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AK Pistol Gets Green Light

Friday, September 28th, 2012

The Dot of Death

What a day I had.

For weeks, I have been trying to get to an outdoor gun range to test a pet theory. I thought it would be clever to put a laser on an AK47 pistol and put it in my truck, but I didn’t want to fool with it until I knew how well it worked in practice. To find out, I needed to shoot a similar weapon without using the buttstock. An AK pistol is really a shortened rifle with no buttstock, so I knew that if I could control a rifle, I would be able to control a pistol.

I made it to the range today, and because my last safety class was so long ago, I had to take a 20-minute refresher. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but they didn’t hold the class until an hour after I got there. Then I got ready to go in, and a static electricity alarm went off and shut the range down.

I know you have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s new to me, too. They have a machine that detects static electricity, and when it gets nervous, it sounds a horrible siren. That means there is a risk of lightning, so you have to stop shooting. Because…I guess it’s better to be struck by lightning when you’re not shooting.

We waited maybe 45 minutes for the machine to calm down. During that time, it rained like crazy. I wanted to leave, but after the half-hour drive to the range, the wait for the course, and the course itself, I just couldn’t. I refuse to shoot on weekends because it’s like a buffalo stampede, so my next opportunity would have been Wednesday. Forget that.

Eventually the machine reconciled itself with its inner child, and we were allowed to shoot. I managed to get 25 rounds off before the machine wet its pants again. I used my Vz 58, which shoots the same ammunition as an AK47. It’s a carbine with a folding stock, so it’s nearly the same thing as a pistol. In fact, you can buy a pistol version. They cut a few inches off the barrel and remove the stock.

I was not allowed to shoot with the stock folded, but that didn’t matter. I held the gun away from my body, so the stock didn’t come into play. Same thing. I did not use the sights. Without any effort at all, I got 3″ groups at 75 feet. I shot one group using the sights, and I was amazed. I was just playing around, but four bullets went through one hole, and the fifth was a nearby flier. This is an incredibly easy gun to shoot.

The recoil was pathetic. Not worth discussing. The green laser was clearly visible. The weather was a little overcast, but I think that even on a bright day, you’d have to be blind to miss it at distances under 50 feet.

I wasn’t allowed to shoot rapid-fire, but I managed to shoot rounds a couple of seconds apart, and I had no problem finding the aim point after the first shot.

The accuracy is probably better than my test indicates, because I had problems with the laser mount slipping.

Here’s the target. I realize the holes are all over the place, but that’s because I used different aim points to distinguish the groups.

If a burgler was in my house, even if the groups opened up by a factor of four, I’d still be within a circle about 10″ across. That’s at 75 feet. Who shoots people 75 feet away in self-defense? It’s pretty rare. At realistic distances of fifty feet or less, I’d be the Angel of Death himself.

I really don’t understand why gun people are so afraid to admit the mindblowing awesomeness of lasers. A lot of gun nuts hate to hear people say things like this, but it’s true: the bullets go wherever you put the dot. It’s just that easy. No sighting required.

If the laser craps out, you still have a gun with a nice long sight radius (helpful even when point shooting), plus 30 rounds of hellacious ammunition no handgun can come close to matching. What’s not to love?

Now I know lasers and 7.62 rounds work. The only question is whether I should go to a pistol or stick with a folding rifle. The pistol would need a flash hider, adding about two inches to the barrel. I think the whole thing would come in at about 22″. The rifle is 26″ long, folded. Still compact.

An AK pistol would be a lot cheaper than a Vz 58 folder, so if it got stolen, I would cry less.

I know people moan a lot about the risks of overpenetration with a rifle, but that’s silly. The vast majority of pistol shots miss the mark entirely, which is infinitely worse than overpenetrating. Rifles are much more accurate. It’s probably better to hit a criminal and then deal with a slight risk that someone behind him will be struck by the slowed-down round than it is to miss and have someone hit with a pistol round traveling at full speed. And if you miss with the pistol, you still have a criminal coming at you or a loved one.

The laser mount needs to be tightened, but I don’t think there will be any movement, once I hit it with an Allen wrench. The groups will probably tighten up once it’s secure.

I’m sold on this thing. It’s nice when a plan works out.

Rule Yourself With a Rod of Iron

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Before You Help the Neighbors, Clean Your House

I’m learning more stuff about the concept of authority.

God and Satan are fighting for flesh in the earth. Jesus is assembling the Body of Christ, and Satan is assembling the body of the Antichrist. God is trying to exterminate the seed of the rebellious angels, and Satan is trying to exterminate God’s people.

If it sounds silly to say God is “trying” to do something, I would simply recommend taking a look at the Bible. Over and over, God started projects that didn’t pan out. He was relying on human beings to get the job done for him, and we failed him. Also, he is limited in what he can do, because he’s good. He can’t do anything that goes against his goodness.

Each of us is part of Christ’s body. Like the parts of a man’s body, we are supposed to obey the will of the head. Jesus told us that as many as were led by the Spirit were the sons of God. John said, “For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments.” He was not just talking about things God told us to do in the New Testament or the Torah. He was referring to the real-time commands Jesus issues through the Holy Spirit.

Every body has a nervous system. The Holy Spirit functions as the nervous system of the Body of Christ. He transmits information and power. We are expected to clear a pathway to him, so these things flow through us. We clear that pathway and allow the flow through prayer in tongues. It’s like physical therapy for a stroke victim. Over and over, you tell a body part to do things, and over time, it obeys more and more readily, and with more strength and certainty.

The body of Christ is God’s fetus. The earth is his uterus. We are growing stronger and more aware, as a fetus does. We are growing to resemble the father who conceived us, as a fetus does. Satan is working constantly to abort the fetus.

We see this described in a very literal way in the Revelation:

Now a great sign was seen in heaven — a woman clothed with the sun, under her feet the moon, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was pregnant and about to give birth, and she screamed in the agony of labor.

Another sign was seen in heaven there was a great red dragon with seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven royal crowns. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of heaven and threw them down to the earth. It stood in front of the woman about to give birth, so that it might devour the child the moment it was born.

She gave birth to a son, a male child, the one who will rule all the nations with a staff of iron. But her child was snatched up to God and his throne; and she fled into the desert, where she has a place prepared by God so that she can be taken care of for 1,260 days.

We ARE Jesus, just as the Antichrist’s followers are the Antichrist. We are supposed to be his limbs and eyes and so on. We are supposed to be unified in purpose, so we do the things he commands.

How do we give him control? First we have to take control of ourselves.

