alinsky, Abbie Hoffmann, and Emma Goldman. He would gladly take away all of our rights and install a hardcore Stalinist regime.

Cefalo, the “conservative,” didn’t disagree with a single thing Schultz said. He did no research. He presented no facts. He let one of the nuttiest leftists in the mainstream media say anything he wanted, and he agreed. He thinks like a woman in a shoe store. All emotion. No brain involvement.

Honestly, I am starting to think RINOs are more dangerous than socialists. They’re like kapos. They supposedly come from within our ranks, so they have our ears. They drip socialist, anti-Christian soft soap into our minds, killing our brain cells with friendly fire.

Look, if you’re for substantial gun control, and you think morals can’t be discussed in a political context, you are not a conservative. End of discussion. You’re just a stingy guy who wants lower taxes and tough judges. You should do what the other liberals do. Vote for higher taxes and then avoid paying them.

Here’s the truth. 1) Mass shootings are on the decline. 2) Semiautomatic weapons are essential for effective self-defense. 3) Licensing and registration are used dishonestly to prevent deserving people from owning weapons. 4) We aren’t providing armed protection for children the way we do for politicians and judges, and we need to fix that before we start taking away civil rights. 5) There are some problems the government can’t solve, and we should accept it.

The fact that the hysterical mainstream press is currently engaged in tendentious, histrionic bedwetting over a non-issue doesn’t mean all the smart people in the universe agree with them. The current surge in gun sales proves Cefalo is part of a small minority.

I really did not want to buy any more guns this year, but I may have to join the intelligent people and stock up. I don’t know what I’ll need in the future, but I do know I don’t want to be stuck with a duck gun or a 5-shot pistol when I need an AK-47 or a full-size Glock. I feel like our Chauncey Gardiner President and his talking-head flying monkeys are forcing my hand. I might have to suck it up, set several thousand dollars aside, and buy a bunch of guns and shells I don’t even want. The wise thing would be to get the products we are in danger of losing. High-capacity rifles like AKs and AR15s, and high-capacity semiautomatic pistols. Maybe I should get a couple of Springfield XDs and three or four AMD65s.

Thanks, Jimmy Cefalo. You and your pals are putting more guns in the hands of the American public than we know what to do with. We should be grateful for the kick in the rear end.


Monday, December 17th, 2012

Catch as Much Light as You Can

I got a wonderful email a few days back, and I have been given permission to share it.

I’ve been reading your blog (in all its permutations) for years and have always enjoyed your narrative style and content. I don’t drop in on your site as often as perhaps I should, but it is always a pleasure when I do.

I wanted you to know that you have had a positive impact on me. Your admonitions to pray in tongues encouraged me to try it – and the Holy Spirit has never been stronger in my life. Bear in mind that I’m from a straight-laced Methodist background (where even raising one’s hand in praise makes some congregants uncomfortable) and, at 58 years of age, the old dog / new tricks effect is in full play.

All that said, I recently had a failed business, lost a lot of what I’d materially accumulated, was looking at foreclosure, had college bills to pay for my two kids, etc. Dire times. In that state of despair, I prayed – for the first time – in tongues. I came so naturally to me that I was amazed (which detracted, at first, from my focus). Now it is a morning routine. The Holy Spirit moves in me for perhaps the first time in my life. It has been a great gift, Steve, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Lord clearly steered me your direction and had me accept your admonitions.

I just started a consulting engagement on a one year contract and am looking forward to this new career. I’ve still got a hard row to hoe in order to get out of debt, but I now have hope. And that, my friend, is something that lifted a crushing burden. At my age, getting hired (and particularly in this economy) wasn’t likely to happen. And as we age (particularly men who have taken the responsibility of supporting their family), that fear can be all-consuming. Absolutely crushing. It is now gone. I can function with some sense of confidence. The Lord has lifted me and prayer in tongue has given me the conduit to reach out and accept the lifting.

Thank you, Steve. It has been a blessing.

Can you believe that?

It amazes me that God is actually using me. Much of the time I feel like I’m accomplishing absolutely nothing, and I know I don’t do all the things I should, but occasionally God does something in a way that involves me, even though my activity is so slight, I’m practically a spectator.

Sometimes I’ll find myself in a group of people, and I’ll see an opportunity to pass on something I’ve learned about God. While I’m praying and trying to get it out, someone else will pipe up and say (or do) something. On these occasions, I don’t have to do much of anything. In fact, I tend to feel as if I’m being restrained. Often it will seem as people are talking over me and ignoring me, as though God is stimulating them to keep me quiet while he moves. It’s very strange.

On the one hand, it can be frustrating to be unable to speak when I feel sure God has told me what to say. On the other, it’s really neat to sit back and watch God work. It’s also nice to know I don’t have to worry about getting the glory. I think glory is like vitamin A. You need a little in order to get by, but too much is a poison.

Sometimes I’ll show up somewhere thinking I’m going to get something done for God, or I’ll be asked to do some chore or other for the church, and people will show up and start doing things around me. Sometimes they’re borderline rude. It’s as if they don’t see me. For example, someone may ask me to help move chairs, and I’ll try to get in there and work, and people will barge in and make it impossible for me to do much.

I wish something like that had happened yesterday. A toilet got clogged up at church, and God seemed content to let me handle the plunger.

The wonderful thing about teaching people about tongues and the Holy Spirit is that it’s a perfect act of charity. When you give a bum five dollars, you get him drunk for half a day, and then he’s back where he started. When you get somebody started with tongues, they get everything they need to lead a successful life for God. If they keep it up, they won’t need you to teach them much. God will teach them directly, and the first thing you know, they’re spiritually independent (of other people), and they may come back and teach YOU. That has happened to me.

One of the reasons I like the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is that you can get together with people and send a donation, and they’ll move a Jew to Israel, permanently. It’s not a fleeting blessing. You can rescue someone from anti-Semitic neighbors in the former USSR and put them where God wants Jews to be. Salvation and the baptism with the Spirit have the same quality of permanence (assuming those who receive them don’t screw things up). It’s like conceiving a child; using you, God creates the potential for a new life. In comparison, other acts of charity are a little bit like feeding a mule for a day.


