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Proverbs 13:22

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Can an Ungrateful Pinhead Reform?

I had an interesting experience this week.

We have a Messianic Jew in our church. His name is Mike. Great guy. He’s into end-time preparation and firearms. The other day, out of the blue, he started talking to me about trading securities.

I have no idea why he brought it up. He doesn’t know my past. I used to trade, back when the tech bubble was still in effect. It was easy back then. I paid a big percentage of my law school tuition trading, and I got great results. One year I placed many trades, and I only had one loss. I ate $600 on Microsoft, which was no big deal.

No one believes that, including other people who traded during those pleasant times, but it’s true.

I got out of trading right before the bubble popped. I think it was 1998. I saw trouble coming, and I sold out. I never went back. I wanted to make money practicing law, and after 9/11 hit, I thought it was only a matter of time until the Muslim extremists blew up the stock exchange. I didn’t want my money sitting there when it happened. Banks looked much better. If your stock goes to zero after a bomb goes off, you’re dead. If your money is sitting in a bank, nothing happens, OR insurance covers it. And I thought we might be looking at deflation. That was before I fully comprehended the foolishness of Ben Bernanke.

Funny thing; a whole lot of people really ate it right after I got out. People who thought it would never end. People who had no business trading (actually, they thought they were investing). They lost their retirement money. It was awful. I got out at the peak. Again, no one believes that, but it happened.

Anyway, I looked at trading a year or two ago, and it didn’t look good to me. In the old days, stocks were very volatile, and I followed their stories, so I usually had a good idea which ones were going to go up or down in the near term. Also, stocks moved in big increments; this was before decimalization. When I took a new look, for some reason, it seemed to me that the new decimal prices made it harder to make money on day trades. I can’t recall exactly why I believed this. And it seemed like it was hard to find stocks with nice daily swings. I decided to drop it.

Mike started talking to me about trading, and I was very surprised. He said he was making money. Okay, fine. He’s up this month, right? Over the long run, he’ll get wiped out. The Gambler’s Ruin and so on. I asked him the appropriate questions. He has made money consistently, over a period of years. Not weeks or days. He made so much, the IRS tried to annihilate him. Clearly, he is not gambling.

He said he helped someone else get started. Someone at church. This person made a killing…and took it straight to the mall. He didn’t tell me who it was. He didn’t really say “straight to the mall,” but he made it clear the money had been spent, instead of going back into the business. This is not what trading is for. Trading is for accumulating money. You don’t do three trades and run to the store to buy multicolored Dolce & Gabbana crocodile-and-ostrich shoes. It’s a waste of time to show people how to make money, if they don’t manage it once they have it.

For some reason, he wanted to show me what he knew. He doesn’t want to invest for me. He doesn’t want a fee or a commission. He just likes showing people how to trade.

I asked him how much money I would need to play with, in order to make it worth it. I was hoping for a figure below the cost of a house. When he told me it would have to be at least $5,000, I practically wet myself. Who cares if I lose $5,000? For God’s sake; I’d consider that tuition. Nobody who isn’t in a bind should be afraid to risk a sum that small.

Today I downloaded my broker’s newest trading software. It’s very nice. It’s about as nice as the software real traders used fifteen years ago. In some ways, it’s better. Mike is telling me there are superior options, though.

I may get back in the game. If I can do well enough with relatively small sums to keep the bulk of my capital off the table, it’s safe, and it’s a very painless way to make money. If you take $25,000, make $25,000, and then stick the original $25,000 back in your mattress, you’re not betting the farm. Eventually, you should reach a point where you have a nice nest egg which is beyond the reach of market crashes. If an anthrax bomb destroys your trading capital, you’ll still have money to buy food.

This whole business got me thinking about my grandfather. He was a lawyer, and he did very well. He was also a stock market whiz, and he bought a tremendous amount of real estate. He didn’t borrow, and he still ended up with a very nice net worth. His daughters criticized him constantly, calling him cheap and greedy, and when I was a kid, I bought into it. But today I thought about it, and I realized they were very unfair.

My grandfather didn’t blow tons of cash on stupid things, but he never did without. If Granny went to him and said the TV wasn’t working, he told her to go to Lexington and get a new one, and he didn’t give her a price limit. When she wanted to go on vacation, he took her to places like Brazil and Hawaii. He drove a Cadillac, until he got stuck with a car dealership and got Buicks at cost. He had a gold Rolex. He spent a hundred thousand dollars on a bracelet for my grandmother. She had a $25,000 wedding ring. He had a very nice house, which he kept up. He had farms he played with, complete with tractors, hay bailers, cattle, and all the other trappings. When his daughters went to college, he let them use his checking account, and they loaded up on expensive clothes, even selling them to each other when they got bored. He bought three of them new cars when they got married. One married a hopeless alcoholic who could not run a business, and he invested repeatedly in the alcoholic’s car dealership until it went bust and he had to take it over.

That’s not how selfish parents act. I have seen selfish parents at work. A selfish parent will raise hell over private school tuition, while spending freely on hobbies. A selfish parent won’t spend money helping kids explore their talents. A selfish parent won’t pay for broadening family vacations.

Until today, I never realized what a healthy attitude my grandfather had. He liked making money; no doubt about it. But he picked up checks. He gave his grandkids fifty bucks each for Christmas, when fifty bucks was a lot of money. He paid my sister’s high school tuition. He was a generous guy, and we never gave him credit. I don’t want to speak disrespectfully about my mother and my aunts, but honestly, their attitude was a little bit like the Occupy ethos. I shouldn’t have paid any attention. I accepted this stuff when I was young; his selfishness was a settled fact, as far as everyone was concerned. But he was very good to us, and I still benefit from his foresight.

He was conservative, and at least two of his daughters turned out liberal. How about that?

As far as I know, only two of his grandchildren got his knack for trading. I may be the only one, but I believe one of my cousins has done very well. Anyway, I can do it. Maybe I shouldn’t be sitting on my ability. It seems like a silly thing for a Christian to get involved in, but plenty of Christians have been very blessed in various types of business. I can’t help thinking about the parable of the talents. I know the story is symbolic, and it’s not just about money, but it probably applies to money in many cases.

We have to do SOMETHING in order to put food on the table.

I really wonder why Mike started talking to me about this. I believe God has told me a couple of things about my financial future, and I’m wondering if this is part of it. I’m not interested in getting rich, but anything that helps me avoid devoting my life to chasing dollars is a help.

I was very unfair to my grandfather. I was influenced by the disinformation I got from others, but that doesn’t excuse me. As far as I know, I was his favorite grandchild. He could barely stand some of the others, but he used to put me in the truck and drive me all over the place. He used to put me on the fender of his tractor while he mowed his hay. He took me out to shoot rabbits. We used to go for long hikes on his properties. He even bought a pony for the grandkids and said he it would be worth it, as long as I got to ride it once.

I wish he was still here, so I could apologize.

End-Time Toys Bring Joy at the Range

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Heathens, Prairie Dogs…What’s the Difference?

I had a good range session today.

In 2005 (I think), I bought a PSL (Romak III, FPK, whatever). This is a medium-range rifle made in Romania. It’s based on the AK74. I don’t really know what an AK74 is, but I would guess that it’s the 7.62x54R version of the AK47, since that’s what this gun is. Some people call the PSL a sniper rifle, but the general consensus is that sub-MOA performance is not a realistic goal, so some say it’s a DSM rifle. I don’t know what DSM stands for. “Designated Something Marksman,” maybe. I think it’s a guy in a platoon who carries a scoped rifle for shooting people too far away for unscoped AK47s. Look it up. I can’t do everything for you.