A human being is like a demolition derby driver who is tied up in the back seat of a car. Before he can get into the fight, he has to get free of the ropes. Until he can get loose and take the controls, other cars can ram him whenever they like and push him in any direction. Our flesh is like the car. It controls us and keeps us bound. Sometimes demons are involved. But we have to fight our own flesh before we can accomplish anything.

Look at the problems most people face. They come from a lack of self-control. The biggest killers are heart disease and cancer. Why is that? It’s because we smoke and overeat. Bad behavior kills us. Poverty usually comes from bad behavior. A lot of people suffer and die because of things they can’t control, but there are a lot of problems we bring on ourselves. We can’t control our flesh.

Jesus said that in order to spoil a strong man’s house, you have to bind the strong man. You have to bind the flesh, or it will run your life. It’s like being on a horse with no bridle. Your flesh is stupid and immoral. Do you really want it to have executive power?

We become enslaved by the flesh at an early age, and many of us also unwittingly invited demons to live in us, so we are not in charge. We may hear from Jesus, but we also hear a lot of other voices. We are tossed around, like boats in a storm. We have no course. And to have no course is to be on course for destruction. There is only one way and one gate.

To get free, we have to develop authority. As far as I can tell, it begins with faith, because faith is like a snaking tool we use to pull things from God. If you have faith, you can be baptized with the Spirit, and then you can pray in tongues. From tongues, you get more faith, guidance, power, and cleansing. Eventually, you will reach a point where you can overcome your flesh. Once that happens, you will begin to be able to exercise real authority over external things. Spirits and matter.

Jesus didn’t need tongues, to the best of our knowledge. He was worthy and sinless from birth, so he was not like us. He was baptized with the Spirit, and then he went into the desert to fast. During the fast, he defeated his flesh. He showed it he was willing to die before letting it control him, and it yielded. When Satan came to tempt him, he couldn’t find a handle. He couldn’t find an internal ally to help him. The flesh was submitted to the authority of Jesus, so Satan could not bring internal division and rule over him.

It was not until after the fast that Jesus began exercising real power. His first miracles came after the fast. His ministry of perfect teaching began after the fast.

When we fast, the purpose is to defeat the flesh so the Spirit can have more control. When we show the flesh we mean business, it backs down before us. We can command it, in the name of Jesus. We can command spirits. We can free ourselves from iniquity, which is the inclination to do evil. We can do away with Satanic habits like drug addiction, alcoholism, pornography, whoring, habitual anger, overeating, laziness, and so on. We can become like Jesus, inside ourselves.

What happens without authority? We may be defeated. The sons of Sceva (a priest) told a demon to leave a man, by the authority of Jesus. The demon told them it didn’t know them, and it stripped the men naked and chased them so they ran down the street. They were exposed as lacking authority; the nudity symbolized that. The fact that they were sons of a priest was also significant. It shows that authority comes from the Holy Spirit, not earthly prestige. Authority comes from a supernatural anointing, as well as submission and obedience.

The unfortunate consequence is that sometimes we have to fast. That’s just how it is. We can ride the horse, or it can ride us.

This confirms something I already believed. If you know a preacher who has no self-control, you know someone whose words have to be put to the test. For example, if a preacher is obese, how can he say the flesh doesn’t run him? Would he choose obesity deliberately? Of course not. It has to be the result of submission to the flesh. What if he smokes? What if he fornicates or suffers from greed? What if he’s addicted to approval and admiration? What if he loses his temper habitually? You have to keep your eye on him, because from time to time, when he speaks, the flesh may be in charge, and we know who rules the flesh when we don’t.

Right now, the Body of Christ is like a person with MS or cerebral palsy. Jesus sends the commands, and the Holy Spirit transmits them and gives us the power to accomplish our tasks, but we don’t hear. We don’t obey. We are like taxis with the radios removed. We are “lawless,” as the Bible calls it. We are “workers of iniquity.” We do what our habits tell us to do. Sometimes we obey Jesus, but not nearly often enough. So the Body of Christ is like a disabled person who can’t coordinate his limbs and get out of bed.

This is why our experience is not like the experience of the Apostles. This is why we don’t see more people raised from the dead. The telephone lines are down.

The other day I fasted, and I asked for more authority. This was before I understood all these things the way I do now. A few days later, I got the idea that it was okay to give commands directly to my flesh. To address it as though it were a dog. I started doing it, and my flesh obeyed. I usually have trouble falling asleep, but when I ordered my flesh to become drowsy and sleep, it did. I had trouble with sexual thoughts. I ordered my flesh to knock it off, and it did. I had lost some of the victory God had given me over gluttony. I ordered my flesh to stop craving food and drink, and it did.

After I started seeing these results, I understood that God had granted my request. I had more authority.

It’s not perfect. Sometimes I get resistance. But the flesh is now in retreat. It is losing the war. Things are getting better and better.

The Bible says whom the son sets free is free indeed. People think this is about hell. It’s not just about hell. It’s about living in authority, right here. As Adam did before the fall. It doesn’t mean your life will be perfect, but overall, you will be victorious.

Look at the people Jesus freed in the Bible. Lepers. Crippled people. The blind. He didn’t just promise them eternal life, fifty years down the road. He set them free here on earth. Authority is for this world.

Churches resist this, because Satan has a lot of control over churches. It’s a message he fears. But it’s true. This is why the “gospel” really is “good news.” If you’re suffering on earth, it’s very nice to hear that you’re going to paradise some day. But if Jesus delivers you right now, wow! That’s GOOD NEWS. That’s the kind of news that will make you jump up and down. No matter how great the promise of eternal life is, it really can’t compare, in immediate emotional impact.

This stuff continues to work for me. If you have inner problems you can’t control, give it a try. I think you’ll be amazed.

You’re Fired!

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

A Pastor Has to Have Guts

Yesterday morning, my pastor sent people a text. He said the Holy Spirit had come over him and given him visions concerning certain people in the church. He was planning to talk about it at the evening service.

I thought that was pretty exciting. It’s much better than the mundane, disappointing communications I received at my old church.

At the service, he told us he had been taken to a place where there was a table. A man was sitting at the table. He introduced himself as “Mr. Fire” and said he had been waiting to meet my pastor for a long time.

He took him directly into the church, and from the front, they watched people praying and worshiping. I don’t have the recording of the service, so I don’t remember everything, but he pointed out three women. One had some kind of purpose related to worship, another was anointed to pray for the salvation of the city, and the third was going to have a ministry in which she basically set people straight, speaking the truth for God’s sake.