Slick, huh?

The other night, The Name of the Rose popped up in my cable box’s free movies list. I always have to have something to watch when the birds are out, so I turned it on. I totally forgot about the ridiculously long sex scene, which I had to blast through with fast-forward, but other than that, it was a worthwhile experience. It’s based on a novel by Umberto Eco. It’s about a Franciscan monk who visits an Italian abbey in 1327 and solves a murder mystery.

I don’t really care about the story. It was great, but that’s not what stood out to me. The thing that impressed me was the way things have changed.

I looked up the terms “Middle Ages” and “Dark Ages,” thinking they were not quite synonymous, but it turns out you can use them interchangeably. More or less, these were the years between 400 and 1400 A.D. The Holy Roman Empire collapsed, and after that, nothing good happened until the Renaissance. If you believe what you see in The Name of the Rose and various Monty Python movies, people wallowed around in the mud in filthy grey robes, eating dirt and excrement, and that was about all there was to life. There were nobles, kings, monks, and far-off heathens who were better off, but in the Christian world, life was rough.

I think the movies exaggerate. Don’t misunderstand. I’ve read books on the Middle Ages, and they were actually pleasant, prosperous times for many Europeans. The word “house” really meant something we would now call a compound (which automatically appeals to my far-right, gun-and-Bible-clinging personality). A person Obama would call “rich” would own the house, and it would be home to his family, as well as a number of servants. The bottom floor would likely be devoted to business, so you might see a workshop (see previous parenthetical), and everyone worked to keep the place prosperous (Ibid.).

People had things like soap and combs, and servants were expected to tidy up, so it probably wasn’t as bad as Dennis the Peasant and his filth-based anarcho-syndicalist collective.

Still, people had a lot of problems, and the movies emphasize that. The Name of the Rose served to remind me how rare knowledge was in the Middle Ages, and how far people were from God.

I don’t think the Middle Ages began because the empire fell. I think they started because carnal people succeeded in exterminating charismatics.

In the early church, tongues and the other gifts of the Spirit were not considered extreme. They were staples of the faith. Everyone was expected to partake in them. As a result, God worked great wonders through people, and the church actually threatened the supremacy of human government, as God intended it to. The human race made its choice, as it has so many times, murdering those who came to deliver it. The gifts and fruit of the Spirit disappeared, and backward, hopelessly ignorant Catholic and Orthodox clergymen took over, misinterpreting the scriptures and ensuring that generations would die powerless and captive.

In The Name of the Rose, a sub-plot centers on a huge debate in the Catholic Church. The Franciscans thought poverty was a huge virtue, and the Pope–a billionaire warlord in a mitre–disagreed. The events in the movie took place during a sort of convention, in which clergymen from various factions met at a remote abbey to debate the issue. The Pope’s big advantage was that one of his representatives was an inquisitor who could burn people instead of responding to their arguments. I guess you could say this guy was the Chris Matthews of his day.

The fictional debate centered around this issue, on which the welfare of the universe pivoted: did Jesus own his own clothing?

I’m no historian, but I don’t think that’s unrealistic at all. Christians fight bitterly about all sorts of stupid things. You might think the thing that disturbs me is that we get angry over trifles. That’s not really it. The thing that bothers me is that we have been so lacking in Spirit-given enlightenment, even if we argued about big issues, they would be the wrong ones! When the light of the Spirit goes out, the darkness of human tradition spreads across the land, and the first thing you know, the kosher laws have been augmented to the point where chicken parmigiana is forbidden.

The abbey held the biggest library in the Christian world. The books were piled up in a tower, and the top floor was a labyrinth only two people were allowed to access. The justification for locking the books up was that many of them disagreed with scripture and/or tradition, and the monks didn’t want to see the populace seduced by ideas on which the Pope had not signed off. As it has in real life, the Catholic Church actively suppressed knowledge.

I don’t really care if the church hides erotic fiction written in Latin. But over the centuries, traditional churches have hidden God himself. At times, possession of the Bible has been illegal, not under secular law, but church-made law. That’s insane.

I had the misfortune of visiting an Episcopal church for a funeral a couple of years back. I was stunned by what I saw. I had forgotten what traditional churches were like. People sat in pews fidgeting while womanish old white men in fancy robes muttered and gestured behind a heavy altar, yards away. The priests handled all the God stuff. The people watched, like miserable spectators. It’s funny; when God makes me a spectator, it’s a great gift. These people…not so much.

It reminded me how I had hated church as a kid. Back then, I fought when my mother tried to take me to church, and once I got there, I suffered and squirmed and lived for the moment it would end. It was only natural. I felt no connection with God. The dry lectures I received were dull and not very useful. I was offended and repulsed. I felt that I had an obligation to be there, but the experience was awful.

At my church, I literally feel God moving inside me. I get revelation upon revelation. The speakers prophesy. The Holy Spirit shapes the sermons so that, simultaneously, they meet the unique needs of dozens of people. Church is alive because God is alive, and because he is welcome. The traditional churches dispense God’s presence and power with an eye dropper. Satan owns them, and he controls the tap.

What I’m trying to say is that we still live in the Dark Ages. The real Dark Ages started when the baptism with the Spirit died out and Satan’s blind, carnal servants took over. We spent over 1500 years in defeat and helplessness.

Since the Azusa Street revival and similar outpourings, things have been improving. A new dawn is transpiring. God could have let is continue to grovel and meander in blindness, because he is under no obligation to fix our problems, but he has chosen, once again, to give us a new light. Like the monks who kept knowledge to themselves and denied the laiety the right to approach God without proxies, the traditional churches have been a barrier between God and man, but now that the baptism with the Spirit is back, God drops behind enemy lines, without having to battle his way across the front. God comes to live inside us, and there is no carnal weapon that can get him out.

