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No More Dual Citizenship

Monday, August 27th, 2012

I’m In

On Saturday, I drove to Winter Haven as part of a church expedition. A friend of my pastor has established a new church up there. We went to help get it going. The church is called New Dawn Ministries of Winter Haven. For Google purposes, I will add more information. The pastor is Ricardo Cardona, and the address is 225 Avenue O Southwest, Winter Haven 33880. They’re not really on top of the business of publicizing themselves, so I figure this can’t hurt.

The event was planned a long time back. I wanted to go, because I’m dying to leave Miami. Central Florida is the area that draws me, although I’m not completely sure that’s where God wants me. When I learned about the trip, I started searching for homes in the area, just so I could look at them. The prices are ridiculous. For a hundred thousand dollars, you can get something really nice. For twice that much, I could get a home which would be almost exactly what I dream of.

When the time to leave drew near, Tropical Storm Isaac popped up. I kept watching it. I’ve been through so many hurricanes, I know exactly what you can and can’t get away with, so I knew I had to stay informed. As of the day before the trip, I thought everything was okay, so I got up on Saturday and hit the road at 6:30.

There is nothing like leaving Miami. It makes me feel like there’s a fist inside me, clutching my guts, and it opens its grip as I pass through Broward (the next county to the north). It’s a beautiful sensation. I was alone in the truck, but as I drove, I wasn’t bored for a second. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I had a choice. One route goes up the coast, via the Turnpike. The other goes by Lake Okeechobee and the sugar country. One route is longer but faster. The other is slower but more interesting. I took the fast route up and the slow route down.

Florida is a fairly ugly state, at least in the southern part. Most people don’t realize that. The southeastern part has been prettied up. Over the decades, the swamps were drained, the native plants were killed off, and nicer plants were brought in. Virtually none of the best-looking trees in southeast Florida are indigenous. People brought in palms, fruit trees, poincianas, banyans, seagrapes, and other things that looked better than the native scrub.

Once you get away from the big clump of cities, you will see nasty-looking cabbage palms and palmettos all over the place. The ground is full of sand spurs and ground spikes. The grass is brown. There are weeds everywhere. The ground itself tends to be rocky and sandy. The wildlife looks ratty and mangy; maybe the heat and humidity is hard on animals’ coats. We get a lot of bald dogs down here.

Even though the landscape deteriorated as I drove, I felt the pressure inside me releasing. The sight of the horizon was like a drink of cool water after a day in the desert.

During the second half of the drive up, I started seeing wonderful things. Bush stickers. Romney signs. Big billboards offering help to women considering abortion. Just writing about it, I feel hope rising inside me. It reminds me that not all of America is corrupt.

This is one of the things I love about the rest of the state. I guess it’s the main thing I love. Miami is full of nasty, aggressive people who–I don’t know how else to say it–remind me of hungry pigs. They root, root, root, and they accumulate everything they can, and then they die. That’s what life is all about in Miami. Generally, though, Florida isn’t like that.

Down here, even the Christians can be trying. My old church was full of Obama Democrats. Christianity is not a political movement, but liberalism is a political movement which is incompatible with Christianity, and you can’t say that about conservatism. It’s impossible to be a good Christian and support politicians who condone the slaughter of the unborn, the dismantling of Israel, increased taxation on churches and charities, sexual perversion, and the exclusion of Christianity from public life. It can’t be done. But there are plenty of Christians who do not understand that, and it’s fatiguing to be around them all the time.

Liberal Christians tend to use socialism to defend themselves, as though confiscation and redistribution were the same thing as giving from the heart. They don’t have the spirituality to realize that human beings do not get credit for the government’s giving, especially when the things that are given are taken from others, by force. God has always been against big government, as the story of the anointing of Saul shows. We were supposed to be ruled by godly men and the Holy Spirit, not a secular vote-buying machine.

It’s funny, but when I persuade people to start praying in tongues more, they start becoming more conservative. They start to see that Obama is an enemy of Israel, and that his support for perversion and unrestricted abortion is wrong. The Spirit opens people’s eyes. Christians who aren’t operating in the gifts of the Spirit don’t have the capacity to understand anything properly. They’re like puppies whose eyes never open.

As Winter Haven drew near, the landscape changed. Suddenly the grass looked better. There were lakes everywhere. There were hills! I hadn’t expected that. It was surprising. It looked much better than nearby areas like Frostproof. And while it was definitely a rural community, they had stores. There was a mall. It wasn’t like living in the middle of Montana. A person living near Winter Haven can find a Lowe’s when he needs one.

When I got to Winter Haven, I was not able to check into our hotel, because the pastors had not worked things out with the clerk yet. I went to the church to check it out. It was in a storefront. Guess what I saw a couple of doors down. The local GOP headquarters. On the other side, there was a pizzeria. Anyone who knows me will understand how funny this is.