As my pastor talked about the anointings people had received, he called them up so he could talk to them face to face. He called me up and told me he had seen me with an American flag draped over my shoulders and a sword in my hand. He said the sword became a pen. I was anointed to be a prophet, and I would write God’s word down and help Americans come back to God. He said he saw me at a book signing with people lined up to see me. There were also people who hated me and wanted to get at me, but God was holding them back, so they couldn’t do anything.

I was a little freaked out. I am not used to getting attention at church. At my old church, you had to get with the positive thinking program or get used to being ignored. I spoke up about things that were not right, so I was perceived as someone who could not be relied upon to echo the party line. At New Dawn, people treat me with a surprising amount of respect, and while I am honored–and somewhat relieved–to be taken seriously, I don’t feel comfortable as the center of attention. It’s good to get up there, do whatever God wants, and go back and sit down.

It may seem strange that a character with a name like “Mr. Fire” would appear in a vision from God, but wisdom and wickedness have been described prophetically as individuals, as have conquest, famine, and so on.

At a recent service, an apostle named Byron Walters came and criticized modern churches for having no guts. My old church was run by anti-abortion, anti-homosexuality conservatives who praised Obama in front of their mostly black congregation. Apostle Walters would not have liked that too much. He criticized churches that showed secular movies and then interrupted them so motivational speakers masquerading as preachers could comment. My old church did that, and my former pastor has billed himself as a motivational speaker.

It looks like the movement to which my church belongs is being used by God to correct the foolishness of mainstream charismatic churches. That suits me fine, since I’m appalled at the way prosperity preachers and positive thinkers enslave people in order to get their tithes and offerings. The “fire” message we received yesterday is just part of this new assignment. In the Bible, fire is often mentioned in connection with righteous anger, zeal for God’s house, cleansing, punishment, and the destruction of God’s enemies.

I looked at Matthew 3 while the pastor was talking. In that chapter, John the Baptist said Jesus would baptize us with water–the living water of tongues and so on–but he also said Jesus would baptize us with fire. I hadn’t thought much about that in the past.

Fire is part of God’s heart. It is motivation. It is energy. When it’s inside you, it may feel pleasant. But to the people you deal with, it may not be pleasant. If you’re full of God’s fire, you’re going to correct and criticize when you have to. Like Samson, when he sent foxes to set fire to the harvest of the Philistines, you will burn the enemy’s crops. Like Jeremiah, who said the word of God was like an uncontainable fire in his bones, you will say things that turn carnal people against you.

During the service, I noticed something. Fire tends to come after water. John mentioned fire after water. God destroyed mankind with water, but when he destroys the world again, it will be with fire. After the service, my pastor and I were talking, and he mentioned Elijah, who poured water on a sacrifice which was then consumed by fire. Fire represents a decrease in God’s patience. This is why fire was used to burn the flesh of sacrificed animals.

I looked at Jeremiah today. Jeremiah kept telling people God’s wishes and passing on God’s critiques, and generally, he was punished for it. He was not a POSITIVE THINKER. He refused to tell people God was going to bring them PROSPERITY. At my old church, I was just like Jeremiah.

You wouldn’t believe how people twisted the Bible in hopes of shutting me down. They quoted Matthew 7:1; “Judge not,” etcetera. They quoted Matthew 7:3; I needed to look at the beam in my own eye. Those are fine scriptures, but these people were abusing them.

It is essential that we speak up when things are going wrong, especially when people who speak for God are endorsing evil and condemning good. The soft, mushy people who are hung up on Matthew 7:1 and 7:3 didn’t get that way because they don’t judge or because they always consider their own faults. They got that way because they love having a weapon to use against people who say things that require them to repent.

If you think Matthew 7:1 is the highest law in the Bible, and that anyone who criticizes is “judging,” then you should never use it to correct someone, because if you do, you’re judging. Think about it. If you tell me I have a beam in my eye because I criticize, doesn’t that mean you have a beam in your eye?

It looks like God is bringing the Jeremiah anointing back, in hopes of saving America. And the only weapons weak Christians can use to fight God are his own words from Matthew 7. We’re going to hear them over and over and over.

Jeremiah lived under Josiah, the last righteous king. Then he lived under the kings who were beaten by Nebuchadnezzar. The last king, Zedekiah, had to watch while the Babylonians murdered his children, and that was the last thing he ever saw, because they then held him down and cut his eyes out. Jerusalem was razed, the Temple was destroyed, the most successful people were carried off as slaves, and the sons of nobles, including Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, were castrated and turned into servants.

This is what Jeremiah, the most hated man in Judah, was trying to prevent. I’m sure he wished he could speak words of comfort and warmth, but by the time Josiah’s successor made it to the throne, it was too late for that. It was time for God to get out the belt. Zedekiah should have listened instead of tormenting the prophet who brought him God’s guidance.

The Jews could have retained power in Jerusalem. The Temple could have been preserved, and within it, the priests could have continued to receive God’s guidance. The nation would have prospered. But they preferred idolatry and arrogance. They preferred shooting the messenger, even while acknowledging that the messenger spoke God’s word.

The Osteens and Schullers of the world are building churches just like the palace of Zedekiah. If it’s not soft and mushy, they don’t want to hear it. Guidance is “division.” I guess that’s true. It divides people from their own stupidity.

America needs Jeremiahs. Secular America is beyond hope. People behave as if homosexuality, greed, and arrogance were vital virtues. Christian America is headed in the same direction. We talk about love, love, love…not because we love, but because it makes more money for preachers. If you take out judgment, you get bigger crowds, and that means more money. And it also means adopting secular values. It won’t be long before a charismatic megachurch preacher goes on TV and tells us Jesus may have been gay.

If you really love people, you tell them what they need to hear, and that doesn’t mean kissing their rear ends. The only love the feelgood preachers really possess is love for admiration and money.

The non-Christian establishment is gaining power very quickly. Government officials are persecuting us openly now. Romney is not a Christian, but he’s a friend of Christians, and the press is going after him with a fresh surge of venom and dishonesty. People who should be standing firm are kneeling down. Even Chick-fil-A has crumbled. Their charity arm no longer contributes to the fight against homosexual marriage. We need Jeremiahs to stand up and speak. We need fire. And as John the Baptist pointed out, it only comes from one place: the baptism with the Holy Spirit. If you don’t have it, you are not going to stand. You will deny God just as Peter did. Many of our most popular TV preachers deny him every day, in front of nonthreatening Christians. If they can’t tell the truth to Christians–if they are that cowardly–we already know what they’ll do when non-Christian persecutors show up. They won’t be heirs to Jeremiah. They’ll be heirs to Judas. And for the same reason: love of money.