This is why carnal people like to kill us. There is no way to “fix” us. They can either exterminate us or put up with us and wait to be overrun. They came after us in the “Holy” Roman Empire, and they’re going to do it again, because Satan can’t deal with us any other way. Most human beings, including Christians, serve him. In the flesh, he is vastly superior. The closer we come to fulfilling God’s mission, the more violent and numerous our enemies will be.

We are so privileged. We can know God, in a way only a small percentage of human beings have been able to do. And we have an incredible wealth of human knowledge, too. A disciplined person with an Internet connection quite literally has no need of a high school or university. I’m so glad I don’t live in 14th-century Italy, relying on homosexuals, politicians in cassocks, and the rejected sons of nobles to tell me who God is and how to serve him.

The Inquisition is still with us, unfortunately. It has been dormant for a long time, because there hasn’t been any need for it to act, but now that Spirit-filled believers are increasing, the voices are rising against us. Suddenly, sincere Christians are “bigots” and “haters.” We are the problem. The Jews are just as bad. Something has to be done about us! And it will.

But the Spirit is always stronger than the flesh. By the time they get around to boiling us alive again, we may have so much supernatural strength, it won’t bother us at all. That was the situation with many of the ancient martyrs. They joked while they were roasted or flayed. They were glad to get out of this place.

God is pouring grace out on us, and I am really grateful for it. For a believer, this is a wonderful time to be alive. It’s easier to get God’s help than it has been in centuries. They may round us up and gas us, but until they get us, we’ll live in a state of victory our grandparents could not have imagined. We will be untouchable, until the harvest. That’s what I expect. Some will go sooner, and some will go later, but many of us will not go until we are warned by God and we are ready to lay down our lives.

I believe the Dark Ages are coming to an end. War is going to heat up, but at least we’ll be serving our purpose.

Prosperity Preacher Steve Munsey in Foreclosure

Friday, December 14th, 2012

How Can he Give Advice on Success?

I’ve said a lot of critical things about Steve Munsey, the prosperity preacher who influenced my former church so heavily. He teaches doctrine he made up from thin air. He claims the ancient Jews did well because they gave huge money offerings to the Temple three times a year. This nonsense is not mentioned in the Bible. Munsey tries to string together unrelated scriptures to support it, but Jews will tell you it’s a fantasy.

Munsey is a very close friend of the pastor at my former church.

I don’t want God to chastise and humiliate me the way he has chosen to chastise and humiliate Munsey, so I prayed before deciding to mention this publicly. It’s not like I’m revealing a secret; it’s a news story several months old. But I don’t want to promote stories like this without asking God carefully, in advance, if it’s his will.

Here it is: Steve Munsey’s church in foreclosure.

The foreclosure action was filed in 2011. The church has paid $8,000,000 in interest. It has accumulated less than $200,000 in equity. The principal has been increased, so Munsey is actually farther in debt than he was the day he signed the papers.

This is not prosperity.

The big problem with hardheaded prosperity preachers is that they believe that when they are faced with financial failure, the answer is to beg, not to reform. This is why prosperity preachers tend to fail upward. They blow tons of money. They go to their flocks and say the devil took it. They say the flocks have to give more. The drain is endless. It’s like giving an ATM card to a meth addict. These ministers are cursed, so it’s impossible for their churches to succeed. The more you give them, the more will be lost.

This is the nature of the universe. Some people are under blessings, so if you give them things, they profit by them. Some are under curses, so whatever you give them disappears and ends up hurting them. Until you get out from under your curses, the things you do to create success will pan out pretty badly. And if you convince other people to finance your efforts, you end up attaching the curse to them.

This is what happens with addicts. Say you’re a compulsive gambler. You lose money. First thing you know, someone is threatening to break your arms. You go to your parents, who have saved for retirement. You tell them about the threat. They pay off. Now you know that whenever you get behind, they’ll save you. So you go on gambling. You lose and lose and lose. Your parents try to bless you, but instead, your curse becomes their curse. You get your arms broken in spite of your efforts, and your parents lose their house. Instead of one person suffering that which he deserves, three people suffer.

What matters in life is not where you are, but which way you’re headed. A person who will not repent will end up defeated and desperate, even if he has a billion dollars today. A person who listens to God and prays and reforms will eventually be blessed, even if he’s in the gutter outside a homeless shelter at the moment. Once you repent, you should consider yourself blessed, even if you don’t have all the things you need. You should realize they’re on the way. If you won’t repent, as Jesus said, you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked, even if you can’t see it. God sees you in terms of your destination, not your location.

I don’t know what Munsey has done since his problems were revealed, but it would not be a big surprise if he had gone to his flock and begged for more cash. I know he blamed Satan, as I suggested above. That’s in the news story to which I linked. He said, “The devil wanted to take us out.” A cynical person might say the worst thing the devil did was putting Munsey in charge. But I don’t know if that’s true. Maybe he has a genuine calling, and he’s just way off course.

I’m tired of Munsey, and of the cabal that runs my old church. I keep asking God to get them out. Just get them out. Help them change, sure, but get them out. They know what they’re doing wrong. They abuse those who point it out. They need to go. They are hurting too many people, and time is too short.

Last night, to kill time while I was hanging out with Marv, I was flipping channels, and I ended up watching a little bit of Interview With the Vampire. Probably not the greatest choice for a Christian, but I don’t think I’m in any danger of coming to admire people who drink blood. Anyway, I kept noticing that the commercials were disgusting. They were all about homosexuality. One promoted a show hosted by a notorious pervert named Rupaul. Another promoted a gay resort in Key West. I also saw promotions for a series of shows with a sin theme. They actually used the word “sin,” and they said the first show was about greed. I wondered what was going on. Finally, I realized I was watching a gay channel. I’m not sure why they show vampire movies, but there it is.