As I walked across the parking lot, a stranger waved his hand at a car and started talking to me as though he had known me all his life. He pointed out that the car had an Obama banner inside it, and it was parked by the GOP headquarters. I smiled and told him it was offensive. It was so strange to be among friendly people, so soon after arriving. Miami is not like this.

I met the pastor. Like my current pastor, he’s a former Coral Gables employee. They both did something involved with codes or zoning. I forget what. That’s hilarious. These people have always been my sworn enemies. You can’t do anything in Coral Gables without ten permits. I call the place “Karl Goebbels.”

They sent us out to evangelize. I hate evangelizing. After a few minutes of listening to me talk about Christianity, most people become convinced that it’s the one religion they need to cross off their lists. And I always wonder if I’m going to get payback for refusing to open the door for peddlers and Jehovah’s Witnesses. But I will evangelize if my church asks. We broke into teams and drove to a seedy area and knocked on doors. Nobody punched us. One lady gave a highly response to one of our teams. She asked if we prayed in tongues, and a volunteer told her we did it “all day.” The lady said she had been praying for such a church for a long time. She was thrilled to hear about it.

Back at the church, we ate lunch, and I talked to my friend George. He’s a member of my church. He’s a minister, although he’s not a paid employee, and he’s not full-time. He’s full of the Holy Spirit. When I first showed up at the church (in Miami, not Winter Haven), he told me he had a word for me. He had received it before he knew me, probably after a friend had told him I might switch to New Dawn. He told me that, even though my life up to that point had seemed chaotic, I had been on a path God had chosen for me, and it was all preparation for the things I would have to do. He said I was headed for a financial breakthrough, and that I shouldn’t worry.

In Winter Haven, we talked some more, and he said things were going to blossom in my life. God was removing the obstacles and hindrances.

He’s right about that. I’m already seeing it in my prayer life and my music. Moving from my old church to New Dawn was, itself, an example of God’s restoration and liberation. I had begun to feel like a slave in my old church, building bricks for the Pharaoh’s self-aggrandizing monuments. At New Dawn, I receive all sorts of good things, and I make progress. I hear prophecy. I get new supernatural tools that break down walls. I change, sometimes during the course of one service.

I went back to the hotel and checked in, and I worked on my music for a while. I started checking the weather. It didn’t look good. They were calling for 30 mph winds in Miami, as of 6 a.m. Sunday morning. Gusts would be in the fifties. You can’t drive in that. I started to feel that I was not going to be able to stay, unless I wanted to be stuck up there until Tuesday. I conferred with other volunteers, and I called my dad. He was down here rigging his enormous boat up for the wind, without my help. If I could not get back in the morning, he would be down here alone, possibly without power. And he would have to feed my birds.

I let everyone know what was going on, and I checked out around three hours after checking in. The church was going to have an inaugural service in the afternoon, and I didn’t want to miss it. And I had a list of homes I wanted to drive by. But I prayed for guidance, and I believed the Holy Spirit was telling me to go. I expected the others to follow me after the service.

The drive home was astonishing. I went through the sugar country. It was a nicer drive than the coast route. But the thing that amazed me was the presence of God. I turned off the stereo and spent the whole trip in prayer. I kept feeling God’s power and presence rushing through me, scaring me at times. Sometimes I just talked to God. Sometimes I asked for things I believed would advance his goals. And his faith–not mine–kept telling me the things I mentioned were DONE. God had put his seal on them. It was overwhelming. I told God I felt that as of that day, my time as a citizen of earth had ended permanently. Eventually you reach a point where you are so far into the kingdom, you know (and feel in your heart) that you can’t turn back. And you are so disgusted by the way the world is, you wouldn’t want to turn back if you could.

As it turned out, the storm was not as bad as predicted. I drove home in clear weather. There was a strong wind south of Lake Okeechobee, but I didn’t see real rain or gusts until I hit South Miami. I felt bad about abandoning my church, but given the information that was available at the time, I had done the intelligent thing. And I had asked God, and I had obeyed what I perceived to be his answer.

The storm has been very strange. It didn’t come as close to Miami as the forecasters said it would, and it took longer for the winds to arrive. And the intensity has taken a long time to build. It was supposed to be calmer this morning than it was last night, but it’s worse. It’s really nasty right now. Torrential rain with gusts that push the rain sideways. It’s supposed to quit this afternoon, but I’m wondering.

They’re saying Isaac may wipe out New Orleans, and that its arrival will disrupt a perversion celebration known as Southern Decadence. Gay men put on their own version of Mardi Gras, and they expose themselves in the street and so on. Some preachers think the storm is a punishment from God. Of course, New Orleans citizens see the festival as a big economic boost. A plus, not a curse.

Perry Stone pointed out that “Katrina” comes from a root meaning “to cleanse.” The word “catharsis” comes from the same source. I know a young man from New Orleans. He says the post-Katrina atmosphere is different, as though God really did cleanse the place. Maybe there is something to it. “Isaac” means “laughter.” Not something I would want to think about, in the wake of cleansing, in a city that continues to welcome sin. If I were rebuilding a city, I would not want to find out that God was laughing at my efforts. Psalm 2 says God laughed at Satan and his principalities when they crucified Jesus. They thought they were breaking God’s bands off of themselves, but in reality, they were nailing themselves to the cross.