When I fired the PSL, I had horrible problems with trigger slap. This means the trigger was propelled forward when the gun went off. It happens so fast you can’t detect it, but after a while you realize your trigger finger is numb and shaking. This is bad.

I stuck a Red Star fire control group (trigger) in the gun, and it quit working. It wouldn’t cycle. My solution to this problem was to put the gun in the closet and lose some of the parts.

Recently I dug it out and worked on the trigger. I also got myself some cheap spam-can Russian ammo (147-grain light ball). Today I decided to see whether it worked.

The gun shoots very well now. The trigger is very, very nice, now that I’ve ground off all the parts that bothered me. When I pull the trigger, I can’t really tell when the gun is going to go off, and for slow shooting, this is what I like.

I shot at 50 yards, and I’m going to say I shot about 3 MOA, although I don’t have a photo of the target in front of me. I am not much of a rifle shot, but my impression is that I shot better than the ammunition. Maybe I’m wrong. I was pretty happy, considering what I paid for it. I moved the target back to 100 yards, and the groups opened up by a factor of two. It’s not really satisfying shooting a gun that inaccurate, but it proves I would have no problem blasting zombies at that range, since they’re more than six inches wide. On that basis, I feel that the ammo was a good deal. I’m considering splurging on a new scope. The gun came with a used Kalinka with dead tritium, and you can’t fix it.

I really regret not buying more 7N1 ammo when it was selling for $200/880 rounds. I shot most of mine before I got the gun working, so I never found out whether the gun could shoot well with it.

I should really get off my behind and buy more K31 ammunition. It’s still cheap, and the quality is wonderful.

I believe I need to put a bipod mount on the PSL, and my impression is that it should be near the center of mass. This is not where the bipods fit on my other guns, and I am starting to think that’s unfortunate, because it seems to be the steadiest location. In order to put one on the PSL, I’ll have to install a swivel myself.

I can’t help wondering if this gun is capable of better performance, but since match-grade ammo is outrageously expensive, I may never find out.

After I put the PSL away, I got out my new AMD65. This is a short (12.5″ barrel) AK47 folder. I’ve put a foregrip and green laser on it, and I got some Tapco magazines, even though people hate them. The goal was to have a nice truck gun that wasn’t so expensive losing it would give me an ulcer. I figured the laser would be a lifesaver (literally) in short-range defensive situations, and the compact size of the gun would make it handy.

The gun has exceeded expectations. The Tapco trigger is like glass lubricated with snot. It’s just plain wonderful. I had no cycling issues. The recoil was a joke. People said it would be loud because of the barrel length, but it didn’t bother me.

The sun was bright today, and my local range has stupidly set things up so you can’t shoot a rifle at under 75 feet, so finding the green laser dot was a challenge. I had to fiddle with the zero a lot, since the 50-foot zero I set up at home was no longer anywhere near right. When I finally got the gun working, the bullets appeared to be going into an area about 4″ in diameter. I was holding the gun away from my shoulder (the range doesn’t permit firing from the hip), to simulate the way it might be used in a confrontation, and it worked just fine.

I can’t recommend this thing highly enough. It’s a better caliber than 5.56mm, the gun is inexpensive, and it’s a pleasure to fire. Tulammo hollow points are supposed to be pretty lethal, and they’re cheap. I’m sure you can build something better if you spend enough money, but for five hundred bucks, this is very impressive.

Things are starting to shape up, firearms-wise. When Obama drives us into a depression and the filthy transgendered socialist hippies show up on my lawn to steal my homegrown right-wing Christian end-time turnips, I’ll be able to slay them like ants. I got a lot of my guns for fun, and that’s why I have so many, but a number are actually useful.

I really hope the good Lord is kind enough to prevent the pinheads from gutting the Second Amendment. My feeling is that as far as God is concerned, the Second Amendment is a Constitutional firewall. He’ll let them spy on us and force us to buy things and molest us at airports, but we get to keep our Mausers and AR15s and Norincos. I hope so, anyway. I joke, but persecution is already starting, and if socialism ruins the economy, it will get worse. Everyone will want a piece of the 1% or the Man or whatever it is they’ll be calling us at the time.

Now if someone would just invent a gun that cleans itself.

Keys to the Kingdom

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

I Must be a MIDIanite

Crazy stuff is happening. A few years back, I got myself a grand piano and learned to play it, but I gave up because I couldn’t remember things I learned. Recently, I’ve started playing again.

I started taking guitar lessons a few months ago, and gradually, the emphasis switched from learning guitar to learning composition. First thing I knew, I was using Finale every day, and I found I preferred composing for the keyboard. Once that happened, I needed a MIDI keyboard to help me, so I bought a little-bitty one, and for reasons too dull to go into, I also set up a cheesy Casio keyboard beside my chair.

Now I have a couple of pieces written, and I find that to really understand and sharpen them, I need to play them. So in fits and starts, I’ve started sitting down at the grand piano.

It’s really something, playing a piece I wrote. One of my character quirks is that it’s harder for me to get interested in other people’s creative ideas (even Chopin’s) than my own, so now that I’m studying my own compositions, I feel much more connected to what I’m doing.

I got rid of my digital piano several years ago. It’s pretty clear that was a mistake. I’m going to need another one eventually. I may even have to get rid of my beer fridge so I’ll have room. Today I looked at prices, hoping they had gone down. They have, if you take inflation into account. But not enough to matter. ARRGH.

I guess it’s okay, though. I’m sure the piano I got rid of is inferior to the ones they sell now.

It makes me nervous to consider the possibility that I might be able to do really well at something new. I don’t want to put up a lot of crap theorizing about my potential and then find out I’m wrong. But I keep comparing my musical ideas to those of successful composers, and I am pleasantly surprised. I have a lot to learn, and in some ways, I’m restricted to pretty simple ideas, but I think I have the main thing I need, which is an inner voice that gives me good original music.

I don’t know what to think about this. If things keep going this well, there’s no reason why I won’t find myself generating a sizable body of useful music.

God guides and restores. The more you give yourself to him and get to know him, the more he repairs you and squeezes the most out of your remaining potential. You can’t expect it to happen if you live for yourself and have no prayer life, but if you persist in pressing into his kingdom, remarkable things will happen. I believe God has set his seal on certain promises he has made me, and based on the progress I’ve seen, it looks like I’m right. It’s a little scary, but I can’t deny it.

I don’t understand why the music I write is so different from what I expected to write. I thought I’d be coming up with religious music with a lot of soul, but so far, it’s all classical-influenced pop. I don’t mean it can’t be used for religious purposes, but it seems to be in the same broad class of music as things like Classical Gas.

I suppose one reason things are going this way is that it’s very hard to get a computer to swing or shuffle. Maybe I drifted toward whiter music because I’m not ready to cope with beating soul out of a CPU.

I’ll keep posting stuff as I write it.

Chong/Marin 2016

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Nice Priorities

People are writing about the dope legalization efforts in Washington and Colorado. I’ve thought about it, and although I am disgusted, I really don’t care. I used to feel differently, but it’s 2012, and our drug laws have proven to be about as effective as the Cuba embargo.