It reminded me how insane America has become. We’re not just under attack. We’ve lost. We’re in supernatural foreclosure. Society has ruled in favor of pride and perversion. We are now seen as vicious bigots, not upholders of the faith. You can sit in your own home now and mind your own business, and the cable box will bring you homosexual programming and shows proudly and expressly promoting sin.

I don’t think we have time to let kooky, greedy preachers work out their issues. They need to be expelled and replaced before they destroy the rest of us. They can get secular jobs while they figure things out. If you’re draining 5,000 people financially and preventing them from getting to know the Holy Spirit, it’s not a bad thing if God forces you out so you have to become a car salesman.

We need to become strong in the Spirit and pray as a body. Otherwise, we can kiss America goodbye. There is no place left to run, so once Satan receives the title to America, we will have to hide in the crevices until Jesus returns.

The pastors at my church never said a word when Steve Munsey’s church failed. They went right on teaching his garbage. Amazing. How can they explain that?

Pray in tongues. Read the word and try to live it. Fast occasionally. Try to hear the Spirit and obey him. Examine yourself and repent of sin and iniquity. These things will bring you power. The other stuff is worse than dung.

Mr. Division Speaks

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

You Know Things are Getting Weird When Kim Kardashian Visits Your Old Church, and YOU’RE the Scandal

I feel like I ought to say a few things, in view of what I wrote about my former church the other day.

I was mad. No doubt about it. I think of the good people over there who could get so close to God, so fast, if they were being told the right things. I think of their poverty. I think of the way they try to improve their lives and fail, because they don’t know how to deal with their supernatural enemies. I realize they could be in touch with the Holy Spirit, and that he would help them and give them victory and peace. I think about those things, and then I think about the utterly useless things they’re being taught–and the ways in which they’re being used–and of course, it gets under my skin.

It also makes me angry when I try to say something helpful, and the response is a false accusation. I’m a divider! I’m “touching God’s anointed.” I’m “judging.” This is what I hear. From people who know four Bible verses.

If people said, “Thanks for the input, but I disagree,” it would be one thing. But these transparent attempts to put me on the defensive, in order to avoid discussing the truth…they are not easy to deal with. I do not like being demonized. Contradict me if you want, but don’t level a false accusation in order to avoid examining yourself.

So what I’m saying, with all that, is that I was very irritated. I hope I didn’t go too far. I didn’t go as far as John the Baptist did. I didn’t call people “a litter of vipers.” I didn’t call anyone a son of Satan or child of hell, which is something the Bible would permit me to do, if it was appropriate. But I was pretty harsh.

It turns out people have been reading my blog. I don’t know what to think about that. Is it bad, because they’re spying on me, or is it good, because they might try to understand me and, in the process, learn something that would help them?

Here’s something they need to know. I spend a tremendous amount of time in prayer these days. Much of it is prayer in tongues. My relationship with the Holy Spirit is getting very intense. Some people go to church to feel God’s presence. For me, it’s a routine thing that happens wherever I am. Very often, I’ll feel the Holy Spirit descend on me with great force. It’s not because I’m a great person. It’s because I’ve become addicted to prayer. It has nothing to do with anything good about me.

I have reached the point where I physically feel the Holy Spirit pouring through me, in the form of faith and power. I believe I can ask questions and get the answers. I don’t think this is an illusion. If you look at the things I’ve written about God, if you have any discernment at all, you should be able to see that I didn’t come up with them myself. I’m getting revelation. If I’m getting revelation to that degree, people shouldn’t doubt that when I feel the Holy Spirit communicating with me, it’s real.

I mention these things so people will understand me when I say this: I ask God what I should say and what I should not. I don’t want to write things that will work against God’s plan. From time to time, I’ll put time in, writing something, and I’ll ask God whether I should publish it, and I’ll get a strong sense that the answer is “no.” When that happens, I delete it. I don’t care if it took half a day to write it. So if you see something I’ve written, and it seems too severe or too negative, you should be aware that unless I forgot, I consulted God before I posted it.

It may surprise people to read it, but the truth is that I feel that God has told me over and over that I’m not bold ENOUGH. I’ve worried about offending people, but it seems like God thinks I’m too restrained.

That’s where all this comes from. So decide for yourself whether you want to judge me. Maybe you’re the one who is touching God’s anointed. And while you’re at it, think about all the solid people who agree with me. Think of all the people who got up and left the church. Don’t you wonder why that happened? A whole bunch of them talk to me and tell me they agree with me.

I should also add that I didn’t get mad just because the church entertained one woman famous for posing nude and performing in a sex tape. I got mad because it was part of a lasting, consistent pattern of strange behavior. They don’t treat employees or volunteers right. They teach doctrine even a child should be able to debunk. They run a failing business, yet they take money from poor people, claiming to know how to make them prosperous. They honor people like R. Kelly and Luther Campbell. They are not good to the poor. They invite useless people to preach. It’s how things go over there. The Kardashian thing was just the latest failure.

Imagine what would have happened if Kim Kardashian had shown up at any God-fearing church in 1950. They might have encouraged her to attend. They might have welcomed her. They would not have bragged about her presence. They would have tried to change her. They would have kept her away from services until she had repented in private. They would have used some common sense. My old church treats lost people (who are famous and/or rich) as though they were honorable ministers of God. That’s wrong. It’s not “love.” It’s not “longsuffering.” It’s not “meekness.” It’s self-promotion. “We know R. Kelly! We know Kim Kardashian! We’re important! We’re going to be just like Keith Craft and Steve Munsey!!!”

It’s amazing that this has to be explained. The people who run the church work so hard to convince people that church is cool, their consciences must have become seared. They don’t seem to perceive things the way healthy Christians do. They don’t seem to see the obvious impropriety of appearing to endorse celebrities whose behavior is extraordinarily trashy.

Here’s a principle from the Bible. If you’re doing something stupid, and people of comparable knowledge are not, they can judge you. Example: Jesus said, “The men of Nineveh will stand up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and now one greater than Jonah is here.”