It’s going to be interesting to see where God goes with this. One thing is for sure: it’s better to have God’s fire inside you while you live than to be bathed in it after you die.

The Mixed-Up Multitude

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Obama’s Response to Terrorism: Threaten Innocent American Citizens With Jail Time

Nobody cares what I blog about, now that I’ve gone from 3,000 daily uniques down to something like 140. Nonetheless, I thought I’d repeat what I wrote on Facebook this morning:

In order to investigate filmmaker “Sam Bacile” for a possible probation violation, before the Obama administration knew who he was, they had to mount a deliberate investigation, determine his identity, and then do a comprehensive background check to find out if there was anything they could do to him. Doesn’t that scare you? Our government found out someone had exercised their freedom of speech, and they INVESTIGATED him and looked for charges to press!

He may not be the person who made the film. That hasn’t been proven yet. If he’s not, will the Obama team force him to out the real filmmaker, ensuring a Muslim death sentence for that person and his or her family?

Right now, he’s being investigated for a technical violation of his probation. If they didn’t have that, the Obama team would be using unpaid parking tickets, overdue library books, or anything else that turned up. You and your children could be next! Why isn’t Obama protecting this American citizen instead of exposing him to grave danger?

It shocks me that so few people have any understanding of the gravity of the situation Christians and Jews are facing. Notice I didn’t say “Americans.” No one in the US is being persecuted for patriotism. People are being persecuted–by our government–for their religious beliefs.

In these days of razor-thin election margins, it’s very fashionable to discard God and say stupid things like, “I’m socially liberal but fiscally conservative.” What that really means is, “I don’t care about God, but I do care about the economy, and I believe abandoning God will help us win elections.” People believe that if we somehow disentwine our religious beliefs from our political policies, the GOP will be more popular, and we’ll get control of the government.

That may sound smart, but it’s where the Democrats went fifty years ago. Look what happened to them. Big tent, little brain. The moral compass of the Democratic Party does nothing but spin.

Now we have Ann Coulter–a party icon–working as a proud spokeswoman for gay Republicans. I dropped my support for Coulter years ago, when I learned that some of the things liberals said about her were true. She really did say bigoted things; no one made that up. I was excoriated by followers of “Saint Ann.” They felt that anyone who was really good at insulting liberals had to be an asset to the movement. Look where that led. Who will she be representing next? Conservatives for incest? How about conservatives for socialism? When the salt loses its saltness, what difference does it make which new flavors it takes on?

The issue is not conservatism v. liberalism. It’s God v. the unteachable. At the moment, the unteachable have much more control over liberals than conservatives, but that is changing. If it keeps changing, conservatism will cease to exist. We love co-opting liberal policies in order to get votes. Before long, we’ll be competing to see who leans farthest to the left, and conservatism will be dead.

So. The battle is between God and everyone who rejects God, and one manifestation of that battle is the left’s fight against American Christians and Jews.

Let’s go back to the Chick-fil-A mess. Almost no one understood it or analyzed it correctly. The problem wasn’t that liberals boycotted a business, although to read the brainless “pundits,” you would think this was the nexus of the conflict. The real problem was that government officials in several far-flung locations threatened businesses based on the religious beliefs of their management.

That’s a huge thing that blew right by virtually all commentators. They were so excited about the long lines at Chick-fil-A and the embarrassment of the mainstream media, they didn’t even notice the chilling similarities between the chicken battle and the early persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany. The persecution of Dan Cathy was perpetrated by government employees.

Let me repeat that. The persecution of Dan Cathy was perpetrated by GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES. Mayors and such. That brings the Constitution (and its purported protections) into the discussion. The individuals who threatened Chick-fil-A violated the First Amendment, if not in letter, then in spirit. They did it openly. They did it proudly. They did it without regret. That means we crossed a fateful threshold: the same threshold the Nazis crossed with the early persecution of Jewish businesses. There is no difference.

It’s unfortunate if Bill Maher or some other private individual boycotts a Christian business, but it’s one hundred percent legal. The Constitution has no relevance, except perhaps to protect Bill Maher’s right to boycott. But if Bill Maher gets the Mayor of New York to help him, it is a clear, blatant, game-changing violation of the First Amendment, and it can lead to bigger and more dangerous things. It can quite literally lead to American Nuremberg laws, and that can lead to things like the repeal of the Bill of Rights. After that, anything is possible. Camps. Ovens. No limits.

The Bill of Rights can be repealed. There is no law preventing that. Look it up.

Now we have an American filmmaker who made a movie criticizing Islam. Is the movie fair? Irrelevant. Is it offensive? Irrelevant. Will it provoke attacks that will result in the deaths of many, many Americans? Get ready for it: irrelevant. That is not a valid consideration, except perhaps in martial law or during a particularly severe emergency in which police powers have to be expanded temporarily. The government is barred from using these grounds to stifle free speech. There is no point in discussing the nature of the movie, because regardless of what it was, Sam Bacile did nothing illegal.

What did Barack Obama do, in response to Muslim attacks purportedly grounded on the offense caused by the movie? Did he go on television and remind us that our rights are more valuable than our lives? Did he tell us we would never give up our Constitutional freedoms, regardless of the cost? Did he revile those who would use violence and terror to stifle us within the borders of our own nation?

Of course not. A statesman would do that. Barack Obama is no statesman. He doesn’t care about the Constitution. He thinks it’s a “living document,” which is a dishonest way of saying it is disposable. It’s not a set of rules which are immutable save by extraordinary moves of Congress. It’s more like a set of working guidelines that have to be adapted in order to train the American people to accept their status as integral, obedient members of the state. We are wild and woolly and ignorant, so the government needs to turn us into sophisticated, selfless servants of the Uncle Sam’s replacement, Nanny Samantha. For our own good. We can give the Constitution lip service, as a set of aspirational goals, but we can’t take it too seriously, because it was written by the wild and woolly and ignorant.

Barack Obama’s response to the anti-Bill-of-Rights terror was to apologize to Muslims, criticize the film (now the President and Secretary of State are movie critics and arbiters of theology) and threaten the alleged filmmaker with prison.

I don’t want to help the feds end this man’s life and those of his loved ones, so I’ll refer to the victim by his purported alias, “Sam Bacile.” Mr. Bacile was convicted of a crime that has no relevance to the film. He used the Internet to defraud people. He was forbidden to use the Internet for five years. This was a condition of his early release. The “offensive” film was distributed on the Internet, so the federal argument is that Mr. Bacile is now liable to be sent back to prison.