I get tired of hearing people say the government shouldn’t “legislate morality.” We have all sorts of laws intended to promote good morals, and some of those laws seem to have no other purpose. We ban incest, for example, even when it’s homosexual incest, which can’t produce deformed children. It can be very hard to separate morality from public policy, which ought to tell people something. Anyway, it doesn’t bother me that the government tries to reinforce our morals, as long as they don’t get too intrusive. But it does seem silly that a government official can punish me for putting things in my mouth. They can’t prosecute me for poking my eyes out or amputating my own feet, but if I smoke meth once at a party, they can arrest me. Seems odd.

Do people smoke meth at parties? I guess that shows how little I know about it. Meth seems more like a sleazy drug you enjoy in private, while huddled behind a dumpster in a pair of jeans caked with dried urine.

Drug abuse is a horrendous, gigantic sin. But it’s an extremely personal sin. Unlike abortion and gay marriage, drug abuse is something you can do all by yourself, and most of the harm will fall on you, not others. It’s not the same as killing a baby or forcing a society to create and enforce a new and abominable right. It’s also becoming impossible to police. To ban a drug, you have to know it exists, and you have to name it. Thanks to improvements in chemistry, we come up with new, legal drugs all the time. I don’t think we’ll ever catch up with science. It seems like the worst drugs of all are legal now. Say what you want about cocaine. It doesn’t make people eat each other’s faces.

Right now, all across the country, people of very low intelligence are making great incomes selling drugs. Without drug laws, they would be forced to go on welfare or take the menial jobs their abilities justify. If drugs were legal, selling drugs would be a real job. You would have to work 40 hours a week, the price of your product would be low due to competition, and if you were stupid or lazy (most dealers are both), you would go out of business. It would be wonderful to see hordes of trashy people deprived of an illicit livelihood. I don’t think other types of crime could absorb them. Only so many people can be pimps and burglars. I think they’d be in real trouble. They would dry up. They wouldn’t be able to subsidize gangs and illegal firearms. Our streets would be safer.

Would legalization lead to a drug craze that would destroy society? I guess it’s possible, but I don’t think so. Drugs are easy to get right now; they’re just overpriced. I think just about everyone who wants to do drugs is doing them. If I felt like debasing myself, I could have crack in half an hour, but I don’t want it, so I’m not going to get it. I doubt that a significant percentage of the population would start using drugs simply because they could.

In the past, drugs were legal in the United States. You could buy heroin if you felt like it. Back in those days, drugs were a small problem. Now they’re a big problem. You could say, “Wow, think how bad it would be if our laws weren’t suppressing drug abuse,” but the most likely thing is that our laws aren’t making a big difference, apart from financing violence and other crimes.

We complain about Democrats expecting the government to solve our problems, and we’re right, but it may be that conservatives, or at least people who favor conventional morality, are also too dependent on the government. Maybe when we look at a law, we should ask ourselves whether it makes any sense to expect the government to be able to bring about the result the law promotes. By now, it’s indisputable: laws do not prevent the widespread sale or use of mind-altering drugs.

I suppose people will say I should be in favor of gay marriage. I disagree. The regulation of drugs is a proactive step, taken by a society with a long history of avoiding the drug issue. The legalization of drugs is merely the undoing of a proactive step. The legalization of gay marriage is also proactive. We would be creating a set of rights that has never existed in any Christian nation, and like other pro-homosexuality measures, it contributes to an atmosphere in which moral people are persecuted with the government’s blessing and assistance. If we legalize drugs, we will not be forced to hire addicts or refrain from speaking ill of them, but as the homosexual agenda moves forward, we are beginning to see laws requiring us to accept homosexuality and assist in its promotion.

Laws sanctioning gay marriage are an affirmative expression of society’s approval and support. The repeal of laws banning drugs carries no such message. It simply means we’ve decided to quit knocking ourselves out trying (unsuccessfully) to protect individuals from themselves. It wouldn’t mean we could be fired or sued for criticizing addicts, or that we would be characterized as “haters” for opposing drug use.

I’m not a libertarian. I think it’s insane for intelligent people to base their votes on a juvenile desire to smoke weed, and I think weed makes people trashy and silly. I just think there are some things laws can’t fix.

The Bible mentions drugs. It is clearly against drug abuse, but there is only one drug transaction in the Bible (Rachel and Leah haggling over mandrakes), and it doesn’t mention civil penalties. And the Bible permits the use of alcohol, even when mild intoxication is the goal. My take on the Bible’s teaching on drugs is that all recreational drug use is abominable, drunkenness is sin, and we are permitted to have one or two drinks on occasion. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how it looks.

The suicidal election we just endured has served to remind me that good things don’t come from government. If enough people in a nation submit to God and have strong prayer lives, God will fix the government and bless the whole country, and he will give disproportionate power to his people. If not, all the conservative policies in the world will not save the nation.

In the last election, we had a completely godless candidate promoting himself as a socialist messiah, and that’s bad, but we also had a Republican heretic whose slogan was not, “Believe in God,” but, “Believe in America.” I was disturbed when I saw the slogan, because I knew it was offensive, but I don’t run the world, so there wasn’t anything I could do. I voted for the least-ungodly choice, and he lost.

The government can’t make everyone rich with EBT cards and free cell phones, and it can’t keep our kids off drugs. It can’t keep us out of war. It can’t give us prosperity or internal peace. All those things come from prayer and submission. I only know of one nation that can screw up its relationship with God and still come out okay, and that’s Israel (if you call losing six million people in one decade “okay”). America can be abased and subjugated permanently. We have no unconditional promises to match the ones God gave Israel.

If we want things to go well, we need to fast, and we need to pray for God to help us add to our numbers inside the US. The other things we do won’t amount to much. Conservatives are right, and we should win elections, but the voters are extremely ignorant and unprincipled, so while we’re waving our arms and yelling about the Laffer Curve and the debilitating effects of entitlements, many of the people who hear us are thinking about things like Dancing With the Stars or which candidate they’re rather sleep with. We’re drilling in the wrong places.

More Noodling

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Throw a Dollar in my Guitar Case

I’ve been fiddling with the new tune I wrote. When I wrote it, I chose to make it a little repetitious, because I thought people would want to hear the hooks more than once, but it was sounding a little too monotonous, so I messed with it. I added some cello to the introduction. I like it, but it sounds a little dissonant. I think the piano samples Finale used may be slightly flat!

Anyway, here it is.

Viola da Gamba Am Noodling 10 28 12 with 11 11 changes

God Supports Barack Obama

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

He Also Supported Leprosy

Last night, I asked God to tell me why Mitt Romney–the non-Christian MORMON–lost. Soon afterward, I found myself reading Isaiah, and I remembered what I had asked for.

When I turned on my tablet Bible app, I found the following text highlighted: “I will turn My hand against you,
And thoroughly purge away your dross And take away all your alloy.” That’s Isaiah 1:25.

The KJV says “tin,” not “alloy.” I didn’t know the NJKV said “alloy” until just now. Makes me think about all the “mixed multitude” complaints my friend Aaron has made. “Alloy” would certainly make more sense than “tin.” Why would God want to get rid of a pure metal which is useful? An alloy sounds much more likely. Believers who are alloyed with the dross of the world cause a lot of our problems. Many evangelicals think Obama is wonderful, because they have an adulterous spirit. They think they can go to church on Sunday and still be cool the rest of the week. They went into voting booths last week and sold Jesus for 30 pieces of government silver.