In 2005, Southern Decadence had to be cancelled because Katrina arrived two days before the festival’s opening date.

It’s funny that gays are so candid about what they’re doing. They’re not even trying to disguise it. They’re calling the festival what it is: “decadence.” How much more open can rebellion be? I guess soon we’ll be seeing things like, “The San Francisco Blasphemy and Hate Festival.” Once your conscience gets seared, you lose all perspective.

I can’t cover everything that has happened since my last blog post, but this will have to do for today.

Bach to my Future

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Breakthrough has me Butchering Standards

I have a new music teacher.

Longtime readers will remember that I bought a grand piano in 2003 or 2004. The main purpose was to learn about music so I could compose, but I ended up learning to play a few things and focusing too much on becoming a musician. After a few years, I quit. I forgot things as soon as I learned them, so at any given time, I had a repertoire of four songs. And I could not sight-read well or write music competently.

A couple of years back I started working on the electric guitar. I built most of a Telecaster, and I built a few amps. I worked on sight-reading and other skills. I went through two teachers. I got to the point where I could play a few things, but I wasn’t any closer to composing.

I started looking for a real teacher. Someone who really knew what he was doing. I checked out Craigslist, the center of all knowledge and enlightenment (after Wikipedia and Fark). I found a guy who wrote long, opinionated ads. He seemed to be truly disgusted with virtually everyone else who claimed to teach people how to play the guitar. He explained why their methods were a waste of time and money. He provided wordy insights into his personal philosophy of music teaching. Stuff I didn’t really need to read.

I was impressed. He reminded me of me.

As I told him later, I like opinionated people. Some are opinionated because they’re just stupid, and I’m not real fond of that group. But others are opinionated because they have had it up to HERE with BS. I figured anyone passionate enough to write an ad like that was someone I needed to meet.

Eventually, I called for an appointment. He wouldn’t give me one! Instead I had to talk to him for about half an hour, explaining my goals. Then he made me spend a week writing down goals and influences. I had to create two Word documents and send them to him.

Finally, I was cleared to go for a lesson. I drove all the way to Davie, and when I knocked on the appropriate door, an enormous human being answered. At first I thought he had to be standing on a box. But no, that was all him. We shook hands and got started.

The lesson went like this: I showed him what I knew, and he told me it was wrong. Then I showed him something else, which I was really pleased about, and he told me that was wrong, too. By the end of the lesson, I had learned that I was doing the following things wrong:

1. Playing position
2. Guitar position
3. Right hand position
4. Left hand position
5. Holding pick
6. Fretting
7. Picking
8. Foot tapping
9. Breathing

I think there were some other things I was doing wrong, but I can’t remember what they were. As far as I could tell, there was not ONE thing I was doing right.

Here’s something weird: he seems to share the personality of my buddy Aaron. If Aaron were a non-Jewish musician, he’d be this guy. It’s freaky how similar they are.

He gave me an exercise straight from hell, to enable me to stretch my left hand, and he told me to play the same scale a billion times in different positions, at glacial speed. And home I went.

I worked on this crap for two weeks, and the net result was that I was no longer able to play the guitar. I mean, I could not play ANYTHING. My fingers missed the frets. I forgot entire passages. My left hand was in constant pain, because I was using a couple of shriveled muscles I had never used before. It was bad. But I had faith, because he seemed to know absolutely everything there was to know about music. Plus he once spoke on the phone with Billy Gibbons. I was sure I was headed for a wax on, wax off moment.

My third lesson was last week. I could not play a thing, but we spent a very long time talking. This is how the lessons go. I barely touch the guitar. We discussed the correct mindset for making pizza. We covered our mutual disdain for Prince. And after a while, we got onto conservative politics. I told him it was hard to hold the guitar the way he had told me to hold it, because it rested on my pistol. From there, we moved into a discussion of things like labor unions and Chick-Fil-A. He’s way out on the right, which probably explains why he’s not a famous musician. He has played in some worship bands.

Last week, we got off on sight-reading and composition. He told me something I had never heard before. He said it was a mistake to start with sight-reading. He said I should start by transcribing things. I told him I would try, but that the software was a pain to use. He told me the problem was that I was using software in the first place. He said I should transcribe things on paper. That had never occurred to me. In the past, I tried to compose things on the computer so I could play them back immediately and check them out.

A day or two later, I decided to try transcription. But I hate transcribing on the guitar. So I sat down at the piano with some blank paper, and I started working on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” in C major. I was amazed at how much I knew about music. I thought I had forgotten it all. I managed to write and play a very coherent version, and then later I made up a left-hand part.