The prison threat is small potatoes. The bigger danger is his deliberate exposure. Now he will never be safe again. It’s almost as if Obama’s team deliberately caused him to be subjected to a fatwa, as punishment for his “crime.” You can’t sink much lower than that. A month from now, this man may be dead because of the government’s lack of discretion. It’s as if the government has gone into the extortion business, with the Islamists of the world as partners. Barack Obama is Don Corleone, and Al Qaeda (or your Muslim neighbor) is Luca Brasi.

I’m trying to think of a more egregious (possibly criminal) violation of the Bill of Rights. Jailing someone for disfavored expression would be bad. Helping angry Muslims kill him is infinitely worse.

Here’s an important fact no one seems to be talking about: the federal government made a deliberate effort to determine Mr. Bacile’s name and look for leverage to persecute him. How do I know this? Common sense. In the beginning, no one knew who he was. In order for his identity to be determined, an investigation had to occur. That proves he was investigated deliberately. How do I know they looked for leverage? Again, common sense. When you learn a person’s name, you don’t automatically know the details of that person’s criminal record. Barack Obama has not memorized the names of all criminals in the United States. Someone in the government had to run a check on him. How do I know it was to gain leverage? Because there is no other explanation. If I do something to upset Barack Obama, but I do not commit a crime in the process, he will have no reason to check for a criminal record. If he does so, there has to be a reason. In the Bacile case, no reason other than leverage has come to light.

What does it add up to? If you bother Barack Obama enough, he is going to have a government smear squad look you up, dig up dirt on you, expose you publicly, and make you sorry you were ever born. He will choose not to take steps to conceal you from people who want to murder you and your family. That is not just bad policy. That is EXTREME CORRUPTION. If it’s allowed to happen in the future, on an ongoing basis, it will be the end of free speech and freedom of religion.

This is the kind of thing Hitler, Castro, and Stalin are known for. To see an American President do it is beyond appalling. If he can get away with this, we could be ten years away from killing fields.

Why is this happening? I can’t give you a political or social answer, so leave the blog now if that’s what you’re looking for. The answer is supernatural. We have abandoned God, so, by degrees, God is abandoning us. It started small, with the failed bombing of the World Trade Center. We didn’t listen, so we were opened up so 9/11 could occur. Now we’re looking at the Arab Spring, with all its horrifying ramifications. Our ambassador was raped and murdered AT A SAFE HOUSE. We have embraced and included our enemies to the point where they are privy to our secrets. What’s going to happen next?

God gave us great natural resources, extraordinarily defensible borders, a gigantic internal market, and a bevy of great brains. He defeated our enemies over and over. He made us the most powerful nation that has ever existed. We rewarded him with gay marriage, paganism, atheism, all types of sexual sin, a national celebration of arrogance, selfishness, and a host of other putrid fruit. We are even working to dismantle Israel. Our decline is nearly complete. We are now the enemies of God.

Did you see the Democratic Convention? They took God and Jerusalem out of the platform. The press exposed it. Ignorant people–the kind of people who think Jesus was a socialist–were surprised. The Democrats decided to put the language back in, as lip service, and they sent Villaraigosa out to have a sham voice vote. Three times, he asked if the delegates (valid, fully authorized representatives of Democrats everywhere) approved, and three times, they voted “no.” He lied and claimed they had voted “yes” (because the result was determined in advance), and the crowd outdid Peter, who only denied Christ three times. They booed loudly, which constitutes a fourth vote against God.

We have seen this in the Bible. Samuel spoke before the Hebrews, who wanted a secular king. God preferred priests, but the Hebrews weren’t having it. There was a vote, just like the one at the convention. Samuel warned them that a king would bring curses such as corruption and excessive taxation. They voted against God anyway. And look what happened to Israel and Judah. God drew the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt, rich and well-armed. As soon as Moses turned his back, they voted against God and swore allegiance to a statue of a cow, and God threatened to exterminate them. As it was, he killed 3,000. When Jesus was crucified, Pilate told the Jews it was all on them, and they publicly accepted the responsibility, even laying it on their children. Forty years later, their temple was razed, and they went into a diaspora that has lasted until the present day.

Now God has used the networks and Youtube to show us how the Democrats voted against God. Judgment is always harsher when sin is performed knowingly. We know exactly what we’re choosing if we vote for Obama. We are choosing sexual sin, pride, the murder of the unborn, the destruction of Israel, and the persecution of Christians and Jews. In his dealings with our enemies, Obama is already disfavored. God makes him the head, not the tail. The mess in the Muslim countries shows that, as does the illegal immigrant situation. How much worse will things be if we accept him again, after the voice votes and his open betrayals of Israel?

We are about to make a fateful choice. We are already in a deep mess, because God will judge us along with our President, but things can still get worse. We have to choose between a friendly heathen and a false Christian who thinks he knows better than God.

By the way, I believe we ended up with this choice because we tore apart the Christians who ran for office. Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum are all sincere Christians. We gutted them. I suspect that God has refused to put a Christian in the Oval Office, simply because he wants to spare his servants the abuse we heap on them.

I believe that if we vote for Obama and continue to walk away from God, we will be facing a complete loss of liberty in the near future. We used to serve God, so we were part of his kingdom, and he took care of us. Once we turn against him completely, we will serve no useful purpose. What incentive will he have to continue defending us? People seem to think God’s purpose is to bless us, no matter what we do. That’s not right. Our purpose is to serve God, and he blesses us because we submit. If his blessings were unconditional, life would be a lot different in places like India and Myanmar.

Israel will survive. Israel is the center of human existence. It is the only nation on earth which is guaranteed God’s unconditonal protection. God’s promises to Abraham will never expire, regardless of what his children do. God may have allowed Israel to be defeated for centuries, but the Bible tells us he will restore it eventually, because of Abraham. That restoration appears to be upon us. But the Bible promises nothing about the continued blessings of the United States of America. We’re a peripheral nation, just like Chile and Indonesia. We are expendable. It’s too bad we don’t understand that.

Very few people will read this and other writings expressing the same thoughts. Maybe that, in and of itself, is a judgment.

Anyway, I thought I’d throw it out there. The sad thing is that the people who will agree believe it already, and the ones who will scoff wouldn’t believe if Jesus himself showed up and grabbed them by the shoulders.

Various Portable Weapons

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Natural and Otherwise

I am still thinking about a dedicated vehicle gun.