Anyway, here is what really caught my attention. It’s from Isaiah 3:

For behold, the Lord, the Lord of hosts,
Takes away from Jerusalem and from Judah
The stock and the store,
The whole supply of bread and the whole supply of water;
The mighty man and the man of war,
The judge and the prophet,
And the diviner and the elder;
The captain of fifty and the honorable man,
The counselor and the skillful artisan,
And the expert enchanter.
“I will give children to be their princes,
And babes shall rule over them.
The people will be oppressed,
Every one by another and every one by his neighbor;
The child will be insolent toward the elder,
And the base toward the honorable.”

When a man takes hold of his brother
In the house of his father, saying,
“You have clothing;
You be our ruler,
And let these ruins be under your power,”[a]
In that day he will protest, saying,
“I cannot cure your ills,
For in my house is neither food nor clothing;
Do not make me a ruler of the people.”

For Jerusalem stumbled,
And Judah is fallen,
Because their tongue and their doings
Are against the Lord,
To provoke the eyes of His glory.
The look on their countenance witnesses against them,
And they declare their sin as Sodom;
They do not hide it.
Woe to their soul!
For they have brought evil upon themselves.

“Say to the righteous that it shall be well with them,
For they shall eat the fruit of their doings.
Woe to the wicked! It shall be ill with him,
For the reward of his hands shall be given him.
As for My people, children are their oppressors,
And women rule over them.
O My people! Those who lead you cause you to err,
And destroy the way of your paths.”

I realize this was not addressed to the US at the time it was written, but God works in patterns that repeat throughout history, and he puts them in the Bible so we will not have to repeat the punishments of those who came before us. If he did this to the Jews, he will do similar things to us.

He says he will take away food and water. That means lean times. It would not surprise me. Look what he did to Washington in the recent past. Two hurricanes and one earthquake. For a long time, I’ve prayed for God’s retribution to fall on the ungodly places instead of hitting areas like central Florida. Maybe he is listening to people like me. Anyway, this passage points to problems with the food supply.

God then says he will take away the counselor and the honorable man and so on. That means he will take away the people we should be listening to. The Romneys. He doesn’t say he’ll take away the righteous. Just the wise who might otherwise help us find our way.

Next God says, ““I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.”

Do I even have to explain? In droves, young people waddled to the polls in sagging pants so they could vote for Obama. They know virtually nothing about him (or anything else), but he won their votes by a large margin. Their values, if you can call them that, are represented heavily in Obama’s policies. Obama appoints people who think like college freshmen clutching their first credit cards. Some are young. Many merely think (or, more accurately, fail to think) like the young. Obama himself was young when he was elected, and he has the naivete and gullibility of a preteen. The old are supposed to run the world, because they know how it works (remember the famous debate line uttered by George W. Bush). When the young are in charge, and their “ideas” shape policy, things go very, very badly.

Later, God says, “As for My people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.” How true. Women invariably vote for oppression. They think Uncle Sam is the best husband a girl could have. If men didn’t vote, we would already be Communists.

Next: “The people will be oppressed, every one by another and every one by his neighbor;” This is what happens when society turns upside-down. It has happened in Nazi Germany and Cuba, to name two examples. The government pits people against each other, rewarding people for informing. In countries where this has happened, adults have become afraid of their own children, because the kids are encouraged to rat them out at school. Our government is now telling us, “If you see something, say something.” During his campaign, Obama asked people to squeal on people who wrote doubleplusungood things about him on the web. Obama even tried to form his own version of the Hitler Youth, and he got a Christian jailed for making an anti-Islamic video (the pretext is irrelevant; he was investigated because of the video, not the misconduct for which he was imprisoned).

The government is also turning our neighbors into overweening government goons. Unsuccessful, uneducated people have been hired as TSA officers, to molest us when we travel.Oppression is here, and it will get worse.

“The child will be insolent toward the elder, and the base toward the honorable.” Did you see the way Obama spoke to McCain and Romney during the debates? Have you seen the filthy things Obama supporters have said before and since the election? Ignorant, unaccomplished people now presume to “school” the rest of us before the public. We have George Will and Robert Bork. The left has Beyonce and Madonna. It reminds me of what Bill Clinton said about Obama duing the 2008 campaign: “A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags.” Some interpreted it as racism, but Clinton was actually making a reference to his own past, when he drove a Senator’s car in order to gain his patronage. Clinton worked his way up through the ranks. Obama had everything handed to him, and now he lectures people of superior intellect and greater experience.

God goes on to tell us that people will not want to be rulers. We’ve already seen that happen. Sarah Palin got a stomachful of the abuse and slander trashy individuals heaped on her and on her family. We are so abusive to good conservative people who volunteer to serve, surely we discourage many of them. I think it even happens in the church. My exhaustion with people from my old church was a major reason I deleted my Facebook account and started a new one. Talking to people who refuse to think is like trying to carve stone with a plastic knife.

Here’s an obvious parallel: “And they declare their sin as Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to their soul! For they have brought evil upon themselves.” We decided homosexuality was not a disorder. Then we decided it was something we should tolerate. Then we decided it was something we should celebrate and promote. Now we’re actively punishing righteous people who disagree. You can lose your job for saying something negative about sexual sin.

Sodom had lots of sins, but homosexuality was probably the worst. In Sodom, male gangs committed homosexual rape in the streets. Some claim the main problem with Sodom was its harshness to the poor, but I think it’s safe to say that forced penetration by groups of strangers offends God more than refusing to give alms.

Socialism, embraced by the Obama crowd, is actually morally equivalent to one of the main crimes of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. As I’ve noted in the past, these doomed peoples used to raid businesses in groups. Each person would steal an amount so small, he or she could not be arrested. It was a form of looting, grounded in covetousness. Socialism, or “social justice,” as the left calls it, is fundamentally similar. A large group of people votes for the looting of numerous individuals and businesses. Each pro-looting voter gets only a small amount of wealth from each looted entity, but the result is the destruction of businesses and inheritances (which are strongly favored in the Bible).

It used to be that people who took government money were ashamed, but now they call the loot “entitlements,” and they say the rest of us owe it to them! Incredible. “They declare their sin as Sodom; they do not hide it.”

There is one positive verse in this chapter:

Say to the righteous that it shall be well with them,
For they shall eat the fruit of their doings.
Woe to the wicked! It shall be ill with him,
For the reward of his hands shall be given him.

It looks like God will protect certain Americans. Several years ago, I heard God tell me, “This recession is not for you.” All across the US, zealous Christians have been leaving cities and moving to rural areas. It’s not an organized top-down movement. The Holy Spirit has moved individuals, separately, to get out. This verse explains it.

God is leading many of us to higher ground. When things get bad, there will be rioting and looting, and as always, the mobs will do most of the damage near their own homes. They will rob, rape, and murder the people next door, before they’ll get in cars and pillage the countryside. Rural areas will be a lot safer, until the government itself gets involved in violent persecution and confiscation.

I do not believe most Christians will be safe. Most Christians reject the Holy Spirit and live however they want. But I think those who live in communion with God–the people who will qualify for the Rapture–are protected. From time to time, as persecution increases, we will be martyred in large numbers. But I believe that will happen to two types of people: those who don’t know God well enough to hear a warning, and those whom he warns, yet who choose to lay down their lives and leave this earth.