You can’t imagine what a breakthrough this was for me. When I first started studying the piano, it was because I had music in my head, and I could not write music fast enough to capture it. It drove me nuts, especially at night. I’d lie in bed with wonderful original music playing in my head, and it would keep me awake for an hour and a half. When I started transcribing, I saw that there was finally some hope that I could save some of it.

I texted my teacher with a question, and he called me up. I told him I had bad news. He had driven me back to the piano. He didn’t care. He thought it was great. He helped me out with a few clues, and I fired off some files by email, so he would know what I was up to.

I am accomplishing squat on the guitar, but I’m finally getting a grip on music writing. And I learned something else: the software isn’t so bad, if you write the music on paper first. You use a pencil, and then you have a stationary (or stationery) target. The notes are written down, so they don’t vanish while you’re cursing Finale’s horrible interface.

I’ll post a MIDI file, so you can see what I’ve done so far. I’m thrilled with it. I’ll write more variations, but as far as I’m concerned, this is a wonderful start. The left hand part reminds me of Bach, and I’m no Bach fan, but I’ll take it.

Over the Rainbow Transcription

Now I have hope that I’ll succeed at this, so I have new motivation to go forward. And the music in my head is back. I laid awake for quite some time last night while variations of “Sweet and Dandy” roared through my mind. On the one hand, it was annoying, but it was also intoxicating. I know I can do this.

God is a restorer. If you’re on the wrong path, he may put roadblocks in front of you, and when he’s ready for you to succeed, he can remove them so fast, you won’t believe it. You may have a problem you think is insurmountable, but the answer may be a change you can make in five minutes. If someone had given me the right advice about music in 1998, I’d have a pile of original compositions by now. The advice was all I needed.

I’m practically beside myself, thinking about the things I’ll do. I feel like I’ve been turned loose in a toy store.

I know this will go somewhere. Sooner or later I’ll come up with something fit for use in a church. It’s only a matter of time. That will be a huge milestone.

It’s more evidence that prayer in tongues straightens out paths. The more I do it, the better things go. I knew this in 1987, but I didn’t get serious until about five years ago. So much time wasted. Since then, the progress has been continuous.

Try it yourself. You have nothing to lose.

Don’t Entertain it!

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Shove the Thief Out the Window and Shut it

I got an interesting breakthrough this week.

Usually, when charismatic Christians use the word “breakthrough,” they’re talking about money or sudden healing. Sorry to tell you: that’s not what I got this week. I got a supernatural breakthrough.

A few weeks back, one of the pastors at my church started prophesying. The whole church had spent a good long while praising and getting into the Spirit, and eventually, she started to speak. I recall two basic parts to the message.

1. We should not be picking at each other and causing disunity. I wondered if that was for me, since I’ve been pretty hard on the people at my former church, but I asked God sincerely, and I believe he indicated that it was about other people at the current church, New Dawn Ministries. There must have been some squabbling going on. I don’t have much to criticize at New Dawn. I will offer suggestions about things, like buying new ropes for the ushers to cordon chairs off, but that’s about it. Attending New Dawn is like being married to a gorgeous woman who treats you like a king. You’re not going to make a scene because she burns the toast once a month. This is earth. You can’t expect “perfect,” and if you receive “excellent,” you should get on your face every day and thank God.

2. The second part of the message consisted mostly of the sentence, “Don’t entertain it!”, repeated a number of times. I thought that was weird.

As time passed, I started to see the value of the prophesy. While spending time in prayer, when unbelief rose up in me, I would say, “Don’t entertain it!”, or, “I won’t entertain it!” The results shocked me. Not only did the unbelief wither instantly; the faith that had been competing with it shot out of me like soda from a can that had been sitting in a hot car all day.

I felt crazy faith running through me, up from inside my belly and out through my head. I physically felt it. I felt strength and freedom and confidence. I felt confidence in God’s deliverance, not in myself. It was really something.

Yesterday was a fast day. Ordinarily I try to keep quiet about fast days, but sometimes it’s best to disclose things. Usually, when I fast, I feel like God is a million miles away. I get a horrible headache, and I have no energy. When I pray, I feel like I’m on a basketball court, shooting free throws with a medicine ball.

Yesterday, during the fast, I was praying in the Garage of Blues, and I was using the [prayer] tools I had been given. I prayed in tongues and used praise and thanksgiving to get into the Spirit. I asked for things that would advance God’s kingdom. I waited for God’s faith after each request, and I thanked God profusely when I felt it come. And whenever I felt unbelief, I said, “I won’t entertain it!”

I felt faith rushing through me so hard, it hurt. I had pains in my jaw and behind one ear. I found myself gaping, as though vomiting out something invisible.

I know how nutty it sounds, but I would not make it up. And it shouldn’t sound nutty. God is a supernatural being, and he does supernatural things. His work is the pure, righteous reflection of the fetid, pus-oozing magic performed by ungodly people like santeros and voodoo priests. God is the original; Satan is the copy. If a witch can experience the supernatural, it’s only because he or she is aping the tools God gave his people. It should not amaze us if a Christian raises a dead person or reads someone’s mind. The amazing thing is that it doesn’t happen as a matter of course.