I dealt with my inner child and resisted ordering a Vz 58 or AK47 pistol. Now no one has them for sale at a good price, so I have some time to weigh the options.

There are a couple of serious drawbacks to pistol-length 7.62mm guns. They make a huge flash, and they are extremely loud. I am wondering if these things are important enough to make a longer gun a better option.

I’m not concerned about accuracy. I’m planning to take my Vz folder to the range, now that I have the laser fixed, and I expect to confirm what I learned from my experience with my shotgun. I think the laser will give accuracy superior to pistol sights, without the aggravation and delay of sighting down the barrel. But the flash could be a problem.

If your gun generates a big fireball, it can affect your vision. Self-defense situations often occur at night. You don’t want to be blinded after your first shot. I can compensate with a high-powered light mounted on the gun, but I’m already relying on one electrical crutch, and I’m nervous about adding a second. I don’t want to rely on two separate items, both of which are somewhat likely to fail.

You have to wonder why no one makes shooting glasses that darken when a round is fired, like a welding mask. Maybe they do. Or maybe it’s a stupid idea, because it would be cumbersome.

I can fix the flash with a suppressor. That’s pretty cool. But it will add inches to the gun’s length. One of the big advantages of a pistol is the shorter length, but is it really worth it to go from 26″ to 23″?

I don’t know if the noise is worth worrying about. Firing any self-defense-grade gun in a vehicle is bad for your ears. A Glock 10mm is pretty danged loud. Presumably, if you get in a real pickle and you have to shoot, you’re going to have the muzzle outside the window, so you would think the lion’s share of the blast would be outside the truck. I think anyone who carries a weapon in a vehicle should also carry electronic ear protectors or at least a set of plugs.

It appears that a gun bag under the rear seat of my truck would satisfy the requirements of Fl. St. Sec. 790.25.whatever. You can stick a rifle or pistol in a zipped bag and keep it in your vehicle interior. I’ve seen neat locks that secure weapons under rear seats, but do I really want to play around with a lock when bath-salts-slurping zombies are looking at me like I was a plate of ribs? No. That’s stupid. Zippers are bad enough. In reality, even a zipper is unnecessary, so there may be better options. Maybe I could get a cardboard box labeled “used catheters” or some such.

If I can deal with the added length of a 26″ weapon, I won’t have to fool with a flash hider, and I’ll have the option of unfolding the gun’s stock so I can shoot at longer distances. Interesting consideration: cleverer people than I have pointed out that it’s pretty unusual to have a legitimate self-defense argument when you’re shooting from a great distance. If someone is fifty yards away, you will probably be able to drive off. Maybe it’s dumb to be concerned with the sights.

Here’s a funny difference between AKs and the Vz 58: you can’t shoot an AK with the stock folded. At least, not with most stocks you’ll get at a decent price. The standard Czech folding stock does not interfere with shooting, so I could grab the gun in its folded state, flick the laser on, and start blasting. The stock works okay unfolded. It’s a bare-bones kind of thing, but I’ve used mine at the range, and it’s more than adequate for shooting a tennis-ball-sized pattern at 50 yards.

If I get an AK pistol and a flash hider, and then I add a Chinese laser and a bag and so on, I’m out something $700. That’s not bad. If it gets stolen, I’ll be upset, but it beats losing over a grand on a Vz 58.

I’ve thought about the moral consequences of having a vehicle weapon stolen. It’s a concern, but there are millions of illegal guns out there, and mine isn’t going to make difference. I could minimize the risk by keeping it indoors at night.

In other news, weird supernatural things keep happening. I came across another tool the other day. I’m still evaluating it. I conferred with my pastor, and he believes it’s kosher. So to speak.

One of the biggest problems Christians face is overcoming iniquity, which is the inclination to sin. One of the words translated as “iniquity” means “crookedness.” That’s interesting, because we use the English noun “bent” to mean “inclination.”

We’re supposed to develop and exercise authority. The concept of authority is extremely important in the Bible. Jesus is part of God, yet the Bible speaks of him as one who accepts the judgment of God the Father, as though bound. The Bible suggests that the Holy Spirit subjects himself to Jesus’s authority, carrying his power, knowledge, and inclinations to us. We, in turn, are supposed to submit to the Holy Spirit, as well as to the rest of the Trinity. Our flesh should be submissive to us, and there is Biblical evidence that our authority can be so great, even objects will submit. Jesus told us we could command mountains to jump into the sea.

The other day, I somehow got it in my head that I might be able to command my own flesh. I know it sounds stupid, ordering your flesh around, when your flesh is part of you. But telling mountains what to do is also a bit strange. I know the flesh has an awareness of its own. It perceives things, maybe the way an animal does. It has emotions and drives, with which it tries to control us. I think it may even punish us when we don’t do what it wants. It may become ill or break down when you want to get something done. It may be that physical problems we blame on spirits or our own minds come from the flesh itself.

Anyway, I decided to take authority over my flesh. I actually addressed it. Here’s what I found out. I was able to make it stop thinking about things I didn’t want to think about. I was able to make it become drowsy and go to sleep, instead of keeping me awake by being too alert. I even got relief from congestion, so I didn’t have to use nasal spray.

Sound crazy? I agree. But it worked, and it has kept on working. It’s one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me.

I’m starting to wonder if this is how hypnosis works. Maybe hypnosis is simply a way of commanding the flesh and bypassing the soul.

If you’re brave, and you’re all prayed up and so on, give this a shot. The next time you feel a compulsion to do something stupid, order your flesh to stop thinking about it. Do it in the name of Jesus. You don’t have to do it out loud. Your flesh knows your thoughts.

A couple of years back, I was supernaturally delivered from overeating. I assumed there was some kind of spirit that had been driven off. Over the last ten months, I’ve seen the iniquity try to creep back on me. I figured I needed to fast more. But I’ve found that if I order my flesh to quit craving food, the desire to eat leaves me.

It seems like the effect has a limited time span. It’s like dealing with a rotten kid who needs a kick in the rear end every so often. But if you can get a few hours or a day of relief, that’s really something. You have to brush your teeth several times a day, and you probably don’t complain about that. What’s the difference?

Here’s the advice I got from my pastor: “David said; Bless the Lord, O my soul; Bless the Lord, O my soul, (Psalm 103:1 in other words he ordered himself to bless the Lord. Best place to take authority first is self. Absolutely!!”

I should add that at one point in the gospels, Jesus said he had been given authority over all flesh. You have to take every word in the Bible seriously. He didn’t say that just to sound flowery and poetic. He had a reason. I don’t believe his reason was to indicate that he was the son of God. The people he was addressing already knew that. I think he may have been referring to the authority I’ve been discussing.