If the best churches on earth are blowing it the way my old church is, then who can criticize? But that’s not the case. The church I go to know is a thousand times healthier. The pastor talks about the Holy Spirit. He promotes other people, at his own expense. Prophets come in and denounce homosexuality and false religion. The services start with at least 45 minutes of prayer and worship. We get all sorts of help and manifestations from God.

If my little church can do it, then it’s okay to criticize other churches that don’t even appear to be trying. It’s not just okay; it’s vital. Someone has to warn the people who are being dragged down.

No church has to be perfect. But it’s not all right for a church to be stupid. There is a wide gulf between “perfect” and “stupid.” You shouldn’t use human imperfection as an excuse to settle for extremely poor performance.

If you came here to spy, maybe you’ll read this and think about it. I urge you to compare your church’s actions to scripture. The WHOLE Bible, not just Matthew 7:1. That verse is really getting worn out.

I don’t always say nice things, but then God is not nice. God is loving. God is just. When being nice and being righteous happen to be compatible, THEN he’s nice. The rest of the time, it’s not important to him. Who do you think he is? Remember what he has done. He has killed more people than Adolf Hitler; some of them with burning sulfur. He is going to kill again, in the future. He created hell, and people you know are burning there. No, I’m not always nice. I take after my father, as well as his grace permits.

If you want to know the Holy Spirit, pray in tongues every day, a lot. Try to get up to two half-hour sessions. When you pray with your understanding, don’t just ask for money. Ask God what he wants. Try to hear from him. Try to remember that his purpose isn’t to bless you. He is the king of the universe, and your purpose is to serve him. He will supply you best when you do his will; a man will love his own flesh, and so will God. If you have chronic sins, fast repeatedly and pray for God to remove them. Dancing in a nightclub that pretends to be a church isn’t going to get you where you need to be.

I hope someone will get some benefit from this.

Don’t be an Ass

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Ride, Don’t Walk

For a long time, I’ve believed that the story of Samson was given to us to show what happens when the Spirit-filled church gives up the Holy Spirit and does what seems right in its own eyes. I thought I’d write about it today.

A lot of weird things happened in the Old Testament. Improbable things. I have learned that when very odd things happen, it often means there is a supernatural reason. Many things that happened in the Old Testament, among physical beings, were intended to teach future believers about warfare in the supernatural realm. Abraham tried to sacrifice Isaac, and God sacrificed himself through Jesus. Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt, through a body of water; Jesus leads believers out of the kingdom of Satan. And so on and so on. The story of Samson has symbolic value.

Samson was given to us to symbolize a believer (or body of believers) filled with the Holy Spirit.

An angel appeared to Samson’s mother and told her he would be born, and that he was to be a Nazirite, set apart for God (as we are set apart – Psalm 4). He was not to drink wine or let a razor touch his head.

The Bible doesn’t mention the mother’s name. Why? Because a mother is the source of one’s flesh. Women symbolize flesh, which is supposed to be subject to authority. God provides the seed which transforms flesh. When you’re baptized with the Holy Spirit, God’s supernatural “DNA” takes over, and you grow to be like him. It doesn’t matter who your mother is. You may be a Gentile, or you may be a Jew. The source of your flesh doesn’t make any difference. It’s your past. It’s the dirt you grew from. God is about the future.

This is why it’s wrong for Catholics to worship Mary. Jesus himself discouraged this. Mary was probably a wonderful woman, but she did not earn the right to carry Jesus, and she was not the reason Jesus was good. Jesus was good because half of his genetic material came directly from his father, God, and that contribution dominated his development. He was also good because God guided him through life.

When the Holy Spirit was on Samson, he could do anything. As a result, his enemies could not touch him. They were like worms before him. Powerless. The only way they could ever get to him was to use ungodly women, who symbolize the iniquities of our flesh. A woman, like our flesh, is supposed to be in submission. When a husband lets an ungodly wife rule him, the result is shame and defeat. Look at Solomon and Ahab. The same thing happens when you let your flesh–which is like a wife–tell you what to do. It’s supposed to be a helper, not a boss.

On one occasion, Samson went to Gaza and pulled up the gates of the city. He carried them away and stuck them on a hill. What does that mean? In his time, gates served two purposes. They let things in and out, and they were the locations of courts. Our minds are gates. Things go in and out of us through our minds, and we are judges who decide when to open the doors.

When Samson picked up the gates, he was picking up the authority of the city, as well as its ability to keep enemies out. It was an extremely destructive act. He was showing the Gazans that they had no sovereignty and no protection. He was the head, and they were the tail. God was with him, so his enemies were helpless.

Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against his kingdom. Although he was standing in a place that may have been referred to as the gates of hell (Caesarea Philippi), he was referring to the authority of hell, as well as the physical temptations that assail our flesh. By paying for our sins, Jesus destroyed Satan’s standing as a supernatural litigant. He no longer has the right to rule us. We don’t have to be judged in Satan’s courts any more. And by sending the Holy Spirit, Jesus gave us the power to overcome our iniquities and close the door to sin, which gives power and ingress to our enemies.

On another occasion, a lion attacked Samson. Lions symbolize hostile spirits, as well as people who serve them. The Bible says Satan prowls around like a lion. Of people who serve Satan, it says, “The young lions do lack and suffer hunger, but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing.”

In the natural world, lions are a whole lot stronger than men, but Samson picked the lion up and tore it apart effortlessly. It wasn’t just a defeat. It was a crushing, complete, pure defeat. The lion didn’t even register as a problem. And later, when Samson saw the carcass lying in the road, he found a beehive in it, full of honey, which he ate.

When the Holy Spirit is with you, God will defeat your enemies for you, decisively and easily. Beyond that, he will use their attacks to bless you with things that are pleasing. Like honey. In this way, he takes attacks that are intended to harm you, and he turns then into great blessings, which compounds the humiliation of your enemies.