I felt prayers being answered, forcefully.

I find that there are different levels of faith. When I ask God where my car keys are, I don’t get down on my knees and spend an hour getting into the Spirit. I just ask, and there they are. That’s one level. Then there are times when I get close to God and ask for things, and I feel powerful faith shooting through me. Then there are times when I get such a blast of faith, I know the thing is settled, even if I never pray about it again. I think of this as God putting his seal on a prayer. When I refuse to entertain hindering thoughts, I spend much more of my time in the two higher levels of prayer.

On top of that, it’s useful when you’re going about your business. Problems pop up, and you think about the prayers you’ve prayed, and you say, “Don’t entertain it.” And the faith gushes up inside you again. At times like this, I feel as though God is lifting me by the shoulders and propelling me through life, as a tailwind would. And again, I feel that physically, not just in my mind.

The sensation I get is that there are two openings inside me, down in my stomach. Faith comes in through one, and the other things enter through the other. When I refuse to entertain hindering thoughts, the second opening is capped, and the flow from the other one goes crazy.

State of mind is important. Some Christians don’t think believing matters, but Jesus clearly stated that it does. If you believe, you will receive. Assuming you’re not doing something stupid, like praying for cocaine or some good lottery numbers.

God continues to confirm the things he told me back in the Eighties. Prayer in tongues is the foundation of real power. If you don’t pray in tongues, you should not expect to grow much in faith and virtue. I’m sure God has done miraculous things through non-charismatics, but they took the hard route. The kingdom of God is like a tree, and it needs water. Jesus and Paul made it clear that prayer in tongues is the living water.

The Bible tells us faith is accounted unto us as righteousness. It tells us our faith is not our own, but God’s. It tells us praying in tongues builds our faith. If we automatically received all the blessings of the Holy Spirit at the point of salvation, there would have been no reason for Paul to tell us to pray in tongues and build ourselves up. And Paul never said tongues had ceased. He said they would cease in the future, but that time has not come, because the need for tongues is still with us.

Again, Satan copies God. Satan sends spirits to influence, empower, and even control people. He got the idea from God, who sends his ministering spirits and the Holy Spirit to help and improve but not to control. God believes in free will; he won’t possess you the way a demon or a fallen angel would. But he wants to inhabit you and exert great influence.

The thief comes in through any entrance he can find, like a burglar. He offers you pleasures, like drugs or promiscuity, and then spirits enter you and control you to the point where you can lose your free will. Jesus comes in through the front door. He tells you that you’ll have to serve him and abandon self-interest, and that you may be martyred. Then the Holy Spirit comes in and governs us by consent, leaving free will intact.

God and Satan want flesh in the earth. Satan wants slaves whom he can use and discard. God wants a volunteer army of people he can promote into positions of great power and honor. Satan has principalities and powers. So does God. And we are supposed to be among them. The Psalms refer to us as the kings of the earth.

This brings me to one of the reasons my old church annoyed me. The leadership treated us the way Satan treats his people. They sought self-promotion. They did not share promotion with the people under them. Not to any appreciable extent. In my opinion, they did not want us to grow and have powerful ministries of our own. They saw us as potential competition. New Dawn is different. The pastor teaches that he needs to help us become greater than he is. Jesus taught the same thing. He said we would do greater works than he did.

If you want the Holy Spirit to rise up inside you and stengthen you every day, even when you’re not expecting it, take the path I’ve taken. Pray in tongues for at least half an hour in the morning. Try to go at least an hour a day. Try to pray in tongues whenever you have a minute of free time. You will change, and you will know God personally. Christianity won’t be all struggle and toil, the way the modern scribes and Sadducees would have it. It will be full of supernatural power and success.

God dealt with Adam face to face, and Adam rejected him and ruined his own life. God appeared to the Jews in a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, and he slew all their enemies and kept them prosperous, and they rejected him. Now God wants to live inside you and give you power and knowledge every day. If you reject this, there is nothing left, so you will have to be satisfied with enjoying your pride.

No Pay for Deserters

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Power Belongs to the Kingdom

Lots to write about today.

God is teaching me lots of stuff. The more you pray in the Spirit, the more you learn. The Bible starts to make sense. You see the hidden meanings in things. When strange events occur around you, you discern the supernatural underpinnings. You can actually ask God things while praying, and the answers will come to you.

I’ve been thinking about the weird behaviors people are demonstrating. Remember the “Causeway Cannibal”? I’m referring to the young man who lost his mind and tried to eat another man’s face. New facts have emerged.

The assailant, Rudy Eugene, was not on drugs when he committed the crime. Blood tests showed that he had used pot in the past, but he was not on “bath salts” or any other detectable drug when he attacked.