I know this stuff will sound insane to Catholics and Baptists and other people who see Christianity as a toilsome labor of love. I don’t see Christianity that way. I see it as a path to supernatural power, freedom, and virtue.

Jesus and the Apostles weren’t people who were known for working hard. They were a lot like wizards, except that they were submitted to God, and they did not use their power to satisfy the flesh or the enemy. This kind of talk has led to lynchings in the past, because Christians are so used to living without supernatural power. Christians have become used to ostracizing believers who exhibit supernatural power. We tend to accuse them of demonic possession and so on. But the Bible shows that what I say is true. Our forebears in the faith raised the dead, walked on water, read minds, and even performed feats of superhuman strength. Those are supernatural acts.

If you think about it, it’s a little odd that we expect evil spirits and wicked people to have supernatural power, while flipping out when Christians have it. Don’t forget the story of Moses and Aaron. When they argued with Pharaoh, the magicians came in and performed real miracles. Moses and Aaron responded with “magic” of their own, much greater than that of the Egyptians. Were Moses and Aaron sorcerers? Were they enemies of God? Of course not.

What if you can command your flesh to be healed? What if you can command it to stop being mentally ill? What if you can command it to stop being afraid, or to cease from laziness? Imagine the changes that would come.

On Sunday, a friend was prophesying in church. I was way in the back, minding my own business. He called me out and started telling me changes were coming. He said people would look at me and find it hard to believe I was the same person. Then these ideas came to me during the week, and things started happening.

We had an astounding teaching last night. A man named Byron Walters came. He had us all kneel at the end of his message, and he told us he was conferring his prophetic and teaching mantle on us. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve seen prophecies made in this church come to pass, so I took it seriously. What a powerful environment it has turned out to be.

I thought I’d pass this stuff on. Maybe someone else will benefit from it.

The Well-Armed Truck

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

Glocks Don’t Cut It

I’m trying to decide what to get for a truck gun.

I’ve been researching the law. Don’t bet your liberty on this (I am not your lawyer), but it looks like Florida law is less troublesome for pistol owners than rifle owners.

You can keep a pistol in your truck in a zippered pouch or even a box with a lid held on by gravity. It’s pretty stupid, really. The law says the gun has to be “securely encased,” and “securely” is apparently an attempt at legislative humor, because you could pretty much toss your gun in a paper bag and roll it up, and it would be okay.

The idea, I think, is that you shouldn’t be able to grab the gun instantly and shoot someone without fumbling around. If you have to fumble around, the gun is not “readily accessible,” so it’s legal.

It’s a little strange. If you put a pistol in your center console with the lid closed but no lock, it’s legal. But if you put it under a beach towel on the passenger seat, somehow it becomes a concealed weapon. I’m pretty sure.

This is what happens when legislators argue too much. You get a legislative camel. A law with parts that don’t seem to match up.

Why do I care about pistol laws? I have a permit, don’t I? I can wear a shoulder holster under a flappy shirt, and I’m good to go. It doesn’t matter that I can reach the gun fast and shoot people without undue inconvenience. I shouldn’t care, right? Wrong. The reason I care is that I’m thinking about getting a pistol too big to conceal. If you can’t conceal it legally under a garment or whatever, you’re back in the arena of “securely encased” and so on.

I’m thinking I want an AK47 pistol. This is really a rifle with no butt. It’s a little bit less than 20″ long. It has an 11″ barrel. You can’t stick this under your shirt unless you’re really fat.

I’d like to get one of these because real (i.e. small) pistols are pretty stupid. I love my Glock, but let’s get serious. In a shooting situation, almost everyone who fires a pistol at a criminal misses. And the Glock holds a total of eleven rounds, so if I miss 11 times, I’m in deep poo.

An AK pistol holds 31 rounds. And the ballistics are even better than the remarkable ballistics of my 10mm handloads. It’s also much more accurate.

I know I’ll upset people with that accuracy comment, but I think it’s correct. People have cautioned me about the incredible difficulty of firing stockless weapons, but I took my 12-gauge Saiga to the range, and guess what I found out? When you put a laser on it, the shots go where the little green dot goes, every time. You don’t have to use the buttstock. I shot at 50 feet, and the pellets went poomp-poomp-poomp-poomp into a little area the size of a fist.

Now, maybe I’m a superhero with a unique and amazing ability to shoot this way, but whatever the explanation is, it’s very clear to me that an AK pistol with a laser will be much more accurate than a Glock, in a real-world shootout. If you can hit people reliably at fifty feet, you will be the king at any civilian firefight.

Aside from that, I have to add that I’ve fired weapons from the hip more than once, and generally, the accuracy has been way better than what I would need to hit someone within ten yards. If that makes me special, whoo-hoo, but it’s the truth. I think people get way too excited about using sights. Seal Team Six practices without using sights, so I have good company. You can get used to a weapon, to the point where hitting a can at twenty feet is no problem. It’s not as hard as people make it out to be. I used to shoot mile markers offhand from a car moving 70 mph. In my opinion, people don’t practice this kind of shooting nearly enough. In a real shootout, this is the kind of shooting you’re going to find yourself doing, so why not get good at it?

Let me get back to lasers. To use the Glock in the conventional way, you have to hold it at eye level and sight carefully down the barrel. You have to line the little doodads up and squeeze the trigger with extreme patience. If you don’t do those things, your shots will range all over an imaginary cone with an angle of–if you’re good–fifteen degrees. At ten feet, that’s a miss. With a laser, you don’t have to sweat about the sights or the trigger. You put the dot where it has to be, and as long as it stays more or less in that location when you jerk the trigger, you win. You can shoot from the hip. You can shoot behind your back. You can hold the gun like Jimi Hendrix and pull the trigger with your teeth. Doesn’t matter.

In my experience, 95% of the difficulty of target reacquisition has been in finding the sights with my eyes after a shot. Reorienting the weapon is easy, and you can do it as fast as you can move your hands. With a laser, you don’t have to find the sights again. You just have to find that dot.

The laws concerning rifles are somewhat off-putting. You can put a rifle in the window of your truck, right here in Dade County, and the cops can’t say a word. You can also drive down the road with it on the passenger seat, fully loaded. But if you cover it up and leave it within reach, it may become a concealed weapon not covered by a permit. Or something. There have been cases in which people got in trouble because their long guns were partially covered. So you could get arrested because you threw a newspaper in your truck and part of it landed on top of your AR15. I don’t know if I want to mess with a potential trap like that. In practice, I think this usually boils down to, “Is this cop an incredible jerk who likes ruining people’s lives unnecessarily,” and maybe you’ll come out okay 95% of the time, but why take a chance?