We should look at the story of Lot for guidance. When God decided to wipe out Sodom, he pulled Lot into his house (through two angels) and struck his enemies with blindness. The predatory gays outside groped for the door and couldn’t find it, which is actually a good metaphor for people who can’t enter the kingdom of God. Similar things must have happened in Noah’s time. Christians don’t have much information about Noah’s dealings with his neighbors, but God must have protected him from them, because common sense says they would have stormed the ark after the waters rose a certain amount. God allowed Jesus to walk through a crowd of angry Nazarenes who wanted to murder him. If you’re spending time in the Spirit and dedicating your life to God, you probably will be fine, until and unless a time comes when God chooses to allow you to be sacrificed. By that time, you’ll be ready to go, as Paul and Peter were.

In the movie Defending Your Life, Albert Brooks played a dead soul who was on trial, and the lawyers bragged that they used higher percentages of their brains than we do. One was “clocked” at 51%. When Brooks asked questions about their big brains, one of them said something like, “When you use more than 5% of your brain, you don’t want to be on Earth.” That’s how it will be for people who are living by the Spirit. Increasingly, when we are granted reprieves, they will seem like extensions of our sentences.

I don’t understand why God allowed me to feel that Romney would win, but it may be that God did not choose Obama until election day. It may be that if enough of us had prayed, God would have spared us Obama, and the faith I felt was just my inadequate contribution. I can’t say. But I’m confident that God will explain it to me sooner or later. He has proven himself to exist, without a shadow of a doubt, so I can’t be too discouraged by bumps in the road.

Isaiah says God will purify and restore the Jews to whom his prophecy applies. I would hesitate to apply that to us. Israel is important. America is peripheral and ephemeral. We are relatively insignificant. We do not have the same promises Israel has. God can’t let Israel suffer final defeat, because it would violate his covenant with Abraham. If he chastises Israel, he has to relent and rebuild. If he chastises America, he can allow us to be slaughtered to the last man. Our survival is conditional, unlike that of Israel. It may be that we will change, but our record of stupidity suggests otherwise.

I feel better about the election now. I thought it was man thwarting God’s will, but now I think it was God, thwarting man’s will. Most of us wanted Romney (the cult member) to save us, but God chose to punish us with Obama (the false Christian). God wrecked Romney’s ground game, which was expected to be powerful. He blessed the Democrats’ ground game, which was supposed to be a shambles. He sent a hurricane that somehow helped Obama, even though Obama’s response caused terrible suffering. Now we have the President God wants us to have, and Americans are going to suffer because of that President’s incompetence, vanity, and bitterness.

I don’t know whether God gave us a non-Christian candidate to punish us, or he punished us for choosing a non-Christian candidate. Either way, we did ourselves in.

A small number of Americans turned to God. The Tea Party people, for example. But many Republicans decided the Christian right was too scary. They decided to be man-pleasers. Romney was our reward, just as McCain was our reward in 2008.

There is nowhere to run, if America has truly turned the corner. If socialism prevails here, Satan has the entire world, pretty much. People used to come here to escape, but those days may be over. The only lifeboat country of any significance will be Israel, and it will only be open to Jews.

By the way, Isaiah predicted wars for people who turn from God, and Isaiah 4:1 says a time will come when seven women will try to wed a single man. That doesn’t bode very well for our future. A shortage of men usually comes from war, and if it gets to the Isaiah 4:1 stage, it means war on one’s own soil. No country would send 6/7 of its men abroad to fight. It may refer to civil war. It would be counterproductive, expensive, and irrational for an enemy to kill off 6/7 of the male workforce of a conquered nation. It could happen, though, in a civil war, where the violence is more personal and passionate.

The natural approach has failed, so my advice is to build an ark the supernatural way. Get baptized with the Spirit. Pray in tongues. Submit. Give to the poor. Study. Fast. Get to know God, and see if you can get him to deliver you. Beyond that, I have no advice. We’ve tried the other stuff, and it hasn’t worked.

McCain II Strikes Out

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Lesson Learned? Doubtful.

I looked at the news today and saw that people are still wondering why Romney lost. It’s funny; Republicans criticize other people for being PC, but now we’re guiltier than anyone. No one will say it: Americans will not turn out to vote for a Mormon. Mormonism is a non-Christian cult, and many Christians have had negative experiences with it. I voted for Romney because I believed that a Mormon who shares our goals was better than a hostile atheist pretending to be a Christian, but it looks like many Christians felt differently.

People are talking about the Tea Party as though it were dead, and as though it was a weakening influence. That’s ridiculous. The Tea Party had it right. They wanted a Christian. Unfortunately, the people who control the primaries are not very conservative, and they don’t care about principle. They are carnal people who only think about numbers. They do not understand the minds of the base.

If we had run a Christian with a little personal pizzazz, we would probably have won. Millions of people who decided not to vote would probably have gotten in their cars and stood in line.

It’s sad. Herman Cain had it all, but it turned out he had a sex problem that made Bill Clinton look like a monk. He did us tremendous harm by lying about his past. We decided Bachmann and Santorum wouldn’t appeal to the mindless middle. We didn’t have the guts to draft Palin. We did exactly what we did in 2008. We picked the person we thought would please the center and left. I wonder if anyone in the nomination machine will learn from this.

You don’t have to be a liberal to win. You have to be an inspiration. The public can’t tell liberal from conservative. If you sound like you know what you’re doing–and you don’t belong to a weird cult–you can win. The same people who elected Bush twice elected Obama twice. If political complexion meant anything, that could not happen.

Romney won in Massachusetts when he ran for governor. That’s wonderful, but Massachusetts is not the entire United States. People there are not very interested in God. Romney had to win in places like Florida and Virginia, where people actually go to church.

I wonder who the GOP will nominate next time. Maybe a homosexual. Unlike rats in a behavioral experiments, we run toward negative stimuli. We went left and got zapped twice, so we’ll probably go left again.

You can’t out-left the left. They’re better at it than we are. It only makes sense that voters picked a real liberal over a lukewarm conservative with a liberal veneer.

We’ll probably nominate Christie next time. He’s against gun rights, and he doesn’t seem to have much understanding of loyalty, but he’s a brilliant speaker, and he won a gubernatorial race in a liberal state, so like McCain and Romney, he must be a conservative liberals will vote for, right? Yeah! Slam dunk!

For four years, I’ve been saying the US was about to sink to the level of Italy or Greece. I still see that happening. If you’re worried, get close to God. He concerns himself with individuals more than nations.

More Tunes From my Head

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Not What I Expected

When I started writing music, I thought I’d be doing something bluesy, but I keep writing things that are sort of like classical. I just finished one tonight. “Finished” is not quite right. I got it up to an acceptable length, came up with a beginning and end, and stopped. I can fix it up later.

I was thinking it might be useful for my church’s dance team. With that in mind, I repeated the catchier parts instead of writing new ones. I figured that if people were dancing to it, they would want some repetition.

I remembered to pray for help before I worked on it. That makes me happy. I don’t like engaging in a task without praying first, but I always forget.

When I started, I tried to write it using the viola da gamba sound from Finale. I have loved the sound of this weird instrument ever since I saw Tous Les Matins du Monde, which is a really depressing French movie (I repeat myself) about musicians. It’s like a cello, but it has seven strings. It turns out the Finale version refuses to do anything other than pizzicato, so I used a cello sound instead.