His victim, Ronald Poppo, has recovered well enough to speak, and he has told us things we didn’t know. His credibility is damaged by his mental issues, but it’s still interesting. Poppo says Eugene was singing “Lover’s Concerto,” and he said, “You’re going to be my wife and this is going to be a lover’s concerto.”

If you’re not familiar with that song, you may want to look at the lyrics.

How gentle is the rain
That falls softly on the meadow
Birds high up in the trees
Serenade the flowers with their melodies

Oh, see there beyond the hill
The bright colours of the rainbow
Some magic from above
Made this day for us just to fall in love

Now I belong to you
From this day until forever
Just love me tenderly
And I’ll give to you every part of me

Oh, don’t ever make me cry
Through long lonely nights without love
Be always true to me
Keep this day in your heart eternally

Someday we shall return
To this place upon the meadow
We’ll walk out in the rain
Hear the birds above singing once again

You’ll hold me in your arms
And say once again you love me
And if your love is true
Everything will be just as wonderful

You’ll hold me in your arms
And say once again you love me
And if your love is true
Everything will be just as wonderful

Just hold me in your arms
And say once again you love me
And if your love is true
Everything will be just as wonderful

You’ll hold me in your arms
And say once again you love me
And if your love is true
Everything will be just as wonderful

I found that chilling. It’s not unlike the Song of Solomon.

Here is what many Spirit-filled Christians believe: the church is the “Bride of Christ,” and Jesus is preparing us for his wedding by cleansing and transforming us through the power of the Holy Spirit, who falls on us like rain.

The Bible can be interpreted in levels. First, there is the face-value level. Example: if God uses a word like “rain,” he may mean water that falls from the clouds. The Jews recognize two higher levels. One level involves hints, and the other involves mystic revelation. Speaking in symbols, God could use “rain” to describe his blessings or the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

Christians like me believe we are experiencing a “latter rain” of the Holy Spirit. When the church was born, the Holy Spirit fell on men en masse (the “former rain”), but Satan managed to stamp it out and inject anti-Holy-Spirit blasphemy into doctrine. Over the last hundred years or so, there has been a new rain, starting in places like Azusa Street. People are speaking in tongues again. We believe we are being transformed by the Spirit. Our carnal natures are changing. Our iniquities are dissolving. We are being imbued with supernatural power, in the form of the gifts of the Spirit. Eventually, the world will reject us (because we are foreign), and we will be taken away to join Christ’s wedding feast, while the world below is judged.

Rudy wasn’t on drugs, so what happened? People who knew him don’t describe him as violent or troubled. He was not a hardened criminal. He was a churchgoer, whether or not he knew the Lord. He was carrying a Bible when he attacked Poppo. He is alleged to have accused Poppo of stealing it. Pages of it were found scattered at the crime scene.

The Bible tells us we are surrounded by hostile spirits. There are angels who used to live in God’s presence, and they rebelled and were rejected. They hate us, presumably in the same way that older children hate spoiled younger siblings. We are receiving all the good things they lost, and because we receive by grace, we don’t have to work all that hard to get them. Meanwhile, our predecessors are headed for eternal punishment and humiliation.

There is also considerable evidence that a second type of evil spirit exists. We call them demons. Ancient accounts tell us that fallen angels had sex with women and gave rise to extraordinary human beings, some of whom were giants. Legends say they were extremely violent, they ate human beings, and they had very high body temperatures. Some accounts say one purpose of the flood was to rid the world of these beings, and that their spirits remain here to torment men.

Look at the cannibal case and the various bath salts cases. For that matter, look at people who overdose on cocaine. They strip naked because they’re hot. Often they attack people. They commit sexual perversions. Eugene Rudy and at least one other person who made the news attacked with their teeth, and Rudy chewed his victim’s flesh as though he were eating it.

If Poppo is right about what Rudy said, the parallels go further. Rudy allegedly spoke of rain and an everlasting marriage, just as the scriptures speak of the Holy Spirit rain and the marriage of the Lamb.

When the Bible calls us the Bride of Christ, it means we are Christ’s flesh in the earth. The Bible says a man and his wife are one flesh, and it says a man should treat his wife well, because no one will hate his own flesh. The Bible uses the term “Body of Christ” to describe us. We are supposed to be like Jesus’s members. Like the members of a human body, we should move at the head’s command and do what Jesus tells us to do.

The Holy Spirit is like the nervous system. He gives us wisdom and knowledge (1 Corinthians 12:9). He speaks through our mouths, through prophecy and tongues (1 Corinthians 12:10). He governs us through the fruit of the Spirit, as the brain governs the body (Galatians 5:22-23).

Satan has never had an original idea, but he knows a good idea when he sees one. He knows a lot about the Body of Christ, and he is doing whatever he can to stop it and to construct something similar. This is what “Antichrist” means. Jesus is building his flesh in the earth, and this is the thing that scares Satan most. He will let you run a milquetoast church that gets people saved, but if you start talking about the unification and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, he will come after you, because he knows the Body will wreck his kingdom.