The AK “pistol” (I still can’t believe a 20″-long gun fits that legal description) is easier to maneuver than a full-size rifle. That’s helpful if–God and your ENT forbid–you have to fire from inside the vehicle. It also makes it a little easier to get to the gun and get it ready.

The VZ 58 rifle with a folding stock is about 26″ long. This is a wonderful weapon. Unlike an AK, it’s made to be fired with the stock folded, so it’s nearly as versatile as a pistol. But that extra half a foot could be a little aggravating to deal with.

When you shorten the barrel, you lose velocity. Some dude did a test. It turns out you go from around 2300 fps to 1900 fps with an 11″ barrel. I don’t know if that will prevent the bullets from opening up. It’s still an incredible improvement over 1250 fps in 10mm. Pistol rounds don’t really expand, according to what I’ve read. I mean, sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t, in spite of the pretty hollow points they put on them. When firing a pistol, you should assume FMJ performance, which is bad. I think 31 rounds at 1900 fps, with dramatically improved accuracy, has to be better than 11 rounds at 1250 fps. The extra accuracy and capacity, even without expansion, tumbling, or fragmentation, are worth a lot.

I checked into AR15 pistols, and I’m convinced they’re worthless. Since the war in Iraq began, we’ve been getting a lot of complaints about NATO rounds failing to kill or even slow down Islamist nutwads. If I understand the situation correctly, the AR15 does tremendous damage inside the body, except…when it doesn’t. Which is very often. It seems like a stupid choice to me, especially in a short-barrelled weapon with lower velocity. By the way, I have read that 5.56 mm suffers greater velocity losses than 7.62 when you shorten the barrel. Something to consider.

Oddly, when I started researching this, I learned that two 7.62 pistols had just come on the market. One is the VZ 58 pistol, and the other is the Zastava M92 AK47 pistol (Yugoslavian). The M92 is not really new, but it has been unavailable for a long time.

The VZ 58 was tempting, but it’s a $900 gun, and it’s a little longer than the Yugo. Also, when I emailed the seller with some questions, I was not all that pleased with the responses I got. The guy who sells these things in the US is named Dan Brown. I’m sure he’s a great guy, and he’s probably busy, but I needed some technical advice before buying, and I thought his responses were unnecessarily terse. That turned me off. I don’t like being referred to a URL when a one-sentence answer would work much better. When you send someone a URL, it’s like saying, “Here, stupid.” I already bought one of his excellent guns, so I think I’m entitled to a whole sentence. Making people feel comfortable is a crucial part of sales. There’s more to it than providing information.

The Yugo is under 20″ long, and all sorts of existing AK doodads will fit it. When they’re available, they run about $560. That’s not bad. The Romanian Draco is another alternative, but it’s slightly longer, and God only knows when it will be available again. Century makes something called a Centurion C39, but it gets horrible reviews, so I’m afraid of it. Arsenal makes a pistol, but it’s 5.56, which is not acceptable.

The muzzle flash from these things is supposed to be heinous, because the short barrel doesn’t give all the crap enough time to burn. It exits the barrel while it’s still on fire. I’ve seen tests that suggest the ugly cone-shaped Russian suppressor works very well.

If I get one of these things, I’ll stick a Chinese green laser on it. You can see the dot a hundred yards away on a bright day.

As of this writing, the Yugo is sold out, but it will come back soon. Obama is the best gun salesman the world has ever known.

Why go so crazy on a truck gun? Because I want to live, and half-measures do not work. As I said above, most trained shooters miss with multiple shots, even at close range. Why would an intelligent person invest in a weapon which is EXPECTED to provide that outcome? It’s like buying a seat belt made from defective cloth. It’s just plain stupid. The better question is, “Why are so many people satisfied with ordinary handguns?” The answer is ignorance. They see people do wonderful things with handguns…in MOVIES. Maybe they do well at the gun range, too. That doesn’t mean a pistol is a smart thing to have in your hand when one or more assailants are coming at you from twenty feet away, and you don’t have your $300 shooting glasses, your tactical jockstrap, or your special Cabela’s Sooper Marksman carbon-fiber range stool.

I think our notions of self-defense are contaminated by the idea that fighting is a game. In a game, you deliberately handicap yourself with rules and bad equipment. This is the main thing that distinguishes games from real life. Think how easy golf would be if you could use a scoped air gun to shoot the ball. In a defense situation, you don’t want rules and handicaps. You want to CHEAT, CHEAT, CHEAT. It’s not a game. You want every advantage.

I remember reading a book about some US soldiers who fought in Vietnam. It was nothing like the movies. In the movies, two guys will go into a town to kill fifty bad guys who have better weapons. They’ll walk right up the middle of the street and yell stupid things like, “LET’S PLAY.”

The soldiers in the book used to get together in superior numbers, using superior weapons, and slaughter the enemy in sneak attacks. If the enemy is on the toilet, great. Shoot him in the back, through the wall of the shack. If the enemy has three guys, show up with thirty and kill them in their bunks. Bomb them from the air before they can get to their weapons. Shoot from concealment, so they can’t fight back even if they want to. Determine the most likely path they’ll take to escape, and set up mines that rip them open when they run away. That’s the attitude you have to have about self-defense.

I’m not saying you’re supposed to go beyond what’s necessary to prevent a crime; I’m saying you have to go all-out, while you’re defending yourself legally. You should not limit yourself, the way you would in a sporting contest.

It’s not supposed to be sporting. Is it sporting when a criminal decides to kill or rape you, on the assumption that you can’t defend yourself? Get real. Going big is the correct practice.

Here’s what I think. When you’re attacked, and you’re trying to defend yourself with a Kel-Tec, you’ll definitely wish you had an AK on full auto, plus body armor. You’re not going to pat yourself on the back for bringing just enough gun.

If the gun is wildly overdone, and I never need it, no harm done. But if I need it and it’s not adequate, they’ll be putting me in the ground.

Years ago, a couple of sociopathic nuts made their own body armor and robbed a bank using automatic weapons. You can probably find footage on Youtube. The cops were totally lost. They shot these characters repeatedly, and the criminals just walked through the bullets and kept firing. It was horrible. They did incredible damage. But they showed the difference preparation makes.

Anyway, I think the AK pistol is a good choice, although using my VZ folder is not out of the question.