Here it is. I’m thrilled with it. Looks like a good first draft to me. I can’t believe I wrote it. It doesn’t seem like my personality at all.

Viola da Gamba Am Noodling 10 28 12

Welcome to Zoar Farms

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Where the Cows Lick Pillars of Salt

Sorry I did not come by to weep with everyone on Tuesday night. On Monday, I had a 2-phone-battery conversation with somone who thinks going into drug rehab is somehow a service that benefits ME, and I decided to get up the next day and get out of Miami.

Ocala. That’s what it’s all about.

To recap, I went to Winter Haven to help launch a new church, and I felt like a runaway slave. Afterward, I started thinking about moving north. Then my buddy Mike started talking about Ocala. Either that, or I came up with the idea myself. Can’t remember. I started looking at Ocala real estate on the computer, with the intensity of an Obama campaign staffer researching Romney’s overdue library books. I found out that you can get a magnificent farm up there for the cost of a little-bitty house in Coral Gables. I’ve been making lists and looking at Google Earth a lot.

Originally, I thought I would go alone, because I didn’t think my father would ever leave this place. Then he started coming around. That was great, because I refuse to have a mortgage, and if we both go, we can have a much nicer property.

I checked out fourteen places, from two acres to forty, if I recall correctly. If I had to describe this area, I’d say it looks a great deal like the area outside Lexington, Kentucky, only without the backwardness and bigotry. I hope. Mike says everyone got along great at the racially mixed school he went to in Ocala.

I had read that the dirt up there was too sandy for growing things, but that’s not true. I saw all sorts of hay, and people were growing stuff in their yards. It may not be the finest dirt on earth, but clearly, it works. We don’t really have dirt in Miami. A lot of this area has a few inches of white sand over oolite (coral rock), and when they build houses, sometimes they add a little muck from the Everglades, so you end up with grey sand. To plant a tree in my yard, you have to use a mattock and cut a hole in the rock. I’ve pretty much had it with our dirt.

I was able to move between properties ten miles apart in about as many minutes. As a victim of Miami, I can’t even express my joy. The traffic here is nearly unbearable, and the worst part about it is that when you finally get out of the car, you’re still in Miami.

There are actual hills up there. At one point, while driving, I felt pressure in my ears. I didn’t think that was possible in Florida.

I also enjoyed hearing English. Diversity is swell, but I get very, very, very tired of playing charades to make myself understood in the United States of America, by individuals who have been here since Carter.

People get mad at me because I can’t understand their bad English. One of the biggest night school subjects here is ESOL, or English for Speakers of Other Languages. That’s great, but they haven’t gotten around to adding UESOL, or Understanding English for Speakers of Other Languages. Funny thing, I find it easier to talk to relatively new Haitians than Cubans who have been here 20 years. The Haitians learn English very quickly, and when their English isn’t good (very rare), I can talk to them in French.

Anyway, I do look forward to saying everything ONCE.

The Romney signs…they were everywhere. I saw a few Obamas, but not enough to matter. Mike says a politician who runs as a Democrat in Marion County has no shot. I love that.

I would say the Ocala area looks, well, not hectic. I suppose it could get dull. But I don’t do much anyway, in terms of going out on the town. I don’t like movies because my feet stick to the floor and people yap in Spanish. I don’t like restaurants because I cook better than they do. Clubs…don’t even joke. I can generally be found at home, at church, or running errands. My assumption is that if I join a good church up there, I’ll have a social circle within two to three months, and after that, life will be much as it is here, only without the unpleasant sensation of being in Miami.

I saw a lot of wonderful things. Barbecue restaurants, plural. All sorts of businesses related to farming. They would be helpful to a tool-oriented person hoping to get into things like canning food and maintaining a workshop. There’s a Krystal restaurant in town. They don’t have a Costco, and that will smart, but you can’t have everything. There’s a Gordon Food Service 60 miles away. I wanted to be remote, so I shouldn’t complain.

It may be hard to find a place that doesn’t have horse paraphernalia. I am not going to have much use for a barn. I know people will say I can put a workshop in it, but horse barns are cut up into little stalls. I think it would be pretty hard to convert one. Mike says we can rent stalls to people. Basically, they would be paying to give me handy manure.

I don’t know much about maintaining rural property, even though I’ve owned a ton of it in common with family. As far as I know, you don’t have to do much with barns and land. We did virtually nothing to the farms we sold, and they held their value. I don’t want to end up bush-hogging thirty or forty acres once a month, or mowing a giant yard.

I’m going to try to put together a plan and get this done. Things are probably going to get very bad now that we have chosen Obama a second time, and if a depression hits the cities, the entitlement flash mobs will be invading houses en masse, raping, killing, and stealing. Or “stealing BACK,” as they would say. Places like Ocala will be very dangerous for that crowd. Up there, a guy with scoped rifles (and friends with scoped rifles) might have a real advantage over liberal dentists and accountants in Coral Gables. I guess it sounds like I’m planning to move so I can shoot a bunch of people. No, but I don’t want to be an easy target when the anti-Christian, anti-conservative Kristallnacht comes.

I guess I should write about the election.

Many conservatives are questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s victory. Let me give you a bitter pill. It’s completely legitimate. Unless they turn up an extremely unlikely election-rigging scam which spans many states, no reasonable person will ever be able to deny that we chose this man. We know what he is, and we want it.

People are saying he won because the media didn’t go after him. I’m sure that helped him, but his screwups have been covered fairly well. Everyone who owns a PC or TV should be aware of his failures and negative traits. People claim he won because the public has drifted left. I very much doubt it. I don’t think the public is smart enough to know what left is.

Obama won because a big percentage of the electorate is ignorant and/or not very bright. Grab a typical college graduate and ask him if he has any idea why entitlements lead to unemployment and low productivity, and chances are, he won’t have a clue. The people who decided the election were not favoring leftism. They went for the guy they liked best. They saw the debates, and they thought about things like hair and suits, and at the end, they decided Obama made them feel better.

People who are obsessed with politics think everyone worries about things like the proper level of taxation and the size of our military. In reality, the average voter votes based on instinct, which is something that exists to help creatures who lack the ability or inclination to reason.

Ronald Reagan ran against Carter. He projected confidence and charm, so he won twice. Bush I ran against Dukakis, who looked short, dumpy, and timid, so he won once. Clinton charmed female voters, so he beat Bush I. Bush II seemed less crazy than Gore and less snotty than Kerry, so he got eight years.

I know it’s not really that simple. Policies matter a little. But it’s very obvious that we are as willing to vote for extreme leftists as right-of-center conservatives, so I don’t believe substance means much.

Anyway, Obama is the President, and he is the true choice of the people, so get over it.

As to why Obama won people’s hearts, I believe the answer is supernatural. We have killed tens of millions of unborn babies (and quite a few that were born), we have turned against Israel, a huge percentage of us support perversion, we think fornication is a God-given right, and we are becoming cruel and extremely proud. We pray less than ever, and church attendance is dropping. We are becoming God’s enemies. In my opinion, our reward is national decline. God has blinded us to Obama’s revolting shortcomings, so we did something no reasonable nation would do. We chose Obama not once, but twice.

I was highly disturbed when I saw the election results. I was in a hotel room, trying to sleep, and I stupidly forgot to turn off my phone. People woke me up more than once, calling to express their horror. At some point in the wee hours, I gave up and looked at Drudge. Arrgh.