This is why the Bible says we are to test the Spirits. Any Spirit which denies that Jesus is “come in the flesh” is the Spirit of Antichrist.

People misunderstand. They think “come in the flesh” refers to the original incarnation. That’s stupid. Even Satanists admit Jesus was born as a man. Foul spirits won’t deny that. What they deny is that Jesus is assembling his flesh through tongues and the power of the Holy Spirit. This is why backward churches teach that tongues are Satanic. They are under Satan’s influence.

Jesus is assembling a coordinated, cleansed, powerful body in the earth. Satan can’t think for himself, but he can copy. He knows he needs something similar. So, in my opinion, he is increasing demonic activity. And the demons know what’s going on. This is why the spirit that took over Eugene Rudy tried to be cute, making cryptic references to marriage and rain. This spirit of antichrist probably thought no one would understand. Sadly for him, he was wrong.

I think Satan is going to use demons to control people, more than he has in the past, and he will also use electronics. He can’t copy the Holy Spirit, who is omnipresent and all-powerful, but he can make a crude copy using Iphones and the Internet. We’re already seeing test runs, in the electronically coordinated flash mobs, which commit crimes just like those that took place in the days of Lot and helped bring about the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah.

When persecution increases, we will see electronics used against us. Drones will locate us and fire at us, like the locusts of Revelation 9 that torment unbelievers. The Internet will track us and spy on us. Cell phones will be used to denounce us to the authorities. And demons and fallen angels will work inside our enemies, giving them favor, supernatural powers, and corrupt motivations.

We have taken our eye off the ball. We talk about Jesus as though he were a social worker. That’s completely wrong. He was a military recruiter. We are fighting to finish the battle he started, and it’s very serious. If we get caught up in trying to receive blessings and healings, we’re missing the point. Those things are side effects of a life submitted to the Holy Spirit. Walk into a Navy base and ask for fifty dollars, and they’ll tell you to get lost. Rise through the ranks and become an admiral, and you can walk in and ask for a billion-dollar ship, and they’ll trample each other, trying to get it for you. The kingdom of God works the same way. The cooperation you get from God depends on the extent to which you belong to him and work to establish his rule.

Weak Christians say Jesus conquered the king of this world long ago, and that all we have to do is believe it. Can people really be that stupid? Does the world look like it’s fixed? Jesus wrote our Constitution. He gave us rights. It’s up to us to enforce those rights and destroy Satan’s kingdom. Sometimes an eviction notice is not enough. Sometimes you have to get the sheriff to go in and remove squatters by force. We are supposed to be fighting evil spirits every day, so the kingdom of God will grow in as many people as possible. We should be undoing the conquest Satan has been working on for thousands of years (Matthew 11:12).

Paul said our weapons were not carnal, but mighty THROUGH GOD to the pulling down of strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:4). “Through God” means “through God’s supernatural power inside us.” “Not carnal” means “not our own natural intelligence, character, and power.” It means, “through the power of the Holy Spirit.” Nonetheless, we listen to people like Rick Warren, who tell us to suck it up and build God’s kingdom through human effort. We do that because it feels good to earn things. It takes away our feelings of guilt. But we’re not supposed to be free from guilt. We’re supposed to remember the evil that we’ve done, so we can be humble and grateful.

We need to pray in tongues, seek the fruit and gifts of the Spirit, fast, study the word, and learn to bless and curse. We need to cast out spirits. We need to get on God’s team and receive real power. We need what my pastor calls a “kingdom mindset.” We were born to be warriors. We need to devote our lives to war. To do anything else is to chase our tails and surrender by default.

In other news, my faith is telling me I’m not going to be in Miami much longer. God has opened a door. I don’t know where.

My church is opening a branch in Winter Haven. I’m going up on Saturday with a team that will be celebrating the opening. For a long time, I’ve fantasized about living in Central Florida. I want to have some land around me, and I want to get out of Miami, which is a pretty slimy city. I’m going to drive by some real estate listings in Winter Haven. Maybe something will click. Property prices are great up there.

I think cities like Miami are oppressive for Christians. Satan is in charge here. The people are rude, violent, greedy, and coarse. We even have sick forms of idolatry, like voodoo and Santeria. I don’t expect that to change. God is probably going to start withdrawing from places like this and put his people where they can have a little peace and get something done. You may think God is all excited about sending his people into the filthiest places, but judging by what Jesus said, you would be wrong. He told us to go in, spend a certain amount of time working on people, and then leave, shaking the dust from our feet. Miamians know the score. I don’t think God is going to wrestle with them forever, when people elsewhere could be reached more easily. And I think God puts limits on the ostracism and abuse his people have to endure.

I may provoke people by saying this, but Cubans aren’t much interested in church. I’ve been a member of three charismatic churches, and I haven’t seen many Cubans around me. My present church is full of Puerto Ricans, but Cubans are sparse. Miami is a Cuban city, so it’s a place where churches don’t do well.