Samson is remembered for taking the jawbone of an ass and killing a thousand Palestinians (Philistines) with it. An ass is a stubborn beast of burden which is wise in its own eyes. It’s supposed to serve, but it wants to rule. It symbolizes the flesh. This is why the Bible calls Esau a wild ass of a man. He was a slave to the flesh. He preferred a bowl of soup to his inheritance.

A jawbone symbolizes speech, and teeth symbolize natural weapons. In the psalms, one author asks God to smite his enemies on the cheekbone and break the teeth of the wicked. He is asking God to destroy the power of the evil words his enemies say, and to destroy their earthly weapons.

When the jawbone was in Samson’s hand, and Samson was guided by the Spirit, the jawbone was a powerful weapon. When the jaw of a flesh-and-blood servant of God is controlled by the Spirit, that servant will be able to use his words to inflict terrible defeat on God’s enemies. Every time you see a preacher speak by the Spirit, you’re watching Samson swing the jawbone of an ass. When the Spirit leaves, only the ass is left.

Later, Samson was thirsty. He was so thirsty, he thought he would die. He begged God for water. God removed a tooth from the jawbone, and water poured from the socket. Samson drank it, and the Bible says his SPIRIT was revived.

The loss of the tooth symbolizes the way we have to give up reliance on our earthly weapons in order to be empowered and delivered by the Spirit. It symbolizes humility and submission.

Spirit-filled believers are supposed to be rivers of living water. We are supposed to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and we are supposed to pray in tongues to build our spirits up. Paul said this repeatedly. He said prayer in tongues builds faith. The Bible says those who hunger and THIRST for righteousness will be filled, and it says God calls faith righteousness. When you pray in tongues, you will find that it builds your faith. When you get good at it, you’ll actually sense it. You will feel God reviving your spirit, as Samson did.

Samson liked trashy women, so he slept with Delilah. He ended up telling her how to take away his strength. His strength came from the Holy Spirit, so what he was really telling her was how to disconnect him from God. He told her that if his hair was shorn, he would be like any other man.

Delilah got him to sleep on her lap. This is what the world does to Spirit-filled Christians, when it can’t beat them any other way. It puts us to sleep. The attacks stop. Things seem to go well. We get excited about our blessings. Like manic-depressives who stop taking their lithium when things go well, we stop praying and relying on the Spirit. This is what happened to the early church. They got the support of the political system. They got fat. They quit teaching about tongues, and they lost their power.

The Holy Spirit has seven parts. This is reflected in the seven-armed structure of the lampstand in the Holy of Holies, and Jesus himself (in the Revelation) stated that there were seven spirits of God. As the lampstand illuminated the Holy of Holies, the Holy Spirit is supposed to illuminate a Christian from within. Seven is the number of completeness (also called perfection). The Holy Spirit completes us.

Samson’s hair had seven locks. Delilah removed them from him. When that was done, he had no strength, and the Palestinians put out his eyes. They took away his light. He carried off the gate of Gaza, and the Palestinians entered through the gate of his flesh and returned the favor, destroying his authority.

They made him a slave, just as Christians have served Satan’s world since the church gave up the Spirit. Samson ground grain to make their bread. He used his natural strength to do a menial task, when he should have been using supernatural power to do lasting works for God.

When his strength returned to him, he was able to kill many Palestinians. But he would have been better off listening to God in the first place.

You can be like Samson. You can be baptized with the Holy Spirit, and you can pray in tongues every day. You can be built up supernaturally, and you will grow stronger than your enemies. God will do amazing things through you, and you will live in victory. If you reject the baptism, expect to live in defeat. You have rights, but you can’t exercise them unless you do it God’s way.

This is working for me, and I’m sure it will work for you. Life isn’t perfect, but remember: Muhammad Ali never won a fight without taking a few punches to the face. You may be blessed with effortless victory, like Samson’s victory over the lion, or you may be like Paul, who got a number of beatings. But overall, you will win.

Our abandonment of the Holy Spirit is the reason Christians do not live in power. It’s why we claim the promises of the Bible and don’t receive them. The Bible is true, but you can’t have it your way. You have to go through the gate God prepared, and that means Holy Spirit baptism and prayer in tongues.

I hope this is useful.

“…Then the Old Guy Waves his Stick, and OUT COMES THE DANGED BEAR…”

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

They had it Coming

My former church has finally gone completely insane.

Today they welcomed Kim Kardashian. Yes, the Kim Kardashian who poses nude. The sex-tape Kim Kardashian. I don’t know if they took her into the green room so she could bless the pastors with her wisdom, but she tweeted about her presence at church, and they proudly re-tweeted it.

People are saying it’s wonderful that she went to church. Uh…no, it’s NOT wonderful. Not unless she repented. Churches are supposed to welcome REPENTANT sinners. The other kind screw churches up.

Think of it as an immigration problem. Say you live in a Christian nation, and Muslims start showing up. When there are 50 of them, it’s no big deal. When they’re 50% of the population…big deal. You’re going to have Sharia law, honor killings, an end to the pork industry, lots of terrorism…it will be bad. When sinners come to a church and don’t change their ways, and their numbers get too high, they convert the church. Not that this would be a big change for Trinity. It’s barely a church as it is.

I was furious when I heard about this. It’s bad enough that the pastor sucked up to R. Kelly, who narrowly avoided conviction on a statutory rape beef with video evidence. Do they really need to use Kim Kardashian to prove they’ve made it?

The name “Kardashian” used to be associated with top-notch legal representation. Those days are gone. Now it connotes promiscuity, nudity, stupidity, and shallowness. As the good book would put it, it has “become a proverb.” Why would any pastor be proud this person came to his church? Only a desperate self-promotor or a feckless infant could think this was a good thing.

It would be wonderful if Miss Kardashian went to a church and told everyone she regretted all the dumb things she had done. I’d be the first to welcome her. Well, actually, I think a woman should do that, just to be safe. But I would be all for it. But for her to roll in and out with no evidence of change…how is that a victory for anyone?