Before the election, I spent a great deal of time in prayer. I felt great faith pushing through me. I thought a Romney victory was very likely. When I saw that I was wrong, the thing that disturbed me most was not the Obama victory, but the fact that I had believed he would lose. It’s very unusual for me to have strong faith for a result and then to see something different happen. It affects my relationship with God. I will never doubt him or criticize him, but a failure like this makes me reevaluate the things I do in my walk of faith. Am I praying correctly? Am I interpreting what I feel correctly? Is there something else I should be doing? If I’m wrong about this, what else am I wrong about?

I believe God sometimes sets his seal on things. By that, I mean he decrees that a thing will be done, with complete finality. He doesn’t say “if” or “maybe.” It’s done. Period. I believe he reveals this to some people during prayer. Sometimes the rush of faith that follows a request is so powerful, it’s overwhelming. There’s no way to deny it.

This happened to me back when an ex-girlfriend was filing nutty lawsuits against me. One day I was praying in my truck, and a wave of faith hit me, and I grabbed the console between the seats because I felt I would be pushed over if I didn’t have something to hold. After that, I knew I was going to win, and I was right. On top of that, I asked for very specific things in the last two hearings, and I got them.

I’ve also had it happen with regard to other things I’ve asked for. I asked God to do everything within his power to get my father and sister to accept Christ, be baptized with the Spirit, pray in tongues, be freed from their iniquities, and live in power and blessings, and my faith told me it would be done. God didn’t say they would change; he just said he would do everything possible. They still have free will.

I have found that usually, a strong rush of faith that doesn’t reach the threshold of a sealed answer will still get the job done. But sometimes–I think–a small amount of doubt is enough to sink the ship. I think that’s what happened with the election. I felt great faith, but I also felt something pushing back, and I wasn’t able to get to the point where doubt was completely destroyed. It may sound like I’m giving a lot of importance to my prayers, but my religion tells me the prayer of one man held the sun still in the sky, and I am not willing to limit God.

I think that in the future, I’ll have to be careful not to conclude that something is sealed when it isn’t. I also think that when I’m not sure a thing is sealed, and it’s an important matter, I should continue in prayer until I get resolution. That’s my take for now, anyway.

For a long time, I’ve prayed for God to bless and empower Christians, not America in general. I won’t pray for America’s success because America has been harmed by false prosperity. When things go well, we do what the ancient Jews did. We turn away from God, credit ourselves, and sink into sin. I see that happening around me, so I have prayed that God would bring down ungodly people who are in power and strengthen believers. I believe this will help people turn back to God, where they will work to achieve his ends. They will work as they were intended, with his authority, to increase his kingdom in the earth. I think the Obama disaster is God granting prayers like mine. Like the Hebrews who feasted on quail till they puked, we’re going to feast on our own conceit. God will give us the incompetent, dangerous leaders our egos tell us we need, and they will lead us over cliffs until we repent. That’s my best guess.

God is taking away the things we believe in. He is taking away every stable investment. Stocks are shaky, and Obama’s tax changes will kill them. Gold is volatile. Real estate could plummet again at any time. Even cash is sinking. Thanks to Bernanke’s backdoor socialism, if you sell your risky stocks and put the money in the bank, you still lose value. It looks as though a time is coming when everything we cling to will turn on us, and unless we have a good grip on God, we will sink.

This is why I like the rural-compound-with-no-mortgage idea. Little properties in places like Manhattan and Coral Gables are only valuable in good times. They have no real value. A Park Avenue condo, for example, is a tiny box with no soil, even if it costs ten million dollars. Right now it’s valuable because there are a lot of people who have money. When things go bad, people won’t want little boxes. They’ll want acreage, so they can grow things and defend themselves. Bernanke can wreck the dollar, but he can’t dry up your well or prevent potatoes from growing in your yard.

I keep meeting people who have Ocala connections. Mike was the first. I went to church and mentioned it, and I found out that one of the armorbearers already owns 20 acres there and wants to move, but his wife won’t let him. He has a carry permit, and he’s learning to can! One of my best friends, a former armorbearer, is married to a woman who has family in Marion County. She has wanted to move there for a while now. The other day, I mentioned the idea to a friend who used to be part of my prayer group at Trinity. He goes to New Dawn now. He says he went to high school in Ocala. To me, these things seem like confirmation.

I think God is probably going to protect Christians in the years ahead. I think we will do better than ever, while the country sinks. I think Israel will also prosper. America is abandoning Israel, and God never will, so he will find other ways to bless his nation. If Christians and Israel do well, it will serve to ground persecution. No surprise there. We’ve been told to expect it.

When I say “Christians,” I mean charismatics who really know God. I don’t think he’s going to do much for people who don’t have the Holy Spirit, because they don’t hear his guidance as well. They say 20 million confused people who claim to be evangelicals voted for Obama. I think that should tell you how lost a so-called Christian can be.

If I learn anything new, I’ll let you know.

Thank God for an Obama Loss, in Advance

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Thanksgiving Holds the Channel Open

I am not very worried today. God has given me peace about the election, so I’m not glued to a TV or computer, looking for clues. I don’t think the election will affect me as much as it will other people, even if it goes the wrong way. God has told me the recession is not for me. I don’t have anything to worry about, although I do hope Obama loses.

I continue to see all sorts of supernatural manifestations around me and also around people I know. The Bible condemns people who require signs, but it also says signs and wonders follow God’s servants, so any Christian who scoffs at the supernatural is probably ignorant.

I’ve learned a lot about our intended function as servants of the kingdom. If you watch TBN, you will eventually start to think God’s purpose is to give us money and big houses, and that we can force him to do whatever we want by using the name of Jesus and sending cash to men in gaudy suits. Jesus made it clear that we are expected to put God’s kingdom and righteousness first.

That’s an important distinction. Historically, Christians have ignored the kingdom and put way too much emphasis on salvation. I guess the weighed the evil of spending eternity in hell against every other bad thing imaginable and decided that there was no price too high to pay for salvation. As a result, we ended up with idiotic policies such as conversion by torture or threat of death. In reality, salvation is not the most important thing in God’s plan. If it were, people would get it automatically. The most important thing is to advance God’s kingdom, and if you push salvation at the expense of God’s sovereignty, you end up with problems.

My former church was all about numbers. They craved money, and they also thought salvation was the main purpose for a church’s existence, so they watered down their teaching and produced hordes of so-called Christians who were nothing but hypocrites. These people went to church and danced around and claimed God was all over them, and then they went home and fornicated and did whatever else non-Christians do. Some went home, I should say. Some stayed at church and fornicated there. The Armorbearers used to catch them.

The pastor’s son said he would actually have paid people to go to church, had he been able to. That shows how little he knew about his job. He felt that as long as he got people to say the sinner’s prayer, he had done a wonderful thing for God. He did not understand that the church is supposed to be separate from the secular world. When we work too hard to bring the lost into the church, we end up with churches that imitate the lost instead of leading them, and eventually, the lost take over and end up leading us.

God is supposed to rule inside us. That means we belong to him 24/7, not just during services. It means we have to want to change and serve him. It means we have to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and grow through prayer in tongues and fasting. When God is in charge, we get power and help. When he’s not, we get the divine equivalent of trips to the woodshed. The people who run my former church don’t get that. They think God exists to make us rich and to approve of absolutely everything we do. That’s probably why the church has an eight-figure mortgage it will never be able to pay off. The church itself is poor. It’s a financial failure. They claim they can teach people how to succeed, but they can’t do it, themselves.