I’m praying for instruction on supernatural warfare. I believe it’s my purpose in this world. As I grow better informed and stronger, I expect to be moved and put places where I can accomplish things for God.

Take it for what it’s worth. I believe what I’ve written is correct.

Chick-fil-A Supporters Hold Line Against New Nuremberg Laws

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Government Officials Now Persecute Christians Openly

The Chick-fil-A phenomenon is not quite as simple as people think it is.

Clearly, to a Christian, the fundamental issue is that a small but loud minority is pushing secular authorities to allow homosexual marriage. There is no point in claiming this doesn’t alarm us. It seems pretty obvious that, while secular government and the church are separate entities, God tends to punish societies that permit their governments to promote sin. We are against gay marriage, and we want our secular government to forbid it, even though the prohibition is based in religion.

Nonetheless, even if we felt that it were possible and desirable to keep religious policy out of legislation, it would still be important to respond to the bullying of the left. The reason is that the three leftists who started this fight are secular officials. They are in government. They went outside the scope of secular rule, in order to persecute and discriminate against a Christian family. In doing so, they took the fight out of the church and into the realm of Constitutional law. They made it a secular fight.

Our religious freedoms are not found in the Bible. They arise from the First Amendment, which is a law enacted by Congress and the States. The parties enjoined from infringing our religious freedom are not private citizens. The injunction applies to the government. I can criticize your religion all I want. I can refuse to do business with you because I don’t like your beliefs. I don’t work for the government. But if you make me a political official in a major city, and I threaten to harm your business because of your beliefs, it’s another story. When I do that, I’m violating the First Amendment, at least in spirit, and possibly in letter.

Rahm Emanuel and the other two anti-Christian officials involved in this debacle made it clear that they disapproved of Christian beliefs, and they suggested they might take action to damage a Christian business because of those beliefs. That’s unacceptable. Government officials can’t do that. It’s also hypocritical, because leftist politicians don’t seem to have any problems with businesses run by Muslims, whose positions on homosexuality are more extreme than those of Christians, and they haven’t complained about businesses owned by Orthodox Jews, either. But that’s a rabbit trail, so I’ll stay off of it.

In Nazi Germany (I wonder why we never call it “Nazi Germany and Nazi Austria”), government persecution of the Jews did not start with concentration camps, einsatzgruppen, and gas chambers. It started with smaller steps. One such step was the targeting of Jewish businesses. The Nazis passed laws excluding Jews from many types of businesses, and eventually, they called for a boycott of Jewish businesses, culminating in Kristallnacht, “The Night of Breaking Glass,” in which Gentiles roamed the streets breaking windows in Jewish shops and looting the contents. The Nuremberg Laws followed, and eventually, Jews were completely marginalized. Their businesses were confiscated and given to Germans and Austrians loyal to their moron dictator.

When someone like Michael Moore or Keith Olbermann calls for a boycott of conservative or Christian businesses, it’s unfortunate, but it’s not alarming. When elected officials do the same thing, they are following in the footsteps of the Nazis. When the government persecutes you, there is no one to whom you can turn. No one but God himself. You have no recourse. You have no refuge.

People should be more upset than they are. What the left is doing right now isn’t debate or dissent. It’s not merely a boycott. It’s government-sponsored persecution of a religious group, based purely on a religious belief which does not conflict with the state’s legitimate interests.

This is not supposed to happen in America. This is why the First Amendment was written. What has happened over the last week is no less outrageous than a sign in a park reading, “Gentiles Only,” or a state attorney general threatening to refuse to recognize Jewish marriages.

Because Christians are the victims, and Christians are in the majority, and we are used to seeing Christians maligned, we’re not reacting as strongly as we should. We should be aware of this. We should make our persecutors pay a heavy price. The best way to do that is to turn out to vote, but we should also make our anger known, on every public forum. We should not be offended; we should be OUTRAGED. We are not quite at the Beer Hall Putsch stage of liberal totalitarianism. Our enemies aren’t as bold or powerful as they could become, should we sit back and yawn. We need to get used to taking strong stands, while we still have the power.

Today I did my small part. I dropped by the Chick-fil-A in Davie, Florida, for lunch. Thank God, there were cars lining up to get in, and people waiting for service were stacked up past the front doors. I took a photo, which I put on Facebook, and it got picked up by Investors Business Daily. Here it is.

I was parked illegally at Costco, so I couldn’t wait. I went to Carol City, and here are the photos I shot. I got a very nice deluxe sandwich with pepper jack cheese, plus waffle fries and a peach shake. It was way too much food, but it was my second Chick-fil-A meal so far this lifetime, so I wanted to see what they had.

I plan to go back whenever I get the chance. There aren’t any Chick-fil-As close to me, but I will find myself near one from time to time. I have a new guitar teacher, and he lives close to one, so that will give me a weekly opportunity.

I only wish they had been selling hats.