I really blew up about this on Facebook. The gloves are off. I said the leaders of the church clearly did not know the Bible, and I posted a long series of verses about respecting persons. The pastors are like children. It’s as though they had never heard of the Bible. This stuff is obvious to teenagers who read the word, but these adults don’t have a clue. Or they just don’t care, which is looking pretty likely.

Some lady tried to “correct” me, saying I should not “touch” God’s “anointed.” That’s sad. Preachers have succeeded in brainwashing many Christians, so they will cover up their pastors’ backslidden behinds. They say all sorts of curses fall on those who speak up. But God didn’t curse Jesus, Paul, Isaiah, Micaiah, Malachi, Peter, Jude, Jeremiah, Samuel, Nathan, or any of the other Biblical figures (or if you’re Catholic, figurines) who spoke up. If you took the negative remarks out of the Bible, the remaining text would be a pamphlet.

She said I should only correct people privately. But she said that publicly, which is a little hard to explain.

As Perry Stone teaches, there is a difference between “anointing” and “gift.” A person who is anointed has God’s authority to do some job or other. He has God’s approval. Anointing is not always permanent. God anointed Saul, and he took the anointing away. A gift is a natural or supernatural ability. It may persist when the anointing leaves. This is why truly foul preachers sometimes continue to function in their gifts. It helps explain why some very bad churches stay very big for quite some time.

Anyway, a preacher who teaches false tradition and serves his belly is not acting under an anointing. Not in my book. And because they commit their sins publicly, it only makes sense to correct them publicly. Besides, the leaders of Trinity Church know exactly what they’re doing wrong. People have spoken up. They just don’t care.

God is not going to stand up and give me leprosy for criticizing people who milk the poor and lie to them. If he did things like that, John the Baptist would have exploded. Repeatedly.

Quite honestly, I think these people are idiots. I have tried to show restraint. I’ve said I disagreed with them. I’ve said they were off the path. But after a time, you have to start using terms like “idiot.” Even Jesus did it. After a certain point, mildly critical language just doesn’t do the job. If you speak about foolish people too respectfully, there is a danger that other people will not understand just how foolish they are. “I’m going to try Trinity Church.” “DON’T!” “Why not?” “They’re…missing the mark.” “Well, I’ll just check it out.” “THEY’RE IDIOTS! THEY’RE IDIOTS! DANGER! DANGER!”

I think God takes a similar approach. He starts by sending you little hints. Then he sends people to correct you. Then he might let you get a physical illness. He might let you suffer defeat. Eventually, if you keep pushing it, he buries you in burning sulfur and pitch. Or he sends you to hell.

I wish I had never heard about this. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life reflecting on the stupid behavior of a group of carnal ministers. But there it is. And I don’t investigate this stuff. People bring it to me.

How about some positive news? Today Apostle Michael Tomasulo visited my church. My denomination, or whatever it is, is big on apostles. They seem like the real thing. They have shown up and said some very solid, very impressive things. Mr. Tomasulo is one of them.

I met him on his last visit. He’s an EE (electrical engineer). I was building guitar amps at the time, so I was really glad to meet him. I have a lot of weird interests, so it’s always comforting to meet someone who can relate. When I meet a person who shares one of my interests, it’s like meeting someone from home. Which is odd. And I can’t combine all, or even most, of my interests in one friend. I have to have an assortment. The gun friend. The cooking friend. The physics friend. The law friend. And so on.

Today he lit into TBN (he can’t stand watching it) and megachurches that teach self-help and motivational gibberish. LIKE TRINITY. He said exactly what I was saying to my prayer group three years ago. I said we didn’t need Dr. Phil and Oprah. I said motivational speakers were not what God wanted for us. He said these things today, even referring to Dr. Phil and his mothership. I saw a preacher on TBN say the same things last year (no word on whether his body has been found). God tells all of his people the same things. The church is unified, as Jesus prayed it would be. It’s just scattered. Like golden tickets in a pile of worldly Wonka bars.

Before he spoke, and before I knew what he would talk about, I put this on Facebook: “At my old church we had great motivational speakers who promised God would make us rich if we gave them money. Here at New Dawn Ministries, we have to settle for prophecy.”

Lately I’ve been getting back into tools, and I’ve started watching engineering lectures. Engineers don’t know where formulas come from. Physicists do, but they don’t know what to do with them, so I’m hoping to bridge the gap a little. I’ve been watching EE and ME stuff from NPTEL (Indian universities) and other sources. Today I decided to ask Mr. Tomasulo a few things, to see if he could steer me in the right direction. So far I’ve learned how much a truss can hold when the beams have been tempered in a tandoor.

Lo and behold, it turned out he wanted to talk to me. He remembered that I had been building tube amps. We started talking. I kept trying to tell him how much I admired engineers for knowing how to do USEFUL things, and he kept trying to tell me how much he admired physicists for knowing the root causes of stuff. Anyway, it turned out he was considering supplementing his income with EE work, and we started talking about amps. I told him it might be possible to generate some money building amps, and now he wants to come check out what I’m doing. Even if it goes nowhere, now I’ll have a friend who is almost a physicist. An EE is really not that far off. They are not the dumb engineers. What they do takes brains. They don’t seem to realize that, though.

An EE is actually more useful to me than a physicist, because a physicist wouldn’t know anything new.

We talked for quite a while, and unfortunately, his wife was standing right next to him, and she was bored so severely she required medical attention.

So here is what happened today. As a former physicist and amp builder who was recently told he had the anointing of a prophet and teacher, I met a guitar-playing EE apostle who wants to build tube amps. Tell me that’s not a weird day.

I want to introduce this guy to my dad as “Apostle Mike,” and I’ll insist he call him that. Come on. That’s irresistible. “Glad to know you, Mike.” “APOSTLE Mike, Dad.” “Uh…”

“Dad, I’m going to Five Guys with Apostle Mike. Do you want anything?”

I guess I’m stupid. That cracks me up.

But hey, it’s what he is.