A church should not abandon God in order to get spiritually immature people to attend. People are like fruit. They should join the community of Christians when they get ripe. If they show up too soon, they cause all sorts of problems.

Since I’ve begun learning my real function as a servant, I’ve seen more power in my life. Prayers get answered with shocking speed. Revelation comes abundantly. God guides my steps. I wake up with no plan and then find my days filled with jobs God puts in my path.

I feel God’s confirmation coming through me when I pray for things, and when it happens, the prayers are granted. One example of many: a friend of mine has a lot of problems with his mother, who is an extremely difficult and irrational person. His brother is in the hospital with serious injuries, and he hasn’t been able to get any information from his mother. The other night he called me to complain. He had to put me on hold to talk to his mother for a minute, and while he did, I prayed for him to get the answers he wanted. I felt a gushing surge of faith push through me, and I sent him a text to let him know. He got back on the phone and told me his mother had just told him everything he wanted to know.

Jesus told us that if, while we prayed, we believed we would receive, our prayers would be granted. We teach that this means that if you believe really hard, God will give you what you want. Do we have it backward? In my experience, it works the other way around. If I find myself filled with faith, it means God has agreed to give me what I ask for. The faith, which comes from God (not my effort), is evidence of his consent. That agrees with the Bible, which tells us faith is the “evidence” of things not seen.

Traditional teaching says, “If faith, then prayer granted.” The Bible seems to say, “If prayer granted, then faith.” I think belief does have creative power, because the Bible does tell us to believe, but most people can’t expect to have belief without the help of the Holy Spirit.

Things also seem to go better when I ask God IF he will do a thing, instead of begging him to do it.

Every time I’ve asked God if he was going to put Romney in the White House in this election, I’ve felt overwhelming faith. I don’t promise you anything. I’m just telling you what has happened.

I hope it’s true. We deserve Obama, but we need Romney.

I keep asking God to let his chastisement fall on ungodly people and their areas, instead of hitting people and communities in areas where he is respected. I’ve been doing that for a long time. We know that God tends to whack the US when our leaders persecute Israel. If it has to happen, I’d rather see the punishment fall on Barack Obama’s career and the areas that voted for him than on Red State people who are trying to do the right thing.

My advice to any Christian reading this would be to pray for Obama to lose, and to spend a good, long time thanking God for making it happen. Go half an hour if you can. It seems that God moves most while you thank and glorify him. If you just ask him for stuff and then move on with your life, you may be writing a bad check.

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Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

The Reception is Better Than You Think

Something occurred to me last night, so I thought I’d share it. I’m sure it will conflict pretty badly with Jewish teaching, but then, they already think we’re crazy, so it won’t matter. As long as we do our best to bless them and avoid driving them nuts, I think we’re okay.

In Genesis 28, Jacob left Isaac after he had been blessed, and he ended up in “a certain place,” where he put a rock under his head for a pillow and went to sleep. He had a vision in which he saw a ladder or stairway stretching down to him from heaven, and on it, he saw angels traveling up and down. God appeared to him and reiterated the promises he had made to Abraham, more or less, saying his seed would be numerous and he would own the Promised Land.

The name of the place where Jacob stayed was Luz. In Hebrew, this means something like “twisted” or “turned aside.” This is remarkable, because the Holy Spirit has been sent to remove our iniquities, and in the Old Testament, the words translated as “iniquity” mean “crookedness.” Iniquities are counterproductive drives and inclinations, like addictions, homosexuality, laziness, fear, and so on. Sins are actions. Iniquities are the character problems that drive us to sin. They are “the strong man” we have to bind, using God’s supernatural power.

Apparently, Luz was named for iniquity, until Jacob had his vision. He changed the name to “Bethel,” which means “house of God.”

A house of God is a temple. We are supposed to be his ambulatory temples, under the New Covenant. The Holy Spirit is supposed to inhabit us, as he inhabited the Holy of Holies in the Temple in Jerusalem. Spirit-filled Christians know that a man is like a house full of squatters. Our flesh and hostile, controlling spirits have to be overcome and driven out, so the Holy Spirit can become the dominant influence inside us.

After Jacob’s vision, he anointed the rock with oil (oil symbolizes the anointing of the Holy Spirit), and he gave Luz its new name. If you don’t see the parallel to a Christian receiving the baptism with the Holy Spirit, accompanied by a new purpose and identity, there is no point in trying to explain it.

I had no idea I was going to go in this direction, but I guess I should not be surprised. I’ll continue.

No one really knows where Bethel is, but many suspect it was the Temple Mount. This is what I originally intended to write about. There are people who believe that this location contains a special “portal” which allows easier, more effective communication with God, and that this explains the vision. I disagree. That may have been true under the Old Covenant, when there was only one temple, but now there are many temples. Each of us is a temple. The Bible says God is near to all who call on him.

As I’ve written previously, I’ve come to believe that there is a “stairway” connecting every Spirit-filled person to heaven. I don’t think it’s an actual structure; I think it represents a condition of mind and spirit which is conducive to prayer. I believe that when this stairway is open and functioning, what the Bible refers to as “the windows of heaven” are open. I do not believe the Judaizers (see Larry Huch and Steve Munsey) who make up stories about windows of heaven being tiny, holiday-centered times of opportunity, during which we can bribe God by sending him money. I believe faith, praise, and thanks hold the windows of heaven open, which is the main reason we are told to thank and praise God constantly.

Jacob seems to agree. He saw the stairway, but he also said the “gate” of heaven was at Bethel. Windows and gates are pretty much the same thing. They are doors that can be opened and closed. In ancient times, windows didn’t have glass panes. In the Middle East, windows were covered by nets or lattices that could be opened, so really, they were small doors or gates. When the gate is held open by faith and praise, prayers go up the stairway, and God’s answers come down and manifest themselves.

To some extent, Jacob represents the church. We are not Jews, and we do not replace them, but we are told that we are wild olives, grafted onto the original root. So the implied promise of access to the stairway should apply to us.

Incidentally, I got into it with a Judaizer who kept telling me we ARE Jews. He was upset because he found out Perry Stone was eating crabs. The New Testament contains all sorts of language saying we do not have to worry about what we eat, but when a person gets ahold of a kooky idea, there is no driving it out with reason. He pointed to the wild olive scripture. I had to explain something to him; a grafted branch doesn’t produce the same kind of fruit as the host tree.

When I was working on a kibbutz in Israel, I helped maintain an almond orchard. Almonds are actually fruit, related to cherries, peaches, apricots, and so on. The almond itself is just the seed. One day the kibbutzniks took the orchard volunteers to see a special. tree. They had grafted branches onto it, so one side produced almonds, another side produced apricots, and another side produced plums (I think). At the time, it didn’t make a big impression on me, but now I think God showed it to me to show me that a graft is not a replacement. A wild olive, whatever it may be, is not a cultivated olive like the ones you buy at the store.

The Judaizers are pretty disturbing. I think it’s only a matter of time until they declare the Jews obsolete and claim they own Israel. That’s how these things usually go. Fortunately, they’re a tiny fringe group.

Anyway, I believe that anyone who spends enough time in the Spirit (daily) will end up perceiving these things to be true.