I think if I could pick a job, it would be prophet. Apostles have to travel. Prophets can hang out in their garages and mess with tools most of the time, and every so often, they pop out, go to the local church, and say something that scares the living daylights out of everyone. Then they go home, and people leave them alone. It’s like Punxsutawney Phil, only holy.

“An earthquake is going to destroy the city next week, and afterward, an omer of organic dove’s dung from Whole Foods will cost as much as an Ipad 2. Plus God is going to give Deacon Fred a withered foot for playing Powerball. See you later, and stay off my lawn!”

I’m not positive my expectations are totally realistic. But it’s my understanding that a prophet can command a she-bear to eat punks that get on his nerves. That could be really handy.

We Built This

Saturday, December 1st, 2012


Today I saw another article rehashing the election. The polls were pretty solidly on Romney’s side, yet he lost. People can’t figure out why. Some say the voting machines were rigged. Maybe it’s true. But ultimately, the reason is that God wanted us to have an idiot for a President.

We are getting so far away from God, we’re actually somewhat gross. We dress and groom ourselves like convicts, with creepy chin beards and bad tattoos and piercings. We love abortion. We’ve decided God has to accept sexual perversion and exalt it in his churches. Many of us think Israel is the source of most of the world’s problems. We’re stupid. We don’t listen. We don’t learn from history. We have no respect. We think “government built that,” or we “Believe in America” (not God) to crib from the candidates in the Presidential race.

Look at Isaiah 3 to see what happens to nations that behave the way we do.

The election was decided by the worst voters in our society: the young, the poor, women, and the least-successful minorities. If white Christian men and Asian men had been the only ones who voted, Sarah Palin would probably be President. We’d be behind Israel a hundred percent. Entitlements would be slashed. We’d be cutting waste. We’d have wonderful federal judges who would get the government off the church’s back. Taxes would be low. The GDP would skyrocket. Our enemies would fear us. Those things aren’t going to happen. Instead, we’re going to get crippling taxes, insane spending, a weak military, a tiny dollar, a straitjacket of regulations complete with ball gag, the loss of our civil rights, poverty, and riots.

God is going to wipe out our wages, and he’s going to use Obama and Bernanke to destroy our savings. Where do we turn then?

What happens to a nation that abandons God and brings curses on itself? According to Isaiah, God puts women and children in charge. Hello? What just happened? Women and the young put a fool in the White House. No amount of campaigning or pandering could have prevented that.

What else does Isaiah say? He says he will take away the capable men who might otherwise guide us out of our mess. This is why General Petraeus fell. He was very good at his job. It’s why we couldn’t put Romney in the White House. He wasn’t ideal, but he’s a sharp guy who could have been very helpful to us. God wasn’t having that. He wanted a pampered semi-professional golfer who thinks wealth is something that exists because we declare it to be so. We’re going to see other leaders fall, emigrate, or retire, and pinheads will replace them.

We’ve seen this kind of thing in the Bible. Look at the story of Solomon. We revere Solomon way too much; he was an idol worshiper and a failed king. His son took the throne, and he got advice from two quarters. Wise older men told him to go easy on his subjects and win their love by being reasonable. Young morons told him to make his subjects miserable and to insult them. Rehoboam listened to the punks, and his kingdom fell. After that, Israel was never the same. Three thousand years ago, Israel was a jewel. It was wealthy and secure. One king ruined that, and for thirty centuries, Israel has been an obscure, unsuccessful nation (when it has been a nation at all). We’re headed the same way, unless we turn back to God. Our President is a relatively young man with no common sense and little ability, and his advisors are fools. God is preventing better people from getting elected. We are not going to make it unless we change.

Here’s an interesting parallel. My law school used to have student body elections. I was amazed when I saw them taking place; I could not believe an adult would run for student body president. Anyway, we ended up with a disproportionate number of black presidents. Why? Because the black students, though small in number, voted like sheep. They had a great deal of power.

I thought about this after Obama got reelected. We now live in a country where white and Asian males can’t choose our leaders. There are a lot of us, and we tend to vote pretty wisely, but women, blacks, Latins, and Jews outnumber us, and they are the worst voters imaginable. Blacks just put Jesse Jackson’s son back in the House, while he was in the nuthouse and on his way to prison. Jews have been voting badly since before they left Egypt. Women vote for socialism whenever they can, because they want the government to be their husband. Latins–even conservative Cubans–don’t care what happens to the US, as long as we let their relatives come here.

When you look at the demographics, you realize that numerically, we’ve been at the mercy of inept voting blocs for a long time. It’s amazing that we haven’t done worse. Whenever someone competent has been elected, it has been because God got involved. God has helped us put people like George Bush in the White House, and we’ve rewarded him with increased filth and rebellion.

When God pours judgment out on a nation or city, sometimes he pulls out the people who love him, or he gives them special protection. The stories of Lot and Noah are examples. I believe God is going to help out a lot of Spirit-led believers. Not chickenheads who jump up and down in church and then do their own thing the rest of the time; people who are really trying. In the Christian community, we are already hearing about people who are being led to rural areas and given property, weapons, and tools. This has been going on for several years, but the rest of the country only noticed it recently. It’s a move of God, and it’s a sign that in the future, you really won’t want to be in places like New York, L.A., San Francisco, and Miami.

The people who are leaving are being ridiculed. I guess Noah’s neighbors ridiculed him when he built the Ark. We know that Lot’s relatives thought he was an idiot for leaving Sodom. We won’t look so ridiculous when the bread lines form and we’re too far away for our tattooed neighbors to rob.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to observant Jews. They’re stuck in cities. They won’t leave their butchers and shuls. They would be smart to start their own towns, but I don’t think it will happen. When things get bad, the Jews who know the least about God will probably be the safest, because they’ll be free to take off and get help from rural Christians.

Anyway, God chose Obama, so get over it. He didn’t win because Romney wouldn’t lean left. He won because we deserve misery and failure, and we’re going to get it, unless we repent.